Monday, April 25, 2011

Herb Crusted Snapper on Couscous

Couscous is something that i eat like taking my instant noodles..not very regular but i do have a pack in the kitchen most of the time. Either i eat them plain or with some salad leaves just to stave off my hunger. To be honest, i dont really have much idea cooking with couscous until early this year, i began to search for some couscous recipes and it gives me a a lot of ideas what to do with them. Here is one idea of cooking with couscous which i saw in the local magazine, myNourishment this month. Simple and not heavy, you can adjust the amount of ingredient to your liking but i just list down a rough amount of what i put in. There's a little bit of herbs and cheese which are added to the fish which myself find it really tasty. The pumpkin here is also not a bad idea because the couscous by itself is actually quite bland unless you want to add some butter or lemon juice to it. You can use any fish fillet in replacement of the snapper that i used here and cook until the fish is done. After that just add on to the roasted pumpkin, onions and tomatoes.

Ingredients: ( serves one)
1 small portion of pumpkin, chopped into cubes
1 red onion ( sliced ito thin rings)
3-4 cherry tomatoes or vine riped tomatoes
some baby spinach
1 small snapper fillet
some dried oregano
some fresh thymes
salt and pepper
1/ 2 cup of breadcrumbs
parmesan cheese powder
olive oil
3/4 cup couscous ( cook the couscous as per packet instructions)

1. Boil the baby spinach leaves and leave aside.
2. Boil the chopped pumpkin until just tender. Place in an ovenproof dish or pan with the sliced onion, tomatoes, season and drizzle with a little olive oil and bake at 175C until tomato skins split. Remove form oven.
3.Season the fish fillet with salt and pepper. Pour the breadcrumbs into a mixing bowl , add in the dried oregano, fresh tymes and parmesan , then mix together.
4.Drizzle a little olive oil onto fish and place in the breadcrumb mix, coating well on all sides. Place the fish on a tray lined with baking paper or foil and bake for 10-15minutes( depending on the thickness of your fish)
5. Serve with the the roasted pumpkin, onions, tomatoes and baby spinach.


  1. Hey, I don't mind having a tiny weeny bit for my supper!

  2. wow! couscous... I see it being used by Nigella in her recipes all the time but havent stirred up enough curiosity to make it myself. Your recipe really got me curious.

    is couscous suppose to taste a bit sourish? I had it as a sid-dish once at Nandos and it had a tang to it, but i couldn't pinpoint if it was due to the couscous or other condiments added.

  3. I have couscous in my fridge too! Leftover from my son's cooking experiment lol! Must dig them out this weekend. Your snapper looks delicious and I love the pumpkin too!

  4. this dish makes me wanna lick my plate clean :)

  5. hey cheah: hardly see you around at this hour, looking for supper? ha!

    hi alan: to me, i think it must be the condinents or seasonings. To me, they dont give much flavour, that's why i read that it's good to also cook with chicken stock or maybe a little salt added to that. The couscous will get its taste from all te seasonings and ingredients that cook with it. I once have a instant couscous with chilli seasonings i think and i didnt like that!

    jeannie: hi, how did your son cook with that? maybe you can post it up so that i can also catch some ideas from you.

    jean: ha! you are always so cute with your comments!

  6. Mmm, I wonder how would couscous taste like with some nasi lemak sambal....he he he

  7. I have never eaten couscous before.
    Wonder how it taste like

  8. What a lovely light meal. It really looks delicious. I love couscous fro dinner on busy days. It's hard not to love something that can be ready in 5 minutes. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  9. Wow .... so beautiful and the name sound so chimp to me but it really looks delicious though I dont know what is couscous.

  10. I have never try couscous before, yours one looks lovely, not sure whether I like the taste.

  11. Hi, it's lunch time now, and you are making me hungry! Looks really delicious!

  12. Lena..this is what I heart most...herb crusted snapper :) and with couscous..what a healthy meal. Love this ! Thanks for sharing this :)

  13. It's certainly a heart warming meal. I love using the oven for this because it crisp the fish without added calories! Nice touch with the couscous as well.. and pumpkin!!!!

  14. what is Couscous?? ok, tomorrow i ask that E lady!

  15. Guess what! My cous cous already handing in my pantry for so long. Haha.... Thanks! Old lady need reminder all the time. haha... Yours look as yummy. Have a lovely evening.

  16. I don't eat much fish and I've never tried couscous but this meal looks gorgeous and delicious!

  17. Beautiful! I must get some couscous too :) Thanks for sharing, Lens.

  18. Mmm...yummy. no photos of the 'hot party'????

  19. Hi Lena, I have never seen nor heard nor eaten these, let alone pronounce the name, ha ha.
    But sure looks interesting.
    I love your very good photography,

    What camera you have? You use flash? As your food pics are much better than some others I've seen.....your clarity is like 3D! Can practically reach out touch it, that clear and sharp.

  20. Hi again, Lena, mind I copy your kuih lapis? Its really beautiful, and I have always loved to peel them layer by layer to eat.
    My wife will shake her head see me do this.

  21. Oh I love couscous too, but it's been ages since I last ,made them. : P I remember making them for my young kids as it was easy to eat, not much biting, lol! Yours with Snapper is very yummy looking! :)

  22. hey pete: sambal? you try and let me know!

    wendy: almost tasteless,emm..maybe like rice.

    mary: yes, instant and simple!

    yummykoh/tze/claire/CG: hi, they are like little pastas and they dont have much flavour, to me hey taste like rice also. Sometimes i eat that with my soup!

    joyce/anncoo: thanks!

    elin: yeah, that herb snapper is good!

    daphne: i do love the pumpkin here, for a little sweet taste to go with the couscous

    kristy: oh, i would love to see more ideas from you!!

    barb: jane is looking forward to our 'party' this sat, you think it's on??

  23. lee :something like..'kus kus'. believe me, i hate photography and the camera is quite a few years old, samsung i dont know what model but old model. I only know point and shoot, i know nothing about lens. i have very poor lighting in my house and most of the time i have to do some editing to the photos. I always use 'smart' mode..very useful for unsmart people like me...just like auto function. that kuih lapis, no problem copy that. hey, you sound like a kid now, no wonder your wife shakes her head!

    bee2: you're right, dont have to bite..sometimes i just take that with my soup and swallow too!

  24. Looks delicious, yes - but also oh so colourful! (And healthy to boot!) :)

  25. I could have finished the whole plate and ask for more! This looks splendid!