Monday, March 28, 2011

Lemon Chicken

This dish i believe can be found in almost all chinese restaurants and also quite common among takeaways. For i dont cook this too often due to the cleaning and washing especially after the much deepfrying, i enjoy eating this a lot. There are quite a number of versions out there and this is simply my own version. Just make sure that we really deep fry the chicken until brown and crispy..we dont need to make much sauce for this chicken as we dont want the chicken to really get soaked in the gravy and lost its crispness , i did not use up all of the sauce..just a reasonable amount to pour them over the chicken but i must admit that this time i didnt make the sauce really thick enough but they still taste just as good, just add a little bit more cornflour solution if you want a thicker sauce.

1/2 chicken, about 500gms
1 1/2 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp salt
some pepper
2tsp cornflour
1/2 egg, lighly beaten

for frying
4 heaps spoonful of cornflour
enough cooking oil for deepfrying

Lemon sauce
2tbsp lemon juice
1tsp sugar
slightly less than 1/2 cup water
1tsp cornflour +2 tbsp water ( cornflour solution)

1. After cleaning the chicken , pat dry and marinate the chicken with lemon juice, salt, pepper, cornflour and egg for an hour.
2.Pour enough oil into wok or pot for deepfrying and deep fry them till they turn golden brown and crispy. Remove and leave aside.
3. To make lemon sauce, combine lemon juice, sugar and water in a small saucepan and let it to boil.
4. Add in cornflour solution for thickening the sauce.

This post will  be linked to Muhibbah Malaysian Monday event hosted by Shaz ( Test with a Skewer) and also Aspiring Bakers#5 - Fruity March ( Mar 2011) hosted by Jess of Bakericious


  1. delicious!!! my favorite all time favorite!

  2. Your lemon chicken looks delicious! My kids would love this. They love lemon chicken, sometimes we would order this when we have our dinner at Chinese restaurants. Just like you, I do not like the deep-frying part, a real mess to clean up afterwards! Just the other day, my kids reminded me that I have not cooked this for ages! he! he! I steamed the chicken with lemon instead, they love it too!

  3. Hi Lena!

    this is something i'd always order for from the "chup chye png" (mixed vege rice) stall near my place whenever i go buy lunch! i asked the guy how its made and he said using Sprite! I wonder how true that is...

    with your recipe, i can make my very own now!

  4. Yum!! Nice pictures, you can open a restaurant now. ;) What part of the chicken did you use to cook this dish? Did you cut the chicken into pieces after deep frying? Thank you in advance Lena, I'm truly clueless in cooking. Lol Maybe one day I'll try this out, if I ever get past my fear of deep frying.

  5. This is one of my fav mixed-rice dish to order!! Hehe... :P

  6. I love lemon chicken. It's along time I have not eaten this. Your dish looks very tempting. Time that I cook, too. Hope you have a lovely day.

  7. Yes I agree with you. I normally order this dish when we eat out, have never attempted to do this at home as I hate the cleaning up after deepfrying!

  8. I love this!! I try not to cook this at all at home because of the deep frying. I did the stir fry version and it is NOT as good! Seriously yours looks restaurant quality!

  9. I salivate just look at the picture, so yummy!

  10. Woo...sweet, sour and tangy, so yum! Great idea to submit a savory dish for the Aspiring Bake Lena! Love it! ;)

  11. i LOVE this! it look so juicy and yummy! (: (:

  12. My kids love this dish very much.. i must learn.. :)

  13. omg this looks really delicious! i can use some of this tangy chicken with my rice haha

  14. A mouth watering dish that my boys love this very much. Thanks for sharing the lovely lemon chicken.

  15. I ordered this once in a restaurant and I liked it very much but did not remember the name and never been able to make it. Thanks to you Lena, I have it now! We are going to have a feast at home soon! Cheers!!!

  16. Oh wow, that is one perfect dish! It has been a long time since I had this. Is about time to cook some for our dinner.

  17. Hmm appetizing! Hopefully I shall be making this again.

  18. Lena, I love lemon chicken too! And yours look superb. I normally used Sunquick lemon concerntrate to make the sauce. Simply hassle free. I used quite a number of Sunquick products to make sauce due it's marvelous concerntrate flavour & aroma. Hope you're enjoying your day... I mean another of driving! ha... I'm about to head of to school. :o)

  19. Oh Lena, my weakness is deep fried chicken. Especially the crispy skin, even though I know it's bad for me :) I much prefer home-made lemon chicken because sometimes the restaurant ones tastes a bit "fake". Your version looks absolutely delicious!

  20. Your version of lemon chicken looks scrumptious. I can go down a big bowl of rice with it. :)

  21. jess, i love this i feel like cooking it again!

    hi kitchen flavours: oh, i've havent tried that with steaming..wonder how does that taste like?

    hi alan: you're back..sprite? hmm, maybe next time i shld try to add this too..

    hi esther: that was half of a chicken and i deep fried them before i cut them into pieces. dont day you will learn more abt chinese cooking..

    hanushi: it seems that lemon chicken can get in most rice stall..over here not in stalls but in restaurants..i wish they sell that in rice stalls too

    thanks mary..have a great week too!

    cheah, you'r right so much cleaning in the whole kitchen..the floor, the ventilator, the kitchen window..etc..haha!

    daphne, yeah sir frying that would be a complete different thing..

    sonia, thanks and i love your vietnamese lemongrass chicken too!

    hi bee: oh, the thought just came into my mind when i was drafting ths post..that i can also snd it to aspiring bakers.

    thanks jasmine!

    claire: are u sure or not u want to learn?? ha!

    jean: actually i enjoy the fried chicken more than the gravy, ha!

