Monday, April 18, 2011

Black Glutinuous Rice Dessert and Ice Cream Potong

Today i'm combining 2 recipes in one post, just hold on a little longer. Actually the highlight of this post is the ice cream potong! But before we make the ice cream, we have to make this.. the black glutinuous rice dessert or in malay we call it ' bubur pulut hitam'. It is a popular dessert among the chinese, malays and also the nyonya peranakan. It looks very similiar to the red bean soup ( bubur kacang merah) but their texture is entire different. The texture of this black glutinuous rice is smooth, sticky and the soup itself is a bit starchy. I cooked this using a slow cooker as suggested by kitchen flavours, you can also cook it in a pot but probably you will have to monitor the water level and keep stirring to avoid them being burnt at the bottom of the pot. The slow cooker will take around 3 hours to cook this but this is very much easier, i will say and it still produces the same texture compared to using a pot. Please reserve 2.5 cups of this dessert to make the ice cream later on.

Recipe: ( taken from kitchen flavours )
1 cup black glutinuos rice
8 cups boiling water /hot water
2/3 cup sugar ( or less, you prefer)
thick coconut milk from 1 coconut and mix with big pinch of salt
2 pandan leaves ( screwpine leaves, knotted )

1.Wash the black glutinuous rice until water runs clear
2.Put into a slow cooker and add in the hot water, cover and cook on high for 2 hours.
3.Stir in pandan leaves and add sugar to taste. Cover and continue to cook for another hour.
4.Put a spoonful of coconut milk mixed with salt earlier upon serving.

Now comes to the ICE CREAM POTONG! I was very excited the moment when i saw it in kitchen flavours blog again. This is truly our traditional ice cream here! Potong means 'cut'. Unlike the western types of ice cream where we scoop out from the container to serve, this is being cut out from blocks or tubes of ice cream and poke it with a little stick, hence the name. It comes with very traditional flavours too like red bean, sweet corn, durian and chempedak, another fruit resembling jackfruit. I made the ice cream into tubes form using ice cream plastics bags.You can also make this in a popsicle mould or a container if you like. I got those bags from the eggs and plastic bags ware shop. Now this is how we do it..

cold and creamy..

Additional ingredients here for the ice cream ( makes around 15 sticks)
21/2 cup of the cooked black glutinuous rice dessert.
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup water
2 cups of thick coconut milk

equipments needed :  ice cream plastic bags and a plastic funnel

1. Add that 1/2 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup of water  to the reserved 2.5cups of black glutinuous rice dessert that has already been sweetened earlier and cook on medium heat till sugar dissolves.
2.Pour in the thick coconut milk and remove from fire once it starts to boil. Cool uncovered or cover partially to room temperature.
3.Use a funnel to pour the ice cream into the ice cream plastic tube bag, about 3/4 full and tie a knot to secure. Freeze overnight in the freezer.

in ice cream bags before cut

I'm submitting this post to Muhibbah Malaysian Monday event hosted by 3 hungry tummies


  1. i love this dessert! never tried this in ice cream form though! oh Lena why ain't you staying near me?????

  2. the ice cream looks great! So does the black glutinous rice dessert of course. :) Did your ice cream taste icy? I actually tried making some red bean pops and they were a bit icy and the red beans became pretty hard, haha. The pictures look great! You're getting better and better.

  3. wow thats a great job!! delicious~ hmm.. but due to my both my in law are old and using too much of coconut milk will effect their there anything that can be subetitute the coconut milk to make it creamy???

  4. wow looks super lovely and delicious. i like mine with lotsa coconut milk! unhealthy i know...haha

  5. i love to eat the black glutinous rice dessert! my mum always use slow cooker to cook it. you make it look so delicious!!! great for breakfast and tea break (:
    for the ice cream, my family love potong ice cream esp the red brean flavour. you remind me those fond memories of the different flavour. spotted DURIAN there. i still have durian in the fridge :D i want to try it! you make it so lovely and delicious! GREAT JOB LENA! (:

  6. Hi lena! This is one of my favorite desserts as well! I like to add a handful of red beans to the glutinous rice when I'm cooking Pulut Hitam for texture and fragrance. Thanks for sharing lena!

    Hope we'll be able to find those ice-cream bags here in Singapore!

