Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cheese Swirled Chocolate Bundt Cake

I'm glad to be part of The Home Bakers, a new baking event organised by Joyce from Kitchen Flavours. Together with the rest of the members of the group, we are baking recipes taken from Coffee Cakes by Lou Seibert Pappas, not just few recipes but the group is looking at baking every single recipes from the book! Sounds challenging, sounds ambitious or you think this is crazy and unachievable? well, we'll try..i'll try..i'll try to follow the group to bake as close as possible.  If you are interested to join the group, please visit its homepage here.

the book

The first recipe chosen from this book is this cheese swirled chocolate bundt cake. Cream cheese with chocolate fillings on the inside covered with chocolate cake on the outside. The name itself is good enough to tempt me and the picture of the cake in the book looks very pretty. Despite the cheese filling is delicious, the chocolate cake itself was a little let down, the taste of the chocolate cake isnt there right for me, i used unsweetened cocoa powder as what states in the recipe, the rest of the ingredients seem pretty normal to me and it uses canola oil instead of butter. I just wished that the cake tasted more chocolate like and a little more moist. I would have to read the rest who made the cake and how they find it. You can also take a look at how the rest who did it here. Cheers!

For full recipe, please refer to Joyce's blog here. I made half of the recipe in a 10inch bundt tin, which came out reasonably quite a big piece for half the recipe.


  1. Hi Lena, I was quite disappointed with my cake too and was thinking of not posting it because I didn't want to sound not being positive about this book :( Zoe

  2. hi zoe, i understand what you mean. anyway this is just the first recipe baking from this book, so cannot conclude if the book is good or not,just hope the future recipes to come will be a better one!

  3. Oh, Lena, I'm dying for that cream cheese within the cake! Nyom, nyom!!

  4. This cake looks so rich and nice.

  5. Lena...I am drooling at it now...and needless to say...salivating la :( can see cannot eat...and you are tempting me to make this ! Nice one and have bookmarked it in my to do list. Claire will surely put on weight if I keep baking delicious cake like this for her :)))

  6. Your cake looks so sinfully rich and moist... I dont have this recipe book though.. Bake more .. hehe and let me know if this book is good then !

  7. Hmmm...not chocolaty enough? Is it because the weightage of the flour is different since they use different metric? I'm always quite fed up with the cup to gram conversion....so many variable even with different protein level of the flour. Anyway hope the rest of the recipe will be gooooood! Looking forward to it!

  8. I am drooling!What a fantastic cake!Have a lovely day,dear!

  9. this cake looks delicious, what a surprise to hear that it doesn't taste right.

  10. I seriously thought your cake looks moist and so delicious even though you said it's a bit dry...the cheese should compensate some for taste huh!

  11. It looks so rich and moist ! I just love the cream cheese filling ! ;D Not chocolatey enough ?! Just drizzle some chocolate sauce ! hahaha

  12. This seriously looks so good and actually looks moist also,even if you found it a bit dry. The clicks are great

  13. I echoed with Zoe ... mine didnt turn out well too! :( So jealous - yours look tempting!

  14. Lena, your cake looks so elegant :) very nice cheese filling right at the centre
    very well done :)

  15. yeah me too, i find the cake looks very pretty here, but surprisingly the taste is not right for you...:)

  16. Hi babe, I am suppose to bake this tonite...... Hmmm...... makes me wonder now ... LOL

  17. Hmmm...wish I can have a slice of it. Love the cream! Actually, I just finished baking some bread & cakes too.
    Hope you're having a great week ahead.

  18. Hi Lena,
    Your cake looks wonderful with the cheese swirl in the centre. I agree that this cake would be better if it is a bit more moist! Interesting bake with interesting feedback from our fellow bakers! :0

  19. Hello Lena! I love coffee cakes but don't have a ton of recipes so I will look forward to your posts! This one is very mouth-watering! If you call it "coffee cake" does that make it legal to have chocolate for breakfast? :)
    Also - thank you for your very kind comments on my blog!

  20. The cake looks moist to me in the picture. I don't know why you said it is a bit dry. Not happy with the cake, send it to me and I bet Quay Lo and I will finish it in a New York minute. LOL!

  21. eileen@hundred eighty degreesApril 3, 2012 at 8:08 PM

    Hi Lena, I have been following quite closely with the Q&T in THB. I reckon what you said is right but anyway you have already achieved one of the objectives as a THB member. Hope that the next one coming along will be perfect. I will try to bake along..

