Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Egg Whites and Cream Bread Loaf

If you are a regular visitor to Honey Bee Sweets blog, you will know that Bee Bee loves making breads. Not only she has a wide number of bread recipes in her blog, there are also various methods used in her bread making. This is one of them, using some diary cream and some egg whites besides the normal bread ingredients. Oh, dont get me wrong, Bee Bee doesnt only make bread, she is good at handling almost everything! If you have not been to her blog, drop by! Back to the bread talk, there's no butter for this loaf of bread but i would like to call it an enriched bread due to the cream. It gives a rich flavour to the bread..kind of milky and creamy taste and i also believe that the cream together with the egg whites provides a good texture to the bread..The texture of the bread is soft and tender, just like what most asians like. See the texture for yourself. Perhaps the next time you have some whipping cream that you need to finish it off, why not try making this?

i was admiring the texture so i cant help myself to take one closeup

Recipe: ( from Honey Bee Sweets, original source from here )
I made this in a 9"X5"x3" loaf pan, makes one loaf
Ingredients A
300gm bread flour
22gm egg whites
7gm instant yeast
90 gm fresh milk ( i used 100gm )
120ml diary cream

Ingredients B
all of the above pre dough/starter
20gm egg white
36gm caster sugar
3.6gm salt ( i used 1 tsp)
1/4 tsp instant yeast

1.Combine everything in set A and knead till everything is well combined and dough is slightly smooth. Not required to knead till elastic stage. Cover and let it proof for 2.5 hrs.
2.Punch out the air froe the prefermented dough and combine with the rest of the ingredients in Set B. Knead till window pane stage. ( i took 25 minutes to reach window pane stage with 2 minutes break in 1 time)
3.Cover and let rest for 30 minutes ( i rested mine for about 50 minutes ). Lightly knead the roll again and shape into one loaf and put it in a greased and floured loaf pan. Let it proof in the baking tin till almost 90% full.( i was busy meddling with some other things and my loaf had risen up reaching the rim of  the loaf tin)
4.Bake in a preheated oven at 175C fan forced for 30 minutes. ( I baked mine at 200C without fan function for 30 minutes). Once done, remove from baking tin and let it cool in the rack.


  1. Great texture. I was going to almost bite into it :)

  2. What a heavenly bread, Lena. I love that it is baked using egg whites.

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  3. Lovely bread, Lena! Nice soft texture, my kinda bread! Would be lovely with a generous spread of salted butter and a cup of Pak-Kopi, hot and fragrant! :)

  4. It certainly does have a lovely texture! I never heard of this type of bread but it is now on my to-tru list - thanks for sharing!

  5. Heehee, thanks for the shout out Lena. So happy that this recipe works out so beautifully for you! And love the texture of your loaf...indeed very mesmerizing! ;))

  6. Lena, this is why I love being blogging. You get to know more recipes & people who share the same interest! I'm very sure that the bread tastes just as good as shown in the picture, soft & super soft! Best to eat with chicken curry, yeah!

    I'll pay Bee Bee a visit now! Cheers!

  7. Lena...I met her once and she is a nice and friendly too besides being able to bake so well :) yea the bread looks super the inside texture...yea you have just given me the idea what to do with the whipping cream that needs finishing off:)

  8. Hi Lena,
    I am first time in your place. This bread is super soft..feels like a pillow..haha
    I have some left over egg whites from making Sarawak Layer cake and some whipping cream that I would like to use up. I will definitely try this..
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Lena , where do you usually put your starter dough to proof ? Anyway , that bread looks great ! It looks like it's been baked by a professional baker ! ;D

  10. Love the colour and texture of the bread! Certainly looks soft! I could eat a whole lot of these!

  11. The texture is great Lena!! I love this bread too :)

  12. A perfect bread, I must say, Lena! The kind of bread that I'd like to sink my teeth into! Very very nice. By just looking at the pics I can tell it's absolutely spongy soft! It's calling for a thick slab of butter! lol

  13. Looks better than those selling outside, Lena...

  14. looking good ! I love the fluffy and spongy texture of the bread :)

  15. Hi Lena, beautiful bread. Nice to go with the kaya you recently cook.

    This bread very nice, right? I used to baked this very often before I start blogging, got the recipe from a Japanese website e pan studio, all their bread are fantastic.

    Have a nice day

  16. Mmmmm I can almost taste that here in France. Keep well. Diane

  17. LENA! You early morning made me do laundry, washing my jeans!
    15 minutes too! I had to, or else you know who will raise eyebrow, hands on hips look at me, ha ha ha.

