Thursday, July 21, 2011

Instant Sweet Potato Donuts

I call this instant donuts because it's simple and quick to make, needs no proofing at all! I know that i have to give this a try when i saw Quay Po making these at her blog here . They are truly delicious and just as what Quay Po described them, crispy outside and soft cushiony on the inside. Though they are not the extreme fluffy types of donuts, they are still soft and i'm sure you will enjoy eating them. It  does resembles the texture of a 'ham chin peang'. I do not have a donut cutter so i have shaped them into balls instead. You can eat them plain or roll them over sugar or even cinnamon sugar, yum!  I made half of the original recipe as i did not have much sweet potatoes left with me, so i just reduced everything by half . I'm not sure if i should reduced the flour amount by half too , i ended up with quite a runny mixture. So i added more flour till it becomes workable to shape into balls..i ended up using 2 1/2 cups flour too. My fist bite into these donuts was like, "mmm, so good" and i didnt bother considering about the amount of flour i had put in then. Needs no approval! Anyway, I will put down Quay Po's original recipe here, i do not want to confuse or mislead you with my flour amount. Very nice, all gone very quickly!

Recipe ( from Quay Po Cooks )

1 cup mashed sweet potatoes
2 tbsp  butter
2 eggs, beaten
1 cup sugar
oil for frying
1 cup milk
2 1/2 cup flour
1/4 tsp salt
4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp nutmeg

Work butter into mashed sweet potatoes. Add eggs, sugar and milk. Mix well. Add dry ingredients.
Let dough rest for 10 minutes. Roll dough out  and cut out donuts. ( or shape them into balls )
Fry in hot oil. Drain on paper towel and roll in sugar.


  1. Deep fry? It's such a pity tht I practically don't fry anything at home, since I don't really knw wht can I do with the after fried oil... so much of it, such a pain!>_<

    Can I bake with this recipe?

  2. Lovely! My kids love donuts!! look nice! gloria

  3. I will minus the sugar toppings! hehee...

  4. I like the idea that these donuts can be made easily without long period of proving.

  5. I've been looking forward to make something like this long ago. I'm sure my kids will love this very much. Thanks so much for sharing it & also thanks Veron.

  6. Half recipe? For my family not enough !!! Must use whole recipe....:)

  7. Hi! I wonder if DHL delivers these! Probably they do, but I think they will be long gone before they reaches me! Looks wonderful! :)

  8. anak anak Cm pasti suka donat yang begini.Masuk list dulu nnt jika ada keledek boleh cuba:)Thanks lena

  9. Hey I love this and I know for sure Claire loves this too...she is a sweet potato fan. I shall make this for her for breakfast one day soon :)
    Thanks Lena and Veronica for sharing this simple and easy to make donut :)

  10. Sounds so easy! Well except for the frying part...will try this, just got some purple sweet potatoes just now. :) who doesn't love donuts...yum!

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  12. I love sweet potato so must give this a try. Diane

  13. Ham Chim Peng?
    Haha... One Kopi O to go with this please :)

  14. Oh wow thanks for sharing this recipe. I am crazy about sweet potatoes at the moment since we have some sweet potatoes to harvest from our small garden. So I have been searching for sweet potatoes recipe to try. This will be good for our cold winter and have it with hot tea. YUMMO.

  15. Donuts with sweet potato, a healthy version. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Ooh sounds really awesome. Love donuts and these with sweet potato, even more!

  17. I like this type of donut....delicious!

  18. Lena, Thanks for the mention, your donut looks perfect! Great photos too. I am salivating while typing this comment. I am not kidding!

  19. Making a smaller amount may also be the best way to limit myself to eat too much of these goodies : ).

  20. Look so good and delicious, I would love to have some... yum yum

  21. wow....thumbs up for this recipe from two of my favorite bloggers means this is definitely a must-try! I love the simplicity of the recipe. instant fix to curb the sweet tooth for instant gratification! :)

  22. HiLena, wow! One more time...WOW! I love this!
    Long time have not eaten.....Looking at yours, I think 6 no problemos.
    They really look good. Finger licking good!

