Saturday, February 18, 2012

Meet up and a Potluck

The potluck will be starting around 1pm. I anticipated the journey from my place to Sonia's house (Nasi Lemak Lover)  is going to take slightly more than 2 hours. I woke up around 6.30am, cooked my kuihs , which i already had the ingredients prepared the day earlier, packed some clothes just in case if i need to stay a night in KL and rushed off to the market to get some crabs. I started my journey around 9.45am, it was a nice drive that morning, not that sunny and also not many cars travelling south on the highway. Reached Sonia's house slightly after 12pm, rang the bell and was greeted by a gentleman. "is sonia around?" i asked him, then he asked my name. "i'm lena'" I said and he asked me "you're here for..?" i said " Potluck" . He then told me that sonia is having her shower and asked me to wait for a while. Phew! thought he's going to check my identity card next. Within minutes, the sweet sonia came out and looked at me , " sharon?" I said "no, i'm lena" and she greeted and happily we walked into her beautiful house.

photo credit : Sonia
photo credit: Sonia
from left to right: Sharon,  Wendy and Swee San. Photo credit: Quay Po
Reese's chicken wings. Photo Credit : Quay Po

I then get ready the crabs for cooking while sonia frying her lemongrass chicken. Not too long after that, Sharon from Feats of Feasts arrived, followed shortly by Veronica from Quay Po Cooks. It's my first time meeting both of them too. Though i havent met veronica before but of course i can recognise from her big smiles and her punky hairstyle that i always see at her blog. While i was at the kitchen doing some preparation, i knew that Wendy from Table for 2 ..or more had also arrived cos i could hear her voice. I've met wendy a few times so can recognise her voice. When i went out, i also saw Swee San from The Sweet Spot, also my first time meeting her. Then we started all the last minute cooking, roasting, reheating  and plating..thanks to Reese from ReeseKitchen who was unable to join us but got her chicken wings passed to us  through Sharon. After everything's ready on the table and photos taken, what's next? Let's wallop the food!
Thank you ladies, not only for all of your delicious food, also that nice few hours you all had given me, the laughter and the jokes that we shared. The gathering ended around 4.30pm, drove back, more cars this time going back on the highway and reached home around 7pm. And of course, before we left, a group photo.

Back row: Wendy, myself and Swee San
Front Row: Sonia and Quay Po with Wendy's 2 lil darlings. Photo credit : Quay Po

On another note, here are some of the awards that i received from the following bloggers. Thanks so much for    passing these awards to me, much appreciated! Do drop by to say hi to all of these blogs when you have the time.
The Liebster Award from Edith from Precious MomentsCathy from CaThy's JoyJennifer from What's Baking?Citra from My Home Diary In TurkeyAdeline from Lite Home BakeAlice from ILoveICookIBakeChris from Yummy Bakes

The Reader Appreciation Award from Jasline from Food Is My Life

The Inspirational Blog Award from Amelia from Amelia's Dessert

Circle of Friend's Award from Wan from Cooking Varieties


  1. hey babe.... this looks good. LOL ... Wish I can join one day ;) ... I should drive to Ipoh one day so we can meet up too .. I did posted for my Saigon trips. Please hop over to my blog ;)

  2. Lena ! what nice pictures and whatn nice meeting! Love to see you all of you!! :)

  3. You finally posted it up!! :) It was great meeting you for the first time lena and your crabs were delicious!

  4. Your blog is making me hungry!!! Lovely blog :)

  5. Indeed you ladies had fun!!! Look at the feast ;)

  6. Eileen@Hundred Eighty DegreesFebruary 19, 2012 at 1:49 PM

    That's really far, but i guess thats worth it! Do let me know if u r coming to singapore, we can arrange to meet up ya?

  7. hi Lena,
    the meet up must have been so fun, i wish i could join in :P
    and congratulations on the awards, you really deserves it :)

  8. Gosh, I look so much fatter in these pictures, LOL.
    Next time if I want to cook crabs, I'll look for u. ^_^

    So, when will out next time be?

  9. Hi Lena, congratulation on your awards. Thanks for the mention of my awards to you, you really deserves the award.

    wow, nice gathering and so much food and all look delicious.

    Have a nice weekend.

  10. Congratulations on your well deserved awards, Lena. And what a fun potluck party and the meet up. All the food looks really mouthwatering. slurp....
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  11. That's a whole lot of food! Looking at all the food make me salivate. Looks like you gals had so much fun! Nice post, Lena.

  12. whow Lena! terbeliak mata saya tengok so many delicious foods on the table...and rasa jealous tengok you maintain slim though pandai masak sedap-sedap...

    you and the gang sure have a wonderful weekend, good for you Lena and congrats on your awards...
    very nice post! Best regards to you.

    er...Lena, you ada bakery ker?

