Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lemongrass Chicken Chapati Wraps

I have been thinking to make a lot of wraps lately. Instead of making tortilla this time, i use chapati as a wrap. Roti chapati is normally eaten with curry meat or vegetables but as long as it can be rolled, i thought why not make some wraps with it. I used Elin's homemade chapati recipe but instead of atta flour , which is the ideal flour for making chapatis, i used wholemeal flour and a little bit of plain flour as i did not have atta flour on hand and i also pan fried some lemongrass chicken and made a simple pineapple guacamole as fillings for the wrap. I really enjoyed eating these chapati wraps. Though these chapatis are not as soft as i get from outside, i'm still happy with these. Well elin, we are not professional chapati makers and we are also unsure how soft is soft the dough should be. Agree with what elin says, ' practice, practice' and experiment. Thanks ma'am!

Chapati recipe ( from Elinluv's Tidbits Corner, i made into 5 pieces)
1 cup atta flour ( i used 90gm wholemeal and 30gm plain flour)
2 tbsps of yogurt
2 tbsps of vegetable oil
1/4 cup of warm milk
a pinch of salt

1.Mix the flour and the salt together and warm the milk. Slowly pour in the milk, add the yogurt and oil to the flour mixture and mix well using hands to form a soft dough. Knead the dough for 5 mins till smooth and rest for 30 mins.
2. Divide the dough into 5 pieces, shape each piece into a round ball, flatten it and roll it out to form a disk.
3.Warm the non stick pan or a flat pan and cook the chapati till it blisters and puffs up. approximately 1 mins on each side. Remove from pan.

I made the fillings 2 hrs prior making the chapati
250gms chicken fillet/ breasts
60gm lemongrass ( 3 stalks of lemongrass, all white parts plus little green parts)
1 small piece turmeric , slightly better than a thumbsize
30gm small onions

Blend the lemongrass, turmeric and onions plus a little water in a blender and marinate the chicken meat with these lemongrass paste for an hour. Pan fry the chicken meat till cooked.

Simple Guacamole
1 medium size avocado, mashed
100gms cubed pineapple, roughly chopped
2 small onions, chopped
a little lemon juice

mix all the above ingredients together.

some salad leaves/lettuce

Assemble and wrap: Spread some guacamole on the chapati, put in the cooked lemongrass chicken, add some salad leaves and slowly roll up the chapati. Tuck the fillings in as it's being rolled. . Cut into pieces. 

I'm sharing this with the Muhibbah Malaysian Monday Event


  1. Lena , practice makes perfect chapatis ! hahaha And your 1st attempt sure looks really good ! ;D Together with that delicious filling I'm sure it taste fabulous as it looks !

  2. Though can't be compared to those sold on the mkt, it's filled with love and the spirit of experimenting. Am sure those who eat your wraps will feel the effort u put in =)

  3. Looks yummy, by the way, have to tell you i enjoy reading your blog, always wanted to try out the recipes that you post.

  4. Lena , the wrap is soft enough to roll up the filling. really good for your first attempt!

  5. A very nice attempt to make your own chapati. I know chapati is a very healthy food and it's used to make a wrap. What a creative idea :D

  6. Adoi, tengok ayam serai tu, macam makan chapati dengan satay je, celup kuah kacang skit. Sedapnye!
    I think if you grind ur wholemeal flour with the mill, can be more like atta flour.

  7. I can wallop 5 pieces of these at one shot. Look so good.

  8. Lena, these wraps look great...lemongrass...I still yet have to cook with it. Like the chicken filling...very inspiring...all homemade :)
    Hope you are having a great week!

  9. I will opt for chapati anytime over rota prata! and yours is definitely yummy.

  10. Love this healthier option! I would love to make my own chapati too.

  11. Hey! Got any more? You must have finished all the five by now! Looks delicious, Lena! I have been thinking of wraps lately too...hmmm... have I told you... "great minds....!!! " hahahaha!

