Monday, May 2, 2011

Lemon Bavarian Cream Cake

Taken from the kitchen of One Perfect Bite, this is one cake that i'm longing to make.  When Mary gave a hint that she's going to make a lemon mousse cake during her 'lemon' week, i just cant wait to look at the recipe. A fairly large cake but let me tell you that it wont take you long to finish that cake! I've used gingernuts cookies for the crumbs instead and i should say that the ginger spice goes very well with  lemon curd mousse. I've made a little changes to the original recipe; an increased amount of gelatine used here for the mousse as i was a little worried that the mousse will melt or getting too soft due to our temperature here. As Mary mentioned in the post, you can use your favourite lemon curd recipe if you have one but just to make sure you make abt 3.5cups for this cake.  The lemon curd which i made previously for my pavlova was very nice but i thought i wanted to try out the recipe given here. Both the lemon curd tasted quite alike but this lemon curd here produced a lighter yellow. A lovely dessert , it did took a little bit of time to make this but the end result was satisfying! Oh, i kept the last 3 pieces of this cake in the freezer and it was even ice cream cake!

Recipe ( from One Perfect Bite , with slight changes)
Lemon Curd
2 1/3 cups sugar
4 tsps cornstarch
1 cup fresh lemon juice
4 large eggs
4 large egg yolks
3/4 cup(1 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter, cut into 1/2 inch cubes

Nonstick vegetable oil spray
2 cups( 7.5oz) gingernuts cookie crumbs
1/4cup ( 1/2 stick) unsalted butter, melted

5 tbsp water
6 tsps gelatine powder
6 large egg whites ( pasteurised, if possible)
3/4 cup sugar
1tsp of cream of tartar
1-1.5cups chilled heavy whipping cream

1.To make curd: Mix sugar and cornstarch in a heavy large saucepan. Gradually add lemon juice, whisking until all cornstarch dissolves. Whisk in eggs and yolks. Add butter. Stir over medium heat until curd thickens and boils, about 12 minutes. Transfer to medium bowl, chill until cold, at least 6 hours. ( can be made 1 week ahead, press plastic wrap onto surface of curd and kept chilled)

2. To make crust: Preheat oven to 350F. Spray bottom of 9inch diameter springform pan with nonstick spray. Blend cookie crumbs and butter in small bowl, press onto bottom of pan. Bake until golden, about 15mins, let cool.

3. To make mousse:  Pour 5 tbsps water into a saucepan. Sprinkle gelatin evenly over water.Let stand until gelatin softens, about 15minutes. Meanwhile place 1 3/4 cups of lemon curd in a large bowl. Leave aside. Stir in 3/4 cup of curd into the gelatin mixture over medium low heat until very warm and gelatine dissolves. Gradually whisk gelatine-curd mixture into that lemon curd (1 3/4 cups) in large bowl earlier. Remove 3/4 of curd and set aside for final assembly. Using electric beaters, beat egg whites and cream of tartar until soft peaks form, Continue beating, gradually adding sugar until thick and glossy. Fold whites into curd mixture in 3 additions. Using same beaters, beat heavy cream in another bowl until medium peaks form. Fold into eggwhite-curd mixture in 3 additions. Pour enough mousse over cooled crust to fill pan completely. Pour remaining mousse into small bowl and reserve. Cover and chill mousse cake,reserved mousse and remaining curd overnight.

4.To serve: Using long thin knife, cut around cake to loosen. Remove pan sides. Gently spread 3/4 cup or remaining curd over cake. Transfer reserved mousse to pastry bag fitted with small star tip and pipe rosettes around top edge of cake ( or any decor you like) Chill cake until ready to serve. ( can be made up to 8 hours ahead).Cut cake into slices. Yield 10-12 servings.

as i have added extra gelatine to the curd mixture earlier, it was a bit challenging to spread the curd on the top of the cake during the final assembly. I warmed up the curd back a little to make that more spreadable.


  1. hey im always game for a mousse cake...and yours looks especially inviting! can imagine the delicious creamy stuff melting in my mouth mmm

  2. Hi lena!

    and wow! bavarian cream! must be really luxurious and smooth!!!

    I love anything citrusy (haha I'm sure you already know that by now!)and i'm sure these would tantalise my tastebuds massively!

