Thursday, April 26, 2012

Indian Style Fish Curry

I love eating banana leaf rice. When i was staying in KL, i remember there was a period of several months that i never missed having banana leaf rice every week. The curry was so good, their marinated fried fish, curry crabs, their indian style chilli chicken and along with their side condiments like deep fried bittergourd, mango chutney and papadum..whooh..i was eating like a hungry wolf! But that was dangerous cos i was putting on weight constantly! Now back home in Ipoh, i'm happy to find my favourite banana leaf stall but i dared not go there so often thinking of the amount of rice that i will eat. Few weeks back, i went to that stall again and the lady boss asked me how come that i've never been there for so long. " Cannot" i told her..."come here means must eat a lot! Dangerous to my waistline! " She giving me a big grin said " who asked you to eat so much?" haha! How not to eat so much when they have all those mouthwatering and appetising food?

When doing my blog visiting one day, i was excited to see a Indian style Fish curry recipe posted on The Sudden Cook blog. I know that i will cook that one day when i have all my ingredients ready. So here it is. I'm happy with the taste, the indian curry taste.. and when i was looking for fenugreek in the market, i was told  that this is one of the main spice that a lot of indians use for cooking fish curry, the indians call it venthayam. I only did some very little changes to the original recipe for its sourish and creamy taste.

Recipe ( from The Sudden Cook )
2 pieces mackerel cutlets ( ikan tenggiri )
1/2 tsp mustard seeds ( biji sawi )
1/2 tsp fenugreek ( biji halba? not too sure..)
100gm peeled and sliced shallots
small piece of ginger, sliced ( about thumbsize)
2-3 sprigs of curry leaves
2 tbsps coriander powder ( serbuk ketumbar )
1tsp turmeric powder ( serbuk kunyit )
1tsp cumin powder ( serbuk jintan putih )
1.5 tbsp chilli powder
2 tbsp of tamarind paste mixed with 375ml water ( i did not used all ,left with 100ml of this mixture )
5-6 tbsps of coconut milk
a bunch of ladies finger
2 green chillies
1 tsp of salt, more or less and pinch of sugar
2 tbsps of oil

1. In the wok, heat the oil and fry the mustard seeds and the fenugreek till aromatic. Put in the sliced onions, ginger, curry leaves and saute for till onion turns light brown, several minutes.
2.Add the coriander powder, turmeric powder cumin powder, chilli powder and the tamarind mixture and let it  boil for several minutes, stirring well. Add in the coconut milk and put in the fish cutlets, ladies fingers, green chillies and cook for further 5 minutes. Taste , you may want to put in more or less salt, sugar and tamarind mixture. When the fish is cooked and the ladies fingers are slightly soft, can remove from heat.

Sharing this with the Muhibbah Malaysian Monday event hosted by Shaz from Test with a Skewer


  1. Lena, tonight I go to Ipoh, where is your house? I eat only little rice, but lots of gravy of this Indian Style Curry Fish.

  2. No joke , i am really " air liuh meleleh dy " .... Hu hu hu hu hu ... hungry wey ... Hey babe, there is some award for u on my blog. Hope u like yeah ;)

  3. yan, tonight not cooking fish curry, this was also done weeks back together with my nasi ulam but you are always welcomed to drop by my place!

  4. Hi Lena, your fish curry look extremely good. I could smell from lei. LOL

    I join Sheoh go to your house can? Then you cook up a storm for us. I bring you April fool burger and french fries, less guilty to your waistline. hahaha

    Have a nice day.

  5. Oooo.. I see my favourite curry fish head !!! And looks so spicy somemore...You have aroused my craving for this now.. Ok I decide I want to have curry fish head for dinner today.. Haha..

  6. Are you competing with Cheah to see whose curry is more spicy? Slurp ...

  7. It looks mouthwatering!Such a nice way to cook fish!

  8. lena...aduii, akak belum makan lagi ni, hari ni sibuk sangat, nak makan pun tak sempat,bila masuk sini terus rasa nak nangis...lapar....

    lena, what dishes that appear next to the curry dish? it looks good too, is it nasi ulam?

    tis...tis...tis....kibod basah...

  9. Aiyoh tak boleh tahan lah look at this. You make me crave for them so much. Air liur melelehlah.

  10. Me too... very scared.
    Especially if it's eating with fingers... aiyor, all the rice shoved in unknowingly...
    In the end, I just ate triple my usual amount of rice!

  11. Oh my goodness, Lena! Your Indian Style Fish Curry sounds so delicious I don't think I would mind having a nibble right now! (and it's only breakfast time here:)

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  12. Very appetizing dish ! Really drool worthy ! I want another bowl of rice , pretty please ! lol

  13. I love those spices- and What a good looking dish as well. I think my hubby will be so happy if i make this! Yes, I'm still on hols!

