Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Japanese Milky Madeleines

I've tagged this recipe few months back when i saw that in the 'GoodFood' magazine and i also happened to see a few bloggers making them from the book" Okashi: Sweet Treats Made with Love", basically it's the same recipe from the same author. I have not tried making the traditional madeleines before so i cant really comment the difference between these and the traditional ones. I was quite impressed with the results of these madeleines, they are very soft, light and melt in your mouth kind of texture..maybe a little sweeter. I've also kept a few till the 3rd day and they were still soft. I always think that madeleines are probably like little sponge cakes , taste like sponge cakes but not this one. There's also a little honey included in the recipe here, normally  i do not favour too much  honey in my bakes but i just went ahead and put that in. The honey taste is quite significant here but surprisingly , i didnt seem to hate it.

You can also hop over to jesskitchen and Sweetylicious, they have also made these madeleiens not too long ago. Jess, in case you're reading this, i've also used some on the madeleines that you gave me. thanks again..but i didnt manage to get the indentations clear ..sigh..

Ingredients ( makes 18small cakes)
120gm pastry flour or top flour ( i used cake flour)
20gm rice flour or corn flour( cornstarch)
15gm milk powder
1/2 tsp baking powder
15gm honey
1 tbsp hot water
100gm unsalted butter
50gm double ( heavy) cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 eggs (140gm)
a pinch of salt
150gm Japanese sugar( jo haku tou) or caster sugar

1.Preheat oven to 170C.  Sift together flours, milk powder and baking powder. Combine honey and hot water in a bowl.
2. Place butter, cream and vanilla in a heatproof bowl. Place over a pot of simmering water and heat, stirring until butter has melted. Set aside.
3. In another heatproof bowl, beat eggs and salt with a whisk until yolks break. dd sugar and place the bowl over a pot of simmering water and mix well. When egg mixture is warm, use an electric mixer to beat on high speed unti light and fluffy, about 5 mins. Reduce speed to medium and continue beating for abt 1 minute. Add honey and mix well.
4.Gently flod in flour mixture with a spatula. Add cream and butter mixture and fold until just incorporated.
5.Spoon batter into a piping bag and pipe into paper cups or  greased madeleine pans. Bake for about 25mins until madeleines are light golden in colour . Cool on a wire rack . Store them in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 5 days.


  1. ahh i guess you need to grease and flour the molds more?

    but the texture is divine! mine look more like honey combed texture haha!

  2. OMG I WANT THIS. Lena, you have NO idea how much I love madeleines. And they're just the ones I get in bulk from Costco that don't taste all that good and are quite dry that I always eat it with milk. This I LOVE! Looks so soft and moist! Must make this recipe myself. Must must must! Sorry I seem overexcited here but I really do love these lol. I've seen some on other blogs but they always put extra stuff like cranberries in them and I don't like it. This is exactly the recipe I want! :D So thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh! In spite of not having the indents...the texture of these little treats look fabulous, so light and fluffy :-)

  4. They look so so soft and yummy. Nice pictures.

  5. Lena...these Japanese milky Madeleines look great. The textures look soft and from the way u described them I am sold ;) thanks for sharing the recipe.

  6. Fabulous madeleines Lena! Why do the Japanese always make fluffier and lighter version of cakes? And they always taste better too! I am going to adopt this recipe because i have heard comments about my madeleines that are just too hard to take! Cheers!

  7. Your milky madeleines looks fabulous!
    Would be great to have a couple of these for my breakfast now!

  8. Greetings from Southern California

    I am your newest follower. I invite you to visit my blog and follow me if you want too.

    God bless you :-)


  9. Lena, these really sound delicious. If they taste only half as good as they look, you have a winner of a recipe in your hands. I hope you have a wonderful evening. Blessings...Mary

  10. The texture looks really good.
    I've never eaten madeleines before, but I've heard it's dry, like a gai dan gou. But yours don't look like that, looks good.

  11. Lena, I have been thinking of madeleines months ago but I have lots of things to bake in my pending list and I've forgotten about this... Yours look very delicious and you got me thinking to bake these madeleines soon :D

  12. yes lena! is really so soft and moist! i agree that is on the sweeter side but still, finger licking good right! (: yours look really nice!

