Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kam Heong Crabs ( 金香炒蟹 )

I love crabs in any ways..curry style, spicy style, braised with tunghoon, porridge etc. If you frequent the market, then you know the prices of crabs are not cheap, they are selling around RM30/kilo , 3 crabs maybe and if you order a crab dish at a restaurant, it can be around RM50/kilo. So if we can cook this at home, why not? But having said that, i still take crabs outside at times especially the claypot style which braised with tunghoon cos i dont know how to cook them. This Malaysian Kam Heong style is one of the ways that i used to cook at home, translate that from chinese to english, maybe we can name  that ' Golden Fragrant ' but i think very few people would call that. As far as i know, the malays or indians would also just call this ' kam heong style'. It is a very tasty dish, with the concoction of some curry powder, dried shrimps, curry leaves and some oyster sauce. Saute the dried shrimps and curry leaves till aromatic and add in the rest of the ingredients or  add in some bird's eye chillies if you prefer it a little more spicier. You can also lightly deep fry the crabs before cooking them, it's even nicer. If you can't take mud crabs for any reason, you can also cook this with flower crabs.

Ingredients :
3 medium sizes mud crabs, cleaned and cut into pieces
25gm dried prawns, soaked
3 sprigs of curry leaves
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
2-3 shallots, chopped
1 tbsp curry powder
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 tsp of salt
1/4 tsp of sugar
1/2 cup or more water
a little dark soya sauce
3 tbsp oil/garlic oil

* if you want to pre fry the crabs first, you can coat them with some corn flour and lightly deep fry them until they are almost cooked or fully cooked, up to you.

1. Pour oil into wok , saute the garlic, shallots, dried shrimps and curry leaves till aromatic.
2. Add in the crabs, curry powder, oyster sauce and stir fry them for a minute. If you find that a little dry, you can splash in some water.
3. Add in the dark soya sauce, salt, sugar , toss well and pour in the water. Taste. You can adjust the water amount and seasoning here to your taste. Cover them with wok till cooked and dish up.

Coincidentally, Tze from Away from Mind also posted a crab dish this morning. Chilli style, go over and visit too!


  1. It's hard to believe that this is home-cooked! It looks very professionally-cooked and the gravy looks very inviting.

  2. I've been wanting to eat crab for ages. With 3 kids cannot be sucking those shells.... u make me miss crab badly.

  3. waahh...very heong!! makes me drool over these crabs, Lena.. should have bought the crabs last night..i saw them doing there and then...

  4. Drooling all over time I can dropping by, I beta wear a bib round my neck first :p Looks so good, I think I want to cook this again but doc advise not to for the time being :( but who first, die later hor LOL!

  5. Goodness but that looks so good! Crab is also one of my most favorite seafood:D..but cleaning the crabs would be quite a task!

  6. Mamamia...saliva coming out...drooling over the kam heong delicious.

  7. Whoa, crabs! I just had mine last weekend. I cooked seafood porridge. My family also love this kam heong crabs very much. Salivating!

  8. Wow.... wow I also love crabs. This is definitely mouth-watering ....

  9. son loves crab..almost everyweek, i have to buy crab but my kids only love crabs in coconut gravy, which we called masak lemak cili padi..i tried sweet n sour before but they ate half heartedly,, me looking at ur dish..dreaming..hahaha

  10. order order please,one plate of kam heong crabs please!

  11. Wah Lena, it's dinner time and it's not helping looking at your delicious, finger licking good crabs! I love the curry leafs in it, make it super fragrant, yummy! Too bad my elder child doesn't like crabs, else I would love to cook some at home too!

  12. Mmmmm I love crabs too this looks very good to me. Diane

  13. I am just going to pretend I didn't see this post because then I would have to lie to my husband and say I don't have a good crab recipe! WOW! WOW! I have no words- it looks truly amazing and mouth watering

  14. Eileen@Hundred Eighty DegreesSeptember 28, 2011 at 9:39 PM

    Awesome! This looks like restaurant standard.

  15. Lena, your crabs make me drooling, must try this recipe in future! thanks for the mentioned and link, kiss :D

  16. I'm coming over, Lena! I was just thinking about crabs this morning! Aiyoh... now you have me drooling! I love crabs, cooked in any style, and yours look absolutely delicious! :)

  17. I also love crab. Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe. I must cook this dish for my family :)

  18. I love crab too! Agree with Eileen, the crab looks fantastic good just like what normally chef's dishes served in the restaurant.

  19. My goodness! This looks so good! I established allergy toward crab for some reason after becoming adult and now I can only enjoy a small portion (I insists to eat haha). This looks so good that I'm afraid I can't control myself once I start eating! Delicious!!!