  14. is a winner alright and I can imagine how good this will taste like. I love nasi kandar too and this fish curry is something I will order from the nasi kandar shop :) Thanks for sharing !

  15. Lena, I can finish the whole fish by just looking at this picture! Bravo!

  16. Looks so appetizing! One dish will do cos it is well balanced...

  17. waaa,, this is my favorite fish curry dish that I like to order whenever I have a craving for indian food! I like the sourish taste too! yours looks yummy!

  18. too good to be true! I mean the curry with the fish! just sinful and rich and delicious! You are on a roll

  19. abby: hey, thanks dear, shall pick it up soon!!

    amelia: yeah, sure can! you can bring lots of your fool burgers and fries, i finish it off for you!!

    joyce@ccooky: oh yes, i remember you were posting about the curry fish head promotion in singapore, that one sure looks good!

    chris: haha! no lah..just went over to cheah's blog this evening..just a coincidence. Her curry with sweet potatoes looks good too!

    lenia: thank you!this is my favourite at the indian restaurant.

    queenie: hi kak, thanks for dropping by..i know you sibuk sangat. Yes, your eyes very sharp, you can even spot that nasi ulam on the background, i did that on the same day. My nasi ulam already posted 2 weeks ago. ok, maaf maaf kibod basah!

    MKgirl: i'm sure you boleh masak kari ini lah...if not dinner besok dekat indian restaurant!

    wendy: LOL! eat like that in 3 days gain 3 kgs liao!!

    louise: thanks louise, you're always so kind with your comments, this is one of my 'must order' dish at the indian restaurant!

    anne: yeah, this is really appetising with the tangy sourish taste and very different from our chinese curry and i like all sorts of curries!

    daphne: perhaps one day you shld make this, i know that you're already getting comfortable cooking curries!

    elin: i must ask you one day which is the best nasi kandar in ipoh..

    jessie:yes, bravo me!! LOL! but seriously, am glad that i've learned how to cook this indian curry.

    claire: at home yes..but when i eat in indian restaurant, must surely ask for that fried bittergourd and papadum too!

    jeannie: me too!a must order dish too at the indian rest!

    jessica: yes, actually the dish itself is not that sinful but because of the gravy, i tend to eat a lot of rice..aargh...that's sinful!!

  20. Wow,this is my favourite food. Super yummy with briyani rice and papadum. I feel so hungry now, even though is midnight now. I am telling my hubby next week must cook yours indian curry. On diet? Forget it:)

  21. This looks simply amazing! I can't believe I have never tried a fish curry! No I have no excuse!

  22. Hi Lena, HOLY SMOKE! I love this! The kind of to die for dish! Yes, I love Indian foods too, or banana leaf. Fortunately we have several banana leaf shops here, one nearby where we live too.

    Yours this fish curry really looks out of this world.
    What I'd give to eat this!
    I can safely say you'll see 3 big plates of rice disappearing. Ha ha.

    I can practically get the lovely scent of the spices you used.
    Lena, you are good! Outstanding!
    Have a great weekend. Lee.
    ps, mind I copy the pic? Will display it when I'm not posing about sex, ha ha.

  23. Mouth-watering ...Love Indian spices!

  24. This is indeed mouth-watering, Lena. How not to tambah more rice?

  25. Eh, my comment yesterday went into custom-check and never got its way here :S

    Anyway, I wanted to say that your Indian Curry is making me DROOLING over and over again! I'm not going to cook this as I'm 'buta' herbs.... but I'm going over to your house for this curry, I promise I bring cooked rice, ok? So, when is the date?

  26. Wow! What an honour to have you try one of my recipes. Most of all I'm glad that you like it! Thanks for trying it out. Your photos do great justice to the dish.

  27. eileen@hundred eighty degreesApril 27, 2012 at 11:45 AM

    Looks like all of them are planning to drop in your house to taste that appetizing dish. How can miss me out, wait for me:)

  28. Your fish curry looks utterly delicious! Next time let me know when you cook this, I will ta-pau some roti canai over, syiok with this curry! Fenugreek seed is indeed halba, especially good in fish curries, I love this spice, when simmered in curries, it would have softened and I love to bite into this spice, would sometimes look for it in the curry! :)

  29. Lena, we love banana leaf rice too, there is a shop in Klang very famous for banana leaf rice, and mostly their customers are mainly Chinese,next time you come i bring you there makan ok..

    Your Indian fish curry look exactly like those in Indian stall..last time i just curious why Indian fish curry tasted sourish, later i realized that they added tamarind paste, hahaha..

  30. Once my mum though that i will be married to indian because i love to eat indian curry fish so much! Lol! The curry gravy is really to die for.

