Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

Ingredient :


Yes, that's it. Just only ONE ingredient to make this ice cream! I think i can claim that this is the most simple homemade ice cream i've ever made.  Quite unbelieveable to me actually. No cream, no eggs, no cooking and  you dont need to have an  ice cream maker machine to make this. However, you will need to have a food processor to make the puree. So simple that i actually made 3 batches in 2 with just plain bananas, one comes with some cocoa powder and one with some added peanut butter. When i said one batch, it's actually very little. i used about 4-5 medium size bananas and gave me 3-4 scoops.  First, you will need to freeze the bananas for about 2 hours, after that puree them and you will get kind of soft serve ice cream. If you like soft serve type, then you can just eat that right away. If not, after you make the puree, freeze it till hard and you will get kind of solid ice cream like what you see here. However, i find it gets soft quite easily. I did not choose the very ripe bananas, afraid that it might turn black after freezing, i picked the just ripen ones.

banana and peanut butter

How about the texture of the ice cream? Hmm..not a sorbet, smooth, creamy..just like an ordinary ice cream but non-rich mouthfeel. It's kind of hard to describe , you can probably just imagine these are just frozen bananas that has been blended, though i personally prefer eating the more creamier, richer and fattening type of ice cream. I guess this is just another way of enjoying 'ice cream' ! No guilt feeling and most suitable for vegans.You can read the reviews and comments from those who have tried and also where i got this idea from at here. This is how i made these..

1) First, cut the bananas into pieces like this and place it on a plate. The 2nd time i placed it onto a baking tray and it was quite difficult to get the pieces out cos they are real hard.. Freeze them for 2 hours.These are the ones that has just been taken out from the freezer.

2) Place them into a food processor..

3) Press 'start' and after a few spins, it will look like this..

4) Within seconds, it will turn into this...

5) You can add in the cocoa powder or peanut butter here...After well mixed, you can remove this from the machine and freeze them.

6) After freezing..

bananas with cocoa powder

This was made for the ' go bananas' theme this time for our bake along. I know that Joyce and Zoe are making something different for the theme, want to know what they made? Let's hop over! Also Alice from iloveicookibake is joining us for the theme this round. Do cross over to see her delicious Chocolate Caramel Banana Upside Down Cake.We will be making pizza next for our bake along and if you are keen, drop us a note and post it up on October 6th.


  1. Wow! Lena, This looks so super-delicious! What a smart and clever way of making icecream without an icecream maker! The one with the cocoa powder looks good! Great job! Wish the three of us could sit down and go bananas together with our yummylicious banana treats! :)

  2. I've been thinking of making this ice cream too.
    Will some lemon juice help by preventing it from browning?

  3. I read about this recipe too and not too sure it was workable. Now you have it proven!

  4. Oh gosh ... this looks so delicious. I have never make ice creams before and since this does not require an icecream maker, I shall find time to try this out. Lena, nice clicks too.

  5. Lena, do you think blender can do this job or not? Blend the freezed bananas without water.

  6. Gee! Lena I love this easy ice cream recipe. I want to try it out soon. :)

  7. hi Lena, thks for sharing such a simple and yummy mouthwatering dessert - bookmark this :)
    I've posted my baking too - hope I can join the fun this time
    not sure how to link it to your post, hehe...
    anyway, this is the link:

  8. wow, simple recipe indeed! I love ice cream! thanks for sharing :)

  9. What a brilliant ice cream recipe! It's like "banana" magic! The ice cream is so creamy. My son will love this!

    PS. I've linked Alice's site to mine. Thanks for telling me :D

  10. o boy..the banana ice cream looks so tempting!
    I love this creative ice recipe.

  11. WOw! Banana puree ice cream sounds really delicious and healthy, I like the chocolate ones:D

  12. wow, this sound so easy to make creamy ice cream, must get some bananas and make this.

  13. Yummylicious!I like this type of super simple recipe!

  14. This is ingenious Lena! Who needs ice cream machine?! Thanks for sharing this method and recipe. :)

  15. soooper doooper icecream...lipsmacking good..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  16. Eileen@Hundred Eighty DegreesSeptember 22, 2011 at 7:32 PM

    Looks simple to make, thanks for sharing. Ummmmm, nice!

  17. dear friends, i think this is worth trying since it's really easy. You can judge for yourself see if you like it.

    @joyce: i like the one with pb the most..yeah, we go picnic together!

    @wendy: i know about that tip but i didnt use that. For 2 hours freezing, i think it's still okay.

    @edith : cleared my doubts too!