    You know why? You made me spill my iced coffee!!!
    I was sipping my iced coffee, relaxed, reading the comments, then came to yours...

    I burst out laughing so loud...forgetting the coffee glass in my hand....
    Holy Smoke! Luckily it did not spill on my keyboard, habis cherita!

    Gosh, I have never laughed so much too!
    Lena, I am so very impressed with your fantastic hilarious sense of humour, especially your those thoughts, of rain clouds!!
    And 'cheng beng'! You sure caught me that one!!

    Lena....THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY DAY! I dare not reply to other comments till I can control my laughter! Read your comment will laugh again.
    Okay, I learned my lesson, next time no drinking see you drop by!

    Pssst, can you swim? I used to swim at Ipoh swim club back in the 80.
    How come missed you? Ha ha.
    Once again, thank you for making my day, Lena.
    You stay beautiful.
    ps, I love this lovely bread of yours!

  18. absolutely fabulous in all your pictures

  19. Gorgeous crumb...looks cotton soft and light.

  20. I love BeeBee's blog and yours too! Always so inspiring :)

  21. how do you have time to post this much. I keep missing the best posts- just saw the chocolate swirl bread below and must go look at it but for now- this bread looks utterly sinful. The moistness just oozes out from the pictures. I will think twice when i have leftover cream- i will save it just for this

  22. I agree with KB...I don't know how you do it. I can't keep up with your posts. This bread looks heavanly, and oh-so-good!

    Lena, no I haven't been able to find pandan leaves in the Asian stores here. Good to know if I do run across some I can plant the leaves.

  23. I can tell from your pix that the bread is indeed very soft and fluffy.

    I tried using dairy cream for bread (in order to finish the cream) but my family didnt like it, they found it too rich but it's certainly my cup of tea so end up I got to finish the whole loft myself, very fattening bread !

  24. Aiyoh Lena, why are you always tempting me with all your bakes ??!!!

  25. Your bread looks so white and soft and fluffy! I like it very much. when you say 90g of milk is that in liquid too? seems like a very wet dough.

  26. Wow! Lena, this bread of yours looks sophisticated good. Fluffy and plain white.

  27. A recipe that both my bread sifus have tried, too bad my cream supply 0 now but I have 4 egg whites :)
    I just finished my pack of cream 3 days back after opening it for more than 3 weeks.

  28. Me too admiring the softness of the bread - wow ... drooling! It really looks very cottony from the photo.

  29. eileen@hudred eighty degreesApril 5, 2012 at 1:44 PM

    Just bought 1ltre of pour& whip whipping cream. Understand that is a non dairy type, do u think it will work if I use that instead? Your post is so inviting that made me thinking to 'detour' and use the cream for this bread. Haha

  30. Milky and sounds similar to milk Hokkaido bread loaf.

  31. I really admire the texture of the bread. Super soft!

  32. Mmmm...must be smelling good in your kitchen when you made this. yummy.

  33. anuja: yup, nice one!

    Louise: i think you can try making this. Have a good day!

    joyce: thank you! with my kaya!!

    chris: it's a simple white loaf of bread but taste milky! hope you will like it.

    bee2: thanks bee for your sharing! Will be trying on the 17hr bread too someday!

    jessie: so true! quick go and visit honey bee!

    elin: hope to meet bee bee too some day!

    muimui: thanks for dropping by. Hope you will like it. Sarawak lapis? will be chking it soon!

    anne: usually i just put in a big bowl and let it sit in the kitchen covered with a cloth. The weather here is warm, so not a big problem.

    Fern : thank you!it's quite nice to eat just on its own :)

    Tze: thanks! maybe you can give it a go one day!

    hanushi: your recent bread with natural yeast looks great as well!

    jen: It's soft and with kaya and butter!

    claire: sure or not?

    Daphne: it's a nice one indeed!

    amelia: yup, nice with kaya too. oh, you've made this before? it's from a japanese website? i thought it's from a chinese website cos i see beebe linked it to a chinese website

    Diane: haha! thanks a lot!