  22. Lena, this is such a mouth watering dish, I love the thick sauce on the chicken!

  23. Everytime order this dish sure finished because everyone loves it!

  24. Your photos today are spectacular. I really love the way this dish looks. Anything this pretty simply has to be good to eat. I am very fond of lemon chicken and have bookmarked your recipe for future use. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  25. The chicken looks crispy, juicy & delicious, really make me craving over this.

  26. Lemon chicken is always a favorite in my home and your recipe has me craving a bite.

  27. Hi Lena, it's like being tortured coming here, ha ha.
    This lemon chicken looks absolutely delicious. I can practically get the lovely scent of that lemon. Love your display.
    Mind I copy the pic? You not only a great cook, but very good photographer your angle and sharp pics. Outstanding!

  28. This lemon chicken looks moist and wonderful. Very tasty!

  29. Hi lena, just wanna drop by again to say thanks! I made the lemon chicken yesterday and the recipe is very good! my family enjoyed it thoroughly.

    I have no idea about the sprite the food stall guy was telling me. I guess it adds to the sugar and some tang? Then again, he could be just trying to spoof me! haha

  30. Love it. Will try it out and bet my family will say the same thing, haha.

  31. Yummy ... I love this dish. Gonna book-mark this.

  32. hi Lena, here's an award for u:

  33. hi ann, yeah , a lot of kids do like these especially when these chicken come in deep fried!

    arthur: hope you would be able to make this one day for your friends and loved ones!

    gert: quick, dont delay..haha!

    hi maureen: nice seeing you. I would love to see you cook this so that i can improve on mine too!

    dear kristy: thanks for the idea! why i never thought of using those concentrate..maybe it will also taste better..i want to try that next time. take care, busy mom!

    hi shaz: thanks for dropping a comment here, actually i still want to improve on the sauce..i'm trying to have something like thick glaze type.

    hi christine: thanks for your nice comments. Me too..on the rice!

    hello tze, well actually i wish i cld make the sauce thicker..

    pete: hey, i'm sure you can cook lemon chicken at home..i know you're a great cook leh!

    alice: you r welcome!

    mary: yeah i guess you are a fan of lemons too from all your lemon posts..i hope you wld be able to make this for your family one day!

    hey dois, now i'm salivating already thinking abt the chicken..haha!

  34. bridgett: i think a lot of asians love lemon chicken too and there are so many variations out there..this is jst one simple version.

    lee: you're wrong, i'm really bad at taking wouldnt know how much time it takes just to take photos..sometimes even more stressful than cooking!!

    thanks ann for your compliments! have a good day!

    hi alan: oh really? i'm so glad to hear that. Thanks for trying this out and letting me know. On the sprite..maybe it;s true but i'm sure there are also some hidden or unknown ingredients there..

    bellygood cooking: oh, i hope they do!!!

    hi yummykoh: great to hear that!

    thanks gloria!!

    alice: thanks so much! i will chk it out from your blog!

  35. I know what you mean about deep-frying and it is always a pain to clean it. I love crispy chicken/pork with sweet and sour sauce. The lemon flavor must taste beautifully.

  36. Hi Lena,
    I just love your lemon chicken from the look of it so crispy, I will try this dish, last night I made buns,again using "Gelatinized Dough" & coconut fillings, oh marvelous soft, thank you & by the way I would like to seek your advise that after resting the weight out dough for 10 mins. & roll out to wrap the fillings, it always shrink back. It always shrink is it? Also, is wholemeal flour same at Atta flour? TQ so much & sorry to bother you again.

  37. How I wish I can cook this dish. Cooking dinner is always a rush for me.

  38. one of my family fav...gorgeous clik...
    stop over n pick an award plz..
    Tasty Appetite

  39. lena, thank you for the many great recipes you have shared. pls check this out

  40. victor: the sauce tasted not bad, butif it's thicker, it would be nicer.

    hi delphine: nice to see you here.i understand what you mean by bouncing back..maybe you can try to let it rest for 20mins to allow the gluten to further relax before shaping. As for atta flour, i have to tell you that i ot no experience in working with atta flour, though they are both wholewheat flours but i think their gluten and wheat composition might be different which might affect your end result, what do you intend to bake from atta flour? no problems for the questions, i'm learning as well..

    zoe: never mind, wait till you have long breaks and then you can start to cook and bake as much as you want!!

    hi jay & yummy koh, thanks so much, i'll chk from your blogs!

  41. Hi Lena,
    Thank you, I was thinking if Atta flour that is in packet same the wholemeal flour in your recipes than I can try making the Oat Wholemeal Loaf, Honey Wholemeal Rolls or other wholemeal bread in seen in your bread recipes. Where did you buy your wholemeal flour in Ipoh? If it is the same as Atta, then it is convenience, I saw it in Tesco Or Giant. TQ.

  42. hi delphine, i usually get my flours from intrico and yummykitchen , both in ipoh garden. You can still go ahead to use atta flour if you wish, maybe you need to do a little adjustment in the amount of water needed bcos i believe that atta flour will have different water absorption level. If you do, pls let me know the results. I think one day i will also try to experiment with atta flour..thanks to you too!

  43. Hi Lena,
    Ok, I will try out with Atta Flour one day & let you know the results & thanks to you too! Happy Baking.

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