Monday, April 16, 2012

Salad with Purple Potatoes and Fried Silver Fish

Not too long ago, my friend took me to a japanese restaurant here in ipoh, "Mokuren". She, being there a couple of times suggested me to try one of their salads. "They got tofu in it" she told me. She likes tofu a lot and at the same time, we also ordered agedashi tofu. When the salad arrived, i saw there were some salad leaves, some cherry tomatoes, some tofu and what suprised me was that there were also fried little fishes on it, not just a small amount but quite a lot . Looking back at the menu, it says those are baby sardines. It looks and tastes much alike to our silverfish here (银鱼仔) where chinese are fond of putting them in fried rice. The salad was nice, with their salad dressing together with those baby sardines which give a salty touch as well, it was very nice to eat.

the silver fish

So i'm going to be a copycat, i want to make this at home. I managed to grab some purple potatoes from Tesco ( thanks wendy!) and thought of adding that to the salad without the tofu. Boil them with skin on for a couple of minutes till they are cooked and a little soft, peel away the skin and cut them into cubes.  I have very little idea how to go about making the dressing but i have a bottle of japanese salad dressing in my house. Earlier, i saw Elin posted this japanese dressing in her blog here so i went and bought a bottle too! I just added some apple cider vinegar to it and there goes my dressing.

purple potatoes
Japanese salad dressing

Now do i hear protests? " What?! A salad is a salad, supposed to be healthy, why are you putting those fried little monsters into it??" Hmm.mmmm..mmm..i got no answer for that but nice!

There is no proper recipe here, what i have are some round lettuce and frisee leaves, some purple potatoes, some halved almonds and a big handful of silver fish. Boil the potatoes and fry the little silver fish. Put them all except the silverfish into a big bowl, add in the dressing , give it a toss, transfer them into the serving bowls or plates and top it with the fried little silverfish.

Salad Dressing ( adjust to your liking )
3 tbsp of Japanese salad dressing
1 tsp apple cider viegar


  1. Never eat these purple potatoes but look amazing how taste like the others?
    When I was in Bolivia I knew they have 12 or more types of potatoes!
    This dish look beautiful!

  2. Never heard of PURPLE potatoes! The salad looks so colourful and fresh. Very inviting.

  3. i have never seen purple potatoes before. only purplish sweet potatoes :) looks very delicious and healthy. err..i hope you also eat something else beside this salad because your are so slim already! did jane take you to the jap restaurant?

  4. Hmm.. I can see it is healthy and delicious too..

  5. Silverfish?! I thought they were ikan bilis, lol!

    I had them on top of the fried rice when I dined outside. Love the crispy and crunchy effect. And I've always thought they were mini ikan bilis.

    Can we get the silverfish from wet market? Same stall as they sell ikan bilis?

  6. Wow! The purple sweet potatoes look so purple to me. I love sweet potatoes, purple one I can make glutinous rice balls.

  7. OOh I like silverfish. Did not realise its name silverfish. Selalu panggil ikan bilis je...hehehe...Healthy.

  8. Lena....nice doesnt matter...those silverfishes are good for health too...lots of calcium in them :))) I love the purple potato too...yummy! And needless to say...the japanese dressing that goes with your salad too !

  9. Hi Lena, did not know those potatoes, the dish was very beautiful.
    Kisses dear:)

  10. Lena this salad is very colorful. That one is call silver fish? I always called baby anchovies!

  11. Bright colorful and interesting salad!!! :)

  12. It's a beautiful salad, with the purplish sweet potatoes. Though I am never a fan of salad, but the silver fish make it look very appetizing. My old folks here like to fry egg with the silver fish too...simple and taste good too.

  13. a plate of colorful salad which is full with vitamins, and no need to think, i can tell it is nice to eat...:)

  14. A beautiful plate of salad! It is definitely healthy with those little bilis, if it is bacon, then it will be another story! :) Love your version of purple sweet potato!

  15. Gloria: 12 types?? i think here we only have 3-4 types and yet sometimes cant differentiate those types.

    anuja: i've heard of it but first time using it here.

    barb: yes, you know us too well. haha..i had this in between meals!

    jobless girl: glad to hear that it sounds healthy to you.

    yvonne: those are 'ngan yue cai' in chinese, sure can get from wet market..yes, you can get from those stalls that sell ikan bilis, onions.

    yan: these are purple potatoes, not sweet potatoes :))

    mkgirl: baby ikan bilis??

    elin: wah, you're so kind, madam..

    duxa: they are just potatoes but purple in colour. have a good day!

    angeline: haha, you're just like yvonne!

    hanushi: thanks!got inspired by that salad i had in mokuren.

    jasna: thank you!

    joyce@ccooky: it's not sweet potatoes, it's normal potatoes but purple in colour. Yeah, some folks
    just steam the silverfish and eat with porridge.

    sherleen: no need to think? haha!thank you!

    joyce: hey, not sweet potatoes, it's normal potatoes lah!