  3. nampak sungguh sedap.Dah lama tak buat kek seperti ini.Terima kasih Lena kerana berkongsi resepi yang sungguh menarik.masuk list dulu,selepas berehat panjang nak buat jugak:)

  4. Hi Lena....I can practically get the beautifullest (this spelling only for cakes, ha ha) scent of your this finger lickin' lemon cake!
    Holy Smoke!
    This is one cake one slice not enough, ha ha.
    And that first is just plain torture looking at the waterfall icing.

    Maybe next time call it the 'Lemon Niagara Fall cake', ha ha ha.
    Lena, you're the kind of wife to be put on a pedestal,
    You sure you not a graduate of a Swiss Finishing School?
    Have a nice day, keep a song in your heart.

  5. Awesome, can I have a piece pls ;)

  6. Oh Lena, this cake looks incredible!! I love lemon desserts. I need to make this soon...i am sure it would be a hit for mother's day! :)

  7. What a cake! So many layers of flavors to savor! The lemon curd, the mousse and the crust! How did you manage to make this! I can really see the blessings of Mary on you with this cake! Cheers!!!

  8. Wow, this cake looks delicious, I love the combination of the mousse with the lemon curd...beautifully done. Have a great week ahead Lena :-)

  9. This looks complicated. Just wonder if I can handle this.

  10. This cake looks difficult to make but good to eat.

  11. Beautiful cream cake! I love the citrus taste in it.......

  12. Beautiful cake, Lena. I like the colour, very striking!

  13. Oh wow, I can imagine the sweet and tangy lemony cream meting away in my mouth. So yum! Hahaha...getting a little carried away already! Thanks for posting this, will definitely try it out...perhaps for my mum's birtday. ;)

  14. I am up of anything lemony. This is a lovely dessert indeed. Well cone :)

  15. hi jean, yup, you're right abt the melt in your mouth texture!

    alan: i know, i know, your yuzu and the bloody orange..oops, blood orange, i mean!

    cikmanggis: sama sama kak cm. Kalau ada apa2 not sure, boleh tanya lena, ya?

    lee: that waterfall icing? it's horrible! i'm not good at decorating and i justdidnt know what to do when i was holding the piping bag!

    cathy: haha! ok, reserved that for you!

    chris: yes, yummmy!

    cristina: hi, i think you wont have difficluty making this cake, it's delicious!

    arthur: yes, i enjoyed eating all of the layers, it did sound like a lot of work here..maybe a little but i's always worthy and we get to learn something new each time when we bake..

    hi juliana: yup, i like the tangy flavour of the lemon curd mousse here and the good thing is i can still have another piece right away cos it's light and not too rich.

    hi inbox: it may sounds complicated reading the recipe the first time but i'm sure you can do this .

    koh: haha! know what you mean..i have the same experience too with some of the cakes that other bloggers make too!!

    doris: me too, that lemon curd is the star ingredient here!

    cheah: thanks! yeah, the colour of the lemon curd always look attractive, if you chk my lemon curd in my pavlova earlier, that colour is even brighter.

    bee2: yes, i'm falling in love with lemon curd now.with your expertise in cake making, i'm sure you can even do better than me

    hi gert: just as i was telling honeybee, i'm loving lemon curd now and, can also spread on cookies or breads, maybe shall try tarts one day with that!

  16. Lena, this cake almost look too pretty to me cut into. Tangy and refreshing. what a lovely cake!!! i'm envious~!

  17. Lena, this looks so yummy. And I love anything citrus, especially lemon! Mary indeed has some delicious recipes which I have KIV but have not tried yet! Would be lovely if I could have one slice of this delicious cake!

  18. hi Lena, what a great cake and i bet it tastes delicious!
    mousse cake with citrus = heaven!

  19. Hi Lena. The cake looks yummy. So light and fluffy. And prob nice and tangy too. I must take up the challenge of baking a proper cake one day soon!

  20. Lena...your lemon curd cake looks great. Mary has the best recipes on earth and I love all her cake recipes :) Glad that you have this tried out and love it :) I shall try this out one day too soon. My to do list is getting longer each day...the naughty eyes see, the desire grew stronger each day...that is the work of a foodie :p

  21. That looks awsome Lena! I have added your post to the roundup, sorry about the mixup.

  22. oh be still my heart! how amazing this looks and sounds and the picture is breathtaking! i am obsessed with lemons right now!

