Friday, April 13, 2012

Tiramisu Cake - For Amelia

This is an overdue bake and an overdue post. Three months ago, I received a package from Amelia of Amelia's De-ssert, she sent me a box of goodies and in there were some sponge fingers, a tiramisu pre mix, some vanilla beans, fruit cakes and 3 containers of cookies just in time for Chinese NewYear. Now you know why i said overdue. Easter is over, QingMing Festival is over and I'm still writing the word ' Chinese New Year '. I'm sure some of you already know who Amelia is , not only she's good in baking, she also draws, crochets and i dont know what other hidden talents she has..maybe she knows how to do a 2 1/2 somersault dive, high kicks in martial arts or a pianist?? take a look at some of Amelia's works..

chicken pom pom - made from wool

cross stitch

fondant mahjong, impressed?
goodies from Amelia

tiramisu mix
I made this tiramisu cake few weeks ago from the tiramisu mix that Amelia gave me. She is so kind to write me an email , gave me the recipe and the steps of doing it. Even though this comes from a premix, i can tell you that it is no less delicious than doing it from scratch. I will be putting down the recipe anyway, though i know it's not really applicable to all of you here but just in case amelia sends me another packet, i have something to refer to ;))

Amelia, i enjoyed eating the tiramisu very much and thanks for your generosity! This is from me to you.

Recipe ( courtesy from Amelia )

250 gm cream cheese tiramisu powder
220gm whipping cream
120mls water
30 mls baileys Irish cream
10 mls mocha coffee

1. Mix tiramisu powder with water, mocha, baileys and mix well. Baileys can be replaced with  3 in 1 coffee.
2. Beat whipping cream until slightly thicken, add in the tiramisu mixture and beat
until smooth in high speed,about 5 mins.
3. Dip the sponge finger lightly in the coffee syrup. Then arrange in the cake pan or cake board,sieve some cocoa powder on top
4. Spread half the tiramisu mixture evenly on top the sponge finger.
5. Dip the sponge finger in coffee syrup, sieve 1 tsp cocoa powder, spread the remaining tiramisu mix. Cover with cling wrap and chill in fridge for 8 hours.
6. Remove cling wrap and sieve cocoa powder all over. Cut and serve immediately. This dessert can last 4 to 5 days in the fridge no problem.

Coffee Syrup
50 mls water
50 mls milk
30 mls baileys ( Irish cream )
15 mls mocha coffee

1. Mix the water, milk, baileys and coffee together.


  1. Love that tiramisu. Never know that got Tiramisu mix is sold outside...must find it and get one.

  2. Wow, that fondant mahjong looks so REALLLL.....nice:)
    My friend once tried this premix tiramisu, and I found it too soggy.But, seeing yours, perfectly done,it's in my list ;)

  3. Wow you so lucky. For a moment I thought that was a real mahjong set - looks real. I love your tiramisu cake too.

  4. Yes, Amelia is a very nice and kind friend to have. Your tiramisu looks beautiful to me.

  5. Oh how I adore Tiramisu Cake, Lena. Such a nice surprise for not only you but us too!

    I must admit, I've never heard of cream cheese tiramisu powder. I must seek it out.

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  6. Hi Lena, your tiramisu look really good, very neat and nice. I take 1 big slice ya!

    Thank you so much for the sweet mention about me. I really appreciate it very very much, my dear. Nice to meet a wonderful friend like you.

    What other hidden talent?? Hahaha
    No lah,I can't play piano or somersault dive but can only do yoga shoulder stand.

    Actually I'm more interested in craft work and sugar paste which I haven't post yet cos still working out the step step by method.
    You didn't "steal" my sugar paste penguins picture, I think that's look very cute. ( haha self praise)

    Not many shop selling this premix and also the stock quite limited. I'm ordering another batch, will send some to you again. This time you make tiramisu crepe, very delicious.

    Have a nice day, my dear. Thank you again this posting.*A big cyber hugs from me*

  7. Tiramisu, yum! It's my fave of all time!

    The fondant mahjung is really impressive, Amelia is really gifted!

  8. Your Tiramisu looks great!. Have yet to try that out.

  9. I agreed with Yan : Yes, Amelia is a very nice and kind friend to have.

    BUT lena, kak Q punya takder ker? tak aci! tak aci!

  10. The tiramisu looks great ! Don't even look like it's made from pre-mix. I really thought you made it your own. And you are very fortunate to have Amelia as your friend !! Can introduce her to me ?? Hahaha !! Then I can will share your goodies too !!

  11. Fondant mahjong? My hubb would love it very much, hehehe!

    Amelia is good, eh? I tasted her CNY biscuits, offered by Yan and they were cute and tasty!

