Friday, May 11, 2012

Baked BBQ Meat Bun ( 餐 包 )

For the past few days, have been seeing dim sum over some of my friends' blogs and created the urge in me to go and have some dim sum...mmm..just had that 2 days ago. Talking about dim sum, i have a story to relate. Many years ago, i was still very young then, i worked as a waitress in a dim sum restaurant, a casual job..the one that pushes the trolley or cart you call that..filled with all kinds of dim sum and comes to your table..I remember one incident when on that morning, it was just opened for business and i was standing in the kitchen getting ready to push the trolley out. There were a few trolleys there and i took the one trolley that was filled with all steamed buns or paus. I was already going to my 2nd or 3rd table serving the buns and suddenly, i was called back to the kitchen, together with my trolley. Back in the kitchen, i was scolded by one of the chefs there. You know why? He said in chinese, " why did you bring that trolley out?" Dont you know it's all buns and paus?? You want to stuff all those customers with paus first, is it, huh? Then who's going to eat the rest of the dim sum?? Now leave the trolley here and bring other dim sum out!" Then he turned around, mumbling and talking to the rest of the chefs how stupid i was. Logically, the profit minded chef  was correct bun can make you half full already whereas you will have to take baskets and baskets of dims sum to make you full.  I knew then that trolley of paus were pushed out only after like 20 minutes.

Now this baked BBQ meat bun, i'm not sure if this is considered dim sum but normally we can find them in all dim sum restaurants here. I followed agnes chang's bun recipe and it's quite good. Not extremely light but stays soft. As for the filling, i cooked it my own way, just a mixture of some sauces to get the right taste. It's quite a big portion here because apart from making these buns, i also wanted to make some BBQ meat puffs, i will do that in another post. Just a gentle note, pls do not leave out the thickening solution even though the fillings may appear dry, we will need to really thicken the sauce, like 'sticky' when the fillings come together, not only makes wrapping easier but a better mouthfeel. You can also use chicken meat to substitute char siew. Nice weekend, everyone!

Fillings ( can be easily halved , just taste as you cook )
500gms chopped char siew ( bbq meat )
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 bunch of chinese parsley, chopped
few drops of Hsiao Hing wine (optional)
oil for frying

Sauces ( mix all in a bowl )
1 tbsp of hoi sin Sauce
2 tbsp of oyster sauce
1/2 tbsp of char siew sauce
2 tbsp of dark soya sauce
2 tbsps of sugar

For thickening sauce
Mix 3 tbsps of tapioca flour or cornflour with 3 tbsps of water.

1. Pour some oil in your wok , fry garlic and a few drops of hsiao hsing wine. Pour in all the sauce and add in the char siew and fry till all are well coated, fry them for about 2-3 minutes
2.Add in the thickening , followed lastly by the chinese parsley.Cool filling and refrigerate for several hours.

To make buns ( from Agnes Chang Dim sum Series )
makes around 12 buns
240gm high protein flour
1tbsp custard powder
1/2 tsp salt
1.5 tsp yeast
50gm castor sugar
135ml water
30gm butter/shortening ( i used shortening )
50gm melted butter, for glazing ( will have leftover)

1.Put flour, custard powder, salt, sugar and yeast in a mixing bowl and use a fork to mix them.
2.Using a dough hook, slowly pour in the water and on low speed, knead them till they come to a rough dough. Add in the butter and shortening and continue kneading till they become a smooth dough. ( i beat around 10-15 minutes using speed 2 and 4 interchangebly )
2. Remove to a floured surface and, shape into a ball and let it proof in a large bowl till almost double its size, for about 1 hour.
3.Remove the dough from bowl, slowly knead till round again, let it rest for 10 minutes. After this, you can shape them into small balls, 35gm each and let them proof again for 20 minutes.
4. Take each ball , flatten them and shape into a circle and put in the fillings, seal tightly. Do the rest for the rest of the buns and let it proof in your baking tray for another 30 minutes.
5. Bake in a preheated oven at 190C for 12 minutes. Once done, remove from oven and brush some melted butter over the buns.

*you can reheat it in the oven for a few minutes the next day.


  1. Lena , it looks more awesome than the ones they served in most Chinese resto ! Great job ! Here, let me help you eat some of that scrumptiousness ! hahahaha

  2. Wah, look at the filling, soo tasty!!!!

  3. Your fillings are so juicy! I tried once but turned out quite dry, bookmarking this for another baking session:D

  4. Your char siew bun looks very round, shiny, and delicious, perfect! Nice colour just like the ones sold in the restaurants! Haha, the story is so funny, but I bet that at that time, you did not think it was funny! I think that they should at least train the staffs about what to do when it comes to serving, but I guess it is typical of them to scold first, then teach later! Hahaha! Can postlaju some-kah?

