Friday, June 24, 2011

Ginger Milk Curd (姜撞奶)

this is like magic! When i first saw this in  Maureen from TasteHongKong blog, i read with amazement as to how the milk can set on its own. Maybe some of you had done this before and i had to do this 4 or 5 times to see the magic happening. It is the ginger juice that is acting as the coagulant and must be old ginger cos it contains the starch to help to set the milk. First we need to grate the ginger to obtain the ginger juice, then boil the milk till it reaches 80C ( a thermometer would be very useful here) , then pour the milk into the ginger juice in the bowl and let it set. It should take just several minutes to set the curd but in all trials, i just let it sit there for about 20 minutes without moving the bowl.

As you can see from the picture, i didnt get a firm curd. My first 3 trials had totally failed to set, the 4th and 5th time was almost the same least it sets to a soft curd with the addition of slightly more ginger juice. I used Dutch Lady UHT full cream milk for all my trials. It's nice to eat but a little hot due to the ginger juice. If you are curious and keen to try, you can always start of with half the recipe below which i did after the 2nd attempt. Half the recipe will make one normal rice bowl. After i done all these, i realised that Wendy and a few other friends had also experimented this. You can try with various brands of milk if you like.You can also take a look here. So simple and yet so diificult..!

Recipe( from TasteHongKong )
250ml fresh milk
2 tsps sugar to taste
4 tsps ginger juice ( from old ginger)

1. Wash, peel and grate ginger and juice by pressing it thru a fine strainer until you get required amount of ginger juice.
2.Stir well the ginger juice and divide among 2 bowls.
3.Heat milk with sugar over the lowest flame in a small pot. Swirl to dissolve sugar. As you feel heat from the milk, place the kitchen thermometer into the milk. As the temperature reaches 80C, remove from heat.
4.Right befor ethe milk is removed from heat, give theginger juice a good stir. Immediately pour milk form about 10cm above to fill no more than 70% of the bowl or the milk will easily spill out.
5.After the milk is added to the ginger juice, do not move or shake the bowl. Wait for 5 minutes, the mixture will be curded. Serve immediately.
( in my last 2 attempts, i boiled the milk till it reaches 90C, remove from heat and let it cool down to 80C before pouring into the bowl.)

Thanks to Maureen  for introducing this nice, little miracle dessert to me. I didnt get the chance to try that when i was in Hong Kong but very glad to be able to do this at home even though it doesnt look as good as the real one!


  1. oh .. this is only one recipe i didnt drool over as yet.. hahaha.. i have milk phobia.. :)

  2. Interesting, Lena! Never knew ginger can do that, I thought only citrus juice and vinegar! Will give this a try, looks like tau fu fah! With the ginger, should be yummy!

  3. Lena, this is so smooth and good. Can I have a bowl, pls. Quick, quick, drooling and flooding soon. haha

  4. When I saw it on Wendy's blog, I thought it was difficult. Well done, you made it.

  5. Simple yet difficult? I guess that's where it moves from being a recipe (the science) into something more personal (the art). I think you're something of an artist yourself, trying new recipes in the kitchen and then adapting them to your own taste. :)

  6. Nice try, Lena! I bet it tastes as delicious especially the ginger flavour. Yum....
    Have a lovely day. Time flies so quickly. Another weekend to come!

  7. oooh, i've always wanted to try this dessert but somehow just never come around to it. hmmm, time to put old ginger & milk in my shopping list! :)

  8. I have seen a few bloggers did this and also find it amazing that it can set with just ginger juice.

  9. Hai is a satisfacion belong to your blog, I love learning new recipes I like flavors and colors, I'll follow through from VIGO SPAIN share friendship and what we like to cook. I invite you to share my recipes and blog, hugs Marimi

  10. Well done, I have tried it before and it really like magic to me, amazing.

  11. I have never try this before so I think it is quite challenging ...whether it will set or not hahaha anyway u did a good job on it :)

  12. I've tried making this twice and failed. I have to make this again but first need to get the full cream milk since we don't drink that at home.

  13. Lena, I first tried this dessert in Hong Kong some time ago, and I really love it. I have failed a few times making it to set, and only succeeded a few times after trying it with fresh milk. Your post reminds me of this dessert again and I want to try it again this weekend!

  14. ah... I love these double-boiled desserts also, from Yee Shun Dairy Company and Australian Dairy Company in Hong Kong. I love the 双皮炖奶! Wonder how that's being made.

  15. What an intriguing recipe, Lena. I would love to give it a try one day. I wonder how it would work with sweetened condensed milk.

    I didn't realize that ginger was loaded with pectin until I checked a bit further. Now, I'm not sure why "old" ginger would be better.

    I'm saving this recipe for when I'm feeling adventurous because I really would love to taste it and also try my unscientific hand at it:)

    Thanks for sharing, Lena...

  16. You did make a REAL milk curd too. I admire your persistence and great job especially the tips your shared at the end. Excuse me for stealing it.

  17. oooo how cool is that!!!! That make so much sense with old ginger too. Good tip Lena!

  18. claire: ah, now i know one more thing about you..!

    joyce: citrus can? but this is very smooth but much softer than taufoofah!

    yummykoh: thanks! you can give it a try, maybe you will succeed the first time!

    kenny: how great thou science, how great thou art!..not me!

    kristy: yeah, it's nice with the ginger juice but this is much hotter than the normal ginger syrup!

    sotong: hey, if you make this, i will be very excited to know the outcome!

    jeannie: yeah, i didnt know abt this until i saw it in maureen's blog!

    garlutti : thanks so much for your visiting, i'll drop by your blog very soon!

    hanushi: oh you did? did you post on your blog?

    elin: although i didnt get first or second prize, at least i get a consolation , haha!

    gert: yeah, this is something so tricky to do!

    min: i'm sure the one from hkg taste very good, i wonder are they soft or firm types?

    alan: wow, you can remember the names so well, you made a post on that? i also did not try the double layer milk but i think i've seen the recipe before in the books..

    louise: i'm not sure if this can be done with condensed milk but i've read bloggers doing it with milk powder. The old ginger contains the starch that helps to set the curd, hope you will try and have fun doing this!

    maureen: in a way, i was quite eager to try and try till i get that becos you said it's manageable! Thanks for sharing all your tips with us too!

    daphne: yea, i actually just know abt the ginger when i learned how to make this.

  19. Alamak, not easy to set ya... but it looks really delish! Very tempted to try this (my hands itchy now)!>_<

  20. Awww... I think you are just being modest. :)

  21. Hi
    You can reduce the milk to 150ml Ginger juice 1 tbs or you might wanna try milk powder version which give u firmer texture

  22. simone: i actually enjoy eating this and might do it again. Thanks so much for your tips!

  23. I found you via pinterest & immediately wanted to try this traditional recipie. My parents grew up in HKG and I love taking our family vacations. Anyways, back to my point, I succeeded with my 2nd try at this recipe!!! I made it for my parents last night and they were both impressed. My Dad even said that it brought back so many memories from his childhood. Thanks for posting!

  24. hi anonymous, thank you for letting me know! good that you tried again and this works for you!!