Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sweet Potatoes Swirl Bread

i always get fascinated looking at those swirl bread loaves made by fellow bloggers around here. Well even if you dont love eating bread but looking at those swirls on the bread, you might want to have a piece of that. Yah, it's my first time making this kind of bread loaf , using sweet potatoes as flavour. There are a few varieties of sweet potatoes available at my place here, initially i wanted to get the indonesian type of sweet potatoes as i'm used to using that for kuehs but was not able to find that, instead i got some very own malaysian homegrown sweet potatoes, the seller told me that this is just as sweet and soft..infact i love the colour of its flesh, very orangey orange.

the sweet potatoes

Ingredients ( from My nourishment mag with slight changes)
I baked in a pullman tin 23cmx11cmx11cm
130ml soy milk ( i used milk)
1 egg
200gm sweet potato puree ( steamed and mashed)
300gm bread flour
155gm plain flour
8gm instant yeast
40gm ground almonds
5gm salt
2tbsp red palm oil ( i used soft butter)

1.Mix together milk and egg
2.In the bowl of mixer, combine bread flour, 65gm plain flour, instant yeast, ground almonds and salt. Pour the milk mixture into the bowl, combined and beat.
3.Continue beating till dough is smooth, add 1 tbsp of butter, keep beating till soft and smooth dough is formed.
4.Divide the dough into 2 portions. Leave 1 portion of dough in mixer bowl and add in sweet potato puree and 90gm of plain flour, keep kneading or beating till sweet potato is fully incorporated and the dough is orange in colour. Add another 1tbsp butter and beat till dough is smooth to touch.
5.Shape both pieces of dough into balls, place on tray , cover and let them proof for 40mins or double its size.
6.Aftr proofing, lightly press the dough to release air, flatten out to 1inch thickness, stack 2 flattened pieces of dough together and roll up tightly to form a roulade. Place the dough into the greased loaf tin, cover  and allow to proof for 2nd time for another 40mins or until size is doubled.
7.Preheat oven to 170C, cover the tin with lid and bake for 30mins or unitil done,unmould the loaf and cool on a rack.


  1. That is one very beautiful loaf of bread lena...I love the swirl! It's so beautiful..will try this soon!:D

  2. Pretty pretty pretty!! the swirl is beautiful and the bread looks so soft and fluffy!

  3. *salute*... when are you opening cooking classes?? :)

  4. those swirl looks really great! i suck at bread making! yours look realy YUMMY! (: (:

  5. hi jeannie, i love the swirl too.

    jess, no waterroux method and gelatinised dough but still remains soft the next day

    oh claire..another joke from you!

    hi sweety, thank you!

  6. What a beautiful and whimsical bread! It also look so fluffy and delicious. I'd love making this - but if i came across this loaf at a bakery I'd totally buy it too. It looks that good.

  7. Wow, this so impressive! Delicious fluffy bread with color and design!!!! This is the best one this new year! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I will attempt to make it as soon as i get my pullman pan! Cheers!

  8. oooh this bread is so pretty. I love how the swirl came out. I can imagine the taste and smell of sweet potato in this bread.

  9. Gosh, this is one bread that I want to make. Lovely swirls!

  10. Oh, how I love the swirl pattern inside the bread. Beautiful colour and presentation!

  11. Hi Lena, Wow! One more time....WOW!
    You sure you didn't graduate from a Swiss Finishing school? Ha ha.
    Love that bread. I got the beautiful sweet potato scent from here and sniff sniff over.

    I guess if invited over, 4 slices with margarine and whatever on top, and iced coffee should be fine with me, ha ha.
    Well done Lena. Macham a pro la.
    I bet once you can do this one eye closed, can do small home business. 'Lena's Swiss golek bread'.
    (Think golek is for roll, right?)

    By the way, you mind I copy the 1st pic?
    This for bila I naik angin and buka cherita about beautiful women talented among other activities, their black belt cooking expertise.
    Will of course credit you. Or may put on my blog sidebar commercial.

