Thursday, April 7, 2011

Homemade Wholewheat Tortillas

My first experiment with tortillas, one of the staple food of Mexicans.  I think they taste very much like chappati but probably tortillas require more oil to make them whereas chapatti requires very little oil or none at all. Taken from the book ' 500 pizzas and flatbreads', the following recipe comes with a few variations. You can replace the wholewheat flour with bread flour for plain tortillas; you can add 1/2 tsp of italian seasoning to the mixture for a herb tortillas; for a sun-dried tomato tortillas, just add 1tbsp of sundried tomato pesto to the flour mixture.  I did add some bread flour to my wholewheat tortillas , not intentionally but it's just all that i have. This  recipe will make 8 pieces of 8inch tortillas, i couldnt make it to 8" , mine was around 6 inches...that's the thinnest that i could make. Quick to make, it will take less than an hour to come up with these soft tortillas.

Basic recipe
250gm ( 9 oz) bread flour, preferably unbleached
( i replaced that with 220gm wholewheat flour and 30gm bread flour for a wholewheat tortilla)
5ml ( 1/2tsp salt)
45ml ( 3tbsp ) corn oil
120ml ( 4 fl oz ) warm water

1. In a large bowl of standing mixer, combine flour and salt. Slowly stir in oil. When oil is well incorporated, add warm water. Mix on slow speed  until flour is moistened and dough sticks together. ( add up to 60ml or 4tbsp more water as neccesary to get dough to hold). Change to dough hook and knead for 1-2 minutes.
2. Turn dough onto lightly floured surface and divide into 8 equal pieces. Shape pieces into 8cm( 3" ) discs, place on baking sheet and cover with cling film. Set aside for 30minutes.
3. Using a tortilla press or rolling pin, roll out rounds to form 20cm( 8") tortillas. Preheat large cast iron or nonstick frying pan over medium heat ( do not put in oil)
4.Place first tortilla inhot frying pan and cook for less than 1 minute per side, or until brown spots appear. Repeat with remaining dough. Stack cooled tortillas and keep warm in tortilla basket or wrapped in clean paper towel. ( pls keep an eye while cooking, i have 2 burnt tortillas which turned out real hard )


  1. I have tried making my own tortilla before. Your wholemeal ones are new to me. They look very delicious.

  2. Homemade tortilla, I didn't know that was feasible homemade. I totally going to try this one out.

    Oh btw, your comment on my beef stew, my aunt actually LOL! haha

  3. You mean I can make my own tortillas! I need to give this recipe a try. You know, tortillas are one of those things I have never even thought to make...they look so easy! :)

  4. i love wholemeal bakes (: making your own tortillas sound extremely awesome! yours loook better than store bought ones (:

  5. this is what I call real home cooking. making everything from scratch :) your tortillas look really lovely

  6. This sounds and looks amazing! Bookmarked to try! Thanks my dear.

  7. Looks so good! Love this with chili, but have never tried making myself. Must try!

  8. Yeah some friends told me before that he prefers chapatti over roti chanai cos it oil free. Wow your first experience with tortillas..Andale! Andale! Arriba! Arriba! Yeehaw! ~;).

  9. Your tortillas look very lovely!

  10. I never tasted that before.. spanish?

  11. You make the process look so easy. That's a test of your skill as a cook :-). They really look wonderful. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  12. Looks like chapati, haven't tried making tortillas before, next time I should give it a try!

  13. I have the same book, this has been on my list of to to, the question is when! Yours look wonderful!

  14. Shortcut, next time I buy chapati from the mamak stall and make it like tortilas....he he he

  15. just perfect for any meals of the day!

  16. i agree with jasmine! they look better than the store bought ones! and i'm sure healthier too!

    Perfect for a simple meal yeah? :)

  17. wow, you make your own tortilla? i usually buy them from the supermarket :D do the girls like them?

  18. Hi Lena, I was wondering whether did you receive the email I replied yesterday. I may have sent to the wrong email add, oops... sorry! Have sent again today. :)

  19. hi zoe, it was not bad. I left some in my fridge, thawed them the next day, alittle stiff but still soft.

    victor: your aunt read your blog? how sweet!oh, i'm sure they will drop by your place more often to eat!

    hi cristina: yes, with this recipe you can make plain or wholewheat ones.

    hi jasmine: thanks, i still havent tried those in stalls yet, i'm not sure if they are selling but i know they have pitas.

    jean: it's quite easy, otherwise i wont be doing that from scratch!!ha!

    quaypo: do go this a try, it's not difficult at all!

    pigs2corner: oh yeah, chilli or curry, that wld be lovely!

    mr banana: you are making me laugh! what's that? a zebra calling??

    tze: thanks!

    claire: err..err..common food in mexican coast..

    mary: yes, it was easy and quick to make. Great for breakfast!

    min: the wholewheat ones do taste like chapatti too, next time must try the plain ones.

    pete: like that also can ah??

    jess: and it's healthy too!

  20. hi alan: i would really like to try the store ones but i dont think i've seen them..only pitas.

    barb: i think they still prefer normal buns or their fav'char siew pau'!

    hi joyce: you know abt that book, 500 recipes and so far i think i only made 2 out of that. oh, i just got your mail, i'm goin to reply you in a short moment, thanks!!

  21. Hi Lena, I love this Mexican poh pias, ha ha.
    And yours look real good too. Looking at your pics, I think 3 will be fine with me.
    Gosh! You are good, and very creative. As well you take great pics, and nice presentation too.

    Anyway, this the first time I read of home made ones.
    We always buy the 'skins' from supermarkets.
    Yours is outstanding, Lena!
    Have a pleasant weekend.

  22. We love Mexican food here in California. Thanks for the tortillas recipe :-)

  23. My husband would love this! He loves tortilla :). Thanks for sharing Lena :).

  24. make these tortillas yoursellf! They look perfect and healthy. I'm sure they taste way better than shop bought ones. Thumbs up to you!

  25. Hi Lena. Thanks for sharing. Im gonna try this out soon.

  26. I have never made tortillas before. They look delicious! Homemade stuffs are always better than store bought!

  27. Hi Lena. I added your blog to my blogroll. I hope you don't mind. Thanks for sharing all these inspiring recipes!

  28. uncle lee: mexican popiahs?? hahaha!

    ron, you're welcome!

    hi CG, hope one day you will also make some at home for him!!

    marymoh: ihavent tasted the ones from outside but this one, no complaints..

    crustabakes: hmm, couldnt agree more!!

    shaz: thanks so much and yes, what an honour!!