  16. hi Lena....menarik sekali warna warni salad ni.Cm suka sangat ikan kecik tu...nnt nak cuba jugak:)

  17. First time seeing silver fish in salad, definitely will add the crunch and saltiness to this salad huh! love the colors of your salad too!

  18. eileen@hundred eighty degreesApril 16, 2012 at 11:17 PM

    I have never seen or even heard of purple potatoes. Very interesting!

  19. Hi Lena, your salad look very appetizing & lovely color too. I love the purple potatoes. :)

    Have a nice day.

  20. So colourful! Frankly speaking, besides potatoes, I've not tried using other root vegetables in my salad. Your idea is great! All those colors makes it even more attractive and inviting. ;) BTW, I love the Jap sesame sauce too for my dressing...yum! I bet those crispy, salty ikan makes this salad super special...not monsters la. lol!

  21. What a great idea to use potatoes in salad. Nice combination. Must be very yummy :)

  22. lena, I love that ikan bilis, always makan with bubur nasi/porridge...

    sometimes when I make kerabu mangga/mango salad, akak pun masukkan ikan bilis instead of udang kering, yummy.

    your ideas are always wet my keyboard!

  23. Lena , that copycat looks gorgeous ! ;D Just love the color and texture of that salad ! I love silver fish ! I usually fried it until crisp and add some some chopped tomatoes and salt and serve with rice ! ;D

  24. haha,,because the silverfish adds a lovely crunch and good fat in our diet! I think this looks fantastic with so many colours in a salad! I would eat this anyday.

  25. Such a colorful fusion salad with the combinations of sweet potato and little ikan bilis. I like it!

  26. love the extra crunch with the silverfish. I love my salads but if they don't have some type of crunch factor in them I can't do it! The purple potatoes add such a pretty color to the dish.

  27. salad look very appetizing
    nice pics

  28. I like the addition of fried silver fish to give this salad that crunch!

  29. Beautiful salad Lena, and I love the idea of crunchy silver tasty!
    Hope you are having a great week :)

  30. I tried to comment the other day, but the computer I was on didn't let me. It was funny because I had just picked up some purple potatoes and wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them This salad is stunning I am loving all the colors. I had some silver fish when I was in New Zealand, but they called it whitebait. I don't see it around here.

  31. Hello Lena, you can put 4 Seasons or Shangrila or Hilton hotels salads to shame with your this very creative salads. Outstanding! Very attractive salad instead of the usual greens.
    Bet this goes well with roast beef or steak later.
    Lena, I am very impressed.
    Have a nice day.

  32. very colourful salad and very Chinese look of salad ^_^..

  33. Yummy and colourful. This is a brilliant dish to get folks to eat colourful vegies:D

  34. cik manggis: i wonder macam mana biasa orang melayu masak ikan ini? goreng je?

    jeannie: my first time also seeing it being served in restaurant!

    eileen: i like their vibrant colour!

    amelia: thanks! eh, how's your teddy bear getting on? still on recovery stage or sudah masuk perut?? haha!

    bee2: thank you, my friend! glad that you said they're not monsters..some may get turned off seeing these fishes on the salad..LOL!

    cass: thank you! the purple potatoes taste just like normal potatoes but i like their colour!

    queenie: ya, good idea of using these ikan instead of udang kering! eh, ehy i never thought of that?! wet your keyboard? haha! sorry, my fault!!LOL!

    anne: that's how we normally eat that too..just simple fried or maybe sometimes just steam it.

    daphne: thank you! i'm impressed with your indian salad too!

    jay: thank you!

    gert: thanks! it's purple potatoes :))

    cikawi: hi, thanks for coming by!

    jessica: me too, i love the vibrant purple of the potatoes.

    sm: thank you!

    tigerfish: maybe next time you can try adding that too to your salad!

    gloria: thank you for your nice compliments always!

    juliana: thanks, you hv a good week too!

  35. lyndsey: thanks!i hope it's not the new blogger format that caused that. i hv not changed that though. have you? yeah, i also heard of whitebaits but i'm not too sure if they are the same ones.

    lee: hey, you dont talk like that la..exaggerating you!how you know it's nice with roast beef? i thought you tak ada makan lembu or kerbau? haha!

    chris: thank you!

    sonia: ha! i like the way that you said ' chinese' look!


  36. I have not changed yet either, I think it was the computer at school...I guess I should be on that one hehe!

  37. I am sad again...purple potatoes..the salad looks HEAVENLY and I meant it!

  38. I have never tried purple potatos, they look very original in the salad!

    Life and travelling