  34. Lee: hello!! suddenly i see such a long comment i thought spam! see see from uncle lee! LOL! sorry to make you spilled your coffe! haiyah, next time you send your jeans over then i wash for you , then when you're back, i'll return it to you. I dont know it's you making me laugh or me making you laugh! Cannot imagine that fingernails wound! I was chuckling when i was reading about the fingernails. yeah, when you put up that icon, i was looking at each and everyone of them, then i see the rainbow, kind of cute but picturing an angel with its halo there, moreover it's cheng beng, so RIP! haha!

    loveforfood: thanks so much and always appreciate you coming by!

    angie: yes, the crumbs are nice and texture is good!

    anncoo: ann, i enjoy reading all of your posts as well, you are one talented baker and all your bakes are exceptionally beautiful!!

    jessica: haha! not really, it's about 2 posts per week, if i'm in the mood then 3. Hope you will like this bread, let me know if you're making this, yeah?

    lyndsey: hi, as i was telling KB, normally it's 2 posts per week, sometimes it depends, could be 3. The thing is i only draft my post at the very last minute so if i'm lazy, it might just be 1 post. I hope you do find pandan leaves someday, then you can propagate the plant. Oh, i wished i can just send over some of those leaves to you!

    angel: oh yeah, some people just cant take creamy taste. Yes, this is rich in flavour.

    Joyce@ccooky: eh, dont la like that..but thank you for your flattering comment!

    jeannie: yes, i weigh it according to the recipe, it's not really a wet dough that's why i added additional 10gm to it.

    sheoh yan: thanks, with your enthusiasm in baking, you will too be able to make this!

    wendy: you talking abt me?? if yes, i'm no sifu..i'll be embarassed to admit if i am. Hey, my old cream finished already after making this and the cream cake. Today bought another new one.

    chris: yes,nice texture!

    eileen: i'm not sure leh. You read the label and see, dont know whether water content is high or not, somehow i think the texture will be different BUT you can give it a try, it might be good. Let me know if you are doing it with non diary cream.

    tigerfish: hmm..maybe ...cos i havent tried making a hokkaido loaf yet :)

    Vivian: i also know you love making breads, maybe you can try this too!

    MKgirl: bread smell is always nice..:))

  35. the texture and color looks great!! don't think it can last more than one day in your house... cos it simply looks very delicious and pro =)

  36. Hi Lena, your bread is fantastic, so soft.
    Can you tell me how many egg whites correspond to 22gramas, and, how much fat is the cream you used?
    Thank you, come look for the answer.

  37. I'm really impressed!! what a gorgeous loaf - this is clever cooking!!
    Mary x

  38. Sure looks soft.....diary cream, haven't tried using this in my bread....

  39. Nice bread, Lena! Dairy cream = Wipping cream?? I'm so dummy to all these terms.

  40. You are truly a master baker in breads as well Lena. It looks so fluffy! Don't even need to eat anything else with it.

  41. that looks so soft I just think "PILLOW!" amazing, both you and bee bee! my mum loves this kind of super soft bread, she hates those crusty european breads, so I need to learn this one!

  42. lala: thanks, one day not so fastlah..normally 2-3 days.

    duxa: mine are big eggs and comes with a lot of egg whites, normally 1 egg is around 25-35gm egg whites. Fat 35%. Let me know if there are any further enquiries.

    Mary: hi, you're back, will drop by yours soon! thank you!

    Pete: can try this some day. Nice.

    Yvonne: diary cream contains animal fats. The one that i used normally is "anchor" brand, you will be able to get in in bakery supplier shop, contains 35% fats. This is the cream that you normally see for making carbonara. Can be used for whipping. There's also non diary cream , it's usually printed on the package itself, also can be used for whipping, sweeter in taste.

    daphne: no, not master baker. BUt this bread is nice to eat on its own too.

    shu han: the texture is soft and nice. I used to favour asian kind of breads more but now i'm also quite fond of european breads, especially in sandwiches :))

  43. That's one good looking loaf you have there! Cheers!

  44. Oh bread. I could make bread all day. I LOVE the smell of bread in the oven. This looks great!

  45. Now I really want to try this recipe!

  46. i love freshly made breads though the kneading part freaks me out and of course when the yeast malfuncions:-(

  47. Oh Lena the cake looks so, so, so soft and fluffy - my favourite type of bread. I'm scared of yeast and kneading, but the softness of your bread makes me want to try it out!

  48. It looks amazing!Happy Easter Day to you & your family!Kisses from Greece,dear!

  49. Oh dear Lena, love the bread crust so much. The bread looks amazing too.
    Hope you're having a great week ahead.

  50. just bought a litre of whipping cream, right time for me to make this loaf.