Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vanilla Bean Macarons with Passionfruit Curd

I was thrilled when Wendy from Table for 2 or more offered to teach me how to make macarons. I think she got fed up with me telling her "ah, i dont know how to make them", " my thermometer is awtar, dont want to make" etc. LOL!Though i've met wendy a few times, it was my first visit to her house. Although we stay in different towns, it's actually not that far, just about 40 mins drive from my place to hers. Time really passed so quickly when you're enjoying yourself, we she a chatterbox LOL!..we chatted and chatted and a look at the clock..oh gosh..better start doing, the conversation will never end! It was pretty fast getting all these macarons done, it was less than an hour i think . We made a small batch just with 2eggs recipe. I'm not going to write about the tips and how-to abt doing all these macarons cos i'm sure many of you here are far more better than me. I'm considered to be a very late born baby into the macaron world.

photo credit: wendy

I have chosen to make passionfruit curd as the filling for macarons and made that 2 days prior to the meeting. I've made lemon curds a few times so this time i thought i want to try passionfruit curd. I like the passionfruit curd very much, it's fragrant , not too sour and not too sweet and no regrets making this filling for the macarons. Here's the recipe:

Passionfruit curd ( sourced from so sweet i could hardly speak with slightly more butter)
( i forgot to count how many macarons we made , some were out of shape, some were burnt but this filling is enough to make around 15 macarons )
2 egg yolks
1 whole egg
1/2 cup passionfruit pulp ( i used 4 passionfruits )
2 tbsp caster sugar
50gm butter

1.Put the egg yolks, whole egg , passionfruit pulp and caster sugar in a bowl over simmering water and stir to mix.
2.Continue to stir and cook them until the mixture is thick enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon, takes around 7-8 minutes. Remove from fire and put in the butter and continue to stir until the butter has melted.
3.Let it cool and store in a sterilised jar and refrigerate.
the ground almond and the vanilla bean seeds

the almond mixture

cooking the sugar syrup

the UFO ones..piped by me!!
we also had some charred macarons ..suspected due to the tray that absorbs too much heat..

Wendy decided to make some vanilla scented macarons! It was a great learning experience for me, i was able to see the cooking of the syrup, the mixing of syrup into the egg whites , the folding of the almond mixture into the egg whites and all! I now have a much much better picture and better confidence to make macarons! Although i cant say that my next macarons would be successful but this surely helps very much! Thanks, Wendy! Apart from learning macarons, I also managed to bring home some sage and basil leaves from wendy's garden. Varieties of them..basil, sage, turmeric, fennel, thyme and many more. Dont ask me about gardening, i think i only know how to water the plants. Haha! Oh, where's the recipe for the vanilla macarons?
It's over at wendy's blog here chk it out!

photo credit: wendy

Am submitting this to the Aspiring Bakers Challenge #17 - March Macaron Madness (March 2012 ) hosted by Alan from Travelling Foodies


  1. Congrats Lena! So great Wendy can help u out on this, plus it's so nice that you ladies can chit chat away, lol! So fun lah! Love the faint salmon color of your sweet. ^_^

  2. Lena,
    Hmm.. not fed up of you saying cannot make macs, but I want to make you try making only and get rid of whatever reasons. It only takes one step :)
    Don't say I teach u la , not qualified yet, sama sama belajar.
    I also learnt not to put the dark tray same level as the alumimium tray, hahaha!
    Actually each time I don't remember exactly which rack i used, but this time I definitely will remember.
    I don't want to be long winded here la... u always complain I am, LOL.
    See you again next time, it was nice baking with you.
    *I walloped all the tortilla chips. The kids dun seem to like them. But I do, thanks!

  3. Hi Lena,saw these macarons from Wendy's blog& when she mentioned Lena ,I was still wonder it was you & do it is you!You are so lucky to have Wendy living not far away from you!Like I said b4,these macarons look beautifully baked& with the passion fruit curd filling,perfect!My sister-in-law loves to make lemon curd& may be I should try making either one of these 1 day

  4. OMG Lena these are beautiful and I love that you made passion fruit filling...sounds perfect to me. You are so lucky to learn first hand how to make macarons...I know I couldn't do it. Nice job, beautifully done!