  31. We just had fish curry for "Tinner" (Tea cum dinner) today but I did not made it, Miss $ made it. Yours looks much better than hers. LOL!

  32. OMG, your fish curry looks so good!By the time I reached the part on banana leaf rice, i was drooling! And it was right after dinner!

  33. Lena, I would like to know whether you know about this, how and where to find/buy...not sure how to call it, something looks like oyster, yes they called it oyster....then fry with something like egg...and cream....

    I watched in afc just now, shows not in Malaysia but Xiamen, China, looks so mouth watering laa... tis...tis..

    do you know how to cook it? care to share with me lena? thanks in advanced ya!

  34. Oh gosh! This post is so mouth watering mann!! Looks sooo GOOD! Craving hard over here leh! Ya, I agreed that I personally can't tahan all those Indian dishes! So tempting even though it's not good for my waistline!! I always said to myself" never mindlah , makan now & then pergi Zumba later "! LOL

  35. I saw this picture and swooned!! so delicious - I wish I could taste this now!
    Mary x

  36. Mouthwatering photos! Miss lady fingers.

  37. I love love love Indian fish curry and yours certainly look very delicious and already make me choke on my own saliva while reading. It is ...THAT...drool-worthy.

  38. oh got me drooling again. Andy is into eating fish head curry these days. don't be surprised if we come knocking on your door :) anyway, i think you can go visit the lady boss often are so slim. can eat more :)

  39. This looks brilliant. But I have a bad feeling if I were to replicate this, I may just take the lazy way out and pop by to the market to buy the ready mixed spices:-(

  40. Wow this looks so elegant and exotic at the same time, your pictures are just beautiful and very enticing ....... makes me want to run out to the store and buy the ingredients right now! :)

  41. Wow, Lena..your curry looks perfectly spicy. Yums..I could just 'drink' the soup and eat it with roti canai. btw, next time u come to kl, you must go to bangsar, there's this banana leaf restaurant called 'nirvana'. It's superb!

  42. As soon as i reached this page... the photos of the curry gave put me into instant hunger... lol!

  43. Love to have that plate for lunch

  44. cass: curry always makes people hungry, that's why i'm so scared to go to that stall always but yeah, we can forget about dieting sometimes..Hope you will like it.

    cathleen: you ought to try that in the indian restaurants...but beware, it's quite spicy and rich!

    lee: oh,you love indian food too? i thought you only love chinese and malay food. Good to hear that! Thanks again for your compliments, go ahead and copy the pic. what?? posing about sex?? posting is it?? LOL!

    jasna: thank you!

    cheah: yes lah..must tambah rice to mop all the curry away!!

    yvonne: if you come to my house, you dont hv to bring cooked rice..i got rice cooker in my house! haha! we will make a date someday!

    Thesuddencook: hi, thanks so much for dropping by and i hv to thank you for sharing this good recipe with us. How are you? Didnt you your posting for quite a while already. Hope all is well with you.

    eileen: dont worry, will count you in. :)

    Joyce: thanks!wow, looks like we're having a party in my house! THanks for the confirmation of halba. Search for the fenugreek? i drink the soup and i just sapu everything in there, the mustard seeds and the fenugreek too!

    sonia: that's a deal!!

    tze: you really cracked me up with your comment!

    qp: i just learnt a new word from you..'tinner'! who is miss $..i'm wondering..

    adeline: true la, now i think of all the dishes there, i also salivating already..haha!

    queenie: halo!! i think i know what dish you're talking about..those fried little oysters with egg..itu famous dekat penang. OKay, wait i cari resepi then i buat..see can get those oysters or not, yah?

    kit: thank you! next time when you come back , you must head for some indian food. You also another zumba kaki?? wow! i also want to zumba la!

    mary: thanks a lot for your compliments!

    angie: no ladies fingers there?

    tigerfish: i know you love indian food too, i've read a few from your blog already and i can read that you love all those spices!

    barb: cannot..if go there every week, also will put on a kilo per week, eat 2 plates of rice everytime..cannot tahan!

    missyblurkit: eh, actually there's a ready made curry paste not bad, not totally indian but still nice..the A1 brand curry paste.

    chris: thank you so much! I must say that you have so many wonderful recipes in your blog and i have already bookmarked a few, hope that i can try that out soon!!

    jen: thank you for telling me about 'nirvana'. I think kl has many nice indian food, sonia also said that klang has a very good time i think i must go on diet first before going to kl!!

    zewt: hi, thanks for dropping by, will be dropping by your blog soon!

    loveforfood: thank you!

  45. Where can you get those fenugreek and mustard seeds? The curry looks so so good! Can literally smell its fragrance frm here... gosh, wish I cld stir up one! (My hb wld b proud of me!)

  46. nice idea.. thanks for posting.

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