Friday, May 6, 2011

Chinese Water Chestnut Cake( 馬蹄糕)

Now i'm just wondering where do these cakes come from? A quick check on the internet, no it didnt say the origin of these cakes but this is quite a popular delicacy or dessert in china and also in Hong Kong dim sum restaurants. But it's not common to find these cakes in the dim sum restaurants here in my town. It is also known to be a popular cake that people take during chinese new year alongside with radish cake.  Just a few ingredients but you have to get the water chestnut powder to make this cake which can be normally found at most chinese groceries stores. Not too sweet  and crunchy from the bits of water chestnuts , it's best to be eaten chilled although i  heard that this can also be panfried too.

Recipe: ( from Agnes Chang Delightful Snacks and Dim Sum)
Ingredients A
600gm water chestnuts, peeled, add in 480ml water and liquidised
3 tbsp custard powder

Ingredients B
350gm sugar, mixed with 480ml water

Ingredients C
250gm water chestnut powder, mixed with 480ml milk and strained
( i subsituted the milk with water)
6 water chestnuts, chopped

Ingredients D
2 tbsp oil

1.Put A and B into a big pot, bring to boil.
2.Slowly add in C and mix until well combined.
3.Lastly, mix in D. Pour mixture into a greased 22cm( 9") steaming tin.
4.Use high heat and steam for 45minutes-1 hour until cooked. Leave to cool, cut into slices.


  1. Lena, I've always wanted to know how to make this yummy water chestnut cake, and now I know how! Btw, I also adore your Bavarian Lemon Cream Cake below, I really wish I can have a slice of it!

  2. Oh yes, I've seen this desert before but didnt try it though.  I bet it taste really refreshing with a little crunch in the texture, very nice right? Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  3. Another lovely kueh ... I never eaten this before but I bet it must be good.

  4. never eaten this before lol shall try this when i can thanks for sharing!

  5. Me too haven't taste of these kind of kueh before. Only have eaten similar kueh that was fold in pandan leaf and covered by coconut layer.

  6. lena, i'm so pleased you posted yours. I did it twice before and both failed- i think measurements isn't right for my chestnut powder..etc. So gonna try yours!

  7. lena- sorry! forgot to add that spread is margarine/butter..etc ;)

  8. not often take this, but I know this is good, very cooling dessert.

  9. I have never tried water chestnut cake before, always wondering how it taste like! Yours look lovely, wouldn't mind having a few pieces for my snack!

  10. I don't like it panfried.
    I prefer it chilled, cos when panfried, it somehow feels like an oily jelly.
    Some dimsum shops do have it panfried.

  11. hey i have had a few tries of this made by my colleagues because it's such a popular dish among home bakers! yours look really yummy! must be light and refreshing!

  12. These are so unique and pretty! I've never seen anything like them!


  13. I've seen this in my DimSum cookbook and also the Taiwanese (savoury) version with minced meat inside. I've always wanted to try but have never seen the powder yet...

  14. I tried this before but didn't quite like the aftertaste of the chestnut powder. Maybe will try your recipe. I like this sweet dessert, both fried and in this original form.

  15. foodiva: hi, you can follow this recipe, it's pretty staright forward and thanks for your comments on the lemon bavarian cake!

    beebee: yes, it's refreshing , have to eat it cold..i can eat my pieces of that!

    yummykoh: it's a nice dessert to have especially on hot days!

    jess: yes, jess try to make this one day if you have the time, can eat a lot of pieces of this and yet not feeling full! haha!

    wai kitt: are you talking about the tako kuehs, if it is, i like that too!

    daphne: hi, maybe you can try this recipe one day, it's quite easy. and thanks for the info back on 'spread', i hope to try that one day!

    sonia: yes, i think it's much better than panfried though i havent tried the panfried ones.

    joyce: yeah, it's not common to get this outside, something between a kueh and agar-agar maybe and crunchy!

    wendy: yeah, i think this is much better than the panfried ones, a cold dessert better than an oily one, ha!

    jean: thanks! this is a nice dessert to take especially on hot weather. how's the voting day today?

    sue: i'm not surprised that you havent seen this before, it's an asian kind of cake. Even here, we rarely see this selling outside, i think they are more popular in hkg and china.

    cg: oh, i havent heard of the savoury ones. I have seen some taiwanese snacks too in books and i think they are very interesting too and i noticed that they use a lot of pork and pork lard in their snacks.. If you are really keen to get water chestnut, i can send you a packet.

    cheah: i thought that water chestnut powder is tasteless..btw, you can try this recipe if you are keen in making them again.

  16. I've never eaten this before, but it sounds like a really interesting dessert - maybe I should try it first before attempting the recipe heh ;p

  17. What an interesting cake Lena. If it's not too sweet, then it must taste good. Love the amber color and texture. Very much like a fruit paste you can slice. Got to experiment on this one. Cheers!

  18. Lena this cake look absolutely nice and yummy, gloria

  19. I have never seen this type of dessert sounds super yummy! :)

  20. Hi Lena, happy mother's day and all best wishes.

  21. Hi Lena,

    Just drop by to wish you Happy Mother's Day :)

  22. Lena, I can't remember if I have this kind of kuih before. Must try it out one day. Thanks so much for sharing it.
    Good night,

  23. janine: yes,that's what i normally do..try before making them..if can!

    arthur: the texture is somehow like ..harder than jellies and crunchy and it isnt very sweet!

    gloria: yes, i enjoyed eating this especially if it's chilled!

    cristina: even here, we dont find this cake everywhere. Most likely you can get them in chinatown dim sum restaurants.

    lee/weng/deliah: thanks for your wishes!

    kristy: yeah, try i and i hope you will like it!

  24. These look really familiar... but I can't quite tell if I ever had some before or only imagined that I hat... :P

  25. I feel like banging my head on the wall now...!!! I actually bought a pack of chestnut last week and it ended in chicken patty last afternoon(slap forehead), I should hv read your post earlier!!!!

  26. kenny: probably you have seen the similiar looking type during your taiwan trip xxx years ago! ask devil!

    alice:no problem, alice! you can always buy another pack when you feel like making this, i think your kids might like these!