Friday, March 2, 2012

Baked Eggs

I first came to know about baked eggs through Lyndsey's (The Tiny Skillet ) blog. I know steamed eggs, fried eggs, half boiled eggs but not baked eggs and reading the way how lyndsey did that was quite interesting using slices of bread as a base, topped with herbs, spinach and cheese over the eggs and baked. If you are an egg person and been taking fried eggs or omelette most of the days, then perhaps can have this for a change. Searching the internet gives me ideas what to put in..mushrooms, leeks, ham, sausages, onions, bacons, breadcrumbs, salmon, veggies, cheese..etc. I mean you dont have to put in all these, just a few ingredients, that will make quite a filling breakfast. I had here some bacon bits, a small piece of leftover capsicum and a few basil leaves taken from my plant.  It may take a little bit of your time to get the eggs cooked, depending how well you want the eggs to be. I want mine to be fully cooked so it took me about 25 minutes to get it done using a broiler function.  It would be nicer if you do not break the egg yolks and if you look at mine here, one of the egg yolks was carelessly broken up. We can also make smaller portions for individuals and bake them in ramekins.

Ingredients: ( inspired by The Tiny Skillet )
2 eggs
some bacon bits
2 cherry tomatoes, halved
few pieces of  capsicum cubes
fresh basil
some black pepper

here's what i did:  Fry the bacon bits till they turn brown and crispy like.  Throw in the tomatoes and capsicum, give them a quick toss. Remove from heat and sprinkle them on the baking dish . Carefully crack the eggs or you can crack them in a bowl earlier and slowly pour them onto the baking dish , put in some basil leaves and bake in a preheated oven at 195C until the eggs reached its desired donenss. Sprinkle with some black pepper. ( i used the broil function in my oven to cook this )


  1. Deliciousness !!! Love the color combo and haven't tried making baked eggs ( dishes ) yet pftttt :P ;D

  2. I will keep this in my list when I get my oven. Hahahaha!

  3. looks so bright and cheery! perfect start to the day. I had baked eggs in an Italian cafe in New York, and yours looks just like it!

  4. Am stunning with the colors! And looks delicious too!!

  5. Perfectly done! That would be a fantastic breakfast with toast! Yum!

  6. Looks super delicious! Love to have this for my breakfast, have not taken any breakfast yet! Suddenly, so hungry now!! :(

  7. Baked egg, yummy, I'm so going to try it out :D

  8. This is such a hearty breakfast. It give me an idea to prepare it for our brunch on Sunday but I like runny eggs so I am going shorten the baking time :)

  9. I prefer not to fully cook the eggs during baking since I like runny yolks! Then dip a toast into the baked eggs. Then baked eggs are almost like half-boiled eggs!

  10. Easy to prepare for breakfast.....yummy too

  11. Not just healthy meal but also well presented with stunning colours!

  12. heavenly. this will make a great supper for me...yes supper coz i am having these really awful supper cravings of late.

  13. Awesome bake egg! it really looks so good!
    Promise!.. i really want to eat it for my breakfast :)

  14. That kind of egg really wake me up every morning. its really nice. the looks! its killing meh!

  15. This sounds fantastic, on my 'to do' list. It looks so colourful. Diane

  16. The beautiful colours will perk anyone in the morning :)

  17. Mmm delicious! And the colors are so vibrant!

  18. Hi Lena!apa khabar?semoga Lena sekeluarga ceria-ceria selalu:)Biasanya Cm suka steam telur dengan cendawan dan crabstick.Kali ini boleh cuba dengan cara bake pulak.Thanks ya:)

  19. Hi Lena, your baked eggs looks delicious. Have a nice weekend.

  20. I made this before but with bacon. Next time I must try your recipe. Looks pretty and delicious!

  21. This would make a great weekend breakfast!

  22. anne: it's my first time doing this too.

    sheoh yan: when? when?

    nel: i also think the messed up of the egg yolks makes it more colourful and intense..ha!

    yummylittlecooks: thanks, it's nice and very filling!!

    Fern: yeah, i ate that along with my ciabatta!

    joyce: haha! dont la like that..!

    barb: you can make this ashley.

    angeline: thanks! you are so nice!

    yvonne: yeah, hope your kids will like it too!

    sonia: quite nutritious too!

    gert: oh yes, i think a lot of people too will prefer runnier eggs..

    tigerfish: agree!very nice to dip the toasts into the half boiled egg!

    pete: easy yes but it takes some time for me to cook the eggs.

    anonymous: yes!

    tze: thank you!

    missyblurkit: hope your "wantan" has gone by now!

    awesome jane: hi, nice for dropping by. Thanks for your nice words!

    Geoff: hi, thank you! i wished that i cld drop by your blog but i just found no access to it.

    diane: hope you and nigel will love this!

    wendy: i think the egg yolk mess and the tomatoes make them look colourful!

    jen:thank you,the colours not bad, huh?haha!

    cm: khabar baik, eh,kak buat macam chawamushi..fantastic!

    amelia: thanks, have a nice weekend too!

    ann: yes, this is also with bacon bits and the smoky taste actually blends in quite nice with the rest.

    angie: congrats to your latest post for making it to fb top 10!

  23. it's the simple meals that counts sometimes! and this is one of them. I love baked eggs too- sometimes i make them in muffin trays in the oven! I would love to eat through the soft egg yolks and bacon! yum!

  24. Hi Lena, wow! Looks delicious! I love anything with eggs....more with fries and sunny side up, 3 eggs.
    I can imagine having this on a lazy sunday'll be a lovely wake me up breakfast too. With iced coffee.
    Lena, you never fail to amaze me with your creations!
    Have a nice day, stay beautiful.

  25. I'm thinking Brunch right now. I adore Brunch and I can definitely see these eggs being the star of my show!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Lena...

  26. this recipe sounds easy enough! I am definitely an egg person!

  27. I first heard of baked eggs through a cookbook I borrowed from my school's library in Year 7...haha- seems like so long ago! I tried it out, and to my surprise, it tasted a lot better than I thought it would! I haven't made baked eggs for agesss now- but after seeing this, I want to make some now! Your version looks super tasty and delicious!

  28. Yummy eggs!I must try them!Have a lovely week,dear!

  29. I love eggs and this looks delicious! I been wanting to try this when I saw it at Lyndsey's blog but somehow got postponed lol!

  30. This is a pretty way to serve eggs and with what was added in there, you can ever go wrong.

  31. Lena, oops, sorry I missed this post, thanks for telling me about it. I missed a lot when I was off from work for Spring Break, I was out and about and not on the computer much.

    Your baked eggs look beautiful, I like many of your suggestions of what to put in it. That is what's nice about them, they are so versatile. I like they way you used the tomato and fresh basil, even the black pepper looks good on top. My husband likes the eggs runny, but I am like you and bake them all the way through. Mmm...the salmon sounds good!

  32. Looks very easy and delicious! My hubby gonna love this.