Monday, May 14, 2012

Bake Along #24- Bake with 4 ingredients - Lazy Chicken Wings

i call these lazy-day wings because these are so simple and effortless to cook them , just like when there are days that I really needed to cook a meal but in actual fact, i didnt feel like cooking anything at all so these shall make their appearance on the table occasionally. Oh, maybe just fry 2 more eggs or cook a simple soup, that's it a meal. Not to say that i always cook these during my lazy days..just a name..but because it's so easy and tasty and also not oily, i thought i might just share it here with all of you. You see, this dish was actually not make intended for the theme this round but as i was running through my pictures folder the other day,  it just striked me that i can make it as an entry for this 4-ingredients bake theme. I also think it's great to make some of these at parties.

Garlic salt is one of the ingredients used here for its marinating, it's a seasoning aromatised by its deep garlic flavour without the need of pounding garlics, great on roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes and if you're making french fries, they would be nice too. Besides garlic salt, i also added in some curry powder, not really spicy but adds a little more flavour.

Now i'm so eager to see what the rest are making for the theme. Our next bake along theme will be a layered cake, in conjunction with our bake along 1st anniversary! Any form or any kind of layered cakes, no restriction on the number of layers, all are welcomed to join along and the link will be opened from May29th till June04, 2012. Thank you!

6 chicken wings
1.5 tbsp garlic salt
1tsp curry powder ( i used Baba's fish curry powder)
some black pepper

1. Clean and pat dry the chicken wings. Marinate them with garlic salt and curry powder for 30 minutes.
2. Bake at 210C for 20-30 minutes till they are cooked.  Once done, sprinkled some black pepper over the wings.

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  1. so simple but look really yummy, Lena :)

  2. It is simple and nice...Just like Pizza Hut deli chicken wings

  3. Oh yum! I love chicken wings! I told my kids my favourite part of the chicken are the armpits, they looked at me and then burst into laughter! Looks delicious, Lena! I like to use garlic salt too, I could finish half a dozen wings, no problem!

  4. My husband's favourite is this type of chicken wings. I must make this on this coming father's day for him.

  5. I like everything that use garlic...garlic salt?wow, never heard before that yum yum

  6. eileen@hundred eighty degreesMay 14, 2012 at 11:06 AM

    Thanks for sharing. Chicken wings is our all time favourite, and I only know how to make oysters sauce chicken wings, haha! I will try this using happy call pan. Yours look delicious!

  7. Hi Lena, delicious and simple style chicken wings. ;) Pass me 2 pieces will do, hehehe

    Have a nice day.

  8. Great recipe Lena. Simple and tasty :D. Whenever we or my in laws visit U.S., we make it a point to bring back a big bottle of garlic salt and jerky seasoning :D. Love that stuff.

  9. Wow! that looks delicious and so easy to prepare! Must bookmark this for lazy days, there are plenty of lazy days believe me lol!

  10. Ops! I almost forgot that I have to post this today... Lucky that I suddenly remember.

    Like your "lazy" recipe, this will be super-handy at my desperate cooking moments :D

  11. Yummy. i just scrolled down to see the buns and now the wings. my tummy just did a somersault. my friend said she want to try baking the wings your style this weekend :P you eat all the stuff you bake/cook? how come you are so slim ah?

  12. I have the same bottle of garlic salt.
    It got hard after I left it outside (humid), had to mill it and keep it in the fridge so that it will stay dry and fine.

  13. Thanks for this lazy recipe, I so need it now because I'll be busy next week - kiddo's exam week. My girl loves chicken wings ;)

  14. I love this easy and simple recipe. Will get some chicken wings tomorrow.

  15. Marvelous idea! This recipe is really handy when we're in a rush & longing for some tasty chicken! Definitely a keeper! I'm making this tonight since I tak ada idea what to do with the chicken I just bought! heheheh Thanks for sharing! I'm having Monday blues (lazy Monday)! LOL

  16. Lena...they look finger licking good. Why you didn't send some drooling adi la :) great wings and I dont mind a couple of them lazy wings !

  17. I forgot about the humble garlic salt! I bet it will taste good with a grill chicken breast or even steak! I like this quick and easy idea for sure!

  18. So few ingredients and yet so tasteful!Blessings,dear Lena!

  19. Oh that's so great! I can whip these lazy chicken anytime...yum. ;)) great theme for this bake along.

  20. Hmmm, Lena, I can never get sick of eating chicken wings but using just 3 seasoning ingredients to roast these wings is a bit challenge, isn't it! Love the golden colour of the chicken wings & wish that I can grab some of the wings now, hahaha! I had baked some chicken wings too but my list of seasonings used is much longer which makes me disqualified in this Bake Along theme, will share my posting in the near future with you!