  13. Such lovely madeleines! you make me drool ;Pun

  14. these look really yummy with the fluffy insides! and pssst...i love your cupcake wrappers too :P

  15. Oh yum, the cake looks tender with fine crumbs, nice! I noticed cakes with heavy cream added, makes it richer and softer too! Great idea to bake it in mini muffins, very cute! :)

  16. jesskitchen: yeah, maybe i shld flour the pans too, i didnt do that!

    hi sharon: you got me excited too reading your comments, do try this out one day!

    juliana: thank you, yes..they are very light and soft indeed!

    umm, thanks you dear!

    elin, you're welcomed! next time i must try baking the traditional madeleines.

    arthur: if you like soft breads, then you must also try the japanese or taiwanese way of making breads, their methods always produce soft and fluffy breads.. i think that's asian preferred texture!

    kitchen flavours: thank you so much, yeah must take some tea to go with this to complement the sweetness!

    hi ron: thanks for following, i will hop over to your blog soon!

    mary: that's too kind of you but i do think that these madelienes are fabulous!

  17. wendy: dry madeleines? not too sure abt that though..hey maybe you can try making the traditioal madeleines one day and you tell me!

    zoe: yes, i can understand that..same here..too many bakes to try out and dont know which one to go first..haha!

    hi jasmine: yup, a little sweet, maybe can also omit the honey but if i ever make madeleines, will try out the traditional ones..

    hi cathy: thanks for your compliments!

    hi hanushi: thank you, appreciate your comments!

    jean: i think those cupcake cases are quite lovely too!

    honeybee: yeah i think so abt the diary cream.same goes for bread. with that, it also yields softer bread..the japanese way!!

  18. hai Lena! Cm tanda ya:)nnt nak cuba resepi ni.

  19. very tidy and neat.. taste like? ok ok, i wait for elin to bake.. hahaa...

  20. lena! should add honey (: coz if im not wrong, it helps to keep the texture (: i did reduce sugar but i think it can be further reduce (: those traditional ones, must fridge overnight. not only give the hump but i feel it helps in the print too (: maybe next time, yours will have obvious print (:
    side qn, you can add me on msn and we can chat ;D

  21. I've not try madeleines before, but the texture looks very nice, I guess it must be tasting good!

  22. Fluffy with milky taste, I want! yummy!

  23. Wow! Those look incredibly soft and pretty too :).

  24. wow Some soft spongy muffins with perfect crumb.

  25. Hi Lena, never seen these before. They really look fantastic and I can say after one, sure ask for two! Ha ha.

    And that pig's trotters, this one not on my list of foods I love, but my wife loves them. So she will cook them, but add pork in just for me.

    I guess your home recipe book must be several volumes, ha ha.
    And I think nobody can spell the word, 'cholesterol' too at home.
    Best regards, keep well. Lee.

  26. These cakes looks like they are made of clouds - soft and fluffy. I bet they are super delicious!

  27. This looks interesting and I've bookmarked it. Just wondering when will I try to make this, too many recipes lined up!

  28. cik manggis, tak sabar tengok cm buat ini!

    claire, if you ask, sure elin will make these for you!

    hi jasmine: not too sure though but thanks for the tips of refrigerating it. i didnt know abt that! how abt yahoo chat?

    tze, these madeleines taste good, just a little sweeter!

    hi pete: nice to have you dropping by, thanks!!

    cooking gallery: yup, they are really soft and light!

    angie: ido think they have great texture..cottony soft!

    unclelee: cholestorel?? what is that??haha!!

    crustabakes: they taste good , maybe you would like to try making these some day..

    cheah, haha!! i know and the list goes on and on and on..

  29. Lena, actually I bookmarked this, but got no chance to try yet. Your madeleines texture look so good, make me really want to try this. :)

  30. This looks so moist and yummy. I'll see if I can find these Japanese sugar...

    For your comment about the foldable iPad, it is the route which I'm currently working on. The results seem promising, maybe it will be in the market in 5 years...

  31. These look so incredible so I can just imagine how decadent they taste. Mind sharing? ;)

  32. Yummy! I am bookmarking this...I have never made madeleines before. Looks super yummy! :)

  33. delicious n soft...awesome clicks again..
    Tasty appetite

  34. Love this recipe! The 'milky' in the title got me really interested.

  35. DG, go and make this, quick!!

    victor: it's really nice to know that your projects are going on smoothly and its contributing back to the society!

    bridgett, thanks!

    cristina: do try it one day, i think you would love these madeleines!

    jay, thanks a lot!

    brittany: me too, i was also got captured by the title of these madeleines!

  36. OMG, now this reminds me of Japan! What a disaster. Now, Radio Active some more! Horrible, isn't it? However, these look really spongy delicious. Thanks so much for sharing it.