Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cassata Blueberry Cake

I made this cake for a little meet up with some very close school mates during Chinese New Year. All of us have known each other since primary, we went to the same tuition classes, we cycled to school together, we were girl guides and after finishing our secondary school, the group sort of got separated; some went to Form 6, some to KL, Singapore and Australia. Nevertheless, we still keep in touch with each other very often and make sure that we do not lose contact with anyone. We are now communicating even more, thanks to facebook!

I made the sponge cake in the morning itself and after it has cooled down, i put in the fridge for easy slicing later. The blueberry filling is quite easy to make, not complicated and this is not the creamy blueberry type of filling. I should describe it almost like gelato type and it's best to eat them chilled . Sorry for the photograph, the one showing the sliced cake is in total poor quality. All of the photos that i took on that night were very blur.I did not know what happened until i saw them in my computer. I must have clicked on the wrong mode or something and didnt bother to check the photos then , i guess i got too carried away with the conversations going on at the dinner table that night.

Sponge cake recipe ( pls refer to my Mango Mousse Cake , for a 10inch cake)
- Slice the cake into 2 equal slices and put them into a sponge ring

Ingredients for filling:
10oz full cream milk
2.5oz sugar
30gms gelatine powder
4 egg yolks
10oz blueberry pie filling
5oz non diary whipping cream
3oz diary cream
some fresh blueberries

1. Gently boil full cream milk, gelatine powder and sugar over a pot of simmering water until gelatine melts.
2. Let the gelatine mixture cool down and add in the egg yolks. Stir until smooth.
3. Add in the blueberry pie filling. Set aside.
4. Meanwhile, whisk the non diary whipping cream till soft peaks and add in the diary cream and continue whipping for another minute.
5. Bring in the blueberry filling (3) and fold in the whipping cream to combine. Throw in some blueberries here.
6. Pour half mixture onto the 1st piece of sponge, add the 2nd piece of sponge and top with another layer of the blueberry filling. Chill the cake until the filling is set.
7. Remove cake from cake ring and decorate. Chill cake before serving.


  1. I like the way you decorate this cake, simple and beautiful with blueberries and mint leaves on top.

  2. is so nicely done. look so lovely and delicious! those layers are neat too. cheers to your friendship (: (:

  3. wonderful to be your classmate! hahaha.. your cake looks very nice despite the blurness...

  4. Wow, the cake looks so luscious! Next time must make this for us huh! haha.... Have a great weekend.
    Cheers, Kristy

  5. The filling sounds so easy and delicious! Fresh Blueberries are so expensive in indonesia, i guess blueberry filling would be a cheaper sub. :P

  6. Wow, Lena, your friends/classmates are so lucky! I would love to have a slice or two of this cake. it looks delicious.

  7. This is really a beautiful cake. I've bookmarked this to try for my family. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  8. Thank goodness you found your friends back thru FB. Happy to hear that they all enjoyed the cake! Nice job!

  9. What a beautiful cream cake! Love how you garnish the cake with those fresh berries and green leaves. (were they mint?)

  10. I need to take a lesson from u in decorating! it looks soo pretty!!! Blueberry as well. YUM!

  11. Lena...bring this for our next meet up...LOL! Great to be your friend...get to eat great cakes :)

  12. Lena, this is a simple and beautiful cake, looks yummy too.

  13. This cake looks great! I hope you had a great time visiting with friends. It is always so fun to get together with long time friends! :)

  14. Hi Lena,
    this is such a lovely cake! I'm sure your girlfriends would enjoy it thoroughly.
    It's so wonderful that you are still in touch with your primary school classmates. It takes quite a bit of effort to maintain contact but I'm sure their friendship makes it all worthwhile!

  15. I like the way you decorate the cake, is simple and elegant.

  16. Your cake certainly looks good even if the photo is not clear! Would be great to have a slice. Looks delicious and with fresh blueberries too!

  17. You never cease to amaze :D. The mango mousse sponge sounds divine! And goes so well with blueberries, which I love. And so well decorated! How I wish to have a piece myself :)

  18. ann, thanks!appreciate your comment

    sweety, the filling actually not quite equally divided between the two layers.

    jess, thanks, dear!

    claire, thanks! the blur effects could be from the alcohol, haha!

    kristy, it would be my pleasure to make this for you!

    crustabakes: yes, the pie filling is very much cheaper..just an alternative..

    hi roxan, it's always wonderful to share with friends, glad they loved it!

    mary: hope you will try and love the cake!

    peilin: actually we didnt find each other thru FB since we 're already communicating with each other thru email but fb makes it even more convenient now..

    angie: thanks! yes, those were mint leaves.

    daphne: oh no! i;m actually lousy at decorating and my piping skills are extremely poor!I try to skip piping if i can!

    elin dear, aiyah, should have saved a some for you and claire!

    thanks, jess! hope you are feeling much better now.