  12. Hey...yours looks softer than mine since you can wrap it up. But adding hot milk to it instead of using warm water will give a softer chapati :) I tried and got a better result than the first one considering this is healthy chapati without ghee. I will try till I get it right :))) And I noticed that after keeping the dough overnight in air tight container in fridge , the chapati is softer...surprisingly.

    Btw thanks for the mentioned :)

  13. oh boy, this is good. ok i should really give this chapati and guacamole a try soon!

  14. Atta flour is not popular in my place, so perhaps the most convenient way is to have this is to dine out in an Indian restaurant, or ...
    steal a piece from here : ).

  15. it is always enjoyable to see the ways you do the wraps, different types of skins, various kinds of fillings...can't tell why just love it...haha...

  16. lemon grass the best spice for me i really like the aroma. anyways great post looks so good :p
    thumbs up for ya.

  17. lena, akak ingat dah salah masuk blog India tadi..
    you ni betul selera 1 malaysia eh,
    pandai serba serbi, salute!

  18. Hi my dear Lena:)your capati nampak sungguh sedap:)..bila kita buat sendiri ,kita pasti rasa lebih seronok dan tetap berpuas hati walaupun tak sehebat yang beli di kedai kan....

  19. it certainly looks simple! I am going to bookmarked this and try it!
    Also, like your twist with glaucomole- with the pineapple!

  20. This is totally amazing...for someone like me who don't like chapatis will finish this in no time!!! ;)

  21. Eileen@Hundred Eighty DegreesMarch 8, 2012 at 10:28 PM

    Hi Lena, can tell that you are a great 'wrap' lover. This looks yummy! Happy International Woman's Day!

  22. Hi Lean, your chapati look as good as store brought. I don't fancy chapati but prefer their cousins like naan, tosai & pratha.

    Happy woman's day.

  23. I love your chapati! Looks so perfect and delicious with chicken filling in it...yummy!

  24. Yum, I want this for lunch today! Sounds and looks amazing!

  25. I actually cooked lemongrass chicken just this week and loved the taste. I like your twist on the wraps by using chapati as the wrap and guacamole as part of the filling with lemongrass chicken. Can I say it is Indian+Thai+Mexican cuisine? ;p

  26. Hi Lena, I have eaten chapati before, but never this lemon grass one. Looks real good too.
    Looks very filling sure one very creative lady.....
    I think I should be able to polish off 5 pieces, ha ha.
    Have a nice weekend.

  27. you always amaze me with your work, very impressive

  28. YUM! Looks so delicious & I love the chicken filling with guacamole too! What a great idea! I've never make chapathi before but I'll certainly try this recipe. Thanks for sharing . have a lovely weekend! :)

  29. this is really healthy yet filling :) i just had some from Tarbush yesterdae

    Latest: Mamak or Indian?

  30. anne: thanks!yes, practise especially shaping the chapati round!

    lala: my chapatis were overflowed with love!! haha!

    sem: hi sem, thanks so much for your encouraging words!

    tze: quite happy with these actually.

    yvonne: these recipe is quite good that no ghee or butter added in..elin called this healthy chapatis!

    wendy: tak ada kuah kacang tapi ada kuah avocado, boleh lah itu! you think sieve the wholemeal flour bolehkah?

    sheoh yan: wah, you big eater! haha!

    juliana: thanks! over here, lemongrass chicken is quite common among chinese and malays. Hope you have a good weekend too!

    edith: i hvnt eaten a paratha day i wld like to make that too...

    zoe: i'm sure you can make these, they are quick and actually quite fun to make tortillas.

    joyce: we are connected!!

    elin: keeping the dough overnite?i want to try that too, pls keep experimenting then i copy you..haha!

    Barb: you sure can do one..not very fattening..dont worry:D

    maureen: you are allowed to steal a piece from here, no problem!! LOL!