  13. Sumptuous doesn't even begin to describe this party... :D

  14. A group of beautiful ladies ;-)) And look at the whole table of delicious food!

  15. abby: dont forget to call me next time you're planning to come here, ya?

    gloria: yeah, i had an enjoyable time.

    sharon: very nice meeting you too. Keep in touch!

    pineapple man: hi, nice to know you, will drop by your blog soon.

    daphne: yes, i ate so much that i hv to skip dinner that night!

    eileen: sure, would love to meet you too !

    alice: yeah, i had a good time, hope we can meet one day too!thanks for the award !

    wendy: bila? eh, you organise one in ipoh la!

    amelia: thanks for passing the award to me. you have a nice week ahead !

    kristy: you shld come and join us next round!

    whats baking:ya, so much food, we got to tapao some back!

    queenie: thank you! tak ada bakeri, tak qualified lagi..

    kenny : this is just 1/3 of the food that you posted in 'itinerary'!!

    angie: yeah, there were so much food that we had to pack some home!

  16. Oh Lena, this is something i love about blogging...not only to meet up but the can try out tasty food...

  17. A lovely meet-up and so much delicious food! And get to ta-pau some more!! What a fun gathering! Lovely post with photos of lovely ladies!

  18. hahaha, sorry for caught you by the policeman in my house...Eh, i'm actually making chiffon using the red yeast you gave me, hehehe.. looking forward to taste it. Thank you for the lovely gifts (include the cute plate) and do hope you enjoy the BKT..

  19. Nice catch up gathering and I'm jealous cause not to be able to taste all the delicious food up there :D

  20. Congratulations for all your awards! I always think that your blog is first class!

    This gathering sounds like fun. Wish that I can meet all of them with you.

  21. Lena, what a wonderful post. How exciting to have a potluck and how fun to meet everybody. I only know half of you so I will definitley check out the other two blogs that I have not seen. Thanks for sharing. Everything looks beautiful!! just like all you pretty women!!!

  22. So fun! I bet it was happy times and delicious food. :)

  23. And the food I posted in my "eat-inerary"? Was only one third of what we actually ate... over three days lah, so not too bad, hehe. :P

  24. Makan spree and great companion, how nice!^^

  25. CP, you cooked crabs and brought them to KL? *clap clap clap*

  26. angeline: very true..

    joyce: friends, fun ,food and 'tapau'..haha!

    sonia: yeah, your hubby like security guard, got to scan through..haha! will be trying the bkt soon! thanks!

    dg: no jealous..come join us the next time!

    zoe: you're always so nice! i hope one day you will come to visit all of us! i'm waiting..

    lyndsey: yes, it's also very nice having each one to cook something, so more food to enjoy, yes, do chk out the other blogs that you are not aware of.

    tigerfish: fun and FULL!!

    kenny:'s like feast after feast..btw, how's the mangosteen pavlova taste like..i wonder?

    alice: makan spree..shiok!! haha!

    barb: no lah, the crabs travelled with me in the car, i cooked them in sonia's place.

  27. All these food certainly tasted heavenly. All the best chefs were there. I can tell all the food tasted better than big expensive restaurant food.

  28. Er, this is the 3rd time I read about this Potluck, and no, I'm not bored of it yet! I couldn't get enough of the first pic with the spread of delicious food.

    So nice to join these types of potluck.... firstly I need to master my cooking skill; otherwise go and muka tembok to eat only, maybe will kena kicked out from the party :p

  29. Wow, so much good food and so many wonderful awards! Congrats to you Lena! Btw, can I ask where did you get that red yeast from that you got for Sonia? Is it in Ipoh? Thanks!

  30. Congratulations on those well-deserved awards. It looks like the pot-luck was a success. It is always so nice to be able to attach a face and a name. I hope you all had a great time. Blessings...Mary

  31. It seems you had a lot of fun!Have a lovely week!

  32. The food looks absolutely delicious ! Wish I could grab some ^-^" Of course , the bloggers looks great , too ! hahaha Congrats on those well-deserved awards !

  33. You received so many awards??? Why am i not surprise?? Congrats my dear! I am glad you decided to do this post. I enjoyed reading about our meet because each time I read it again, it reminds me of the fun time we had and the "Peeyah Haimeh" joke. hahaha.. Also reminds me how kind this sweet lady from Ipoh is, willing to lead Lucy from KL to the highway so that she can find her way home safey! I won't thank you again for the gifts you gave me if not, you will think this old lady is so long winded and when you hear Quay Po is attending the next Bloggers' meet, you will run the other way. Jokes aside, I don't know about you but for me, although I meet you for the first time, I felt like I have known you for ages. XOXO

  34. sheoh yan: best chefs?? what a compliment!!no la, i main masak2 only. i wished i can also can cook like the rest of them.

    yvonne: no problem, we wont kick you out, you can buy outside's the company and times spent together that is important.

    bee2: thanks!! i got that red yeast sauce from an organic cum bakery ingredient shop in ipoh.

    mary: thank you mary! you hv a great week too!

    lenia: yes , i did!

    anne: yes, so much nice food and beautiful girls ...i mean the little ones...haha!

    quaypo: ya, whenever i think of that peeyah haimeh, i will laugh myself. yes pls, dont thank me anymore, you re very longwinded . I feel the same way too, it's really nice meeting you in person after all these communication on the blogs and i do feel the very much connection between us! love you!!

  35. I have nominated your lovely blog, for the Sunshine Award!
    Please pick up your badge and information/rules on how to pass the torch and pay it forward at:
    Happy New Year!

  36. Hi Lena,
    It's so nice to meet up bloggers whom we are baking along!