Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bake Along # 3 - Butterscotch and Hazelnut Pudding

If only the pudding could be a little more saucey, then it would be absolutely yummy! Now the picture i'm showing here doesnt look like all like the one featured in the magazine. The magazine one looks far more tempting and pretty and super saucey. But i was not disappointed with the pudding, it tasted not bad but just a little puzzled.. the butterscotch sauce could have been more .maybe i cooked the sauce a little more thicker..i dont know.. The taste of  pudding by itself is not plain, you can get to taste the hazlenut here but just a pity that i had to dig all the way down to the bottom of the ramekin for the butterscotch sauce when i was eating this. Now i shall see my 2 bake along friends, Joyce and Zoe who baked the same pudding. I'm excited to see how did their pudding turn out.

Recipe ( from Donna Hay Magazine apr/may2011 issue )
Ingredients: ( this is halve of the original recipe, makes around 4 ramekins)

Basic Pudding Mixture
75gm butter
58gm brown sugar
1 egg
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
113gm all purpose flour
25gm ground hazelnut
1tsp baking powder
125ml milk

Butterscotch sauce
85gm brown sugar
30gm butter
125ml single/pouring cream

1.Preheat oven to 170C. To make the butterscotch sauce, place the butter, sugar and cream in a saucepan over low heat and stir until sugar is dissolved. Increase heat to high and bring to boil, stirring occasionally 5-7 minutes until thickened. Pour into ramekins or 1.75 liter baking dish and refrigerate.
2.To make hazelnut pudding mixture, place butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, flour , ground hazelnut, baking powder and milk in the bowl of an electric mixer and beat till well combined. Divide the mixture between the ramekins or pour into baking dish.
3.Place the pudding in water bath. Cover the tray with 2 sheets of aluminium foil and bake for 45-50 minutes or until puddings are springy to the touch. If using baking dish, pls adjust baking time to 1hr 5 min-1hr 10mins. Dust with icing sugar and serve.


  1. Your pudding looks great! Mine is OK but the butterscotch sauce is a little too thick! Like you, I would love to have more sauce. All in, this is a nice pudding!

  2. No need to puzzle, it is so tempting!!

  3. This is so exciting...seeing how Joyce and you baking the same thing Interesting to see that we all have different baking experiences and pudding texture even using the same recipe.

    Joyce's puddings are more saucey than ours. I'm guessing that we might have over-baked our puddings especially mine being much more smaller than Joyce's and yours.

    I look forward for our next bake-along...

  4. Holy Yum !! That hazelnut pudding with butterscotch sauce looks out of this world!! I so want to grab a fork n dig in :DD
    US Masala

  5. Mana u beli Donna Hay mag?
    With the sauce, I'm sure it's sweet, but it's very comforting to slowly eat it.

  6. I love butterscotch sauce...nice!

  7. OMG! i want to eat it! :D look so delicious!! is so fun to have bake along session (:

  8. Delicious hazelnut pudding - what a great way to have this bake along session. Have fun...

  9. lena - no need to get jealous one. Make a trip down to say hi to us - its that simple. haha

  10. Lena, I saw you, Zoe and Joyce posted this almost on the same day, it must be very yummy. Will try to make this too!

  11. Lena... lovely pudding :) drooling

  12. u got me curious to see how donna hay's pudding looks like in the magazine...but yours still look really moist and delicious!

  13. Oh gosh this is fun AND delicious with you ladies cooking along the same recipe. :) Love the butterscotch pudding...perhaps I should have join in the fun! ;) Thanks for the lovely recipe. :)

  14. Lena, this looks so mouthwatering. I love the sauce over the pudding. Simply amazing.
    Hope you're having a lovely evening.

  15. CP, it's closed to midnight and my tummy is rumbling now just seeing this :)

  16. Tht's a great recipe, can I substitute the Hazelnut with almond or walnut? I reckon the former is tad too expensive!:)

  17. Mmmm...beautiful pudding. I love individual portions. Easy and lovely for serving. But only thing I don't like washing :P So, I would pour everything into one big dish :P But if you come, I will make sure I bake individual ones :D Hope you have a wonderful day.