  21. Yes, they don't look oily but so nicely grilled. It is hot recently, so I have been doing less pan-frying too : ).

  22. On my lazy keep-it-easy cooking days, oven-baked chicken wings is my go-to as well. I like your 4-ingredient baked chicken wings idea. Recently, I baked some chicken wings with soy sauce, sesame oil, honey as marinade - minimal ingredients too.

  23. And I haven't eaten chicken wings for quiet sometime ! pffftttt For just 4 ingredients , it sure looks very tasty indeed ! :D

  24. Love easy and fuss free recipes. These chicken wings look lipsmacking!

  25. I love the simplicity of this recipe and I am sure the wings taste good.

  26. wow! Simple and yummy. Love this.

  27. alice: thank you, so are your bacon scrolls! they look delicious!

    angeline: thank you! and thanks for your double entry too, will hv to chk out your sausage rolls after this!

    joyce: oh really? i never heard people saying that the armpits are most delicious!! LOL!!

    yan: hope your hubby will like it!

    meinekueche: as you can see, i got mine from tesco. You can try a bottle and see if you like them.

    eileen: oh, you got happy pan too! looking forward to happy pan posts! i know that people use to bake cakes too!

    amelia: thank you! for you only..4 pieces!!

    anuja: thanks! i think it's a great seasoning too!

    jeannie: haha! i got plenty of lazy days " tapau" , there's a food court very near to my house!

    zoe: haha! i would have guessed so. i'm impressed with all your 4 ingredients bakes!

    barb: hope your friend will like it. Savoury dish no problem..if cakes..depends..i'll try to make a small recipe..usually can finish that in one or 2 days. Sure must eat!

    wendy: oh, i never keep in the fridge , will it help after milling? you know, sometimes i just use a knife to dig here and there! LOL!

    yvonne: parents taking exam..haha!

    ann: thanks for dropping by again! I hope you will like the taste of this wings.

    kit: believe me, on an average, i have more lazy days in a week! Sometimes just dont feel like cooking at all, so just walk behind, tapau from thd food court!

  28. elin: great lazy wings for lazy people! haha!

    daphne: oh yeah, they are great on grilled meat and i recently just saw sonia uses that too for making roasted pork.

    lenia: thank you for your nice words always! Hugs!

    shaz: thank you!

    bee2: yes, they are so simple to make that i wish that i can make this often if no one complains about using too much seasoning! haha!

    jessie: i guess a lot of people actually love this part of the chicken as compared to the rest of the parts. would love to see your baked version of wings !

    maureen: yes, they are not oily. AS you know , we dont hv four seasons here and it's so terribly hot these days..infact i feel so sticky right now!

    tigerfish: Yes! Honey is another great ingredient for roasting wings!!

    anne: hmmm..time to grab some wings then!

    angie: thank you for your kind support always!

    angel: yes, this is really simple..infact i think all the related 4 ingredients posts up there are so simple to make. Enjoy the recipes!

    rose: they are nice to eat. thank you!

  29. I am more malas. On my malas day, I usually just roast chicken wings which has already been marinade from the butcher shop....hehehe....the only thing I have to do is snip some rosemary to roast together...ambil bau....

  30. Lena,
    The lazy wings though is simple but they looks really health and delicious.
    Love coming here..lots to learn and to bring back too..:p

  31. Sooo perfect! The chicken looks delicate and juicy and buttery and just simply GOOD!

  32. Lena,

    Very tempting chicken wings you posted.. Very colorful space u have here...

  33. Hi Lena, ha ha, first time I see or read about 'lazy chicken wings'!
    Okay, so what or how an active, or a randy, naughty chicken wings looks like? Just kidding.
    Holy Smoke! Looks really delicious. I think I can easy, no problemos, Finnish off that plate!

    Lena, in a way I'm glad I did not cross paths with you long ago, but you still in standard 5, thank goodness. Or else I sure lose my bachelor's degree, make 5 florists retire early! Ha ha.
    Pssst, drop by when free.....
    Have fun, Lee.

  34. add a squeeze of lemon of lime and it takes a different twist. yummy and addictive! that's how i normally do it:P

  35. I love this simple recipe, so simple yet looks so good!

  36. This is SO eastpy!! Like my Quay Lo likes to say 'moe mun tai' (no problem) lol!

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