  7. Hi Lena, HOLY SMOKE! I have not seen this 'ice cream potong' since 12 years old!
    You certainly revived my memories of an old man on his bicycle selling this 'ice cream potong'...5 cents each then, in the '40s, '50s.

    And on the back of his ice cream cooler box would be a kind of spinning roulette wheel.
    For 5 cents you get to spin that wheel....and if lucky win up to 5 ice cream potong give to the friends waiting in line.

    We sure had fun spinning that wheel too.
    Thanks for the memories, Lena.
    Have a nice day.

  8. Ice-cream potong!! This remind me of my childhood, especially the nangka's flavour! Miss it!

  9. Hi Lena, Your ice cream potong looks fabulous! Definitely everyone's favourite! Regarding the ice cream maker, mine is Kenwood, an old model which can churn about 1 liter of ice cream. Now the new model is bigger and better, capacity is about 1.5liter. I think the price is around Rm350 to RM400, but then it is a good investment if you love ice cream. I had mine for several years now. You won't regret for getting one!

  10. Lena- this is calling for meeeee. I wish i can have some now and if I tell my hubby this, he will definitely want me to make it asap. I have the "magic cooker" and wonder if i could use that to slowly simmer the dessert.. mmm...

  11. wow! I love your Potong ice cream! Yummy! *slurp*

  12. Oh Hokkien call this 'mee kor moi'? Love it with lots of coconut milk. Love to crave for red beans ice ice baby oops ice cream potong

  13. I love the dessert!!! As for the ice-cream, it makes me think of the time when I was small, this is the ice-cream my mum would get for me!

  14. Oh yummss. i love black glutinous rice dessert. I cant decide whether i like it better warm or as potongs! They both look equally delicious!

  15. jess: why arent you staying me too??

    esther: no, this is not icy, it's creamy, you can try this using you popsicle moulds. It's really nice!

    hi jane: nice to know you!! as you know, the creaminess of this ice cream actually comes from the coconut milk itself, you may like to try using coconut powder which doesnt have the same richness/fats as in coconut milk but still taste very much like the real coconut milk.Otherwise, you can also try using a nondiary whipping cream (made form palm oil and lactose free) in replacement but that will probably be a different texture but still creamy. HOwever, you will need to whip the cream first.I've tried making ice cream using nondiary whipping cream,
    though it's creamy, it will not be as a hard ice cream as what is shown here.

    jean: haha! i know you're the type that not bother with that!

    jasmine: i love all flavours of the traditional ice cream. durian??ooh, like it!!

    alan: hmm, that's a good idea too by adding in some red bean. i still have alot, if you cant get this in sg, i can send some to prob!

    brittany: thanks!! tell you , there're going to be more exotic dishes in china..!

    experimental cook: hi, would like to chk out your blog later!

    uncle lee: your time only selling for 5cents, i think mine was selling for 10/20cents and now almost RM2each. sure it brings back lots of memories for many of us. Hey i think you can get the packaged ones in canada! no?

    hi tee: that's also one of my favourite, i still buy this very often here..selling at RM2 for one now.

  16. hi joyce: thanks for yur info on the ice cream maker. I havent seen a real one yet. I think the price is quite alright, i have to consider and see will i be using that often or not.

    hi daphne: as the name implies "magic cooker" i'm sure it can, probably even much more faster!

    hi cathy: double slurp for me!! haha!

    mr banana: bee koh moy , i think. eh, how abt banana ice cream??

    tze: i remember having mine a lot of these ice cream from the ice cream man at my school..

    claire: yes! very much indeed!!

    crutabakes: both are equaly good! while we can still have this dessert outside, we seldom find this flavour of ice cream selling, it's yummy!

  17. This really looks wonderful. I've never used black rice in a dessert. I'm intrigued as to how this tastes. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  18. both look yummy!
    one for cool weather and the other when it's hot!
    thks for sharing :)

  19. Mmm Lena! This looks so good. I really want to try one of those ice pops. It was super hot this past weekend so i totally could have used one.

  20. Oh, this my favourite dessert. But I used to add coconut milk into it, ever tried combining with ice-cream. Sounds great when this dessert served cold.

  21. How cool, you fill the ice cream bag with this yummie dessert and end up with another yummie ice cream...looks delicious. Have a great week :-)

  22. Lena, you're a great cook and baker and very diligent too! Both look so mouthwatering. Ice cream potong, reminds me of my childhood!

