Monday, September 12, 2011

Fookchow Mooncakes

I have no intention to make any mooncakes this year. I thought i just want to go and buy them from the counter. There are so many varieties now, i was thinking just go and get some which i have not tried and also knowing that i'll be receiving some from my friends. After knowing the theme for Aspiring Bakers  this month, i decided just to make a small batch. These are called Fookchow Mooncakes. Pardon my ignorance, i think this must be originally comes from the Fookchow people, any Fookchow around reading now? can confirm?  Not really sure. I havent come across any Fookchow mooncakes here. The recipe shows it comes with mung bean paste filling instead of lotus paste and also some fried shallots. That's also the reason why i chose to make these cos i have some mung bean paste at home intended for making paus but never made them yet..

Recipe ( from Mooncakes by Alan Ooi )
Ingredients ( makes 10 pieces )
For water dough
120gm plain flour
15gm icing sugar
45gm butter oil ( i used melted butter )
70ml water

For oil dough
110gm plain flour
70gm shortening

For Filling
450gms mung bean paste
1-2 tbsp deep fried shallot crisps

1.Combine filling and scale at 45gms portions, shape round
2.Combine flour, icing sugar and melted butter for water dough. Add in water and knead into soft dough. Scale at 24gms portions.
3.Combine ingredients of oil dough and knead into a dough. Scale at 18gms portions
4.Flatten no (2) and wrap in no (3). Repeat process. Use a rolling pin to flatten and roll out to longish shape. Next, roll up like a mini swiss roll. Repeat process.
5.Use a rolling pin to flatten no (4). Turn over to the next side. Roll up to swiss roll once more. Repeat process. Cover with cloth and rest dough for 10 minutes.
6. Shape each piece of no (5) into a round. Wrap in filling. Use a rolling pin to flatten very lightly. Arrange on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper. Bake in a preheated oven at 190C for 20minutes till both sides of mooncakes are lightly browned. Cool well.

I am submitting this post to the Aspiring Bakers #11: Mid Autumn Treats ( Sept 2011) hosted by Happy Home Baking


  1. Interesting and pretty moon cakes you have. First time seeing Fookchow moon cakes. Happy mid autumn festival to you and family, Lena.

  2. lena!!!jeles betul sebab ramai kawan kawan yang dah buat mooncake...Cm tak berani takut gagal...kata kawan kawan buat moon cake sangat sukar tapi bila baca resepi ni ok je..bolehkah Cm buat:(

  3. Lena, nice mooncake. Loves the pastry.

  4. Eileen@Hundred Eighty DegreesSeptember 12, 2011 at 9:25 PM

    Finally saw your post on this nice and flaky mooncakes. Yours look yummy!
    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and family.

  5. The pastry looks really good and the filling to skin ratio is insane! You managed to stuff so much filling inside the thin pastry and the moon cake is so nicely brown!

  6. You always leave me wanting more of your recipes! These look amazing and so intrigued as I have never heard of them before much less made any! Awesome post

  7. Lena, I love the pastry and the mung bean sounds healthier than the traditional mooncake.
    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you :)

  8. Interesting. Never tasted one and am really curious.

  9. Very nice golden colour and the flaky layers!
    Happy mid-autumn festival to you :)

  10. so this is fook chow mooncakes..
    makes me wanna go cut one piece from my fridge.. but then mine is not fresh already :)

  11. Ohhh... such flaky mooncake, looks really delicious!

    It reminds me the other day I tried to make your flaky egg tart, perhaps I had folded too many times?(I folded more 4X, more thn u recommended)It didn't turn out right... it's not flaky, it tasted like ordinary egg tart crust... sob sob!T-T

  12. hi Lena, ive never tried this type of mooncakes b4 - looks delicious :)
    Happy Mid Autumn Festival for u :)

  13. Oh yum, the flaky crust looks very inviting! I bet the fried shallots in the sweet mung bean filling must be very fragrant too! I think I will make this for my mum next year, Im very sure she'll love this, thanks lena!

  14. Your mooncake pastry looks so flaky, would love to try this type one day when I am feeling hardworking:D Happy Mid-Autumn to you lena

  15. Haven't tried this type of mooncake....looks really nice..

  16. This is interesting Lena, looks somewhat like the 'kar looi paeng'.
    Like the flaky pastry.

  17. Your mooncake pastry really flaky! The filling is nicely done. Nice!

  18. First time seeing fookchow mooncakes. So traditional. Happy Mid-autumn festival!

  19. Happy Mid -Autumn Festival to you and introducing to us Foo Chow mooncakes. I know the Teochew mooncake has similar pastry too.