    I did it twice before, Women who can cook are Bachelors'.
    Thats how I got married! Otherwise lasted longer single.
    Will outang you one teh tarek lambong tinggi.
    Have a nice day, keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  12. Lena, the bread looks awesome! It looks like a sunshine loaf to me. Very very impressive. I love it too. Thank you for the recipe again. Hope you're still enjoying the bread LOL!
    Cheers, Kristy

  13. That is a beautiful swirl AND your bread rose beautifully. You're getting better and better, you were already really good at baking, now you're a master. :) And what a coincidence, I also posted a swirl bread post today....but it doesn't look like one. Do you think it would be a good idea to use pumpkin puree instead of the sweet potato? Also, for the 2 balls of dough, were they the same size and how did you roll it up? Oh and was the potato flavor distinguishable? Thank you! Sorry I have sooo many questions for you.

  14. that is one of the most pretty bread that i have seen!

  15. Hi Lena, hope you had a good new year! The swirls of your bread looks so awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

  16. Wow, that looks amazing! I've only ever seen "swirl bread" at bakeries. I'm impressed :D

    Ps. For the banana bread on my blog you can substitute Italian flour with plain flour

  17. I love the idea that there is a delicious filling hiding inside these "butts" ;) Hahaha oh dear..this is fun

  18. Lovely bread loaf! Lena, actually I planned to bake this bread loaf also after seeing it in that magazine. I love the swirls on the bread. I want to bake this as soon as possible!

  19. wow lena, this bread looks fantastic!!!...Have been in a mood for baking but can't decide what to make. Now you've helped me, I will try it this weekend for my family. Will hopefully be a success too.

  20. The swirl in your bread is so perfect!

  21. Very pretty swirls! Look very soft too!

  22. hello roxan, christine, dapne, weng, zoe,small2 baker - appreciate all your nice comments.

    arthur, with "michelangelo in the kitchen', i'm sure you will come out something that's going to amaze me!

    icook4fun- hi, nice to see you here. will cross over to your site later today and thanks!

    my dear kristy, this was made few weeks ago.'sunshine loaf' i like that!

    min, that's quite a few of recipes in that mag that i wanted to try out, give it a try!

  23. hi esther, hope you're going well with your studies. pls dont call me 'master'..too below qualifications! i think you can do this with pumpkin puree, shouldnt be a problem.maybe you would like to skip the ground almonds, i dont think that would make much difference.

    actually i cant remember abt the size of the 2 dough but the dough with the sweet potatoes should be slightly larger due to the added puree. As for the rolling up, you can shape each dough into a rectangle shape, stack them on top of each other, the orange one at the botton followed by the plain one and then roll them up like swiss roll, then tuck in the edges.oh yes, you can get the taste of the sweet potatoes.

    hi brittany, thank you on the info on the flour, wish to try that out one day. On my bread loaf it's fun and excited too when the moment you want to cut the loaf to see how the swirl comes out.

  24. hi cheah, i've just replied you on the pullman tin.

    hello DG, happy new year to you and thanks!

  25. dear uncle lee, no paper qualifications fr french/swiss pastry the moment i think i prefer to stay at home and play in the kitchen first.
    'GELEK?' haha!..maybe ..not too sure, maybe 'gulung' is a more appropriate word.

    oh sure, you can copy the 1st,2nd ,3rd, 4th picture and place it anywhere on your blog, your post, pleasure.ha! hope this wont degrade the image of all the beautiful girls/SYTs at your site.

    guys who can cook are more dangerous ..they can melt a women's heart and eventually fall into their trap!!

    i forgot to tell you that i was listening to this song, "try to remember' and also a few more songs for the past 2 days and when i hopped into your blog, there it went again..very nice song and reminds me of something. This will my song.. at least for this week

  26. hello leny, have fun trying this!

  27. OMG Lena! This is too beautiful to eat! Love the color and the swirl ;D
    so pretty!

  28. hi lena..
    thank you for sharing... saya dah cuba and i love it! :) izinkan saya share in my blog yer.. tQvm...

  29. This really looks like a gorgeous loaf of bread. I never would have thought to use the sweet potato to make the swirl. You did a really nice job with this. Kudos. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  30. Ah a roulade - so that's what it's called. I always find it fascinating when I see these swirls in breads and cakes; always seems to me like they got there by magic! :D

  31. Holy moly this is the most amazing loaf of bread I have ever seen!! I love the swirls in the middle :D. Homemade bread is like the BEST in the world. This looks totally delicious. Wow.

