Monday, April 11, 2011

Blueberry Cheese Tarts

These cheese tarts need no introduction, i think many of us have probably baked this before. I was first introduced to these tarts at a local confectionery shop here many many years ago and i thought they were pretty cute and they tasted good too. But ever since i knew how to make these, i hardly buy from them anymore cos i think this is better. There are also quite a number of recipes available from the internet, Tatura has also got one from its product leaflet, 1 got mine from a baking class. You can also bake this in a normal size tart cases but i prefer them in petite size, i think they look more attractive and can just finish that in two bites. 1 or 2 pieces would be enough for me , got to watch my diet nowadays..

Recipe ( makes around 20 small tarts)
Ingredients A for Pastry
250gm plain flour
125gm butter
60gm icing sugar

Ingredients B for pastry
1/2 beaten egg + 1 tbsp water

For bake blind
some cupcake liners and beans

1.Using a food processor, mix flour, butter and icing sugar together until resembles breadcrumbs. Remove from the machine to a big bowl.
2.Add in the (B) to make into a dough. Rest for 15mins.
3.Using metal tart cases, make a layer of pastry . Put some beans into the cupcake paper cases and put it on top of the pastry and bake blind at moderate heat for 10mins ( bake at a slightly higher temperature than your normal butter cake, i baked mine at 150C )
4.Remove paper and beans and bake for another 10-15mins until the pastry looks dry and golden. Let it cool and remove from tart cases.

Cheese Filling
375gms cream cheese
90gms caster sugar
90mls emborg whipping cream
3 egg yolks
1 1/2 tsp lemon juice
some blueberry pie filling

1. Using slow speed, beat cream cheese and sugar until creamy. Add in whipping cream and egg yolks slowly until well combined.
2. Stir in the lemon juice. Taste. You may want to add in more lemon juice if you want.
3. Using a piping bag, pipe the cheese fillings into the pastry .
4. Using another bag, add in blueberry pie filling into the centre of cheese and make designs using a bamboo stick or cake tester.
5.Bake for 15mins in a low temperature oven. ( i baked mine at 115C)

I'm submitting this to Aspiring Bakers #6 - Say Cheese ( April 2011 ) hosted by Jean from Noms I Must


  1. love the petite size of it. so lovely. it look so delicious too! (: psst, the new design of your blog is nice!

  2. Your tart looks lovely. You are right, making them is much cheaper, and homemade is always better!

  3. ahh, these are such classics yes. one or two is good are good as tea-time bites!

  4. This is sooo pretty! I love to have some... :)

  5. That's lovely cheese tarts. Beautiful!

  6. what a coincidence! I posted about the blueberry cheese tarts I made today as well! :) But yours look so much lovelier than mine! Mine's all wrinkly, and I think it's because I baked it at too high a temperature - yours look absolutely delightful!

  7. Love cheese very much and oh nice blueberry designs at the center. tQ

  8. Such great looking tarts! I seldom buy them. My kids prefer homemade tarts. They said it's crispier. Ya, because it's fresh so it's crispier. See, how lucky is our kids. ha.... Happy Monday to you!
    Cheers, Kristy

  9. this classic cheese tarts! I can pop a good few in one go! Love the petite ones too, heehee!

  10. wow,they look like the ones from the bakery :) hey, have you ever thought of opening a bakery shop next time? or else bake stuff and send to shirl's shop ;)

    fyi, today i just whack the missy again. driving me crazy and my patience is running thin!

  11. Lena, the tarts look so lovely and yummy!

  12. hi Lena, this looks so yummy! :)

  13. Wow, nice and lovely.
    Everytime I make tarts, mine all out of shape....lazy to use roller pin.....just use hand to shape it...he he he!

  14. Wow, your little cheesecake tarts are so cute, and a perfect bite size. Have a great week ahead Lena :-)

  15. I adore those cute beauties! The swirls atop are so pretty.

  16. Holy moly how gorgeous are they! They're so pretty and look so delicious! Want to hand some over? ;) haha. Don't I just sound terribly greedy? Everytime I leave a comment I ask for a taste of your food lol.