  18. Lena...this hazelnut pudding looks fabulous with the butterscotch sauce. I would love to have a piece of it.
    Hope you are having a great week :-)

  19. Lena, do you know how much I want to have such a lovely hazelnut pudding to warm up a bit in this cold day? So nice!

  20. ahh.. I'm in love with donna hay! This recipe is a winner for sure- I have the mag and love how it looks. I got to try it soon too since puddings are great for cold weather!

  21. ooohhh... I must try this...
    I love self saucing pudding :D

  22. My dear Lena, there is nothing more to ask of this dessert. Hazel nut and butterscotch sauce!! YUM!

  23. joyce: i think your butterscotch is okay, at least you have more of that..

    claire: ok, ok...

    zoe: now i'm excited to see both of your tortes..!

    aipi: it's not bad..

    pete: try making the sauce one day..it doesnt need to be in a pudding..

    jasmine: always fun to have bake along friends just like aspiring bakers..that's also a fun event to look forward:

    yummykoh: sure..one day when i go singapore, i will call all of you out!

    anncoo: i'm sure you can make this better than mine..happy baking!

    elin: no need to drool, make some!

    jean: the picture in the magazine looks very attractive..the pudding itself was like soaking in the sauce..!

    Bee: yeah, it's fun to bake along, same recipe, different outcome and share experinces. you interested?

    kristy: yeah, the sauce is very nice but too bad..too little..probably much o fit got soaked up in the pudding itself!

    barb: hey, no supper for you! diet! remember?

    alice: yes, sure you can..with ground almonds/walnuts.

  24. this looks incredible!! Love butterscotch, hazelnut, and pudding as separate entities...but together?! Ahh! :)

  25. wendy: itu donna hay magazine boleh beli dekat MPH! Tapi saya tak beli, mahal ..almost RM30. Zoe yang bagi kami resepi ini! cikgu wendy, you boleh faham saya cakap bahasa ini tak??

    amelia: thanks!

    mary: if i go, dont make this! i want something from mary's kitchen!!

    gloria: thanks!

    juliana: it's a nice dessert, thanks!

    christine: yeah, it's winter now in aust, this will be a warm treat!

    daphne: yeah, i remember you got the same issue when you made your earl grey tea cakes! i would also like to try that some day!

    lisa: yeah, hope you will like this!

    quaypo: mmm, the butterscotch sauce is very nice..i think can pair it for something else too!

    jay: hi jay, nice seeing you again!

    nourhan: ok, not that sinful lah!

  26. wow! thanks for a workable butterscotch sauce recipe! I'd always been wondering how its made but too lazy to check it up myself! Thanks for doing it for me all of us!

    And a bakealong! how fun! we should do it together someday!

  27. hi Lena, yours looks just as nice as the other 2 - i guess cos the recipe really rocks!
    thks for sharing :)

  28. Yumm.. hazelnuts and butterscotch sauce, what a great combination!

  29. Thanks for your concern,my boy's condition is getting better now!

    LOL, Yalor, Brandy is such handy option for growing up hair and healing rashes!^^

  30. I love the combination. The pudding looks divine.

  31. Lena, its just torture coming here being tormented with your creations. All I can say is, 'Holy Smoke"!
    Sure looks good.....and pic so well taken, I feel like I can just use my fingers to take a piece.

    Lena, just to let you know I will be displaying your culinary skills in my next cherita in half an hour.
    You now 7am.
    Best regards. Lee.

  32. Honestly, any cake or pudding with a little bit of extra sauce sounds heavenly to me! :)

    And butterscotch + hazelnut = heavenly combo!

  33. Looks great Lena. I'm sure my boys will lap this up! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Hi Lena,
    Just popped in from Kristy's! What a delicious looking blog you have. I'm going to need to sniff around a bit.

    In answer to your question about the Picnic Game, it's much like that child game I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing... You are more than welcome to join in on the fun. Drop by my blog to choose a letter. Louise.

  35. It looks delicious! I would try this too if I have ramekins.

  36. thanks everyone for your time here.

    lousie: thanks for inviting, will be checking with you soon!

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