  32. Your bread looks perfectly baked! I'm like you, I love to see swirl breads, they are like yeasted swissroll minus the sugar and cream!

  33. oh ann, have to eat and then make again!

    hana..i just saw that in yr blog yesterday, it's beautiful and thanks for linking back!

    tze , thanks!

    mary, infact pumpkin or cocoa powder can also be an alternative.

    kenny..oh yes, we cld all create 'magic'..hope you know what that means

    torviewtoronto, hi, thanks for being here.

    sharon, the moment i cut the bread, i was quite impressed with the swirls too.

  34. Oh yeah! I know I would love this....sweet potatoes are my favorite! Such a beautiful job...I definitely need to make this soon! :)

  35. Lena, this bread really looks lovely!!! I love the swirl and it seems very healthy!!!

  36. hi sweetpeas, it's easy to make and delicious.

    hi hanushi, love the swirl too!

  37. Hi Lena,
    Jump from Uncle Lee's blog when seeing your so inviting potato bread..Gosh! Look so soft and beautiful too! Thanks for sharing and keep it up!

  38. Hi Lena,
    Your plain flour for this bread should be 155gm or 65gm, just like to clarify, incase I go wrong, thought of making this onces I get my pullman tin. TQ.

  39. hi delphine, it's 155gm..look at step(2)..65 gms were added first and the balance 90gms to be added in step (4).

  40. Hi Lena,
    Thanks for your reply & sorry I did not notice Step (4) for another 90gms. I have bought a loaf baking tin (non-stick) I will see if I can bake a loaf of bread, if not I will have to go to town to get the pullman tin by the way when you use the pullman tin you cover it up during baking is it & have to lightly oil it first. Last few day did another 2 types of bread using "Gelatinized Dough" & "Water Roux" but I still prefer "Gelatinized Dough" which I think is abit sticky for the Water Roux. How can I or do you think I can add the "Geletinized dough" for other normal bread recipe? TQ.

  41. no problem, delphine. YOu can still bake this in the loaf baking tin, leave some space for it to expand, the only thing is that probably the loaf wont be so square and yes, i cover the lid of the pullman tin during baking. YOu can use the gelatinised method for all of your buns with fillings, probably you can look out for this book, 'magic bread'by alexgoh..all the bread recipes in this book are using gelatinised dough method.

  42. Hi Lena,

    Thanks for your reply, I will look for the book. TQ.

  43. Hi Lena,
    I tried this bread loaf yesterday but I used Pumpkin instead, for the 40gm ground almonds I change to 23gm milk powder & 17 gm sugar cos I see no milk powder & sugar, I think I am just too clever, Ha, Ha, should have omitted it, when I incorporate the pumpkin & 90 gm of plain flour I do not know why it was very very soft & could hardly knead into a soft dough & with no alternative I added a few tablespoon of bread flour until I got a soft dough. The pumpkin dough is much bigger than the other half so I stack the pumpkin dough on top of the other & roll up like swiss roll. It proof until the pumpkin dough overlaps the outer layer. It proof very well & I got a very big loaf of bread & was very soft until today, should have divided into 2 loafs, as my table top oven is too small & it raised to the very top, I also added some raisin & what happy with the results. Lena, why don't you try the Kampar Curry chicken using bread to wrap it, I trust you definate can do it. As for the Atta flour I did your Oat Wholemeal Loaf with it but I failed it was very hard maybe like you said water ratio could not be right for it & the colouring also not nice to look at. All thrown away, ha, ha, I think have to get the wholemeal flour shops. TQ.

  44. hi delphine, do you have a blog? i wld love to look at your bread. I'm glad that the bread turned out well for you. sometimes it do happen for me too on wet dough and we just cant helpselves to add a little flour to that. You know what, i've been thinking of making kampar curry chicken bread for sometime already..just delaying that for no reasons. Thanks on the feedback on the atta flour. I just read some info on atta flour that some atta flour are made from hardwheat and some softer wheat and that also make a lot of difference. Did your dough able to proof well using atta flour? I must try that one day..maybe a combination of flours then.

