Monday, April 30, 2012

A Steamed Chocolate Layered Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Filling

I thought this might be interesting to some of you who may like doing a steamed layered cake instead of a baked one. Of course then, if you just look at the pictures, i dont think you can tell that this is a steamed sponge cake. I was browsing through one of alex goh's books, " Magic Steamed Cake" and saw a few pictures of this kind, layered cake and kind of celebration cakes and thought, ' yeah, why not?' isnt a bad idea to make an iced cake from a steamed cake . I used his vanilla sponge cake recipe to make a chocolate sponge cake instead and just made a simple orange cream cheese filling and iced the cake with whipping cream. The sponge cake is nice, it isnt dry but i personally find that a baked one would be more spongy but after storing it in the fridge, i find that it doesnt really matter so much to me when there's a layer of  fillings in it. Dont know why my whipped cream frosting cracked a little on the cake, never had this problem before..

Recipe ( from Magic Steamed Cake by Alex Goh )
Chocolate Sponge cake ( makes one 8 inch cake )
3 eggs
120gm sugar
30gm melted butter
2 tbsps cocoa powder
120gm cake flour
1tsp double action baking powder

1.Combine cocoa powder, cake flour and double action baking powder in a bowl and sift.
2. Whip eggs and sugar until fluffy, add in the melted butter, mix until well blended and finally fold in
the flour mixture using a plastic spatula until well combined.
3.Pour it into a greased and lined 20cm round cake tin and steam for 30 minutes. Let the cake cool down completely and cut into 2 layers.

Orange cream cheese filling
200gm cream cheese, at room temperature
30gm sugar
rind from 1 orange
1 tsp of cointreau ( optional )
1.5 tbsp of gelatine powder
70ml orange juice
140ml whipping cream

1. In a small pot, sprinkle gelatine powder over orange juice and let sit for 5 minutes. Stir and melt over simmering water ( double boil ) till gelatine fully dissolves. Remove from heat.
2. Cream the cream cheese with sugar till smooth and mix in the orange rind and cointreau.
3. When the gelatine mixture has slightly cooled down, pour the gelatine mixture into the cream cheese mixture and mix until well blended.
3. Beat the whipping cream till medium stiff peak and fold over the cream cheese gelatine mixture. Spread the filling onto a piece of sponge cake and cover it with another sponge cake. Freeze the cake till the filling set, about 45 minutes to an hour. Ice the cake with whipped cream.

I am submitting this post to the Aspiring Bakers #18 : Layers of Love ( April 2012 ) hosted by Sam of Sweet Samsations.


  1. Hi Lena, so coincident, i also using alex goh steamed cake recipe to bake a sweet corn cake last week, it was very soft and felt not so sinful as we always baked instead of steamed.

    your layer cake looks so tempting, i shld now rajin rajin flipping on his book again, hahahaha!

  2. Looks absolutely delicious! I would love to try some. I reckon I would polish the whole lot off in 5 minutes flat!

  3. Lena , that's one gorgeous looking cake ! That slice of cake looks delicious with its decadent cream cheese frosting ! Now , let me grab that slice ! ;D

  4. OMG Lena this looks so good!! I have never had a steamed cake before, but I could just imagine how wonderful it must taste...maybe I should stop by for a real bite! it looks like it could melt in your mouth!

  5. Nice clicks, Lena! I like the 2nd pic, so cool and the cake looks yummy!

  6. aha! tak rugi I lari sini jap!

    lena, akak ingat nak suggest kat you, 1 minggu YOU MUST MAKAN 1 BIJI CAKE CAMNI!! you know why? because everyday my pray is like this : "Lord, if I can't be skinny, please let all my friends be fat" haha...

    nanti akak takder gang nak zumba la lena, buat 2 orang with Mel mana ada syok, mesti at least 3, baru syok gelek2 kuali hahaha, tul dak?

    stil waiting oyster recipe tu, apa nama tu?
    thank you lena for willing to try cook it for me, take your time babe!

  7. ah.. something fresh.
    love the idea of a steamed filled cake

  8. Looks good,I think I should try this also ;) LOL.... and now I am hungry ... LOL

  9. Hi Lena, beautiful cake... love the texture and layer. The slight crack on the whipped cream doesn't matter, treat it as a design. Anyway your frosting look pretty.

    P/S When want to do Pretty woman ZUMBA? Kak Q, you & me can bring the stage down, LOL

    Have a nice day, regards.

  10. You are making me drool over this new creation. Can't tell this is a steamed cake. Very nice and I sure it's delicious.

  11. Must ask Elin to do this for me... :) this is real tempting!

  12. lovely steamed cake! nice texture and layering. Eating steamed cake feel less guilt right :D

  13. Lovely cake. I wonder how you manage your time with baking and other stuffs.. Really love to know about it..Wish u have a nice holiday ahead Lena.