  20. COunt me in as a crab-lover! love it cooked any style too!

  21. Wow Lena, this crab looks delicious, never had it with dry prawns...beautiful dish.
    Hope you are having a fantastic week :-)

  22. Hey Lena,you are just like my lovely wife,she loves crabs to bits,, whatever style of crab,she would just crave for it,,,she likes the kam heong the best though.

    as for me,not really for me,cos i think i will waste more of it,cos i don't like nibbling the crabs,,,

    take care now ya

  23. I love crab but I don't know how to choose them. This dish def to die for. yum yum.

  24. Oh my, I can 'smell' it from here~~

    I love all types of crab dish ^^

  25. i can't find crabs at the wet market, all have been taken by restaurant peoples, so i can only go restaurant and eat..This is one of my favourite crab whenever i take in the restaurant.

  26. What could I say...I am speechless. This looks so dang mouthwatering!

  27. The crab looks so yummy! Hubby thinks crabs are a girlie favourite, many of us just love them, don't we? This reminds me of my sister's black pepper crab that she made when we visited her in the US, using the Alaskan Dungeness Crab. I remember her putting her crabs in the freezer first to make them 'pengsan',she said it makes the killing a lot easier!

  28. I don't care what you call it, Lena. It looks scrumptious!!! I haven't had crabs any style in ages!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  29. Love the recipe. It's the type of sauce which makes one lick the shells clean. Thanks for sharing a lovely recipe.

  30. Whoa!!!! Ho ho heong ah!!! Price has gone up real steep nowadays. Nice capture of the heong-ness and pixz. tQ.

  31. @zoe: this kam heong sauce is very me!

    @wendy: if i see you next time, i cook some for you, i jaga your anak!

    @claire: haha! next tuesday!

    @elin: should be okay, dont eat so much..hehe

    @jeannie: it's not difficult to clean, use a toothbrush :)

    @angeline: i want to see you make more sushi!

    @ kristy: i also like crab porridge very much, if the crabs are nice, their meat is very "sweet" in anything..

    @chris: have you cooked crabs before?

    @Jun: masak lemak cili padi i tak pernah makan tapi sweet and sour , selalu pun ada masak!

    @ waikitt: ok, ok..hahah!

    @bee: then you can just enjoy crabs in the restaurant! save all the troubles doing it at home also..

    @ Diane: thanks very much, i think the crabs over there are very much a different kind.

    @ jessica: love your expressions always in commenting!!

    @ eileen:'re too kind!!!

    @ yummylittlecooks: no need, quickly go and cook some crabs over the weekend..

    @tze: hey, no problem, love your chilli crabs too! i havent seen tha type of sauce selling here though..

  32. @joyce: one day you must make a trip here..

    @anncoo: would love to see you cooking a crab dish!

    @ DG: not up to that standard yet but thank you!!!

    @Nami: thank you for dropping by here. Oh, you're allergic to just crabs? hope it's okay just to have 1 or 2 pieces..

    @tigerfish: yay!!

    @Juliana: this is one malaysian type of doing it with dried prawns..

    @eugene: yeah, then i think you shouldnt eat, the more you eat, the more you waste..ha!

    @ edith: yeah, unless you can get from sincere sellers..

    @yvonne: hi, nice to have you here, would come by your blog soon! thank you!

    @sonia: really? didnt know crabs so laku in kl..!

    @angie: you're so kind! thank you!

    @ LHB: eh, it's strange for you hubby to think it's a girlie thing..i think a lot of men love eating crabs too. I never freeze them..i just cut them straight away..eeeesh, sound so cruel!!

    @louise: yeah, dont think you have heard of's malaysian style! is it hard to get crabs there?

    @ shaz: the sauce is tasty. i also like hot and sour type!

    @bananaman: you can ask mango to cook this..sure ho ho mei ah!!

  33. Ah I quickly bookmarked this. Thank for sharing. I still have some crab we caught from last month fishing trip. But I have been malas to cook them. Now I crave for some ketam looking at your sedap dish.

  34. Ahhhh... jahat, make my tummy rumbling now!

  35. It's nearly impossible to get crabs in central, Pennsylvania, Lena. However, when I lived on Long Island, NY, we use to go crabbing at night with flashlights and nets! Such fun. It doesn't get much fresher than that! {sigh}

  36. Lena, your crabs looks so delicious. Very well done.

  37. Wow, can't help salivating. You're a good cook, Lena!

  38. I have to confess that I have not muster my guts to cook crabs yet. Not sure why but I always think it is hard to do the cleaning! I have to give it a go some day soon after your tempting recipe.

  39. Beautiful pictures and the recipe sounds utterly delicious. Sadly I can only enjoy through your blog as I am too much of a wimp to cook them myself !
    Mary x

  40. Lena, if I come visit you, will you cook this for me? Aiyoh, the the photo took my breath away!

  41. this recipe have a very sofhisticated flavor, perfect for an elegant dinner

  42. When you cook the crab, do you add in the head and all the bits that is a part of the head as well?