Thursday, April 28, 2011

Savoury Ham and Cheese Scones

For the past 2 days, i've been trying to bake a cake, a semolina cake which i found in the website. I do have a recipe on hand for a semolina cake but that takes more step to do it so i opted for a easier one instead. 2 times , i couldnt get it right, it was coarse and dry. So until i get that right, i will post it up. This morning , still feeling the urge to bake something, i chose something that i think it's more easier to do..scones. I'm thinking of  savoury ones and i found a recipe from This time it didnt disappoint me , the scones rise beautifully and i find that the texture of these scones are different from my previous scones. Not as light as my previous scones but their inside are soft and doesnt crumble...almost resembles a cake texture. Instead of using milk in most of the scones recipes, this one calls for heavy cream, probably that's one reason, i'm not too sure. Rich and cheesy, if you love savoury scones, this is something that you might love. As for me, i still like the sweeter ones.

There's a slight change in the recipe as i have shaped these scones into rounds using cutter instead of wedges , replaced the bacon with some english roasted ham and also i used salted butter.
Recipe ( from )
1 big slice of roasted ham , chopped
3 cups all purpose flour ( i replaced with self raising flour)
1 tbsp baking powder ( skipped)
1tbsp sugar
3/4 tsp salt
113 gm butter, cut into pieces
6 oz grated cheddar cheese
1/2 cup thinly sliced chives
1/2 tsp freshly ground pepper ( skipped)
1 cup heavy cream, plus 2 tbsps

1.Preheat oven to 400F/200C
2.In a large bowl, sift together the flour, sugar and salt. Cut in the butter, cheese, chives and black pepper with  a pastry cutter or fork, work until it starts to form lumps and come together. Add the ham. Add the 1 cup of cream slowly and work just until it becomes a sticky dough, being careful not to overwork.
3.Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and pat until it comes together, form into a circle with 2.5cm thickness.
4.Cut them into rounds with  a round cutter with 6.5cm in diameter and transfer them to a baking sheet with a spatula, leaving 1/2 ich space between them. Paint the tops with the remaining 2 tbsps of cream and bake until golden brown, approx 22-23 minutes.
5.Remove from oven and let cool slightly on the baking sheet. Serve warm.

 Submitting this to the Aspiring Bakers Challenge#6 - Say Cheese ( April 2011) hosted by Jean (Noms I Must). Cheeeeeesee!


  1. Hope I'm the first one here, so I can have some of your delicious scones for breakfast :)

  2. Lena, these scone look delicious, cheese and ham is the perfect the way, thank you for inviting me to the Easter party...sorry I could not make it...maybe next time. Hope you are having a great week :-)

  3. I am only familiar with the sweet version of scones, but I think I would prefer your version better because I like savoury more than sweet. Look delicious, Lena :)

  4. I love. I am a big fan of scones- plain, fruit or savory. I like the idea of not using a cutter to shape it. I suspect mine came out flat because my cutter wasn't high enough.

  5. These sound wonderful and I'm anxious to try them. I'll wager they are delicious. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. I prefer savoury ones more than eating it with fruit jam.

  7. Savory scones, it never occurs to me of making savory. I definitely bookmark this recipe. Thanks Lena!

  8. This scone must be really good, looking at the ingredients and your photos... Yumm.,.

  9. Goodness, these are amazing looking scone. Thanks for sharing.

  10. hey, u changed your template?
    Tea time post.. scones scones..

  11. Another delicious scones from you! Can I have one please :)

  12. when we get sick of all the sweets we have been baking...your savory scones are the optimal solution!

  13. dear ann: you are fast! i remember posting it up yesteray eve and saw you here a minute after.

    juliana: hey, no prob. Just for fun!

    Hi CG: then you prob might like these one, try them one day, you can always substitute ham with bacon..

    hi daphne: if you find that your cutter is not high enough,maybe you can make the dough a little thicker beofre cutting them out..

    mary: these are not bad for a savoury one, i still like the sweet scones.

    pete: yes, with these savoury scones, you can just eat it on its own!

    yummykoh: ok, ok, noted!!ha!

    victor: it's my first time too making savoury scones but i still prefer the sweet scones myself.

    hanushi: thanks, actually the addition of cheese made this a good savoury scone.

    Kristy: thank you, dear!!

    claire: yup, changed that maybe 2 wks ago already lah..

    tze: ha! yes, sure you can dear!

    jean: i think this is definately not a bad choice for some savoury bakes!

  14. I love savory ones and shall try this out. Agh my list is getting longer ;

  15. I am loving these scones! A must make for me because I am obsessed with my breads and pastries- oh and cookies of course! Love your method as well- a little different than mine which is always fun to try out! So glad you stopped by my site today so I could find yours. I am following you now! Xo and have a great night


  16. Hello Lena, wow! I love scones....but prefer without cheese. I will always buy from the supermarkets, especially those with raisins.
    Your looks really good.
    Gosh, any Sheraton or Hilton hotel GB manger would love someone like you,
    Have a nice day, Lena.

  17. I m salivating here...awesome presentation dear..:P
    Tasty Appetite

  18. I just love these scones.. will make them over the holidays if possible. thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe

  19. haha i know what you meant when you said "the urge to bake something" . Like you, I'm more for sweeter scones. Do you think it'll work by recreating this recipe for ham and cheese isinng your tried and tested one that uses milk? hmm...

  20. You know how sometimes it's time for tea and you're hankering for something savoury but the sweets are all that is available (and appropriate), more often than not?

    This seems to be the perfect solution - SAVOURY scones! Yay! :)

  21. elin: mine too! we'll never seem to be able to complete that!!

    jessica, i'm glad i found your blog too, thanks!

    lee: i still prefer the sweeter scones like you..aah..i'm very under qualified for that job, you have over rated me!!

    jay, thanks dear!!

    hi olivia: hi, nice to meet you. thanks for leaving a link here for me to know you!

    alan: i think shldnt be a problem, the previous one is a smaller recipe, just use lesser amount of cheese and pour the milk in slowly till it just becomes a dough.

    kenny: right now, i cant think of any savoury treats..maybe radish cake..or ham chin peang..ah, ham chin peang sounds really good for me now..with that ipoh white coffee!

  22. Wow! Your Savoury Ham and Cheese Scones look great! Thanks for the instructions :-)

  23. Ooh! I love radish cake! That's like our Asian version of savoury scones, right? ;)

  24. You have me at some savoury scones! Love the combination of flavours in this recipe.

  25. kenny: what?? hey, you dont try to confuse me with a scone and a kuih, friend!

  26. thank you ron! i'm sure you can get these from mrs geezer as well!!

    hi angie: i was thinking to omit the ham and just put in cheese and some italian herbs in it, that wld be nice too!

  27. Scones or kuih - who cares since they all taste so good? Hehe.

  28. These are perfect looking scones Lena! At home, we've been going English at breakfast time lately with Devon cream on scones. Yours don't need anything else. We'll eat them warm and golden brown! Thanks for this great recipe!

  29. Ohhh... you use heavy cream for your scone, how interesting! Gonna bookmark this page since we'll be baking scones this Fri!^^

  30. alice, hope you will enjoy these savoury scones!