  45. Hi Lena,
    I have no blog but am just happy learning from your blog, I am so sorry for not being able to show you the bread. The bread rise to the very top of my table top oven and was still very soft the next day. As said, after adding pumpkin it mixed until it really cannot make into a dough & so I added flour. Now at least I roughly how much flour need to be added to get a soft bread after making bread for sometime. Lena, try, try the Kampar Curry Chicken, you can definately do it, I trust you will get the best outcome of it. As the for Atta Flour my dough proof very well, it really rise until double in size but hard after baking & I do not like the smell of the flour, do not know why maybe different brand, it smell weird. Ha! Ha! Lena, try the Kampar Curry Chicken Bread, all are waiting.

  46. That's a really nice looking loaf of bread.

  47. Hi Lena,
    Is the 200gm sweet potato puree to be weigh out after mashed or cut-up, clean & weigh out 200gm first before steaming and after steaming that is to be used. TQ.

  48. dear delphine, what i did was weighed them first( after peeling their skin off) and steamed later. on your comments back on the atta flour, if you can remember, did you get the 2nd proofing well too? weird smell? i must really try one day!

  49. Hi Lena,
    I did this again last night,I follow strictly to your recipe,for the 1st mixing the dough seem dry & I have to add about 4 to 5 tbsp. milk, after dividing & adding sweet potato, flour & butter it seem wet & have to add abt. 2 1/2 tbsp. bread flour but overover I got a nice loaf of bread. As for the sweet potato I peel of the skin, weighed & steam in pieces, then I drain off the water before mashing if not I think will be too wet. Thank you I got a nice loaf. As for the Atta flour, I got the
    2nd proofing well too but after baking it is hard & smell weird, maybe not good quality flour next time I better use the wholemeal flour. I sieve the Atta flour too & have some wheat left behind maybe too course could not be sieve. You try, maybe you could get a better result than me. TQ.

  50. hi delphine, usually after adding in the butter, you wont find the dough dry but anyhow, i'm sure you already know what and how to work with your dough best and i'm glad that it still turned out nice. Happy baking!!

  51. Hi Lena, the colors of the bread are beautiful, especially the swirls. So tempted to try out the various bread recipes posted on your blog!!

  52. Hi Lena

    I had tried out ur recipe of swirl bread loaf and the result was good. Even though it was straight dough method, however loaf stayed soft even up till third day. I attributed the longer span of softness might be due to mixture of flour (bread and plain flours).

    My loaf proofed very well and raised tall. Love the nutty bite of the almond.

    Thank you for sharing the recipe.

    Priscilla Poh

  53. hi priscilla, i'm so happy to hear that. I think you did a better job than me, i dont think that my loaf stayed soft for that long and glad that this recipe works for you, thanks!

  54. hi...your bread looks so nice and delicious...

    As usual, I have some questions:

    1. around how many tsp is 8g of yeast?
    2. Also, is the ground almond necessary? If I omit it will it be significant?
    3. For the palm oil, if I use vegetable oil or olive oil, is it ok?
    4. Is it necessary to cover the tin when baking?
    5. One last one, how do you normally test the doneness of bread loaf? I tried once baking a wholemeal loaf, but after the stated baking time, still the bread was not fully cooked and I have to put into the oven again, ending with very hard crust....

  55. dear yeong sheong,
    1. 8gms of instant yeast is around 3 tsp.
    2.can subsitute the ground almond with bread flour
    3. yes, you can substitute with oil, maybe canola oil if you hv. If you dont mind the taste of olive oil in breads, then use them.
    4.YOu can still bake in a loaf tin, uncovered, just watch the crust's quite difficult to answer this. Normally, my breads are cooked within the stipulated time, then again on the temperature. For my normal buns, they are usually done in around 15mins, for loaf usually around 30-35 minutes. if you're afraid, you can increase the temp slightly to 180C for this loaf.

    did you make your 2nd round of the mantou? did it turn out better?

  56. yes...I adjusted the yeast to 1.5tsp and it was good...thanks

  57. hi...I tried making this today, but some how the dough is very dry and I had a hard time kneading it....could it be that extra bread flour I put in to substitute the ground almond??....not sure, nevertheless I love all your other breads...had tried a few and all yield good results.....thanks for sharing...