  12. eileen@hundred eighty degreesApril 13, 2012 at 1:34 PM

    Hi Lena, this looks great. I didn't know of premix for tiramisu. What a wonderful gift from Amelia!

  13. wow lena, you are so blessing to have a nice friend in your life.

    the tiramisu looks so yummy and i wish i can hv a slice now, ha ha !

  14. Oh cool, I didn't know that there is tiramisu premix at all! So glad u found another nice friend online....u deserve it because you are so nice too! ^_^

  15. I absolutely adore Amelia. Her posts guarantees to make you smile with her crazy doodling and whacky writing :D.
    Tiramisu looks yummy.

  16. wow Amelia is such a lovely person and your tiramisu looks really good - I do love a generous topping of cocoa powder!

  17. Such a lovely looking cake - I think I might need a package from Amelia! :)

  18. Lena, if you didn't tell us those are the fondant mahjong, I would have thought they are real mahjong!

    Love your tiramisu cake, I think it is a fav cake for every single girl! I made once a long time ago but I ended up eating it all myself as my hubby didn't like it! That's why I never make again, hehehe!

  19. That is a lovely cake, Lena! So nice of Amelia! And I'm impressed with the mahjong fondant! Looks like the real thing! :)

  20. angeline: i also never see it in ipoh.

    yummylittlecooks: yes, the mahjong looks so real. So you can get it over there? yeah, just see the texture when you mix it altogether, you might need to adjust the amount of liquid and the cream.

    chris: want to play??

    sheoh yan: thank you. amelia is such a kind and helpful lady:)

    louise: it's my first time seeing this tiramisu powder mix too. very convenient to make!

  21. amelia: yes, take it! I made it for you..over the blog!!wow, you do what?? yoga shoulder stand?? what's that?? sounds like something that's going to break my neck and bones!! LOL! yeah, you are a talented lady, that penguin? oh yes, you got so many pictures i also dont know which to pick la!
    I never come across this tiramisu mix here, you want to send me another packet? whoa, i must say thank you first and tiramisu crepes sounds like a wonderful treat.Thanks again for everything and being so helpful and supportive. Hugs.

  22. alice law: hey, where hv you been? so long never see your posting. hope you are all well!

    evy: hi, thanks for dropping by.

    queenie: apa itu aci? tapi i think i know what you mean. janganlah macam itu. haha! i know you bergurau je..hehe..

    Joyce@ccooky: hey, quickly go and say hi to amelia over at her blog!

    yvonne: you mean your hubby likes to play mahjong or eat fondant? i guess must be the former! yeah, amelia is a nice lady.

    eileen180: hi, it's my first time seeing that too, easy to make with the mix.

    eileenlee: thanks! no more leh..made this couple of weeks ago.

    bee2 : everybody is nice here!!

    anuja: yeah, she is witty and fun to see her drawings!

    janine: thanks!i must say that i did put a lot of tiramisu powder all over!

    chris: haha! you want to know her, jump over to her blog!

    jessie: yeah, the mahjong looks incredible, too beautiful to be eaten!

    joyce: yeah, looks so real, can eat and play at the same time!! haha!

  23. I just love tiramisu!It looks mouthwatering!Hugs from Greece,dear!

  24. Tiramisu looks delish! The mahjong looks so real, when I saw the mahjong the first thought that came to mind was she's a good mahjong player..until i reached the part where you mentioned it's fondant? Will blog hop over to Amelia's now :)

  25. Amelia fondant mahjong look like real one ler..lucky you to receive gift from her. Premix Tiramisu sound quick and good.

  26. Hi Lena-such an amazing Tiramisu cake. No way we can find a powdered mix here, in S. Florida for the Tiramisu cream, and what is even nice about it, that you use fresh whipping cream to combine it with. The lady fingers, we have plenty of that here!
    Love the cake, and also I'm just marveling at Amelia's generosity, so sweet of her to send you all that handmade cute stuff, and the desserts!
    She also sent me some amazing stuff back in December, and I too sent stuff to her for baking. I still have to try out the custard powder that she sent me. She has made superb cream puffs a while back with the custard...I'm still wanting to make that too!
    We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful and sweet friend...Amelia!

  27. hi lena,wow tiramisu is my number one favorite cake in this world , ha ha.. tho they have premix, i still prefer to do it myself from start. no compromise, since i this my favorite.
    i dont mind premix on other cake recipes :)
    have a nice day

  28. wonderful goodies. I like the fondant mahjong. amazing! I envy those who attempted at making a tiramisu and this time, I take my hats off for you! Well done. Always wanted to try my hands at it but I'd prefer if I have 'kahlua'. since my sis have some, am waiting for her to give me some ..haaha

  29. Lucky , Lena ! hahahaha She's really talented ! Love her mahjong fondant and the cross-stitch :)

    Your tiramisu looks really scrumptious and beautiful ! Drool ! I made tiramisu last time and it's really bad ! I guess I overbeat the mascarpone ( and I used 500 grams :P )it didn't set even after two days in the fridge yikes ! hahahaha Maybe next time I'll try using tiramisu mix instead ;D

  30. Lucky Lena :) all those goodies. Your tiramisu looks delicious...I must make this one day :)My Jo loves it :)) Amelia is really talented. Love those manjung set wow...that looks real. Well done Amelia!