  14. OMG! These cake look so heavenly! I didn't notice the whipped cream frosting cracked till I read your text! But frankly it's not that obvious! Love the texture of this cake that looks really tempting! I never bake steam cake before, is it quite tricky to do? Yours look amazingly well done & love the flavor too! Must bookmarked this recipe too! Have a nice week! :)

  15. eileen@hundred eighty degreesApril 30, 2012 at 4:18 PM

    A good switch from oven-bake to steam cake. Must be very soft! You are so generous with the thick layer of orange cream cheese filling. I don't need a whole slice, half of it will do:)

  16. yeah... it doesn't look like a steam cake! Quite surprise with the outcome, thanks for sharing! Shld giv it a try one of these day/ perhaps whn the oven is not working.

  17. only when you sliced it up that i noticed what you mean by it being steamed! but it looks really good and the layering is perfect.

  18. This cake looks just amazing!!! I love the presentation!

  19. I like this cake! I can smell it over here!

  20. Oh my word. Grab me a spoon, I would down all the cake in a second. Looks SO GOOD!!

  21. It looks heavenly!!!Well done,dear!Kisses!

  22. i have bookmarked this recipe, for sure will try out soon...steamed cake with cream cheese frosting is a very refreshing combination...
    thanks for sharing, lena...:)

  23. Hi Lena,

    I'm back from holiday!

    Your "steamed" cake looks amazing! I always associate "steamed" cakes being like the traditional kueh kueh. This one looks very different and so similar to an oven-baked cake.


  24. Your cake looks really nice, Lena! I have this book too but have never tried any recipes from it yet, and I did not notice the crack on your frosting, only notice that how pretty it looks!

  25. Steamed cake, indeed, sounds very interesting to me! I only did frosting once for cupcake, no idea & don't know why the cracks happened, sorry!

  26. Hi Lena,
    I did come across this book in the bookshop that day. I was thinking it is a very interesting way of doing steamed cake instead of baked.
    I love your steamed layer chocolate cake, looks really YUM..^^

  27. Looks heavenly! Would love to have a piece now...;)

  28. Your are right. It doesn't look like a steamed cake. Looks delicious :)

  29. hi eileen,, i think i know which corn cake you're talking about. the one on the book cover right? looks good, now every eager to see your steamed corn cakes!

    spencer: hi, thank you so much for your nice words and thanks for dropping by!

    anne: thanks!grab it! ha!

    lyndsey: actually i think a steamed cake would be good too for those who have fears baking a cake. YOu can tell the difference if just eating a steamed cake compared to a baked one but not in this cake cos there were filling in it and after storing itin the fridge, i cant actually taste the difference myself.

    jen: thank you!

    cheah: thanks, cheah. Also enjoy eating this a lot!

    queenie: haha! kak teruk ni! you want to get fat for zumba! but i think i will enjoy zumba-ing with you and amelia..ok ok i take 2 cakes per week, ok? LOL!! itu dish tak tahu apa nama, fried oysters with egg, boleh kan? bila aku cari ingredients, i buat untuk kak, ya?

    wendy: i was actually a bit surprised that it didnt really taste like a steamed sponge cake after filling it with the mousse.

    abby: this is nothing compared to all your elegant, drooooling cakes!!

    amelia: must really find a good solid stage, scared the 3 elephants will bring the stage down!!haha!

    chris: thank you, friend! it's nice and not very rich.

    claire: if you ask elin to make, sure she will make for you one..

  30. tze: thanks! but this is not really guilt free, got cream cheese leh..

    angeline: thanks! well, it's not baking every day, maybe once a week, so it's okay, if got mood, then maybe i bake twice a week. So it's not that hectic.

    kit: i wouldnt say it's really tricky, at times i think a baked cake could be more challenging , to see that it's cooked all the way through and afraid that it might not rise up properly, the temperature and so on. I was quite shocked to see the cracked frosting the next day when i opened my fridge, luckily it was not made for someon's birthday! haha!

    eileen: i would think a baked one would be softer but it's still nice after doing the filling. ok, half a slice for you, i will eat the remaining half! haha!

    alice law: hi, how are you? where hv you been? i will chk out your blog later and see if you hv new posting, ya?

    daphne: thank you for your kind compliments. My layering not that good, it's thicker on one side actually!

    elpinki: thank you!

    rose: thank you! thanks for dropping by!

    cathleen: you are aggressive! haha!

    lenia: many thanks! hugs to you!

    sherleen: thanks! hope you will like it too!

    zoe: HELLO!! so happy to know that you're back! will communicate further in our mails, ok?

    joyce: i cant remember you hv this book, maybe you shld try one or 2 recipes from there, there are quite a few nice ones there. the cracks looks quite light in the photo here but they are noticeable!

    jessie: it's okay, i was suspecting maybe my fridge too cold or what..i dont know.

    muimui: thanks, did you get the book? there are also many simple steamed cake recipes in the book.

    love2cook: thank you! Delighted to hv you here!

    cass: thanks! i myself cant tell the difference too when eating it.

  31. This is a steamed cake and it looks so good.

  32. Oh yummy...I crave for cream cheese lately;-).

  33. Steam cake is rather healthy if compare to bake one, but I seldom think to steam a cake, as I am too lazy to set up the steamer, hahaha..

  34. This looks simple and elegant. I can't wait to have a piece of that.