Monday, March 5, 2012

Baked Italian Chicken

This is really a good opportunity for me to cook a little western, not that i'm totally ignorant about western cooking but apart from pasta which is simpler and easier to duplicate, i must admit that i'm kind of poor when it comes to combining flavours and ingredients. But today i'm going to cook like a star, i'm going to cook like Donna Hay..haha! I do not want to choose a recipe that requires long cooking time or ingredients that i'm not familiar with and i want something that it's easy for me to handle. So i picked this Baked Italian Chicken by Donna Hay. The recipe was followed through except that i did not put in pancetta and i marinated the chicken meat with some salt and added some pineapples. The tomatoes, pineapples, garlic and oregano were tossed with oil and sent for baking and after that, put the meat in and further baked till the chicken is cooked. Easy, right? When i tasted this, i thought it tasted like Chicken Napolitana which i had in aust but that comes with more gravy. I served this with couscous alongside with some salad leaves and baked italian chicken!

So do you want to cook like Donna hay? if so, find a recipe of hers , make it and submit to Cook Like A Star event  organised by Zoe. The event is going to run for a month. For more details, you can check here

Recipe ( from Donna Hay recipes here )
serves 2
250gm cherry tomatoes, halved
120gm piece flat pancetta ( omitted and added few pineapple cubes )
2 tbsp oregano leaves
8 cloves garlic
1 tbsp olive oil
2 X 200gm chicken breast fillets, trimmed
80gm black olives
cracked black pepper
basil leaves and grated parmesan, to serve

1.Preheat oven to 200C
2. Place the tomatoes, pineapples, oregano, garlic and oil in a baking dish and toss to combine. Bake for 25 minutes. Marinate the chicken with some salt at the meantime.
3.Add the chicken and olives to the dish and sprinkle with pepper.
4.Bake for 20 minutes until chicken is tender. ( i tossed the chicken once during the baking process)
5.Top with basil and sprinkle with grated parmesan and pepper again if desired.


  1. LOOK GOOD AND HEALTHY! The only western dish that we cook frequently is pasta too.

  2. Oh my! Your Baked Italian Chicken looks delicious! That is a 5-star meal! Yummy!

  3. Italian or not, this dish certainly look colourful and extremely tempting! :)

  4. Ur baked Italian Chicken looks awesome and colorful too!

  5. It looks very TEMPTING ! Love all the wonderful flavor ( and color ) in that dish ! Gorgeous photos as always !

  6. Beautiful colours!
    Hey, pass u some sweet basil the next time I see you. They are growing in my garden :)

  7. Your baked italian chicken is so nicely presented. Comparable to those serve in restaurants !

  8. really cook like a star....seriously the chicken looks delicious and colorful :)) yum yum yummy!

  9. Your baked Italian chicken is really colourful and beautiful. Baking along is getting more and more members now.

  10. wow! i love the colours!!!! looks so appetizing!

  11. Hey babe, u know what, I have actually chosen this recipe of Donna Hay too... Guess I gotta change ... LOL ... I will still try this recipe ........ I actually plan to substitute flat pancetta with bacon ... Your Baked Italian Chicken really looks good ... ;)

  12. love love love the color in the recipe and the light used in the photo reminds me of donna hay too!

  13. Yummy! I love bake chicken too, easy to prepare and more healthy, but it's not easy to find black olive here, yours is in from can?

  14. Colors makes a dish more inviting. This one for sure!

  15. Mkgirl: yes..same here becos it's easy.

    joyce: you gave me 5 star?! wow! now i can really see stars on top of my head! haha!

    claire: thank you, my friend!

    angeline: thanks, your french toast is very nicely done too!

    anne: thanks dear, it's a great encouragement words from you!

    sonia: i also think the colours quite attractive..hehe..

    wendy: thanks, can make pesto then!

    joyce: what a compliment..still far from those served in rests la..but it's a lovely comment. Thanks!

    elin: seriously, i was thinking i was a star when cooking this.. LOL!

    sheoh yan: thank you! this is not bake along, it's another event hosted by my baking buddy, zoe.

    alan: oh dear, you reminds me of macarons!! haha!

    abby: no, you dont have to change, go ahead and do it, i would love to see yours too!!

    janine: thanks, this is nothing compared to DH's presentation..but dh presentation is really lovely and classic!

    min: i got mine from tesco, in glass bottle.

    quaypo: true, true, the colours will gain some appetising points first..ha!

  16. Eileen@Hundred Eighty DegreesMarch 5, 2012 at 10:07 PM

    Hi Lena, you really cook like a star! I have never tried preparing a western dish before...

