Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bersih 3.0 in Ipoh

On April28, 2012, Ipoh , together with 50 over cities around the world has also joined in the Bersih 3.0 global movement to call for a clean and fair elections in the country. It was a peaceful gathering here, there were no untowards incidents, minimal police presence, people were in good spirits and it was all a very friendly atmosphere. When i arrived at the field, i could hear people chanting " Bersih! Bersih!, looking at the crowd, i think it was probably 2000 of them and maybe more, people from different races, young and old, mostly wearing yellow. I'm glad that this year the rally is also being held in this small town here, enabling people for certain reasons that couldnt make it to KL, to show our support to Bersih by making our presence here. There were a few speeches made followed by singing the national anthem, 'Negaraku', everybody stood up and boy, i felt i was getting a little emotional and actually getting goosebumps on my hand. But it was a good feeling.

On the same night and the following 2 days, i was just on the net, catching up with the Bersih news in KL and a few locations, reading blogs, their stories, the strong unity that they see on that day, how each and everyone helped one another when things just went chaotic and their personal encounters with the teargas. But really, is there such a need for teargas and water cannons and barbed wires? Are they criminals?

There may be some of you that do not support the actions of Bersih but my reason is very simple, i want a fair electoral  process in my country and i agree to the demand points made by Bersih. We want to see the winning candidate or party wins based on majority, not by buying votes and no fraud. We are saying NO to corruption, we are saying NO to dirty politics and we are saying NO to cheating.

Putrajaya, can you hear us?


  1. A fair election is what we want. Nothing against anybody but just fair enough for all.

  2. My husband and I saw that on news too! One of our Malaysian friends had also attend a protest in Melbourne too. Hope that the fair message will be heard.

  3. Waa you also went huh! Let's hope not all a waste of time huh!

  4. I agree with you, all we want is BERSIH, clean & fair election.They using razored wire,which is very sharp.Some of the citizen been beaten by a GROUP of policemen, I'm so sad to see this happening in our country Malaysia!

  5. Yup, just fair and square,
    Clean and bright.
    Not something that happens in the closet or under the table.

  6. I read from the papers of tear gas and some people got hurt, makes me angry and kinda sad that this is happening right here in our country!

  7. Yup..Bersih is what we want. 'dirty' and 'politics', unfortunately comes hand-in-hand no matter what. But we want as clean a government as possible, don't we Lena. Hopes for the best and can't wait to cast my vote! Fairness is all we want.

  8. eileen@hundred eighty degreesMay 2, 2012 at 1:26 PM

    A touching moment, especially when you see the strong unity..all the best!

  9. Yeah you are right. Fairness is important. It's great that you get a chance to attend such an event. I doubt you can find anything like such in strictly disciplined Sgp here.

  10. oh you went? I'm so proud of you :))

    psst...did you go alone or with hubs?

  11. M impressed with the large crowd turned out in support of the fairness in elections. Unity is the need of the hour. In India also Anna Hazare has started out a people's campaign to cleanse the corrupt govt system.
    M so proud of you lena for showing your support and being vocal about it on your personal space.

  12. Bersih is actually organizing a very peaceful gathering. They only asking a place for the event but the government.... do I need to say more!
    Hope you're having a great week ahead, brave lady! haha....

  13. angeline:yup, fair election, that's all we want.

    zoe: yeah, i saw in youtube that they hv in mel and perth too.

    jeannie: not a waste of time, feel that i needed to go!

    cindy: yeah i know. I also saw that in news that some journalists got beaten up and their cameras damaged.

    wendy: agree!

    joyce: i know...can police be charged too for causing hurt to these people??

    jen: me too..hopefully soon!

    yan: i just feel i needed to go this time.

    eileen: just hope the govt will do something about it.

    joyce: fair and clean, that's only what we want.

    barb: alone.

    anuja: yes, the amount of people turnout especially in KL, our capital city was tremendous, a very very large crowd, the message is very loud.

    kristy: it's a peaceful gathering..i read that the chaos happened during the last hour..let the people investigate but most important, the spirit of togetherness is there and they have spoken.

  14. What I angry the most is we rakyat pay for the teargas but they use teargas on rakyat, geramnya.,.

  15. I have been following all the news on internet. Sad at what happened that is so unnecessary but yet very encouraged by the unity and courage of the people. I am totally amazed at how peaceful the protest went, considering it's such a HUGE crowd.