  5. lena, ur bun raised up in same size and very shiny surface, i like the char siew filling as well, looks yummy

  6. Looks so beautiful and yummy la!

  7. like the funny story about what happened behind the restaurant kitchen :) the buns look so yummy, i want two please ;D

  8. that's one of my fav tea time treats. In my hometown they only "chut lou" at 2pm, together with eggs tarts

  9. Oh, how come I don't spot this bun during my dim sum session? The usual bun I have is the steamed one, not baked~

    Bun with BBQ meat, mmm, I can literally taste the melting char siew in my mouth.

  10. lena...geramnya tengok bun tu!
    akak rasa nak gigit2 screen nih! really! tengok gambar jer pun dah tau bun ni lembut dan gebu!

    petang nanti akak pun kena buat bun (inti kari) utk 300pcs...harap2 jadi cantik macam yours...

    malam tadi takleh tido, tak ngantuk ker? heheeh

    ps - makan roti ni semua sekali tau kasi habis, kalau tak nak terpelanting dari stage masa kita berzumba. Akak punya thomp thomp kuat macam angin ribut tau, so you make sure makan banyak2 ya!

  11. I like to eat this but I don't know how to make bread. The buns looks soft - wish I could reach for one now.

  12. I usually don't eat char siew buns and stuff from outside as I always find them too fatty. Would love to do my own using your delicious looking recipe :) thanks for sharing Lena.

  13. LENA m definitely making this!! great post and the clicks are so yummylecious. I just want to grab one of those gorgeous paus RIGHT NOW :D

  14. Hi Lena, your buns look really good ley..I love the filling. Pass 2 pieces here, please. I'm hungry liao.
    You want ZUMBA with me, you better eat 4 pieces to balance with my weight.LOL

    Have a nice day, dear.

  15. Wow, Lena, yr char siew bun is soooo pretty... I bet it must be yummy too... too bad, i'm nt too much of a bread maker:-p

  16. This is my favourite char siew bun. Reminds me being a while never had it. Thanks for sharing such a yummy recipe :)
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  17. Your buns look lovely. I have some char siew filling in my fridge. Leftover from making steamed buns. Still thinking how to use it. Maybe char siew bread :)

  18. No wonder i seldom see paus to be served at the beginning of dim sum meal, hahaha..good sharing.. This char siew pau so yummy, i want I want! Happy Mother's day to you!

  19. Ooh... I love these lovely buns. I definitely can have more than one.

  20. anne: thank you, help yourself! do they serve this bun in hkg?

    cindy: thank you!

    jeannie: hope you will find it tasty!

    hanushi: how i wish i can actually make these for you :) all the best in your studies.

    joyce: yeah, it was quite embarassing at that moment. I was not briefed on that :(

    eileenlee: actually there were a few not so even..the shiny surface was due to the melted butter. Thanks!

    sheoh yan: thank you, yan! Happy mother's day to you!

    tze: now maybe the trend is a little different where a lot of places, customers just tick what they want from the list..

    wendy: kam ling restaurant?

    yvonne: you cant find these in taiping? they are actually very common..maybe you never notice, is it?

    queenie: halo kak, semalam baru tidur 5-6 jam, cukuplah. Tengahari tadi, really mengantuk. waa, you got order lagi? how to make 300 paus? ada assistant tak? i apply boleh kah? haha! dah masuk 5 pau dalam mulut ! dont worry..will keep up with you and amelia!

    chris: why not try start making bread? maybe you will get addictive to it too!

    shaz: well of course most of the ones outside use a lot of seasoning and also bit of colouring. Hope you will like these.

  21. These are one of the BEST looking buns I ever seen. So smooth, soft and evenly baked. Much better looking then those at the dim sum place. Great job Lena. I wish I can have some for my breakfast.