  20. Very nice mooncake. may i know the mung bean paste, is it like the one for making ang koo kuih?

  21. First time seeing Fookchow mooncakes and love the flaky pastry!

  22. Lena, you are really good in making flaky pastry. These mooncakes look very professional made. Yum!

  23. these mooncakes look fabulous!i've had them several times when i was in college and i loved them alot!

  24. im fookchow...but this is the first time i saw fookchow mooncake.i had it before but didnt know this is a fookchow mooncake :D

  25. Lena,
    My hubby is a Foochow.He does really miss these type of mooncakes! I must make this for him next year! Really thanks for sharing the recipe^^!

  26. Your mooncake pastry looks so tender and yummy! I did not make any mooncake at all, feeling a little guilty each time I see one (as my daughter has been asking me to make some!) Lazy mommy!! :)

  27. Great job, Lena! The crust looks perfectly done. Fook chow also quite similar to chiew chow pastry and some even in savory versions.
    Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. Bookmarked it for later use.

  28. Lena, tak sempat reply ur comment that day! Yes i made those goody bags for son's birthday at skool..

    Hope is stil not too late to wish 中秋节快乐...

    Keep Baking!


  29. A beautiful recipe and very clever cooking!

  30. I think I would also just buy a selection and take the easy way out :-) Diane

  31. thanks and hope those of you who celebrates the festival had a wonderful time yesterday.

    @ cm: kalau cm nak cuba, boleh cuba buat snow skin mooncake dulu, biasa resepi untuk snowskin mooncake quite straight forward, cm boleh buat!

    @ alice law: hey, you managed to fold that 4 times, should be not that easy to fold that so many times, not sure..the crust may be thick and with much rolling each time could affect the texture of the pastry..i'm just guessing..ha!

    delia: hi, this is not the same filling for angkoo. This mung bean paste filling is a different type, have been cooked with sugar over some time and very much thicker, the ones in angkoos are very much softer.

    melanie: does this actually looks like the ones that you had becos the book shows the pastry layers are a little thinner than mine.

    joyce: never mind, i'm sure your daughter is so happy seeing you made her the red velvet cake!!

    angeline: hey, no problem, usually i will read the reply later on.

    diane: haha! yes, too many flavours to just buy from outside :)

  32. Beautiful mooncakes the mung bean paste in it.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week :-)

  33. Hey Lena, personally i don't really like moon cakes, or just confectionary,,,may be it is because when i was small,we were poor then,we had to stuff our tummy with those cheap cheap biscuits from morning till night,scared already ,hahahaahhah

    anyway,My wife does read my blog,everyday and she just knows that i have got so much to blog about,,,,,,,and she is ok with it too,,,

  34. Lena, Im 1/2 of fookchow as following my mum.. I love this and can taste it anytime as these are available in Sitiawan all the times~ ^^

  35. Look at those flaky layers... so delicious.
    I think I will want to eat these, as I don't eat lotus mooncakes, ada spare ka? LOL

  36. Hi Lena
    Love your bakes,will you be able to share how to make the fookchow mung bean paste.

  37. juliana: thank you dear! have a good nice day too!

    eugene: yeah i know what you mean..just like some people selling cakes, they hardly eat cos they see them everyday..also scared already! haha! would like to visit your blog more often!

    wendy: really? so strange..lotus too sweet for you?

    anonymonus: hi, the mung bean paste that i used here is store bought, ready made. However, if you are keen, you can refer to my blogger friend, kristy for her homemade mung bean paste here.

  38. Lena,
    I've bookmarked this recipe last year and this year I made it. Was very delicious. much better than the traditional mooncake. Thanks for sharing such a good recipe.

  39. hi delia, thank you for telling me that. Very happy to know that you like it!!

  40. This is what I grew up with as well! Teochew people also make this, so it must extend all the way down Fujian to Chaoshan (and maybe Shanwei).

  41. kevin: till today, i still hvnt got the chance to try the real fookchow mooncakes!

  42. Lena, I have bookmarked this to try. Think this is good for all times not only moooncake festival.