  17. Oh man! This is really cook like a star! Beautiful colours dish!

  18. wow..tis! tis! tis!...

    chicken tu nampak moist...
    akak tak pernah makan cous-cous, mana tempat yg senang nak cari di KL ni? eh, akak lupa you duduk Ipoh eh?

  19. The meal is a colorful balanced diet. Looks great!

  20. Oh my Lena, your Italian baked chicken not only look very appetizing, its color combination is very nice! Oh yes...Cook like a Star! Almost slip my mind...ok ok, gonna look through the recipe book again, heehee. ;)

  21. wow.. this looks simple to prepare and nutritious.. Haiz been wanting to try a dish from Donna Hay.. getting inspired by you, and hopefully I'll turn it into action to take part in Cook like a Star =P

  22. It looks absolutely delicious!Love the bright colors!Have a lovely week,dear!

  23. Lena, your dish is very beautifully cooked with all the bright colours and Mediterranean flavours. Did you serve this dish with cous cous?

  24. The dish is very colorful, I likey! Healthy and easily boost up my appetite.

    Hopping over to Donna Hay's now :)

  25. This dish looks so beautiful and appertising! I've shared a blog award with you..just hop onto my blog to claim it =)

  26. Your Baked Italian Chicken looks delicious, wish I can do that ^_^

  27. Wow!!! What a fabulous chicken! :D
    It looks so great!
    xoxoxo dear

  28. YUM! Looks so appetizing & love the color! Glad to know you via blog hop & thanks for dropping by my blog. Your blog is so awesome! Have a lovely day! :)

  29. oh my! I am SUCH A BIG fan of donna hay! Simplicity at its best- and her photos! I have seen this recipe before and I think it looks just as good as it tastes!

  30. It looks beautiful! How interesting with the pineapple. I should look into joining this group, it sounds like fun!

  31. are going Italian now! Lena, that chicken dish must be so full of flavour. Makes my mouth waters.....mmmm. You are sure cooking like a star :D I only identify Italian food with pasta and nothing else...haha. How naive huh :P Italian cooking uses a lot of olive and that's healthy. Which country cuisine are you going next?

  32. The beautiful colors here almost took my breath away and the ingredients are fabulous!

  33. This is a star dish!

    I'm not a fan of olives though. In fact, have never used them in my cooking before,

  34. wow! you always amaze me with your work, very impressive! looks so delicious.

  35. Hi Lena, great to find your blog via Zoe & being your 201 followers!I've heard her mentioned abt you, her & Joyce for so many times by now. This dish looks delicious!

  36. I LOVE hearty chicken dishes like this one - perfect - thanks - this is bookmarked!
    Mary x

  37. Wow! This is mouth-watering! Love the striking colors, like shining stars indeed! Makes me want to cook like a star too ;)!

  38. eileen: maybe you should try cooking some western food..some are really easy.

    tze: thanks and i like your coconut macaroon sandwiches too, you too a star! LOL!

    queenie: couscous itu i beli dekat bakery ingredients shop, tapi i fikir supermarket pun ada.

    littleinbox: thanks, i also enjoyed eating this!

    bee: yeah, quick go and look for DH recipes to support zoe, the event will run for the whole of this month.

    lala: hope to see your entry soon, we all want to cook like donna hay this month..LOL!

    lenia: hi, thanks..actually i never noticed that it's so colouful until i take a look at the photos!

    zoe: yeah, i still hv some couscous left so make use of that.

    yvonne: i also think it's colourful, i just realised it when i cropped the photos, hope you can take part too in the event.

    dumpling love: really nice to know your blog!thanks so much for sharing the award with me!

    esther: sure you can do this, it's an easy one.

    jana: thanks a lot!!

    kit: i'm also very glad to know you thru " cook like a star" you make beautiful cakes!!

    daphne: maybe you can consider making some DH recipes when you hv time ..the event will run for a month.

    lyndsey: thanks! i just thought that pineapples might go well with the tomatoes and olives, do join in the event when you hv time.

    marymoh: not really going italian happened saw this easy recipe that's why i picked to cook. which country cuisine next? Chapati next!

    cafesucrefarine: thanks, i also think it's colourful, i just realised the dish is so colourful when i was cropping the pictures.

    tigerfish: maybe you can try that some day, i quite like the olives in the dish here.

    jade: thanks again, shall visit you soon.

    jessie: thanks so much for coming by and happy to discover your blog too!

    mary: thanks, hope you will like this too.

    adeline: can, i'm sure you can cook like a star, we are all donna hay this month, LOL!!