Monday, August 1, 2011

Hot and Sour Fish ( Gulai Tumis)

Today marks the first day of the holy month Ramadhan and Muslims around the world will begin fasting during the daylight hours for a 30day period. Here i would like to wish all my Muslim friends and readers," Selamat Berpuasa and have a blessed Ramadhan!"

Gulai Tumis is something like assam fish but they call it hot and sour fish curry . The sourness of this dish mainly comes from the extracted juice from the tamarind paste ( assam jawa) and how can we forget the ginger flower ( bunga kanthan) , i think this is quite an essential ingredient for cooking assam, it really enhances the flavour and i've also added some laksa leaves ( daun kesom) to go with that. This is a very appetising dish especially for those of you who loves sour and spicy dish and i can assure you that you will also end up 'drinking' a lot of this gravy!


1 medium sized black pomfret
3 stalks of laksa leaves/ daun kesom
1 ginger flower bud, finely sliced

Pounded ingredients:
20 dried chillies ( soak them in hot water first to soften them)
20 shallots
4 cloves garlic
3 stalks lemongrass, white parts
20gm turmeric/kunyit
20gm belachan
1 tbsp sugar

5 tbsp oil
80gm chilli boh
50gm tamarind paste(assam jawa)+ 500ml water to get tamarind juice
11/2 tsp salt
3-5 tsp sugar

1. Saute the pounded ingredients with oil together with the chilli boh in wok till aromatic, take around 10 minutes
2. Pour in the tamarind juice and add in the laksa leaves and bring to boil. Let simmer for about 10 minutes.
3. Add in the fish, ginger flower,salt ,sugar and taste. Let simmer for another 5-10 minutes. Done.

Will be sharing this dish in the Muhibbah Malaysian Monday Event


  1. Im embarrassed to say this but looking at the photos is making me think of lunch already!

  2. wow... reminds me of hari raya buka puasa evening delights!!

  3. nasi putih satu!
    Ulam sepinggan, sambal belacahan dengan telur mata kerbau satu!
    Aiyor... drooling la!

  4. Hi lena,
    wah!!!!today is our first day of fasting, you made me drool with that gulai lah!!!..ayoh!!!..7 more hours to go!!!..huwahahh

    you sure can take hot ya!!!!

  5. Heehee, it's fasting time and you've got this delicious dish up for all to salivate over, hee! Anyway, i think this is such a great dish to have with steamy rice! Drooling ....

  6. nampak menyelerakan :)cobaan bagi orang yang berpuasa hehe.Cm suka sangat masakan yang begini.Bau daun kesom dan bunga kantan sungguh sedap dan menyelerakan.

  7. Looks so delicious! I would have to cook more rice to go with this yummy dish! Sometimes I would fry some crispy salted fish to eat with the leftover gravy, really good!

  8. wow looks really tasty...just need a bowl of white rice to go with this :D

  9. ummmm... what word am I looking for? Its ummm. AMAZING? DELICIOUS? AWESOME? Nope, there is not really a word to describe this fish dish- its just too good for words. Wow, I can't wait to try it

  10. WOW! This looks very mouth watering... please invite me over when you cook this hot and sour fish again :)

  11. Hi Lena, I'm drooling liao..... so inviting. I love black pomfret, I can have 2 bowl of rice with your dish.

  12. Now I remembered that I have some daun kesom in my fridge....supposed to cook Assam Pedas with!

  13. Hi Lena, Wow! This is a real killer dish! A guarantee 3 plates rice disappearing dinner invitation.
    Lena, I can practically get that lovely scent of the tamarind......this is a sure hubby hugging wife from behind and telling her, "I'm glad I married you", ha ha ha.

    I always tease my wife when she cooks my favourite dishes, "I'm glad I know you"!
    Feel like getting out my fork and peel off a slice....looks so deliciously tempting.

    A woman who can cook this dish is worth her weight in gold, to be put on a pedestal and worshipped, ha ha ha.
    Lena, you are outstanding!
    Have fun and happy cooking.

  14. Very appetizing and the gravy looks mouthwatering!

  15. What incredible flavors - I love sweet and sour anything! but your fish looks amazing - great photos

  16. I'm drooling looking at this dish. Got to bookmark this recipe and make my husband cook this for us...LOL

  17. Wow, this dish looks so appetizing!^^

    p/s: Thx for the doughnut recipe remark, hv a nice day!^^

  18. Hi Lena,

    Ai Yo, it is so delicious & appetizing. Mouthwatering already. Ha!Ha!

  19. Oh I got so excited looking at your dish. I like sourish food and seafood. Bawal is my favourite! Going to bookmark this and try.This will certainly boost my appetite.

  20. I never thought I would say this so early in the morning but boy oh boy Lena, that is some gorgeous looking fish.

    I'm going to bookmark it too. I'd love to give it a go!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Lena...

    P.s. It's good to be back and I really appreciate your kind words, thank you, Lena:)

  21. Mmm, it looks delectable. So glad you found time to take part in MM again :)

  22. shaz: you like spicy food too?

    chris: shiok?! so long never heard of this word already!

    gloria: yes, i like it!

    claire: yeah and they got so many local delicacies!

    wendy: apa itu telur mata kerbau? betul betul mate kerbau? you kidding me?

    ayu: yes, i can take very hot food, selamat berpuasa, ayu!!

    bee2 : oh yes, tambah nasi for sure!

    CM: yes, bau kesom dan buga kantan sunggug mewangikan ( ada perkataan ini tak?) lauk ini, selamat berpuasa!

    joyce: now you making me hungry again with that salted fish and curry..!

    hi jean: really nice to see you here!thanks!

    jessica: you're making me blush right now!thanks!

    anncoo: ok..ok.haha!!

    amelia: yeah, usually i use black pomfret whenever i cook curry

    Pete: i think you are also one man who loves to take curry and spicy food, quickly go and cook, i want to see what you're going to do with them..

    lee: i'm sure your wife enjoys cooking for you just as much as you enjoy eating her food. Both of you are really a loving couple!

  23. Wow, long time I didn't eat this kind of curry must bookmark this and go get the ingredients from the market:D Looks so good lena.

  24. I am not a whole fish person. Scared of the bones but definitely will try this out with fish fillets. I never say NO to anything spicy especially one that looks SOOO DELISH!

  25. Lena...what a mouth watering dish...been to church retreat in CH and came back looking at this ! drooling !!!!

  26. Oh Lena, the look of it already makes me hungry! I need a BIG bowl of rice....mmmm....delicious. Yes, I'm sure I will be drinking that gravy :D Hope you have a great week!

  27. Lena, like Yummybakes say, it's shiok! Slurpppp.....

  28. What a fantastic way to kick off the holy month of Ramadan and sharing the love with our Muslim friends. Well done, my dear! :)

  29. Mmmmm yummy! Hot and sour is my other half's favourite. We order hot and sour soup without fail everytime we go to a chinese restaurant. Or tom yum haha. Your food looks great as always. I need to really practice my cooking skills instead of just sitting for hours salivating at the sight of all your food haha. Want to make the simple orange cake and the sweet potato donuts! The sweet potato donuts looks so good and sounds like a healthier alternative to the regular ones. I had Krispy Kremes just yesterday and gosh, SO sweet and definitely calorific!

  30. Lena, this dish is so shiok!!I'm drooling now!

  31. I am always looking for more recipes featuring fish! I made a fish curry the other day as well but doesn't look as good as this!

  32. That fish look so well done ~ a great blend of ingredients with beautiful pics!
    Us Masala