Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Avocado and Bacon Quesadilla

To continue with my quest for some breakfast ideas, i'm making something out of tortilla again. It's not wraps this time but what i know that they are known as quesadilla, originated from Mexico. It is basically a tortilla filled with some savoury fillings, grill, fold them into half and cut into pieces or you can also top it up with another piece of tortilla,just like how we make sandwiches but instead of using bread to sandwich the fillings , we use tortillas to sandwich them and get it toasted.  What i made here is a simple quesadilla..naah....none of the ingredients here comes from mexico but i wished i had them...these are just stuffs that you can easily get from your place...avocado, tomatoes, bacon and some cheddar cheese. For those of you that cannot take bacon, you can always use some grilled chicken to replace that.

the fillings...followed by some shredded cheese on top again which is not shown here. It's preferably we do all these directly on the stove so that you dont have to transfer the tortilla here and there. This one here is exceptional cos i need to take photo..))

then of course if you have a big mouth, you can also stack them up like this and eat  :D

Recipe ( inspiration comes from here )
makes 8 wedges
4 flour tortillas
4 slices of bacon, pan fried till crispy
1 tomato, cut into slices
1 avocado, cut into thin slices
100gm of shredded cheddar cheese

1. Place a piece of tortilla in a flat or frying pan. Top it up with some shredded cheese, avocado and tomato slices, 2 slices of bacon followed by some shredded cheese again. Heat up on low fire and till cheese has melted. Top it up with another piece of tortilla and flip everything over. When the cheese has melted, remove from pan and cut into 4 wedges. Do the same for the remaining piece.


  1. wah, am i the first one?
    can i have one for supper later...looks so good...
    quesadilla, very nice name...:)

  2. LOL.... I can't stack it up . LOL... cannot fit into my mouth pulak .... kekekke

  3. Lina, these look like the perfect queadillas to me...nothing better than bacon, cheddar and avocadoes. I just picked up some spinach tortillas, and I already have the bacon and avocadoes. I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow! Keep on with your quest, I love savory dishes for breakfast. :D

  4. I do have a big mouth to devour this yummy quesadilla!Hugs from Greece,dear!

  5. Two of my most favourite flavours, avo and bacon, yum yum. Diane

  6. These look delish, such a nice simple meal but fabulous ingredients!

  7. Oh wow. So simple and looks so delicious! I do like the idea of stacking and then eating it, will give it a try ;)

  8. That deliciousness will fit perfectly in my greedy mouth ! ;D Another food I have yet to try :P

  9. I have a big mouth.
    Come shove me with that multi layered one.

  10. These look too delicious for words !! I think you always have great ideas for breakfast. Maybe you should run a home-stay hotel and let your guests feast on your home-cook breakfasts everyday. Sure to be a hit ! :)

  11. I tried quesadilla once in a mexican restaurant. Loving it. Yours look wonderfully delicious! :)

  12. These quesadillas are a beauty indeed! Well done, Lena.

  13. Wish I have a bigger mouth : )! Makes me hungry, Lena!

  14. Hi Lena,
    Now we are talking bacon! Haha! Looks good! I want the big stack one, no problem, will somehow find a way of gobbling it all down! Yum!

  15. one is not enough for me, give me few please.. look really yummy!

  16. Wah... very big name. It looks like roti prata to me but more yummier.

  17. I used to make quesadilla once awhile for simple dinner when I was still in States. I'll just put cheese & left over roast chicken...and toast it up on a hot plate. The oozing cheese and crispy tortilla is so good! So I can totally imagine how good is yours! Salty bacon and creamy avocado...mmmm yum yum! Eat two first ....nom nom nom...

  18. sherleen: just like those mexican and spanish names..sounds nice.

    claire: sama sama, i still hv 3 avocados in my fridge :)

    abby: LOL!!

    lyndsey: spinach tortillas? we dont hv it here unless we do it ourselves. I'm running out of ideas soon, i want something fast and easy to prepare.:)

    lenia: haha...hugs to you too!

    diane: the smoky flavour of the bacon actually made these more tastier!

    chris: thank you! tell you i really admire all the dish creations that you made!

    cathleen: hope you will enjoy eating these!

    anne: try it, i think you will love this. It's simple to prepare.

    wendy: one layer for you, one layer for me..hehe

    joyce@ccooky: i'm running out of ideas , i'm looking for something that requires less baking or no baking actually.

    hanushi: thank you! i actually enjoy eating tortilla and wraps very much!

    angie: thank you, angie! But i hv to tell you, you're a great baker and a good photographer, your photos always look so enticing!!

    maureen: haha...take the small one..:))

    joyce: you really funny!

    sonia:thank you very much!!yeha, one is not enuf for me too!

    chris: now that you mentioned it, yeah hor :))

    bee2: yeah they are so many choices of filling that one can think of..nom nom nom..i like the way you eat!! LOL!!

  19. Lena:
    This is so easy to make & yet I haven't made once! I know that my son will definitely love it+my hubby too! I would love to fill in with lots of avocado & tomatoes & I know that my hubby will request me to add in some pineapples! I tell you huh, the sweet-sourness of pineapple + the bacon is a perfect combination! Just like eating bacon with maple syrup or salted caramel chocolate tart(from Quay Po Cooks), try next time & let me know ok. Aiyah, now I'm so tempting to make this!