  31. sherleen: thanks, i'm kind of into wraps lately..making them for brunch.

    Jam: thanks so much for your nice words!

    queenie: haha! apalah u?! kelakar betul kak ni!lena pun nak belajar masakan melayu dan india lebih..kena belajar dari kak!

    cm: betul cakap kak cm..kita semua enjoy process juga kan? kurang sedap pun tak apa.

    daphne: chapatis are quick to make, hope you will like these too!so happen i had some leftover pineapple, that's why i just throw them in to make a guacamole.

    adeline: thanks so much!

    lenia: thank you , dear!

    Love2cook: hi, thanks so much! that's very nice, will be dropping by your blog soon!

    eileen: yeah, been eating quite a bot of wraps lately..some are very simple, never posted it. I just realised today is international woman's day!

    amelia: thanks! i like naan too but tosai not very much but would like to try paratha someday. Happy womans day to you too!

    cafesucrefarine:thanks so much! you're making me smile :)

    tigerfish: ha! i never thought of that!! now that you mentioned it, it really looks like one..LOL!

    lee: looking at your size, i see you got no problem eating 5 pieces at one go!! i made 10 pieces for you next time, ok?

    jade: thanks very much for your nice words!

    kit: hi, thanks so much. Hope you will like this too!

    fishee: tarbush, oh i dont know what is that, also an indian flatbread?

  32. Chapati Wrap, wow, this is a new idea to me. I've marked down naan bread recipe few days ago but I still haven't taken any action yet!

  33. Ive been in love with lemongrass lately! yum!

  34. I haven't had chapati in the longest time and this looks like a nice way to bring some moist chicken into the mix. Lemongrass some more. Sure wangi dan best! :D

  35. your capati is a success, Lena. Just like the ones in the indian stall. very nice..well done!

  36. Wow, Lena, that's a creation. Capati wrap. Thumbs up!

  37. A M A Z I N G !!!! These look really yummy!

  38. Fantastic flavor with lemongrass and tumeric. I can certainly go for some of these. And your photos are wonderful.

  39. Lena these lool really. delicious"!

  40. wow! that does looks good! I find it easier to just go out and get some chapattis or tortillas from the shop instead of making them lol! the chicken and guacamole sounds lovely!

  41. These look simply wonderful - great photos - wonderful recipe!
    mary x

  42. Oh yum, such a healthy and wonderful meal! I used to eat chicken cheese tortillas when I was still in states. Now, just plain lazy to make my own, lol! Wonderful wraps Lena. (^o^)

  43. jessie: that's normal.haha.i also bookmarked some of recipes long long time ago but havent made it yet. I would love to see your naan!

    pineappleman: yes, lemongrass has a very distinctive and aromatic flavour that i love too!

    kenny: There are so much new food to try in kl, i'm not surprised that you hvnt eaten chapati for a long time. Do you like indian food btw?

    jen: thanks, i think the ones that i got from stalls are softer compared to mine but i still enjoyed eating these. If i have the chance, i would like to ask them what they put to make their chapatis so soft..

    Cheah: thanks cheah, i was just thinking since it can be rolled, i made them into wraps for breakfast.

    elpinki: thank you!

    lazaro: thanks! iT's quite common to cook chicken with lemongrass and turmeric, it's very aromatic if you love them.

    gloria: thanks so much, you are always so nice!

    jeannie: you're right but you knowlah, we always like to try out new things at home, thanks a lot for your nice comments!

    mary: thank you! That's very encouraging!

    bee2: thanks! now that you mentioned about chicken cheese tortilla, i also feel like eating one!!

  44. What a great recipe! I would love this all the flavors together it would be good.

  45. You can even make your own capati? "Ngoh fuk jor lay!" Looks very delicious. Love that you use lemon grass, sure very fragrant and enticing!

  46. lyndsey: thanks, the lemongrass chicken is good.

    quay po: haha! not too difficult also can!