Friday, May 18, 2012

Blueberry Streusel Coffee Cake

We at The Home Bakers (THB) are baking again this week, the 3rd cake chosen from the book, Coffee Cakes by Lou Seibert Pappas. Blueberry Streusel Cake. One word, Yum! Besides the cake itself giving a very moist and lovely texture, i really like the streusel toppings. The original recipe uses walnuts but i just had very little walnuts left, so i added in some almond nuts too, now i'm not saying that because i added both of these nuts that made it delicious, it's actually the crunchiness of the sugar and nuts altogether that is so nice and made the cake tasted even more better. I hope my picture of the streusels justifies what i claimed. I did experienced making streusel that didnt look like streusel, they looked flat and not crunchy. But this time while rubbing them, i felt that i will get it right. I usually put  my cake into the fridge on the 2nd day after baking, the streusel stays just as crunchy even after 2 days in the fridge, the cake stays just as moist and tasty!

I made half of the original recipe in a small loaf tin, 7"x3.5"x2.5" plus a lonely muffin. As i've made some changes of using more cake flour to whole wheat flour and also more white sugar to brown sugar, i shall put my list here. For full recipe and directions, you can refer to Chaya's blog and to see the rest of the members who did this, visit here

yummy streusel
Now , there's something wrong here. Anyone noticed? am i supposed to remove the cake?? there's streusels toppings and i totally forgot about lining to above the edges of the tin! i cant flip the cake over so i have to use a knife here and ruthlessly stab and cut on one end of the cake, take that poor piece out and use my hand to slide under the bottom lining and lift it up!
phew!..finally out!

Half of the original recipe
Streusel topping
14gm cold salted butter, cut into pieces
the lonely muffin
15gm cake flour
33gm castor sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
3/4 cup of mixed chopped walnuts and chopped almonds

1/4 cup vegetable oil
40gm brown sugar
80gm castor sugar
1 egg
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
95gm cake flour
30gm wholemeal flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4tsp baking soda
a pinch of salt
1/2 cup yogurt
1 punnet blueberries


  1. Muahahaha, I am trying to imagine you ruthlessly taking out the cake. Looks very "hoong bou".

    Eh, this cake sounds really good hoh, the streusel that I've made before don't stay crispy for long.

  2. wow, nice streusel topping u made, Lena!
    the castor sugar lightened the color, pretty indeed!
    oh i can see how lonely that 1 muffin is hahaha...
    i'll be baking mine tomorrow :)

  3. Lovely cake, Lena! Yes, we love the streusel too, my daughter who usually does not like nuts, really love the streusel! I have some tips about how to remove cakes with streusel, check it out from my post, since you use a rectangular loaf tin to bake your cake, and if you do not have a rectangular plate, you may use the back of a small cookie pan.
    Looking forward to next bake, I love pears in cakes! :)

  4. Lena it is a lovely cake...send the lonely muffin to me.

  5. Lena...we learn as we go along...I am forget too many times...but learning everyday thru mistakes. That is a great streusel I can drool only la...coz you no send over for us to eat LOL! Kidding with you la...I aso cant eat cake all the time, just a nibble even though the cake is good. I bake and share it off :) So I get the fun of baking and my friends get the pleasure of growing sideways! LOL! so wicked hor :p

  6. Oh my heavens Lena! Your Blueberry Streusel Coffee Cake looks delicious! I can't wait until blueberries are in season!

    Thanks for sharing...

  7. The topping is so generous!! :) Yumm...

  8. This cake looks really sophisticated. I am actually a bit hungry now. Looking at the pictures, I am hungrier now. I like this type of cake texture one. I really like it, but i think I won't try this until I am as sophisticated as you.

  9. Your adjustment to this recipe makes the cake very generous with its topping.

    LOL - your lonely muffin! It looks really lonely to me.

    Sorry that I can't make it for this bake and will be baking for the next THB bake.

  10. Lovely clicks lena. Love the generous streusal topping :D. Looking at all these cakes is making me miss my cake :(. I want some and I have none left.

  11. Lena, I love that generous topping of streusel.

  12. Lena,
    This cake very "ngam" me, using very little butter and also added in yogurt. I like it :)

  13. eileen@hundred eighty degreesMay 18, 2012 at 2:22 PM

    I can't tell if you did not reveal, your cake looks so perfect. Nice colour too!