  5. Hi Lena! Mr.p is based in the USA! It would be so cheap if it was sgd! Is it? Not sure...but your passion fruit macarons look heavenly. Passion fruit is my favorite flavor. Only if I knew what to do with all the seeds....

  6. Hi Lena. Sounds like you and Wendy had a great time. Those macs look wonderful! I've never tried making them. Well done.

  7. Hi Lena, nice macarons. I like the color, very pretty.

    I yet to have the chance to try out. Being delaying for years, hahaha

    Glad to hear that you had a good times with Wendy. Envy....I'm so far away from your place. LOL

    Have a nice weekend

  8. I can't wait to my hols in April for me to experiment and make some macarons! I failed before but keen to get back into it- your post inspire me to get started again!

  9. Congrats , Lena ! Your macs looks very very gorgeous ! I'm one my nth ;D try and so far no footsie showed yet *sigh* :P ;D But I'll gonna make my nnnnnth batch again , maybe will try your recipe ;D Hopefully I'll get to see some feet then hahaha

  10. Love the champagne colour of these macarons. And passionfruit curd...that's just heavenly.

  11. Congrats...u did a great job from this first try..I bet u can make more better than this next too I have no guts to try macarons day I'll learn it....

  12. Very pretty macarons and I love the passion fruit curd filling. I bet it must be very yummy :)

  13. Kudos! Hope you'll keep on the good work.

  14. Congrats! With Someone expert like Wendy, I am sure you learnt a lot from her. By the way, your recipe did not mention when to add in Passionfruit pulp?

  15. Pretty macs lena! Its fun baking together :)

  16. nice job and the macarons look so tempting, how nice to hv sifu around to demonstrate the making process.

  17. I couldnt believe it when it was sold at RM3.90 per piece outside! Such a small piece too.. no passionfruit fillings as well... heard that it is tough work... well done, Lena!

  18. SUCCESS! Got feet no nipples and look so pretty! Wish I can taste one. Good job Lena, I am so proud of you:D I bet you will now skew them again n again. As for me, I still can't get my Macs to look pretty. Just wish my ugly ducklings will turn into beauties queens in my next making so that I can submit my post to Alan. I would love to give him my support.

  19. i had that same problem with cookies I made one time- the tray was just not good- the bottoms got burnt before the tops even had a chance to cook! Glad i;m not the only one! Love these macarons- they look absolutely beautiful and delicious with that passion fruit filling!

  20. bee: it was really good baking together and very glad to see how these were being done. I only did 10% of the job here!

    wendy: But really nice of you to guide me thru all these..otherwise i know i wont be making them at all!i appreciate your generousity!! oh, the tray..sama2 belajar. thanks for the strawberries too, you will see them soon in my next post!

    jessie: thanks! it was good that i lived not too far away from wendy, otherwise i dont think i can get to her house to make these. Yeah, do try making lemon curd someday, i'm sure you will love it too!

    Lyndsey: thanks so much! i always hear so much good and bad experinces about making macarons and i'm lucky to have someone to guide me!

    Pineappleman: thanks for telling me you;re based in US. I know it cannot be in Ringgit cos that will be too cheap but if convert to singapore, i think the price is quite reasonable !

    jen: thank you , we indeed have a very good time and actually wendy did most of the job, me just did 10% of these!

    amelia: how i wish you're staying near me too cos i love to meet you one day but i'm sure one day i'll be able to see you! amelia, knowing your skills, i'm sure you can also make these!

    daphne: i know that one have to go thru all thise trials and errors to get a nice macaron, hope you will find some time to make macarons again, i would love to see them too!

    anne: oh, dont give i said, i dont guarantee the next macarons of mine would be successful , there's always something new to learn and i'm sure one day you will get those feets that you are looking for!