  23. Your ice cream potong reminds me a lot of my childhood that my grandma used to make the red beans and the sweetcorn ones. We got adventurous ones and make the Taiwanese plum juice ones too. Have not tried the bobo hitam ones before and love to make this during the next summer.

  24. This is a favourite among my siblings when we were kids:D and now my boys love this icecream potong too!

  25. I want to eat both. Ya like what jess say, why you stay so far?

  26. Hi Lena
    Great post! I feel inspired to try this out for my boys. Good way to get them to eat some nutritious black glutinous rice :)

  27. I remember eating ice cream potong when I was young and my fav was the one with asam boi. I love pulut hitam more than red bean soup. Seeing yours make me crave for it :)

  28. i used to eat lots of ice-cream potong when i was a kid. sure brings back memories :) feel like having one now.

  29. Lena....salivating all over my keyboard.I must make this!!!

  30. I love exotic desserts like these with sticky rice, coconut milk and pandan leaves. Always a hit with family and friends whenever I make something similar at home. I have not made the ice cream yet but I'm sure we'll rave about it too! Cheers!!!

  31. mary: it looks quite the same as red bean but this is much smoother but sticky, probably tasteless that's why we always cook them sweet.

    hi alice: thanks, how can we not something icy cold these days? Terrible hot in the afternoon!

    roxan: same here, it's so hot in the afternoon that i feel my skin is burning when i'm out in the sun!

    christine: hi, it's my first time too making the sweet soup to ice cream, very nice!

    juliana: thanks! both this dessert and ice cream are very popular here but never thought that we can make it like 2 in 1.

    hey cheah: you havent seen the ugly bakes yet..wait till you see them...

    zoe: sour plums? i havent tried that before..must be also good, does that also with coconut milk?

    hi jeannie: yeah, it brings many old memories to people and how fortunate that we can still find them in streets, i hope they wont go away one day!

    yummybakes: you and jess are always welcome to ipoh!!

    hi shaz: i hope your kids will like that..most kids prefer red bean to this , i think!

    hello gert: yeah, i just saw zoe commenting abt the taiwanese sour plum..must be the same one!

    hi WH: hey, are you still on your 100days diet?? or is it 100days?

    elin: oh dear, i wish i cld pass you some now! still making bread??

    arthur: how can they not resist your food? they all look so delcioius and artistic too! BUt with your artistic creations, i might prefer admiring them rather than to eat them!!

  32. OMG!! it has been ages since I have seen or eaten an ice cream potong. This brings back so many fond childhood memories for me. Lena, these photos looks fabulous. You got the right lighting and nice composition. Who would imagine that you took these photos with a point and shoot? I am bookmarking this recipe to try. Thanks.

  33. Cooked pulut hitam 3 weeks ago....finally finished the last batch of my pulut hitam stock

  34. Hi,Lena! Thanks for dropping by my blog.Nice to know you as well. YOu really are a wonderful cook and baker. I love all your foods. Will visit your blog often to learn from you.

  35. hai Lena,bila nampak ais cream potong terkenang masa zaman kanak-kanak dulu:)dengan harga 5 sen dapat beli satu potong..yum yum

  36. Wow, this looks pretty incredible!! Unique and delicious :)


  37. hi veron, you cant get those in KL? i can still find those ice cream in ipoh..on their motorbikes but now i think they dont for their rounding anymore, they just stay in one place. Regarding my wouldnt know that most of the time i have to struggle thru this.this would be the most unfavorable thing that i'm looking forward to do on my blogging! Thanks anyway!!

    wh: 365 days? where are you now??

    pete: sounds like you've been keeping the pulut for a long time..hehe!

    wai kitt: oh, i'm not as good as you think and i'm also looking forward to more posts from you!

    cm: ya, masa kecil dulu memang ramai kanak2 suka makan aiskrim macam ini, 5sen saja? masa lena sya ingat 20sen sebatang..

    sue: this is one of our local famous dessert as well as the ice cream!

  38. Hi Lena, This really looks fabulous. Would you know where I can find ice cream plastic tube bags in Singapore, Johor or KL?
    Thank you for posting such yummy goodness!!

  39. hi laura, i'm not sure in singapore and johor. I got mine from ipoh. I just checked with a friend in kl, she got hers from a sundry shop but you can also get it from GIant supermarket.