Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stir Fried French Beans with Anchovies

This is one dish that appears quite frequently on my table. It's really simple but just a bit of frying if you dont mind. Never actually thought of posting this dish up cos it's like something that i cook so often that the idea of sharing never crossed my mind and when it did, i thought maybe it's not that impressive. I was very wrong cos blogging here is all about sharing in regardless good or bad, pretty or not.  Just as i was commenting on someone's blog earlier, i feel so appreciative and thankful to be surrounded by all of you here, always being so supportive and i really want to say thank you. Would like to share more of my home cooked dishes here in the future.

Main Ingredients: ( note that you can always adjust the amount of main ingredients to your liking)
230gm french beans, cut slant into lengths about 5cm
20gm anchovies/ ikan bilis ( , splitted, get the ones suitable for frying)
1 small piece of red capsicum, cut into lengths
1-2 cloves of garlic, chopped finely
oil for frying

1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tsp sugar

1. Light fry french beans in oil until slightly wrinkle. Remove and using the same oil put in the anchovies/ikan bilis and fry them until slight crispy.Remove leaving little oil in the wok.
2. Saute garlics and put the lightly fried french beans, anchovies and capsicum back into the wok. Put in the seasoning and toss them around, stirring them for a minute. Dish up.

I will be sharing this too in the Muhibbah Malaysian Monday Event hosted by Shaz


  1. Wow, it looks like frying in sufficient wok heat! YUM! This is one simple yet delicious dish!^^

  2. I want to say thank you to you too. You are really one kind soul :) Oh yes, please let more of those homey ones out , I would be one of the very first who would appreciate them. People like me will have more of the less intimidating ones to choose from then, haha!

  3. This similar french beans dish will appears on out dinner table ever so often too. In fact I just made them two days ago but with prawns. We just love french beans. Too bad my husband is not a fan of anchovies if not I will cook it this way :)

  4. I'm a great fan of anchovies and this homemade dish is very mouth-watering...Yum!

  5. I love this dish. Simple yet tasty. I normally blanch it and make a garlic oyster sauce sizzle and pour over it. I shall it with anchovies the next time I cook French beans:)

  6. Hee heee.. post it! I keep posting food I always cook at home too. And I love easy homemade dishes like this. Spells comfort, warmth, satisfaction, deliciousness.

  7. Looks delicious Lena! This is great either with rice or porridge. You are right, homecooked food maybe simple but they are the most delicious! :)

  8. Can feel the crunchy french beans yummy haha.

  9. French beans are sweet.. mixed with the ikan bilis... beest!

  10. I am sure this is yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love this dish! Thinking of the crunchy french beans, I'm drooling here :)

  12. I usually stir fried french beans with the tiny mushrooms. Now i think i have another choice to do it. Thank you for your sharing. Love to see your home dish more often, so that i could learn more dishes too:)

  13. Lena, simple dishes usually are the best especially when it is home cooked. Whoa give me this dish and I can easily have 2 bowls of rice!

  14. I can almost smell this it looks so good! Green beans are the one veggie that my kids like so I'm bookmarking this - thanks!

  15. You had me at first with the stir fried beans. I was all over that and then you throw in the anchovies and you totally take me off guard but in a good way. I am thinking the saltiness of the sardines is perfect for the beans and brings a nice new flavor to the dish! Awesome!

  16. Hi Lena, there are hundreds of bloggers who blog about their cooking or food dishes....
    but it's a pity their photography not as good as their cooking.

    A lot are either small pics, blurry, not clear, or dark, no flash used.
    But yours......not only your food is fantastic, but your photography enhances the food.
    As I mentioned before, like 3D! Can put a spoon into the monitor, ha ha.

    I sure love this dish, Lena! You the kind of wife husbands love to come home to, knowing the dinner will always be a mystery delight.

    Lena, here's a cheeky recipe for you. If you try it and your friends ask you, they'll laugh.
    And yes, thats the name of the cake.
    Its a US Texas cake.

    'Better-than-sex cake'.
    1 cake mix, cooked (white)
    1 large can crushed pineapple, drained lightly
    1 cup sugar.
    1 large package vanilla instant pudding
    1 large package coconut.
    1 large carton Cool Whip dessert topping
    Crushed pecans

    Cook cake mix; cool, then punch holes in top of cake. Cook pineapple with 1 cup sugar.
    Pour over cake. Mix instant pudding; pour over cake and pineapple.

    Spread coconut over this. Frost all of this with dessert topping and put crushed pecans on top.
    Put in refrigerator and eat when desired.