    angie: thanks! the passionfruit curd was nice with the macarons.

    angeline: thanks! i see more than i do actually, lots of credit goes to wendy!

    anncoo: thank you, the macarons were good!

    kristy: thank you, will try to do this on my own someday. Hopefully they will turn out well!

    sonia: yeah, such a pleasure to learn from wendy. Thanks for the missing of the passionfruit pulp in the recipe, i've added that in. You got sharp eyes!!

    cathy: thanks cat! yup, it was nice baking together!

    eileen: yup, wendy was every kind to guide me thru all these. She did most of the pretty macarons, credit has to go to her!

    claire: yeah, i think about 20.00 for about 5-6 pieces but actually not easy to do that but those who sell already expert, cant blame them , have to make money mah..

    quaypo: oh, i'm sure you can make these..i see you have come up with nice macarons too but i know it can be a different story each macaron making many factors to consider. Quick, i'm sure me, alan and the rest would love to see your macarons again!!

  21. I really dont dare to make macarons due to the difficulty involved that I always heard from bloggers... Yours and Wendy's are really pretty... :D

  22. Wow, Lena! Your macarons are gorgeous! My daughter has been asking me to bake this for several weeks already, she even printed one recipe for me! Hahaha, feeling guilty for not making this for her! I will have to give macarons a try one of these days! Yours looks perfect! Well done! :)

  23. Thank you very much for putting these great recipes on the Internet

  24. Your macarons look delicious and pretty! I like to pair the sweet little things with something bitter or sour to offset the sweetness, and passionfruit curd sounds wonderful!

  25. Wow! Looks fabulous these lovely macarons! I love passion fruit but never thought of adding them in my macarons. Sound so fun baking with another blogger friend! Glad that you've a great time making these awesome macarons! They look really perfect! Have a lovely day, Lena! :)

  26. You know I never made macarons also always want to make and these look wonderful Lena, Hope when I make mine are like yours!!!lol

  27. hi lena, your macarons look very pretty and petite, reminds me of the asian maidens cooking with gentle hands, feminine touch. ha ha
    have a nice day

  28. Mmm.....yums! So you actually drove to another blogger's house to bake huh? wish i'm nearer..then can hop over to your house to EAT! btw, i'll be back on the trip for ching ming. will see if we can have lunch with you, S and WL, ok?

  29. I don't have a piping tool, I don't have a thermometer. Some of my lame excuses, LOL!

    I've been looking at lot of macarons in blogsphere lately. Let me polish my baking skill first before trying to bake macaron :p

  30. So interesting and so much fun, you drove 40 mins to Wendy's house to bake. How I wish I have that chance to learn baking from the sifu (like you, Wendy, and many more)? Perhaps when the time is permitted. At the mean time, I better play around in my kitchen alone.

  31. your macaroons look really great...with Passionfruit Curd, the taste must be very refreshing...^^

  32. I also wish to stay nearly Wendy la... already end of the month, I can see to get my macaroons to grow "feet" hehehe...

    Yours macaroons look lovely and with passionfruit curd, I bet it taste yummy!

  33. woo nice... ahaha "my thermometer so awtar" .... !!! so geng ar..!!
    now faster go make another batch of a different flavour ;)

  34. eileen@hundred eighty degreesMarch 26, 2012 at 3:48 PM

    Lena, well done! I like the vibrant hue shade! Lovely...

  35. You made Macarons!!! Kudos to you, Lena! You did a GREAT job! I've never attempted Macarons myself but if I were to try while having so much fun, I might be able to manage it. I love that you chose a Passionfruit filling. It sounds just perfect:)

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  36. Hi Lena, at first glance my first thoughts, 'UFO's', ha ha. They look lovely, and the colour really outstanding.
    I have never eaten these before......
    Lena, you never fail to amaze me with your these sinfully delicious cakes!
    Have fun, stay beautiful.

