Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Butter Prawns ( 奶油 虾 )

I guess most malaysians especially chinese know what this dish is. I can say that we are able to find this butter prawns being served in all chinese restaurants. What makes this dish special i think is the egg floss. It was first started with butter prawns and now they have butter fish and butter chicken , all with egg floss. I wouldnt say that we need skills to make the egg floss. We just need to keep stirring the egg yolks in the wok with a big soup ladle until you see them turning into floss and crispy. In previous times, i've tried making egg floss recipes using evaporated milk as seen in many cookbooks but i just couldnt get it, the floss didnt turn out as the way it should be. I really dont know why. Now without milk, i find it easier to create those egg floss. It  is very similar to the ones we had in the restaurant, only sometimes i find that my egg floss is not dry and crispy enough but still good.

Medium size prawns ( i got 12 prawns here), shells intact, trimmed and cut off the top part of the head
2 sprigs of curry leaves
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp of chicken powder
3 egg yolks, stir mix with a fork
1/2 block of butter ( around 110gm)
oil for frying the prawns

1. Shallow fry or deep fry the prawns till they turn pink and cooked. Remove and set aside.
2. Make the egg floss. On medium fire, melt the butter in the wok and pour in the egg yolks. Switch to high heat , quickly use a ladle to swirl the egg yolks in one direction. After a few seconds, you will see the mixture becomes foamy , keep stirring until you can see the egg floss ( it's not easy to see though ) turns crispy lookalike, stir for another 10 seconds.
3. Remove from heat and strain through a siever. Press the egg floss against the siever to get rid of the oil. Set aside.
4. Wash your wok and pour some oil back into the wok and fry the curry leaves . Return the prawns to the wok and add in sugar and chicken powder, sir to mix and add in half of the egg floss and give them a toss.
5. Remove to a serving plate . Garnish with the remaining egg floss.


  1. Wow Lena, u'd perfectly made the egg floss! Looks just alike the "dai Chao"'s product~~~~slurrpp~~

  2. U mean u can't get evap milk?
    Errr.... I saw lots of them when I went to Tesco last week.
    BTW, even without one of the ingredient, it looks very good leh... eh, why not try with cream? hahaha, u know me la!

  3. This one is 5 star hotel restaurant dish la! I never have this as my homecooked dish before. You are great.

  4. You're not kidding me, right? Your method to do the egg floss looks surprisingly easy.

    For this dish, my mom usually opt for scramble egg because none of us know how to cook egg floss. I'm so gonna try this soon.

  5. hi tee, thanks! the egg floss without evaporated milk actually works better for me!

    wendy: LOL! not the evaporated milk lah..i mean i just couldnt make the egg floss with milk..wait..maybe i need to rewrite that..

    sheoh yan: maybe you can also try making this at home. sure you can do it!

    yvonne: yeah, do try making the egg floss, i hope you like it!

  6. Wow...you can be a restaurant Chef now...your egg yolk floss looks like those served in restaurant ! Great job! I want to try this out with swirling with a soup ladle and see whether I can get the floss look :)

  7. OMG I love prawns and these look awesome Lene:))))

  8. Yes yes yes! lupp the egg floss very much of course besides the prawns. Eggcellent!

  9. I tried doing that before during one chinese new year and it turned out not as pretty as yours, of course..

  10. Lena, These butter prawns look very very good like those served in the Chinese restaurant. Two thumbs UP!!

  11. Looks very delicious. Nice clicks too.

  12. Mmmm...yummy! Coincidently, Andy asked me yesterday what are the floss made of and if i know how to make them...kekekekee. Thanks for sharing the tips. will try to cook butter prawns or butter chicken one of these days :)

  13. salivating already...the prawns themselves already told how yummy are they, i heard that...haha

  14. i think the key is butter and heaps of curry leaves as well!! You did it so well and i do like what you said about adding the floss- for some reason I have not had it with floss before!

  15. Yum, the prawns look delish! My son's favourite dish :) And i can totally feel what you mean about the egg floss, i find it really hard to get them light and crispy. So, the trick is the big soup ladle? Thanks for sharing.