  17. They are so pretty! They have such delicious looking smooth tops. :) Yours look better than the bakery's. Cupcake liners to blind bake is such a good idea! I didn't want to make these tarts and other tarts because I thought I would have to make a foil sling, but I never thought of cupcake liners! Thanks for this tip.

  18. What a delicious treats! You should ship me some to Canada :)

  19. I like the new look of your blog!

    These tarts are so petite and lovely. Just feel like picking one from my computer screen...

  20. I love the look of these! Tarts are my favourite but I've never really made mini mini sized ones!

    Ps. Your blog is looking lovely. I like the new design.

  21. They look like little fairy cakes... Sweet kisses from angels. :)

  22. These look like those sold in my bakery shops. Yum, yum ....

  23. Hi Lena,
    Lovely tarts, looks delicious.

  24. Gosh, I like your new look, Lena. Haven't been here quite a while, very busy! Those tarts are just lovely and your pictures are great too!

  25. hi jasmine, i remember you made these tarts too and to be honest, the bluberry swirls are very beautiful!

    hi joyce: agree!

    hello alan: talking abt tea time, i want to skip that too!

    anncoo: aah, make these!!

    jess/little inbox: thanks a lot!

    janine: i know, saw that yesterday, yeah try lower temp next time.

    bananaman: oh, thank you, i wish i cld send some over to you!

    kristy: homebakes are definately much better and because we never put preservatives in them especially bread, they have short shelf life..!i will keep my bread in fridge after the 2nd day.

    shaz/joyce: thanks!

    bee2: haha! you're a big eater!!

    claire: thank you, dear!

    barb: oh no! i dont think i want to do's just a hobby! moreover, have not reached that standard yet!!

    tze/alice: thanks you, maybe you can try to make these too!

  26. Pete: me too! our hands are good enough, rolling pin can be very 'ma fan' lah to shape !

    Dg: thanks!

    juliana: yup, two bites or you can just pop the whole tart in, ha!

    angie: thank you!

    sharon: haha! it's okay to be greedy here, take care!!

    esther: thanks ! so probably next time if you were to bake blind, just pull out some cupcake liners and if you have beans, you can also use uncooked rice.

    victor: haha! if can, i rather deliver it personally!!

    zoe: ..if only we cld do that, we'll be eating nonstop the whole day, haha!

    brittany: yeah, i think minis are always cuter than the big ones!

    kenny: kisses? no, i think they look more like those lipsticks that got smeared all over the mouth!

    hi yummy bakes: nice to know you. thank you!

    delphine: thanks, i hope you will also try this one day!

    hey cheah: where are you now??

  27. These look really wonderful. They are delightful bite sized morsels and really perfect for a right-sized snack or dessert. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  28. These tarts are so lovely. I bet they taste as wonderful as they look.

  29. Hi Lena, Your creative talents are really outstanding, not to mention your good photography too.
    Love the colours, and that smooth texture.

    Regret cheese is not on my list of foods or dessert to eat.....but love to look at cheese cakes.....and your these beautiful tarts.

    I bet your kitchen really has a nice cake scent too.
    Have fun, Lee.

  30. YumYUm! I would like to taste one!!

  31. first time in my life i got a chance to call someone with my name.. :)
    Lena, this looks super delicious.. your blog is A BAKING DICTIONARY for me :)

  32. Beautiful tarts Lena. I actually wanted to make these tarts after seeing it at some other blogs but still didn't get to do it yet. Making tarts like this is a lot of work :)

  33. thanks everyone for taking your time to comment here, appreciate that and gert, yes i agree that's why i seldom make tarts unless we make the tarts a day earlier.

  34. Hahaha... I wouldn't mind some of those lipstick smears all over my cheeks if that meant me getting all them kisses... ;)

  35. Oh these were delicious!!!
    My nieces loved them :)
    Snapped up in just one round of passing around, LOL.

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  37. Tried this recipe and it was so delicious! I omitted the baked blind step though and poked holes at the base. Thanks for the recipe! :)

    1. hi gladys, sorry for late reply, just got back from trip yest. thx so much for the feedback and letting me know that it works without blind baking!

  38. Hi lena...the cream cheese have to be in room temperature?

  39. Idk I can make it or not ..........