  37. Wah, very nice macarons....haven't tried making yet..

  38. Lena, your macs look the combination of vanilla and passion fruit...I am still too "chicken" to try to make macs...just the idea scares the pictures...I sure wold love to have someone guiding me through the process.
    Thanks for this nice post and hope you have a great week ahead :)

  39. i havent really tried passion fruit flavour before! :) that sounds really interesting!

    Latest: Innovative Chinese Buns

  40. jessica: yeah, now i also learnt something abt the tray in baking macarons.

    hanushi: that's what i always read and hear too! Glad that i was able to watch the process of doing these and hands on!

    joyce: your daughter must have love eating macarons very much that she even prints out the recipe for you. so what are you waiting for?haha!

    loveforfood: You are welcome!thanks for your nice comments always:)

    jasline: your macarons look beautiful! yup, it's nice pairing these passionfruit curd with the macarons. A little sourness to balance the sweetness from the macs.

    Kit: thanks, kit! it was a good learning experience and baking together, otherwise i know i wouldnt be making macs till today!

    gloria: you shld try making them, it can be quite adventurous, really!!

    wan: haha! we certainly didnt do this with gentle hands but it was great baking together!

    barb: yup, wendy stays in KK, so not too far. Call us when you are back.

    yvonne: can be really adventurous making macs..yeah, we have too much excuses sometimes for not wanting to make something..haha!

    sheohyan: dont say i'm sifu..i also just started baking not too long ago and so passionate abt it till now!! yeah, would be nice baking together!

    sherleen: thanks, yes, the curd complements very well with the vanilla macs.

    tze: with your strong determination, just like you did all ways for that fondant cakes, i'm sure you will see those feet very soon.

    sweesan: haha! yeah, my thermometer crazy one, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt..very unreliable!!

    eileen: thanks, me too love the colour of these macs!

    louise: thanks, i know without the guidance from someone, i dont think i can make these macs, very challenging indeed!

    lee: yeah, they look like ufos ..haha! i dont think you will love eating macarons as they are quite sweet but you shld try eating if you see them, at least you know how they taste like :) have a good day, lee!

    pete: buat lah satu hari!

    juliana: thanks for your compliments. after seeing the process, i now have better confidence of doing it, though they may not be successful, i think it's always nice to learn. Yup, me too like you used to ' chicken' out.

    fishee: i think lemon curd will also be just as nice.. i see a lot of flavours all over the net and some combinations are really exotic!

  41. Congrats...finally you got to make them and under the tutorage of our Wendy . Well done...Practice makes perfect.... Lucky I was not there or else till night comes, macarons tada....yakkkk yakkk only. Next time we have another round of meet up...poon choi when Quay Po comes visiting Ipoh :)))

  42. they look awesome. I've never been a macaron fan until last week when I had some really good flavourful ones. Too many places sell overly coloured and sweet ones.

    SO with this recipe you have posted, I'm gonna see if I can muster enough guts to make it. It looks easy...yet it looks tough:P

  43. I SO want to try my hand at macarons. I can eat a whole box in no time flat. Ha!

  44. you'd finally done it! So proud of you!!! Now you need to explore more flavours!

  45. I think I have been reading this post for more than 10 times... LOL.... I really envy the macarons ... Wish I could have a "sifu" to teach me too..... LOL

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  47. elin: yup, in july!

    missyblurkit: totally agree, these are 'moody' cookies!

    kristin: thnks for dropping by my blog!

    alan: yeah, definately will be making macarons again!

    abby: hope you will succeed in your next macaron!

    carole: thanks carole, just linked it!

  48. You are such a star for putting up the link. Thank you very much. Hopefully soon we will have a nice collection of all things eggy!

  49. Last week you very kindly linked an eggy post to my Food on Friday series. This week it is all about asparagus. Would love to see another contribution from you. Food on Friday

  50. Hi there. I was looking at this great dish you linked in to Food on Friday: Eggs. I realized that I haven't been following your blog. Sorry about that. I have signed up to follow now. It would be great if you followed Carole's Chatter back. Have a super week.