    Sure would love to be your neighbour, ha ha....I bring durians to your house, maybe get invited try your cookies, ha ha.
    Have fun, Lena.
    PS, you mind I copy the 1st pic? Will love to display it next day, credit you of course. Boleh?

  23. These looks very tempting except that its deep frying but would love to try it if you dont mind sharing with me. haha

  24. MM~~mm~~I would like to have a dozen of this!! My all times favourite when looking for simple carb!

  25. Love the sweetness of sweet potato in the donut.

  26. yum! It looks fluffy!!!Although I am not a fan of deep fried food, this loooks lovely to me

  27. Ham chin peang's texture, I think I will love this. This recipe looks easy, no need to proof, hehe, want to try this one day!

  28. I like this kind of easy and quick recipe, must try one day!

  29. alice: it's my first time making donuts too so i'm not sure. You may want to try that, let me know if one day you're baking this. Yeah, i might want to bake these too one day and see if it works..

    gloria: thanks

    claire: sure can, anyway you like!

    zoe: that's also the reason why i chose to make these!

    kristy: yeah, try this out!

    yummylittlecooks: wah, big eaters!!ha!

    joyce: if send by dhl, maybe then dhl guy will eat that first, hahaha!

    cm: apa khabar?cuba satu hari, senang saja..

    elin: remember no sugar for claire!!

    bee: yeah, it's only the frying part that a lot of us tend to shy away..

    aarthi: thanks, will chk it out later!

    diane: i'm sure you will also love these!

    wendy: yup, quite like HCP, and very nice! where's my char kuay teow?

    malaykadazangirl: wow, you grow your own sweet potatoes, how wonderful is that and thanks for dropping by!

    vivian: you not afraid of frying??

    shaz: this is good!

    pete: yes, yummy!

    quaypo: thanks so much for sharing such a delicious and easy recipe, sure will do this again!

    maureen: ha! yeah, it can be a good excuse!

  30. i have some leftover sweet potatoes and i'm so making these balls! but i'll try baking them instead and see what happens!

  31. So this is round 'ham chin peang'. minus the sugar topping. Nice.

  32. Lena, these look sinfully delicious. This is the kind of treat that disappears in minutes from my kitchen. I love this recipe and I've never used sweet potatoes in this way. I really must give your recipe a try. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  33. These look SO amazing, I could eat a dozen! I never thought of using sweet potatoes, it's such a good idea! I just found your blog and it's lovely. I'm signing up to follow you

  34. Ooh, my grandma used to make these when I was a kid! I love how dense and yet fluffy they are. Yummminessss! :D

  35. amelia: thanks, they are good!

    alan: die die must try??

    lee: you r welcome to bring in durians, remember no swords or knives or whip ! ghost stories too! haha!

    chris: okok, i fry, you eat!

    tee: wah, you big eater huh??

    little inbox: there's not much sweet potatoes i put here therefore the taste is not that prominent but still very good

    daphne: yeah, i know there are many of us just hate deep frying, i just read sotong's comments that she might be try baking it, hope that will work too!

    min: dont we just love this kind of recipe? instant! instant! hahaha!

    sonia: yup, sure your kids will love that too!

    sotong: do let me know how it turns out if you're baking them..good or bad.

    banana: almost! very nice!

    mary: hope you will like this!

    inside a british mum kitchen: hi, nice to know you, will drop by your blog soon!

    kenny: so did you inherit any of your grandma culinary skills??

  36. Those donut balls look so tempting!

  37. Wow this looks really awesome - I also like the fact that this doesn't need proofing! Am bookmarking this to try soon :D

  38. Hi Lena, here's the result of my 'experiment'. All i can say is 'Don't ever bake these balls!'. They turned out dense and hard. LOL

    note: I too halved the recipe and like you needed to add more flour to make a workable dough to mould into balls.

  39. hi sotong, hahaha! thanks for letting me know!! did they turn out like ping pong ball? now i can also save on that experiment!! wonder what did you do with those balls?!

  40. "so did you inherit any of your grandma culinary skills??

    Unfortunately, no. But can still whip a dish that's palatable, I guess. :P