  31. Yummy! You baked it beautifully! Indeed Amelia is very talented.

  32. How nice of Amelia, I think it is great that other bloggers are so helpful, generous and kind to each other. What a friend you have. The cake looks amazing I love tiramisu, and this one sounds good with the Irish cream in it.

    BTW, Lena with the cranberry beans I did cook the in water for around 30 minutes until tender. Then you can use them like any cooked or canned beans. HTH Lyndsey

  33. lena, tak aci means unfair...yes I am joking only hehe..

  34. Hi Lena, who is Armelia? Ha ha ha.....
    Ya, she has a 3rd Dan black belt in baking and cooking.
    Not too sure what other talents she has though....
    Maybe bungee jumping, or crocodile trainer.

    Believe it or not, I have never eaten this Tiriwhatever, ha ha.
    Reason being cheese is not on my food or cake list.

    Lena really gracious of you complimenting her this posting.....
    This much I will say, there are two ladies I will want to meet when I balek kampong....
    One in Ipoh, named in JB named Armelia.
    Before returning I might let loose a hint of raisin scones and cream puffs, ha ha,
    Have a beautiful Sunday.
    Going for golf, tennis, swimming?

  35. Oh, one of my all times favorite...Looks soo good!
    Interesting - you have cream cheese tiramisu

  36. Hi Lena, I ordered the Tiramisu powder already, will give some to you when stock arrive. I don't think Ipoh selling this mix? In JB only 1 shop selling and always run out of stock.

    Anyway I would like to thank you again for this posting, so sweet of you for the mention.

    And I would like to thanks everyone of your friends here for their kind words and compliments towards me.
    Especially to my blogger friends whom already know me or visited me regularly.....
    Sheoh, Queenie @ my crazy buddy, Elisabeth my dear friend, Uncle Lee, Eileen, Janine, Jennie Tay, Simple baking, Jessie, Sonia.
    Thank you so much for your kind words and compliments.

    Have a nice weekend. Wanna Zumba? I think we will look more like monkey jumping, LOL

  37. I love tiramisu! You're so lucky to get the tiramisu powder! I've always made mine from scratch... yours look really delicious!

    I've also nominated an award for you! Hope you'll like it!

  38. the tiramisu looks gorgeous lena! love coffee in desserts(:

  39. pineapple man: lucky me!!

    lenia: it's been such a long time since i last had one. Thank you!

    adeline: yeah, the fondant is really so impressive, too beautiful to eat!

    sonia: that's really quick to make and it's delicious!

    elisabeth: wow, amelia even sent you things from here?! that's really so kind of her. Yeah, it's very rare to see tiramisu mix over here in my town too, very glad that i can get to try that. that's also the joy of blogging, getting to know everyone.We are indeed lucky people!

    dapurwan: thanks for coming by, would love to chk your blog later!

    mary: addictive too!

    wan: i would love to see you making a tiramisu cake!

    jen: using a premix here is even easier, i think kahlua would be nice too!

    anne: thank you! i didnt make a bad choice to choose the fondant mahjong pictures, everybody seems to be very impressed with it!

    elin: ya lah, she sent me so much stuffs that i also feel 'paiseh'!

    jeannie: thanks! now i know that amelia can even do yoga shoulder stand!!

    lyndsey: thanks so much for coming back to me on the cranberry beans, i would like to give them a try some day.

    queenie: I know you were just kidding :))

    lee: hey, not's AMELIA! crocodile trainer? hahaha! maybe she is..never tell us. wait next time i korek some news from her..haha!

    jasna: thank you! it's my first time also seeing this tiramisu powder.

    Amelia: oh, thank you very much, eh sorry to trouble you again, friend! i cant stop laughing when you said MONKEYS!! Lee said you might be a crocodile trainer too, are you?? haha!

    jasline: thanks a lot! will collect it soon!

    shuhan: hi, thank you! they are quite addictive to eat!

  40. Wow, good on you! Amelia such a hard working baker and the handmade fondant is so impressive. It's a total WOW ! I think your kids also very lucky. They can also enjoy all the goodies from auntie Amelia. Hope you're having a great week ahead, dear.

  41. Love the yummy pictures of your gorgeous Tiramisu! I'm huge fan of Amelia too! Love her amazing baking & her creativity ! So happy to know you & Amelia thru blogger! Both of you are wonderful! :)