Monday, March 7, 2011

Braised Hot and Sour Trotters

These pig trotters were supposed to be cooked during the last chinese new year but because i had too much eating out at restaurants, had pork trotters too so i ended up just keeping those trotters till just recently to cook them. Initially i wanted to cook them with sea cucumber for the new year but now i just thought of cooking them spicy. Excuse me to some of the readers here because pig trotters may sound gross or look uninviting to some of you.. visualising the legs of those pigs but i simply find them delicious after cooking it though i dont eat them very regularly. I will usually get the fore trotters if i can, they seem to be less fat compared to the hind trotters.
1/2 of a medium size trotter, cleaned and chopped ,mine abt 800gm
1 big onion, cut into wedges
1 clove garlic, sliced thinly
1 heap tbsp sambal paste ( from here )
1/4 tsp of dark soya sauce
 tamarind juice ( 1 tbsp tamarind mixed with 1cup of water )
1tbsp cooking oil
1tsp of salt approx, sugar to taste
water to braise

Usually i will cook the trotters in boiling water for 10minutes to get rid of the scum surrounding the trotters.
After that i will rub in some salt for marinating for about an hour or maybe overnight in the fridge.

1. Saute garlic and big onions in cooking oil on low fire for abt a minute, switch to medium high fire and put in the pork trotters and the sambal paste together. Keep stirring them in the wok for about 10mins and splash in some water if you find a little dry.
2. Add in the tamarind juice. ( do not add them all at once, you may put in 1/2 a cup first , you can adjust the sourness later if you find that it's not sour enough)
3. Add in the dark soya sauce , the salt and sugar and stir fry them for another min.
4. Transfer them to a small pot and pour in water till it reaches slightly more than half way covering the trotters.  Simmer them for about 30minutes till gravy is thick .(you can taste the gravy here when it's simmering half way through and adjust the salt and sugar here for taste.)
5. Turn off the fire when gravy is thick and meat is tender.

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  1. I never thought of them from that point of view. I guess they would seem disgusting to some readers. XD Personally, I like the meat part more than the fat skin part of the pig trotters. Your pig trotters look really juicy, yum!

  2. i've rarely seen pig trotters. i dont eat it but from the pic, it look very nicely braised (:

  3. Love it! This is fantastic! I love to have a condiment of sliced chili padi and see yau to 'tim' the trotters! Heavenly! Simply divine, goodness, am drooling now!

  4. never tried cooking pig trotters before yours looks so delicious!

  5. I love pork trotters, but not the too fat parts. But if nicely done, the skin melts in the mouth.
    It has lots of collagen, so I don't mind consuming it. Kekekeke.

  6. Lena...awwww how could you....enticing us with those delectable trotters!!! It's all your fault my keyboard is all wet...I will have to send the bill to you later LOL! Thanks dear for such a mouth-watering dish. Long time didn't cook this you have made me yearn for it :) For your information , I love this part of the trotters most :p

  7. sori to iena, i juz want to know that u are muslim or chinese? i copypaste ur chat with me in my blog..
    u said :

    " iena said...
    salam azira, terimakasih kerana melawat di blog saya. Banyak juga hidangan di atas situ..ya, ya, nasib baik bukan tukang cuci! Kak azira nampak mesra saja di foto. "

    i thought u're muslim for the word 'salam..', but when i saw in ur blog, there is pig, where are u stand? hope u give me answer.tq dear.

  8. Think my boyfriend will be pestering me to learn how to make this dish if he sees your blog post...cos they look so mouthwatering and he's crazy abt pig trotters haha

  9. Love them.. long time since i last gnawed them...

  10. I've never eaten pig trotters, and probably won't try them unless I'm forced to lol. My mom loves them. But I think it's one of those things you need to get used to. I don't like chicken feet either - the rubbery texture and all. Not been raised on weird chinese cuisine so don't tend to like them (like liver, beef belly etc). The hot and sour sauce sounds delicious though! I might try that with chicken or something, I bet it'd still turn out nice?

  11. yummy!!! WF, looks like your bahasa is still very good ;)

  12. hi esther, thanks! i normally prefer to eat the fatter part..

    hi jasmine, yeha i think not many chinese eat this but normally chinese restaurants will have this but pork trotters are quite popular leh for chinese new year!

    kitchen flavours: the way you sound i think you like pork trotters alot!

    hi jess: i'm not surprised that you have not eaten before..maybe your mum seldom cook this too..

    hi wendy, yeah i heard abt the collagen but i think before i receive the collagen, i'll get fat first, haha!

    elin, looks like we're singing the same song..this is the poart that i love most're so funny!

    hi kak azira: oh, i think you've mistaken me as a malay. I'm a chinese! as for the comments, i'll try my best to converse in malay if that blog is in malay. I hope it doesnt offend you here.

    jean, then i think you shld learn how to cook pork trotters since your boyfriend loves them so much!

    claire, as for me, i think i had too much during the CNY..

    sharon: can understand that..that part of the animal..and i quite like chicken feet as well but i only eat them once in a while.

    wh: oh , my malay..terimakasih!

  13. My mom like to cook this type of dish during festive season but I am not a fan of it. She will always add some lean meat to the dish and I will only eat that :)

  14. I'm not a big fan of trotters but I can see that this dish is a beauty. I can finish a bowl of steam rice easily with this gravy.

  15. Salivating just looking at the pic .... my other half will certainly love it!

  16. yours looks fork-tender... yummy! I ate trotter a lot when I was a kid, love them!

  17. I'm a fan of trotters in black vinegar. This trotters look tender and the gravy should be delicious!

  18. this is my FIL's favourite, I still dunno how to appreciate, I prefer the meat portion :P

  19. They will be my granny and dad's fav! Not my cup of tea BUT seeing them reminds me of home!

  20. i didnt know the difference in fat content between the fore and hind legs! U totally made good with this dish. It looks very very delicious, and all i need is a bowl of rice to go along with that!

  21. Ha ha, my parents love trotters,esp with black vinegar, but I have to admit I keep my distance a bit and just watch them eat :) I'll pass the recipe on to my mum who will really appreciate it! Thanks for joining us again with another great entry.

  22. ic4f:there are also lean meat in this but i dint picture them, haha!

    thanks zoe, you're always so kind with your words!

    cheah, yeah i think chinese men will like it more..

    gattina: infact i dont eat them when i was small, i only started eating this during recent years.

    tze: oh, the one in black vinegar! i can drink the whole bowl of that soup..slurp!


    daphne: haha..looks like from the comments here, more uncles and aunties seem to like this !

    crustabakes: the hind trotters seem to contain more fat than the the fore ones and got to cut and clean a lot of that fat out before cooking them. thanks!

    hi shaz: will continue to support whenever i can!!

  23. Devil loves vinegared trotters! I oughta try making this version for him, hehe.

  24. My parents always make those when we have pig trotters. It is such a tender and smooth meat.

  25. Actually, I also want to make vinegar trotters too during the CNY but Malay SIL was back! So cannot cook! haha... You just tempted me to make some. But none of my family member like pork. LOL! :o(