  22. anuja: i hope you will find them tasty if you make these. Thanks so much for your kind compliments!

    amelia: i told queenie i already put 5 in my mouth!so no problem..we will hv good balancing!

    mimi: thank you mimi! i actually enjoy baking bread more than cakes..easier to finish but the process of baking of bread is much longer..

    cass: it's also one of my favourites. i had a lot of these when i was a little girl. You have a nice weekend too!

    vivian: thanks! you can make them into buns like these or pastries, that would be nice too!

    sonia: i wonder if lots of chefs are like that..maybe not..maybe only that particular one. Happy mother's day to you too and enjoy your weekend!!

    ann: ANN!!i'm so surprised and happy to see your comment here. i just hope that everything is well and you are okay!!! looking forward to hear from you in your blog!

  23. By the way Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  24. Hey, dim sum lady, I always have this when I have dim sum. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  25. Wow!! I've only had this once, and I loved it! For some reason, it has never occurred to me to make them myself. YUUM!!!

  26. haha.. never know about this marketing strategy used by restaurants.. thks for your sharing! and i agree with you on sticky char siew.. i only like it that way =P The color of the bun is very nice too - evenly browned & lovely!

  27. Mmm these look delicious -I'd never heard of them before. Love your story - what a crafty chef!

  28. It's true, it can't be found in Taiping...perhaps you make a visit here then we have BBQ meat bun to eat. hahaha

  29. Aiyo, I am craving for this too! Yours look truly seducing and delicious. Love the filling!
    Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day, Lena. Enjoy & have fun.

  30. Hi Lena, very nice. Have always loved these. Goes well with my iced coffee.

    Lena, when free drop by my pondok. Suggest you drink iced water first.
    I have something for you, *wink*.

  31. aah lena love these buns, thanks by your nice words, hope back soon miss you all!

  32. i can't tell how much i like these buns...hope one day i can make a batch of these 餐包 just like yours...
    your buns are really lovely and make me mouthwatering...oh no...hehehe

  33. Happy Mother's Day to you Lena and have a blessed one with your kids and hubby !

  34. Hi Lena,
    Love your BBQ meat buns especially the filling.
    I like your gentle note too, about the thickening solution..I never miss that if i cook filling for paus or buns..^^
    Wish you a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.

  35. Oooo...BBQ pork buns, steam or baked, I have a weakness for them! Lol! Love them! Hope you have a good weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day too my friend!! ;))

  36. Lena, i'm impressed with your BBQ buns. they look fantastic just like from the dim sum would love a few of those with hot chinese tea! Happy Mother's Day, Lena.

  37. Those buns look gorgeous, my dear... So luscious and yummy. I nak some too!

    Btw, Happy Mother's Day to all mothers... readers etc. :)

  38. These look so good! I can have 4-5 in one go.

  39. Cheah: Happy mother's day to you too!

    Cathleen: it's also my first time making these :)

    Akila: thank you!

    lala: thank you. Not sure if some restaurants still use this tactic anymore but it wont happen to those whereby we tsck and choose what dim sums we like from the list.

    freerangegirl: thanks for dropping by and leave a comment, will drop by at your blog soon.

    angeline: oh really..i thought yvonne just never saw can get a lot of these in Ipoh.

    kristy: thank you, hope you had a wonderful time too!

    lee: already seen it. Sure love your planned holiday for us..2 more weeks..i will hv to exercise more and eat less! eh, just provide shoes or not, huh? haha!

    gloria: thank you for coming by. you're back?

    sherleen: thanks! they are quite easy to make, i make the fillings 2 days in prior.

    elin: Hope you have a wonderful day too!!

    bee2: dont we all just love buns?? Thanks for the mother's day wishes and have a great week, bee!

    jen: oh, thank you!! such a nice compliment!! the buns are really nice.

    kenny: hello!! how are you? you come to ipoh, i make some for you! how about that?

    tigerfish: got a big stomach..haha :D

  40. Mui Mui: hi, almost missed your comment..dont know why it went to spam earlier. Thank you for your nice words, yeah..abt the thickening, it actually makes the gravy more juicier :))

  41. eileen@hundred eighty degreesMay 14, 2012 at 11:48 AM

    What's a strategy! I think people go for dim sum will not aim just on paus and buns.. in fact when I have dim sum, paus will be last item to deal with. Your buns look good.

  42. Oh I see ! Now I know why the pau always came last lah! hehehe Your char siew bun looks so yummy & beautifully done ley! I love char siew pau but frankly I don't dare to make bun or bread. Sounds difficult ley! May be one sweet day I might dare to try! :)

  43. hubby just saw this when i was reading. he said "ah your friend shared the recipe. you must make it soon." aiks...

  44. this bun very popular in Seremban.....

  45. Oooo, this will please my Quay Lo. If I make this for him, he will love me long time. Hehe