  23. Lena, I know how to make lemon curd so I should try this recipe. If my cake come out just half as nice as yours, I will open champagne to celebrate hehe... You know me, I don't bake well. When I see beautiful bakes of fellow food bloggies, my angel and satan are at war. One said, Veronica, you can do it, look! they are not so difficult. The other said: "Hello, don't! because you will be pulling your hair again!!" hehe.. Jokes aside, this cake is so stunning, you outdo yourself my dear. LOVE the photo too!

  24. Hi Lena, it's me again. Paella is done all over the world and it's often called with a different name but always with Spanish influence. In the Philippines they use sticky rice and turmeric to color the rice, it's called Bringhe. In Mexico, Arroz con pollo and many more. Time to make a Malaysian version! Cheers!!!

  25. hi,,love this cake so much,,itz our home all times favourite ,,especially my parents,,
    btw do u bake for sale,?,,i am a singaporean,,,any chance thanks,,

  26. Hihi!!!

    Gingernut cookies? Mana dapat? Tesco ah?
    Sorry for not replying ur sms, keep on forgetting to do it.
    Abt the Tres Leches cake... Just half the DDL for whatever portion of soaking that you need, I reduced the cake to a 4 egg recipe and the soaking milk to half with 50% less DDL. Almost there la.
    I'll be back blogging probably by next week, hopefully.

  27. daphne: thanks dear! infact i cant wait for the cake to set and eat that!

    joyce: yeha, mary has a lot of nice recipes there, i wish to try one of her coffee cakes too!

    claire: when is your birthday?

    alice: it's delicious, i ate many pieces of that!

    shaz: yes and i'm eager to look at that too! you can start with simple sponge cake with cream or even black forest cake.. not complicated!

    elin: yes, when we are so passionate about something, we just cant stop doing that!

    suresh: thanks a lot for putting it up, no problem!!

    jessica: thanks for those nice words, maybe you can also try this sometime.

    quaypo: veron, you're too humble!I've seen your kumquat pie recently and also that creme brulee which you presented and your pavlova too! they are look awesome!! no joke! but the joke is if satan says that to you again, you tell hi, " hey, sorry i cant pull my hair and i'm not pulling my hair cos i'm wearing a hat!" i know, it's a silly joke!!

  28. arthur: thanks so much for coming back and tell me about this. i do not know there are countries that have their own version of paella and yes, i hope to do my version one day!

    hi anonymous: no, i dont bake for sale, it's just a hobby and furthermore, i dont have the confidence to sell my bakes..i think that will put so much pressure on me! but there are lot of singaporean home baked professionals across the blogs here.

    hey wendy: how are you?? cant wait to see you back. yes, i got my gingernut cookies from tesco. I just flipped thru that tres leches cake in the book, you have a different method of doing that, is it? do you use nonfat milk? aar, come back quick !! how's the baby doing?

  29. No la, same method.
    Just that I changed the condensed milk to DDL and used fresh milk for whatever liquid milk stated in the recipe. Didn't care abt non fat or whole fat. It's about indulging!!! hahaha!!
    Wait la... I'm queuing the post in a relatable week, maybe a DDL week or a dairy week, see how.
    Baby's very active, engaged and just waiting for the day to see light. I've moved in not too long ago and am still doing arrangements, it's very tiring to be at 36 weeks.. I love Chow Koong alot, haha.

  30. no problem, i shall wait for your post but for now, you just relax, You must have looked 'swollen' by now! not only you love chow koong, i also love chow koong, dont know why i must see him nowadays in the afternoon! hey friend, you take good care, ya!

  31. I really love this too Lena, look nice! gloria

  32. Anything Bavarian is alright with me! And the lemony flavour is probably a huge boon given the heatwave of late... phew!

  33. Lemon curd for pavlova, yum!!! It's great to eat with ths cake too!^^

  34. gloria: thanks!

    kenny: yes! hot weather and may! eat this frozen, it helps!

    alice: it is a very delighting and refreshing taste!

  35. This is really beautiful...wish I have the patience to do this!