  19. sweetpeas: yup, it's always great to meet up with old friends, i had a great time during the cny , infact this year i got to meet up with so many of my best friends..

    travellingfoodies: actually earlier i wanted to stay away from the oven during the cny but becos they know that i have a blog, they have asked me to bake something for them..i just cant say 'no'. yup, those are really close friends and all of us are so glad that we 're still keeping in touch with one another..not only that, we are still constantly communicating thru facebook.

    hi tze, thank you..actually i'm not good at decorating that's why i always think of something simple and less piping..!

    hi kitchen flavours: i was quite upset when i came back and looked at the photos..none of them came out nice and clear..i thought it would be nice to show all of you how the the cake look inside..the rest of the photos are even worse than this!

    hi cathy: nice to see you here and thank you!

    hello sharon: that mango mousse cake is one of my favourites, thanks for your nice words, dear!

  20. The deco was simple, but very nice.
    The filling has raw yolks eh?

  21. Oh yeah forgot to tell you.
    Intrico has this brand Milac, the yellow box one is like half dairy half non dairy. Maybe you can try that so that you don't need to open up 2 boxes of cream.

  22. Wow! That's very impressive, I wouldn't mind having a slice of that:D I can never frost my cakes so nicely:(

  23. The cake looks very well made and yummy! Love the colour too!!

  24. hi wendy, raw egg yolks..hmm..almost! i've seen milac in intrico, next time i shall buy a pack and see if i like the taste of that, thanks!

    jeannie: tq! my cake decor ideas are lousy..i cant come up with anything creative or nice piping!

    hi cg, i just visited your great blog and thanks for leaving a comment here!

    mommy to chumsy: ...dont lah..

  25. Looks gorgeous! Love how you decorated it =)

  26. A more delicate dessert .. I like it, greetings MARIMI

  27. This is some lovely cake. I'm a big fan of blueberries...

    Thanks Lena. Have a nice weekend.

  28. What a gorgeous cake! In Brazil blueberry is a little expensive but I love it. It's really yummy. I almost can smell and taste that cut piece. =)

    If you really desire to make guava paste, let me know 'cause I've got the recipe. It doesn't complicated just a little delayed.


  29. Very beautiful cake, I like the decoration, simple and nice ^_^

  30. Hi Lena, this cake of yours can be a wedding cake. It looks so good!
    Love how you decorate it and the texture must have required some patience and dexterity.

    I don't think I want to look when you cut it, ha beautiful. But 3 pieces will do me fine.

    Bet hubby gives you a hug when sees this masterpiece of yours, *wink*.
    Lena, you are good!
    Have fun and keep well. Lee.

  31. pigs2corner, thanks for such lovely words!

    hi garlutti, nice of you to leave your comments here, thank you!

    victor: yeah i guess i know that you are a big fan of blueberry from that blueberry lemon crisps of yours!

    talitha, thanks so much! i just had some questions back at your blog..

    nyeeloh: thank you, this is just a very simple decoration..i wished i cld do more designs to the cake but i dared not!

    lee: your words always make me kind of blush..actually this deco doesnt really take much time just splatter the frosting round the cake..ok, 3 pieces for you..sure you can take all 3 pieces, huh?

  32. Hi, Lena! I'm so glad to know you're trying to make your guava paste! It's easy to find guava in Malaysia?

    Well, here in Brazil the goiabada (guava paste) is commonly dark red and has a consistent texture, like this:

    To the romeo and Juliet cake you can use parmesan powder, no problem.

    All the best for you and your recipes! =D


  33. Beautiful cake, you are very good in decorating the cakes. I always get lost everytime need to do some frosting & decorating cake.

  34. Err.. why almost raw yolks leh?
    U used pasteurized ones?

  35. ooo my..looks so tempting..yummiee:)

  36. Beautiful cake. I need to practice more on my sponge cake. Made once but it wasn't that successful. Love your frosting.

  37. dg, i thinkwe just need more practice if we can..

    wendy..well..almost becasue we gant get to feel the taste of raw yolks in that ..pasteurised eggs ..good idea!

    maya amir: glad to see you dropping by.

    thanks marymoh..i seldom do frosted cakes..that's why my frosting are always simple..thanks anyway!

  38. Dear Lena

    I'm so fortunate to be able to taste your lovely Cassata Blueberry Cake. Realy appreciate your effort in baking such a nice cake for us BFFs eventhough you were so busy during the CNY period. I hope that my next trip back to Msia, I can try your special Elvis Presley Sponge Cake. It's really wonderful that we are still keeping in touch after so many years. Friendship forever. Will always remember your bakes. Thank you my dear friend.


  39. hey, i'm so surprised to see your comment here. Still online at this hour? sure, request accepted! Looking forward to our chat tomorrow!

  40. Dear Lena
    Miss your bakes so much and have been reading your blog. Keep up the good work. Chat with you soon.


  41. Hi Lena ,
    nice cake dear ...
    instead of full cream mil can i use whole milk or half m half should be used and instead of dairying whipping cream can i use heavy whipping cream pls clarify can i have ur email id if its ok with u

  42. hello kim, yes, you can use whole milk to replace full cream milk as i believe that they are the same but we identify them as full cream milk over here.(full fats). Instead of non dairy whipping cream, you can do that with diary whipping cream problem. you can write to me at wflena(at)yahoo(dot)com