    @christine: yeah, worth trying it out.

    @ sheoh yan: hi, i've read that some people used blender and it works but i'm really not sure, it may be difficult to move around without water and reaching the bananas at the top. Maybe if i do that again, i'll use blender and see if it works and let you know.

    @anncoo: yeah, try this and see if you like them.

    @cathy: you're welcome, mi see!!

    @angie: quite fascinating, the quickie way!!

    @ jeannie: it's really not bad, just that it's non diary makes it less richer in taste.

    @sonia: yes, do try this out and see if you like this type of 'ice cream'

    @waikitt: yeah lah, so simple that's why i can make 3 batches..hehe

    @bee : you're welcome. Fabulous idea to make quickie ice cream!

    @ jay: hi, thanks for the lovely words, dear!

    @eileen: it's really simple but i still prefer the ordinary diary ice cream but it's really healthy eating it this way!

    @zoe: yeah, it's like magic. thanks, i've seen the link at your post.

  18. Oh goodness, Lena. Your banana ice cream looks divine! I know today is Ice Cream Cone day but I think I would prefer this in a beautiful bowl.

    Thank you so much for sharing...

    Now you got me to thinking. Is this what that Yonanas Ice Cream Maker is all about?

  19. Bananaz sure to go bananas. I scream for ice cream. Yummy

  20. Ooh yum. Looks so luscious. Perfect for our tropical weather.

  21. This is great to know - a wonderful treat with only one ingredient - brilliant!

  22. wah, this is really super simple recipe...but the ice cream texture is superb...^^

  23. Brilliant idea! And you have shown us how simple it can be achieved. Thanks.

  24. hi lena, this is a smart idea- rare invention :) must try it for sure.. and i looked again at your images- they look very much like ice cream for certain, yum
    can i have your email address, so that i can emil the award to you. here is my email#

  25. Ah ha, very healthy and easy to make ice cream! Thx for sharing, will give it a try after my kids tadak cough liao!^^

  26. You got it all in this one, healthy, easy, wholesome and i bet it tastes good!

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  28. aha i tried this before but didn't quite like it. i think the type of bananas i used (local bananas) were not so suitable, they were too banana-y! haha! i think those mild flavored ones like the cavendish bananas (Dole brand) should be good.

  29. oh my!! The ice-cream looks so tempting!!

  30. one ingredient? You are killing me. Just when I think I have had every ice cream imaginable you come up with this. AMAZING- simply mouth watering, simple, delicious and genius! Did i mention how much i love ya!

  31. @ alice: oops, missed yours just now. you are always welcomed to join in the bake along again!

    @ louise: thanks! prob not as soft as the yonana ones..

    @ banana : haha! bananas must be your favourite!

    @ shaz: actually i prefer the normal diary ice cream more!

    @ mary: yes, the one who created is brilliant..very suitable for vegans..

    @ sherleen: very can try if you like this kind..

    @maureen: hi, how are you? thanks a lot!

    @ wan: yeah, i'll write to you soon.

    @ alice law: ok, have fun trying..they may find this 'ice cream' abit unusual compared to their normal ice cream..hehe

    @lhb: it taste alright..but non diary,,you can try and see fi you like this..

    @ sotong: yeah, actually quite banana-y but ok..mine also local one but just ripe..i still prefer the dairy ice cream!

    @ tze: you got to try it and judge for yourself..hehe..

    @ jessice: this is a smart idea of making 'ice cream' if you like non diary, then prob you'll like this one.

  32. Lena, going out to look for bananas to try this out:D I have made ice cream twice since I got my little ice cream machine but I am still not happy with the result.

  33. I love this idea of making ice cream from JUST bananas. Actually, I just reading through a couple of ice cream recipes and was wondering what it'd be like if you just made ice cream with one fruit. Well guess I know the answer now! I especially love the sound of the banana ice cream with cocoa powder!

  34. Vegan ice cream! Thanks for sharing such wonderful & healthy recipe. I've tried something like this before but not really satisfying. Will have to try this up one day.
    have a great weekend.

  35. Wow this looks so good and so easy. I will try the plain and cocoa version but I hate peanut butter!! Thanks for sharing. Diane

  36. i love banana and it looks so tasty, i will get it^^

  37. I'm going to try too .... looks so easy and simple. Thanks, Lena!

  38. hmmm, I am happy that this can be done without an ice-cream maker!

  39. Gosh, this is so yummy looking. one of these days i should try it out :P thanks ya.

  40. I hate bananas, but this banana ice cream tastes so good, theres no doubt about.