    Have fun.....send me telegram if you make it.
    Have a nice day.

  17. Oh yeah! Sometimes we forget how simple ingredients together make a great meal! This would be perfect for dinner.

  18. This looks perfect Lena! I also like simple dish like this. Easy to cook and delicious!

  19. Lena, every time I see your blog callsign, 'Frozen wings', I think of D. H. Lawrence's quote,.....
    "I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself".

    This was also quoted in the movie, GI Jane.
    You saw that movie?

    Wear something nice when making that when hubby asks getting the lovely scent, and you tell him the name....ha ha standing at a train station, *wink*.

  20. No, I thank you my friend! You have always been very kind and supportive around the blogsphere, ita wonderful having you around! Post away! Any dish or even a drink is always good's your blog, who is to say otherwise? Have a good weekend! :D

  21. love the contrast of red and green! and with the crunch of the ikan bills - yummy :D

  22. i cook this way very often too, but did not add red chili, next time must do so as it makes this dish look tempting!

  23. Wow.....Lena, you have so many new mouth-watering recipes! I have been really missing in action for quite a while. Now I don't know which food to look...haha. Drooling over all of them :D Love your purple angkoo very much. Wish I can get purple sweet potatoes here! I can only get one type colour ones. And this dish of French beans is my favourite...mmm. I can eat a big plate. Love those anchovies there. That, also difficult to get here. We have big ones...and so hard :( So my sambal always comes without anchovies!

  24. Bought some green beans today too. Love them stir-fried, plain or with meat.
    Anchovies sound perfect to me too.

  25. alice : 'wok hei?' sounds like i got to toss and flip my wok, haha!

    lhb: thanks and i'm so glad to come to know your blog!

    gert: ah, i also cook that sometimes..

    zoe: if you get the dry anchovies there, try this..

    elin: yes, just blanch them and drizzle with oyster sauce ..i like that too!

    tigerfish: very true about what you said abt homecooked dishes..:)

    joyce: totally agree! thanks joyce!

    edith: it's quite appetising..

    bananaman: krok..krok..krok..

    claire: claire, this is easy, no problem for you!

    chris: welcome , thanks!

    tze: try this some day..

    waikitt: oh, i have to learn from you too..ah, next time i shall also try with mushrooms, thanks!

    veron: yeah, homecooked food is always simple but nice.

    mary: haha! yeah, hope you will like this too!

    jessica: the anchovies might be a little different from what you have there. These anchovies are in dried form, waht we normally ddo with them here is either boil them to make stock and fry them.

    Lee: you have to explore more food bloggers ..hehe..there are so many food bloggers out there, their dishes and their photos are just breath taking..believe me and we are all learning at the same time. wa, you always have recipe on hand..any story behind this cake? haha! ok, will take note of the recipe and if i make one, will morse code you! I never watch gi jane. But i remember you telling me about the quote before..sounds like something motivational..

  26. daphne: yes, it's nice with porridge too.

    ann: yeah, we all love simple cooking, dont we?

    bee: i have to thank you for being so supportive and you are also one great inspiration for me!!

    janine: yeah, it's good.

    sonia: yes, that chilli..brings some colour :)

    mary: hi, so nice to see you here. oh, you couldnt get the purple ones..but never mind, even with orange you can also make angkoos. No anchovies also in chinatown? got retrictions or not sending anchovies to uk.. if no, then i send you a big packet.

    angie: yes, and we often make scramble eggs with french beans here too!

  27. I love frenchbeans and also anchovies, so this dish is right up my alley! love it just like that without rice:D

  28. Very classic dish, a frequent one on our table too. I just remember we have some frozen french bean in the freezer to make this.

  29. hi lena, wow, the best looking asian fried beans recipe. great photos too, one of my favorite. but with your recipe here, i can finish one plate all by myself LOL

  30. Although simple dish, but I like it sooo seriously~~~

  31. I like this, especially with white porridge. No harm in sharing simple dishes.

  32. Ngaww.... (:
    Most of the things I make all the time don't actually end up on my blog either!! This looks delicious though- I love anchovies!

  33. Simply delectable, Lena.

    Family dishes are always the most appreciated. I guess we just take them for granted once in a while:)

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  34. I do not like so much vegetables, but I love to eat anchovies and beans, I have not tasted the stir fried French beans though

  35. Hi, I just cooked this dish with ur's awesome yet simple. Tq

  36. Jes's Deli Corner: thanks for trying and letting me know that you like it!