Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweet Potatoes Pau

For those of you who may have difficulty getting pau flour at your place, can try using this recipe to make this sweet potato paus. You can use regular cake flour. I used plain flour ( rose flour ) to make these. The results are very good and only requires one time proofing. From what i understand from the video, it says that here it doesnt require long proofing otherwise they will create a lot of air bubbles which eventually when we put to steam, their skin will wrinkle. To be honest, i'm not too sure about this.There are times  that i made paus..2 times of proofing but they didnt really wrinkle..but i know that we shouldnt open the lid of the steamer while steaming the paus , otherwise the pau will really turn wrinkled. I followed the recipe throughout..however i find that the taste of the filling is a little buttery..i would suggest to skip the butter or if you want, you can probably reduce to 15gm.

Recipe ( taken from here )
Ingredients for pau skin
water 120gm
instant yeast 3gm or 1.5 tsp
cake flour 250gm
vegetable oil 5gm or 1/2 tbsp
mashed orange sweet potatoes 70gm
sugar 20gm

Sweet Potato Fillings
mashed orange sweet potatoes 200gm
icing sugar 20gm
butter 30gm ( preferably to skip or reduce )

to make fillings: Mix all the mashed sweet potatoes and icing sugar together in a small bowl until well blended.

Method to make pau skin:
1. Using a large bowl, pour in water and put in yeast and stir.  Add in the mashed sweet potatoes. Stir till they are well mixed.
2. Add in the flour , follow by the sugar and oil and knead till dough is soft. (I did this using a food processor. After step 1, i transferred the combined sweet potatoes and yeast mixture into the food processor and put in the flour, sugar and oil and on the machine to mix till a soft dough.)
3. Let dough rest for 5 minutes.
4. After 5 minutes, divide the dough into 6 portions and wrap in the fillings and shape into a sweet potato lookalike roll.
5. Transfer the wrapped dough into the steamer and let it proof for 30-40 minutes. Do not turn on the steamer yet and you dont need to preheat the steamer.
6. After proofing, turn on the fire on high heat and let it steam for 30minutes. ( when the water starts to boil, can reduce to medium high fire ). Turn off the fire, open the lid a little allowing the steam to escape a little, then after a minute, can remove totally.


  1. I have never seen this dish before, but it looks wonderful and sounds delicious. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. I've not try using cake flour to make pau, very interesting recipe!Your pau looks soft and fluffy!

  3. The paus look yummy my dear. I love the colour :) It is something I can make since no baking is needed...hehehehe. Wish you are nearby then I can ask you to get the ingredients :P So lazy to go look for yeast, icing sugar..etc...hahahhaahahahaha.

  4. The paus looks nice and soft. Very healthy too with mashed potato in it.

  5. the colors are attractive, i love sweet potato...
    lena, do you mean that you turn on the fire to boil the water, while leaving the steamer with paus inside on top of the wok?

  6. Lena...this looks good and I bet it is tasty too. Sweet potato fillings wrapped with sweet potato pao skin....have KIV this :) I am sweet potato fan !

  7. Lena, pau has been on my list for sooo long! Looking at yours, I really want to try it soon...! Went to the link to have a look, but "wa poo huey chang hwa yee, pu min pai"! Just watch the actions only! Hahaha, hope you understand that!

  8. It's good that there's an alternative flour to use for making pau. Love the colour...much like pumpkin but slightly lighter.  might try it with purple sweet potato instead, thks Lena!

  9. How sweet! Never had the chance of tasting one yet.

  10. I like the idea of using sweet potatoes as the filling...I did use it for mooncakes last year and it was delicious!

  11. Lovely colours from the sweet potato! :)

  12. Never know rose flour can make such a nice pau. Got to tell my mom about it. Ther pau really look soft n nice.

  13. I've always wondered about rose flour. Now I know they're for making paus. But over here, I have 2 types, red rose and blue rose. Which one did you use? What's the diff between red rose flour and blue rose flour?

  14. I always like the idea adding sweet potato inside the dough n filling too. The dough recipe seems more on sticky side. Nice n healthy buns you have.

  15. Ohhhh.....can I make an order? Drooling.

  16. From what I understand, you have shared with us a quicker method for preparing the dough : ).

  17. Your pau looks soft and I love that fillings :) Long time didn't make pau already, I think it's much easier than baking bread because it doesn't need long proofing.

  18. Eileen@Hundred Eighty DegreesNovember 8, 2011 at 10:08 PM

    I've put this in my to-bake list. Thanks for sharing!