  22. Oh yum! This looks perfect! I can't believe I have never made a bundt cake before! But it's on my to do list.

  23. This bundt cake looks fab- with the cream cheese twirl- so moist!

  24. Hi lena,
    I really like how your cake turned out. You got the cheese filling exactly in the middle of it. Maybe its that i baked the hole amound in a 10 inch bundt pan and you only half.
    Greetings yvette

  25. yvonne: that filling is delicious but unfortunately , my choc cake isnt, could have been better!

    sheoh yan: thanks, it's not that rich actually.

    elin: if you were to make this cake, i would suggest you use butter and probably add some milk too.

    joyce@ccooky: yeah, will be baking another cake end of the month. will see.

    Bee2: not too sure, i just follow to the standard measurement, unlike joyce's one, she is using normal cocoa powder and hers turn out very chocolatey.

    Lenia: thank you!

    tze: yeah, the cake looks more okay than its taste. LOL!

    jeannie: yes, shldnt have half the amount of cheese filling, shld have put more!

    anne: yeah, the chocolate sauce will do some tricks! The cake isnt that moist :(

    simplebaking: thanks, i shld hv put more fillings so that the cake will get moisture from the fillings.

    chris: sad to hear that it didnt turn out good for you..never mind, next bake!

    alice: thanks, i didnt get the cheese filling middle for the entire cake, only some parts of the cake, not easy to do that. Becos i also halved the cheese filling, i find that it's not enough for me to do the swirl thing for the whole cake, some parts i just got a thin cheese line.

    sherleen: ya lor, if i dont tell you by looking at the pictures, you wouldnt know right?

  26. abby: i wonder if you have baked the cake by now, i hope that it will turn out good for you after you told me what you want to do with the cake.

    kristy: wah, so many things to bake..enjoy your day!!

    joyce: yes, interesting to read each one's review about the cake, i hope my next one will be good!

    chris: thanks! oh, sure it's legal. we can have chocolate, cheese for breakfast, no problem for me!!yes, you have got a very nice ideas and i enjoy reading it.

    quaypo: it's a little dry that i wont dare to send it to you and gary, i scared you throw back the cake to me! LOL!!

    eileen: if you're interested to join, you can hop on the the THB to find out more, i think there are currently 7-8 members. Joyce from kitchen flavours is the organiser.

    cathleen: hi, i know you said that you seldom bake cake, unfortunately this cake isnt that great as i would have expected, i probably will use a more intense kind of cocoa powder and maybe use butter.

    daphne: yes, the cream cheese actually make it more moist with each bite.

    sonia: the filling is delicious despite the chocolate cake itself is not that great, so it wasnt too bad.

    yvette: thanks! i just had a look at your cake a while ago. You got a lovely presentation and as i told you, i was also thinking how to get the filling exactly in the middle, it isnt that easy as it seems! thanks for dropping by!

  27. Mmmm the chocolate cake looks so moist and soft!
    I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!

    Check it out! And great blog :)

  28. Another bake along event from Joyce? wow another great event.

    Wanna ask the upcoming challenge bake with 4 ingredients, that means what? sugar, flour counted too? or choose any main 4 ingredients?

  29. Hi Lena, another delicious cake from your kitchen... wish I can have 1 slice now for my coffee break. You are very hardworking to come out with so many delicacies... 2 thumbs up for you.

    I got too many hobbies to play with, so not enough time to play in the kitchen everyday. hahaha

    Have a nice day.

  30. wendy: yes, it will be!!

    magnolia75: thank you! i will pick it up soon!

    angeline: yes, it's a new event organised by Joyce, hop over to the Homebakers site and read more. Bake with 4 ingredients means baking anything using just 4 ingredients, for eg pizza. you can get storebought pizza base, cheese, sausage and tomato sauce or maybe some puff pastries..puff pastries, apple, sugar, butter..or maybe bake meat dishes, that will be mcuh simpler. i hv no idea what to bake yet for myself :D

    amelia: what are you playing now? cross stitch, painting?? haha! have a nice day to you too!

  31. Hi Lena,

    Your cakes looks great and almost like the picture in the book!

  32. Wow! So tempting!! Ya, I can't say NO to any chocolate cake & yours looks so yummy! Even though you 're a bit disappointed by the cake, it looks lovely. I really wanna try this recipe & may be join The Home Baker. Sound so fun! But first I have to get the recipe book! Oh yes,I have a surprise for you at my blog. Wanna know what is it? All you need to do is drop by & find out! I just wanna let you know that I'm really glad to find your awesome blog with delicious recipes & lovely pictures. Photos that makes me drool every time I dropped by! LOL Thanks for sharing your recipes & looking forward for more of your amazing post! Have a lovely day, dear Lena! :)

  33. Oooh I love the dusting of icing sugar on top of the cake, makes it look so angelic and delicious! I like the cream cheese filling too, I think I will use it next time for other recipes! Can't wait to bake the next cake! :)