  20. I'm feeling a bit hungry looking at this, any leftover for supper?

  21. I love quesadillas! They are such yummy little snacks. Anything with bacon is definitely delicious ;)

  22. I made quesadillas recently and love it very much, yours look really delicious with bacon and avocados, great combinations indeed!

  23. Lena, ini nampak sedap n healthy food, sure perut kenyang kan? Tapi akak kena buang bacon if nak try ni...

    thank you for the recipe!

  24. Hi Lena,
    thanks for dropping by ..i was so so down the past weeks because of the theft lah..dah lama tak singgah your kitchen miss you dear..hope evreything is well on your side ya..

  25. I like how you stack the tortilla! I just bought some tortilla few days ago. Maybe I can try something like that. :)

  26. this is the type of food I like to take to car when I have to travel long distances!
    Nicely served

    Life and travelling

  27. i love this!! this is a great dish that goes well with beer (opps very unhealthy right?) but the beauty of it is u can just add in any ingredients u want and top with cheese. Salsa would make it more flavorful too.. Yours look nicely grilled, and cheese ozzing out! Yums-looking!

  28. I like mine stacked up, please~~

    Lena, how do you flip over the tortilla with its filling? With a spatula? Will the filling 'fall' during the flip?

  29. Hi Lena, I love all what you make, cook or bake, even though very often I have difficulty in pronouncing the names, ha ha.
    This one looks sinfully delicious. One of my weaknesses apart from ahemmm, women is bacon.

    I can never find where my wife hides the bacon in the fridge!
    Looking at your this very forget my mother's name dish, the first bite will be followed by a loud, "Hmmmmmm"! Then a loud, "I love it"!
    Under different circumstances, you can be very dangerous to bachelors!

    Instead of taking you under a palm tree on a moonlight night, brings you home show his mummy.
    Habis cherita! Ha ha.
    Have fun, Lena. Stay beautiful.

  30. This is a perfect breakfast idea, Lena. I like avocados but can't afford it everyday as it's too expensive for me. Mmm..quesidilla..the last I had some was in the Tex Mex restaurant!

  31. eileen@hundred eighty degreesApril 22, 2012 at 11:47 AM

    If you don't have a big mouth, pass to me! My mouth not big lah but I don't mind to stretch open just for you...^_^

  32. pineapple man: nice to hv this after constant oats or noodles!

    jessie: what a delicious idea! yeah, i would like to try that with some pineapples too, infact there was one time i made some guacamole with some pineapples, it was good!

    cheah: hehe..none already lor..

    jasline: the smoky taste of the bacon made this even tastier!

    jeannie: yeah, i remember you did that last month..i guess i will be making more of this!

    queenie: ya, can use chicken or just pineapple as jessie just suggested!

    ayu: thanks so much for your visit. i'm good here and nice to see that you decided to blog again. All that copying is very sad and i can understand how frustrated it may be..that's stealing!!

    tigerfish: you hv a big mouth??

    ola: hi thanks for dropping by, will visit you soon!

    lala: hi, how are you. Yup, i think it would be very nice to with salsa, i was lazy to make them at that time..

    yvonne: hi, i use a spatula.when i put on the 2nd piece of tortilla, i use a spatula to slide it at the bottom and at the same time holding the top tortilla , slowly pressing to secure the fillings and quickly turn it over. Try not to put the filling stoo much at the side, that way it wont fall off.Try doing that next time if you make this.

    lee: oh, now i know one besides women, bacon makes you weak! you mean your wife is afraid that you might eat too much bacon? haha! thanks so much for your compliments, bring home to see mummy? no problem, i will bring these along for the mummy!!

    jen: i dont eat avocado everyday too but i actually like them, especially in sandwiches or in wraps. I usually will buy them in 3s, about RM12.00

    eileen: haha!that one just for show..i dont think i can open my mouth that big to eat these! LOL!!

  33. apa itu quesadilla? anyway, I eat whatever go with avocado,yes I prefer to stack them up :D

  34. I am always looking out for breakfast idea and anything with avocado gets my attention! this looks amazing! Yours look so neat and nice- My quesadilla always get messy!

  35. This is easy and delicious! Lena wanted to ask you is the frozen mix vegetables consider 1 ingredients?

  36. Wishing now that our avocado tree will quickly grow and bear fruits.

  37. Oh my girls are going to LOVE you!! these look right up our alley - bookmarked!!!
    Mary x

  38. so you are a bread maker machine and now you have mastered the art of quesadilla making with this recipe. it looks almost sinful- i love avocados and who doesn;t like bacon? :)

  39. Oh! I absolutely love this quesadilla...looks simple and so tasty with the cream avocado :)
    Have a great week Lena!

  40. tze: to me, it's like a sandwich but using tortilla instead of breads and lightly toast it.

    daphne: thanks! maybe you used too much fillings..hehe

    angeline: thanks! yes, the frozen mix vegetables can be counted as one ingredient.

    mkgirl: haha..tak payah tunggu, just go and buy one avocado!

    mary: i think a lot of kids like sandwiches', put in their favourite ingredients, i'm sure they will love it!

    jessica:me a bread maker machine...LOL! you're so funny..always make me laugh!!

    juliana: i enjoyed eating it very much especiallt when it's warm. Have a great week too, juliana!

  41. Oh man, this looks so seducing! haha.... Love the melting cheese so much.

  42. This is a brilliant breakkie idea. Actually I would do it for lunch too! Its totally healthy!