  19. the shape of the bao is very cute.. is it meant to resemble sweet potato.. thanks for sharing this.. looks like sometime i can try for first time bao-makers like me =)

  20. I am sure I would never have the patience to make this but it looks fantastic. Diane

  21. These are perfect for breakfast and for me, supper!

  22. Lena, your paus look great...and I love the filling...so creamy and soft.
    Hope you are having a nice week :-)

  23. carb- filled!! but it looks so fluffy.. i will find it hard to resist. Great tip abt the flour as well.

  24. hi Lena, very innovative using sweet potatoes as fillings.. bookmarked with many thanks..yours look delicious

  25. Love the golden colour filling. Both the skin & filling looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing it, Lena.
    have a great day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  26. Sweet potatoes filling inside sweet potatoes pau, wow! This is really yummy.

  27. Lovely sweet potato pau. The filling looks very tempting and nice color too.

  28. mary : thanks! it's chinese pau.

    tze: my first time using cake flour in pau too if i remember correctly.

    barb: why so lazy? come to my hse then!

    anncoo: thanks, they're good.

    sherleen: you let the pau proof in your steamer so that you dont have to move them later when you want to steam. When it's abt time to steam, just start the steamer..with cold water.

    elin: pumpkin, sweet potatoes and now cranberries!!

    joyce: i understand what you're writing..dont worry..haha!

    bee: you are always welcomed! i think purple paus will look beautiful too.

    bananaman: ya lor, you never bake..i think you just better get from outside! LOL!

    jeannie: only that i dont like the taste too much that's why i suggest not to put in the butter.

    hanushi: thanks, the colors alright.

    angeline: yeah, try it some day.

  29. sotong: eh, i never heard of red rose and blue rose flour. We have only one type of rose flour...sometimes they call it plain flour and cake flour. I usually use rose flour/superfine flour for making cakes.

    vivian: i used a food processor to mix the dough..okay..not that sticky..

    malaykadazangirl: Order? no lah..

    maureen : yes, think this is slightly quicker method.

    Min: yup, less time than baking bread but i enjoy baking bread!

    eileen: you're welcomed, hope you will like it!

    lala: you're right, it supposed to resembles a sweet potato. Not difficult, i'm sure you can do this!

    diane: thanks..yeah, it needs some time for proofing.

    tigerfish: ha! okay save some for you for supper then!

    juliana: thanks, hope you have a nice day too!

    daphne: i wonder is pau flour available in aust?

    wan: sure you can make this. Hope you will like it.

    Kristy: i think the filling looks attractive but taste buttery, some may like it, some may not.

    sheohyan: the paus is good, i suggest not to put in butter for the filling if you want to make these.

    amelia: thank you! they are nice.

  30. They look fantastic!Have a great day,dear!

  31. These look so easy to make, I can definitely make these myself.

    Yeah, about the camera, I have been taught a lot from my friends, knowing the basic functionalities such as white balance, ISO, manual focus, exposure to get sharper images and proper colours even on a point-and-shoot. I was thinking of writing a post on photography at some point.

    HAve a nice day!

  32. Oh fun and yummy at the same time. They are so pillowy and soft and beautiful. i love the filling idea and I can just taste them through the screen. Pure goodness

  33. I haven't made paus for awhile. Your paus are enticing me to make some again soon. Love that there is sweet potato in the dough itself. I'm sure that makes it really nice and soft :) happy weekend!

  34. I've never made a pau - but these look so delicious and interesting - Love sweetpotato - love to try this
    Mary x

  35. Love sweet potato filling! Those pau look really great.

  36. I've always love pau - dip in coffee or milo or curry~

    Very tempted to make after reading this recipe, but am afraid my pau wouldn't form nicely and 'collapse'.

  37. a very interesting pau recipe, never had sweet potato filling in the pau before..

  38. I just made these. Turned out brilliantly. I find it hard to get pau flour so the fact that it used cake flour was a god sent (even cake flour is hard to get here).

    I modified it slightly and put the sweet potato skins into the dough mixture. I had food processed then so they were in tiny bits. It gave the paus a rustic look and a bit of fibre. :)

    Totally agree with you on skipping the butter.

    I already ate 2 and am going to eat a 3rd in a moment.

    Thanks so much for this recipe.

  39. hi kenny, happy to know that you enjoy eating these and yeah, i dont quite like that buttery filling. Thanks for letting me know that you tried !