  14. i never taste any streusel cake, this is interesting to me...1 slice for me please...:)

  15. i can sense the aroma from the coffee in the cupcake! :) a hint of sweetness from the blueberry works wonder indeed

    Latest: Romantic Affair with Mummy

  16. Waa..waa! hou leng leh your cake! Love the loaf shape make it look so chic! This is really a very delicious cake & so moist! But too bad my topping looks a bit over cooked aka burn! Nevertheless it tasted really yummy! If the lonely muffin still single you can past it to me! LOL Have a lovely weekend, Lena! :)

  17. My coffee cake with strudel usually softens at the end of the day. Will try this recipe out, yum! Yes, your pictures does justify the soft cake and crunchy struedel topping....;)

  18. Who can resist anything streusel?? :) I'll eat the top off first! and slowly enjoy the rest of the cake.. :) yum...

  19. Hi Lena,
    I like your lonely look nice and yummy.
    I like streusel too, i sometimes will add it on as a buns topping..nice~

  20. Streusel coffee cake.... you always introduce good dessert here, I admit I'm jakun to all cakes although I love eating cakes very much.

    Again, how come no coffee in the ingredient (I'm so concerned about coffee, eh) and it's called cake?

  21. I like the lonely muffin ... I volunteer to keep it company ... not guaranteeing its safety from being devoured tho :)

  22. wendy: hoong bo also got to do it..if not for photography purpose, i would just cut it straight from the tin!

    alice: yeah, my streusels look a little diff cos i used all castor sugar. you wont regret baking this!

    joyce: thanks, joyce for the tip.. the next time i know ..but better make sure i line them first. i seldom bake cakes with streusel that's why never thought of that!

    angeline: okay!

    elin: yeah, we enjoy baking and let your friends enjoy eating! pass the calories to them! hahaha!

    louise: hi, you're finally back! hope you had a fabulous holiday. will visit you soon!

    hanushi: i followed exactly as in the recipe..this is one of the best streusels i've made!

    yan: sophisticated meh? actually it's quite easy to bake..i see jasline , one of the members in the group just uses a wooden spoon to mix it all in. YOu can handle this.

    zoe: it's okay, see you next round! it's really a nice cake, so maybe one day you can try it out!

    anuja: make another one!

    chris: me too!!

    cass: yeah, it's not oily and not very sweet too..also very 'ngam' ngor!

    eileen: your cake looks very nice too even though you hv omitted the nuts! still very nice, right?

    sherleen: you coming to my house again? haha!

    fishee: it's indeed a very nice cake!

    kit: tor chey! tor chey! i didnt notice that your streusels got a bit burnt? got meh? but i like that you added some raspberries too! have a nice weekend !

    bee2: actually i'm quite suprised that my streusels stays quite crunchy the next day too! hope you will like it.

    shaz: very clever!!

    muimui: yeah, the streusels will be great on buns too. i remember i made them once on buns, although it tasted good, but the streusel i made was a little soft :((

    yvonne: it's simply called coffee cake cos it's a kind of cake to enjoy with a cup of coffee. hence, the name.

    ping: i'm pretty sure that muffin wont stay long in your hands!!

  23. Never try this type of cake before, sound good.

  24. ah dear Lena this look amazing!!

  25. I can't get over how terrific, your crumbs came out. They must be delicious. Actually, this cake is delicious. Thanks for baking with me, this month.

  26. Those blueberries look so juicy and plump in the cake. Muffin or in cake form- I like! Crumby and crisp with blueberries-what not to love!

  27. I just love the gorgeous streusel topping so as the plump and juicy blueberries in the cake ! I'm sure it looks delicious as it looks !

  28. Wow! so much streusel on your cake, sure looks good! Send that lonely one here, I'll keep it nice and warm in my tummy :D

  29. The muffin is so cute!
    Wow, this looks so good! I haven't had blueberries in so long!

  30. Does it matter how it comes out. The taste is what is important :)

    Thanks so much for you kind thoughts and condolences, much appreciated. Diane

  31. Am I the last to comment ? LOL..... I love the look.. makes me hungry leh.. how ar? keep some for me can? lol

  32. Youre cake looks lovely lena, and i did like the streusel topping indeed!

  33. lena...akak tak pernah try ni...
    nampak macam moist n sedap...
    dah masuk dlm waiting list hehehe

  34. finger ni notty la lena..
    belum cakap thank you, dia dah click publish plak..

    thank you ya lena for sharing this recipe..

  35. I'd like the topping, nutty and crispy. Will definitely attack it first!

  36. Hi Lena, wow... love your streusel cake. Very well bake and the topping look great..

    Have a nice day, regards.

  37. This looks amazing - love your little individual cuties. My mouth is watering!

  38. There is a breakfast eatery near my place which serves very good coffee cake. Too bad I cannot bake so whenever I need to get my fix, I will have to head towards there. :O

  39. This cake is fantastic, OMG ... that delights!

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    This cake is fantastic, OMG ... that delights!

  40. The toppings look fantastic! Any chance of sampling this cake someday? Wink!wink!

  41. How could I have missed such a delicious post?This is the definition of temptation,dear!Kisses from Greece!!!

  42. Thanks for sharing recipe, this is perfect to eat with brewed coffee :)

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