  16. My boys will enjoy this very much. Your floss so golden. Saya punya floss selalu tak jadi;-)

  17. What a great dish. The egg floss, which I never get right, looks absolutely amazing.I wager this was delicious. I would have loved to share it with you. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  18. Hi Lena, your prawn looks extremely delicious and your egg floss look so pro and beautiful golden colour.
    I'd not try egg floss cos I always use quaker oats with lots of curry leaves.

  19. Waa...this is my favorite prawns dish! I love eating this very much, especially with the egg floss! But only once in a blue moon can have this lol! Too rich, not good for the heart:P

  20. Eileen@Hundred Eighty DegreesDecember 7, 2011 at 1:10 AM

    You can cook very well!

  21. Hi Lena, first of all i love your previous pulut pandan and Thai curry. Wow! Looks really exotic. I sure would love have this dish.

    And your butter prawns.....Holy Smoke! Lena....you are most men's dream of a wife! Makes me wonder how I missed you before, *wink*, ha ha ha.
    Oh ya, you were still in Form 1 then, ha ha.

    Hey, you mind I copy that pulut Thai curry and this butter prawn pics?
    Will display it next opportunity.Your photography one of THE best I've come across.
    Pity many cook well, but their photography talents don't do justice to their food displays.

    Was very busy past week....
    Have a nice day, Lena.....
    Psssst, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart.

  22. OMG! This dish is so perfectly and professionally cooked!

    I'm admiring the egg floss of this dish...they are so finely cooked!

  23. wow! Lena you are tempting me again with these prawns! Love the egg floss, is perfect!

  24. The egg floss part a little tricky to make...lol!

    This is a lovely dish!

  25. The egg floss on the butter prawns looks so professionally done! In Singapore, I believe Cereal Prawns is more common (popular) than Butter Prawns.

  26. elin: sure you can do this, quickly go and cari your ladle soup!

    gloria: thanks!

    banana: haha! you very funny lah!

    claire: no, i think you can also cook very well!

    anncoo: thank you!! you can also do it!

    chris: thanks!

    barb : hope you will succeed in doing this!i think andy will be very happy as long as you cook for him!

    angie: **smile**

    sherleen : caliing you?? haha!

    angeline: yeah, one of my favourite dish too but seldom cook this actually.

    daphne: oh, this is a very popular dish here. The egg floss is the star!

    litehomebake: yes, it's easier to do that and just keep stirring inone direction. Use quite a lot of butter though :)

    mK girl: you cuba cara ini, i think you can make this!

    mary : thanks! i used to hv difficulty getting the egg floss right too in the past, now this recipe without milk is easier for me.

    amelia: that must be the nestum prawns, i also love that !

    jeannie: i know, the prawns!

    eileen: err..thanks! sure you can cook well too!

    uncle lee: okay, you can copy. Always appreciate your kind comments, making me smile all the time!

    zoe: thank you! i'm quite happy now that i'm getting the floss right !

    Tze: haha! okay, try it!

    pete: yes, that's the most tricky thing to cook in this dish!

    tigerfish: we have cereal prawns here too and i love them just as much as these!

  27. I love this dish..and yours looks like from the chinese restaurant..well done.

  28. I think I gotto quite commenting from my iPhone, so many times my comment went MIA!! When I see this dish just before I went to bed a few nights ago, I almost want to take out the bag of frozen prawns from my freezer to cook this dish... No, I am not kidding, that is what looking at the picture of the fantabulously yummy dish did to me. I did it the next day but my egg floss did not come out like yours one:( I won't give up, I must try again. Thanks for the recipe.

  29. hi lena, this is so lovely yummy yum yum, butter prawns is one of my favorite, especially the one at lake club, kl. must try out yours- photo looks very appetizing

  30. Best looking butter prawns I've seen! And I'm so tempted to try it too!

  31. Hello there! I hope you don't mind I link back your recipe in my blog, yours look so tempting and delicious! Let me know if you want me to delete it. :)