Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Green Peas Cookies- The Little Jades

I guess these green pea cookies need no introduction , it's quite common to find a jar of these cookies in most homes during Chinese New Year. I dont really have a good recipe for this, last year i made some, it didnt turn out really well. This time i searched the internet again and decided to try the recipe from esjoei's blog, well this time it turned to be better but i think i could have underbaked them, it's kind of soft, i actually prefer them to be a little more crunchier, should i have added in a little more flour.. and also the green pea powder which i used didnt seem to possess that fragrant taste of green peas..sigh..Nevertheless, to jesskitchen, in case you're reading this, i'll still be submitting this to the Aspiring Bakers#3-My Favourite CNY cookie ( Jan 2011).

Ingredients: ( from esjoei , adapted from Y3K new year cookies book by alan ooi)
130gm deep fried green peas, milled ( i used store bought green pea powder)
100gm icing sugar (sifted)
1/4 tsp salt
150gm plain flour( sifted)
100gm groundnut oil

For Glazing - 1egg yolk beaten ( i did not do any glazing)

1.Combine all ingredients well except groundnut oil.
2.Add in groundnut oil to form dough
3.Roll dough in between plastic sheets and cut out cookies.
4.Bake in a preheated oven at 170C for 15-20mins or till well baked.
5.Cool completely before storage.


  1. Like little jade princesses... so cute you wanna bite them? Hehe.

    (Reminds me of the story of the princess and the pea...)

  2. why not, kiss them first and then eat them, 3 at one go!

    never heard of princess and the pea,,only know princess and the frog!

  3. Hahaha, 3 at one go? Am I that greedy? Hmm... I think so! Yes! :P

    Here's a link to the story of The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen:

    Hope you enjoy it. :)

  4. haha its seems you know i would be reading this at this hour! they look very pretty to me! my fav. shade of green! maybe you wana buy the green peas and mill it yourself? i tried this before and i think its really delish =D

  5. I simply love these cookies. Your green cookies look prettier than mine :)

  6. they not only look princess-y ...they are good to eat too. They melt on you too!

  7. I like the nice vibrant green color of the cookies. Really pretty. I actually never taste green peas cookies before. Do they taste abit like peanut cookies?

  8. I'll definitely going to make this pretty green cookies...hmm..next year cos there are many types of cookies in my kitchen.

  9. Oh you definitely have to read about the princess and pea lol. These cookies look brilliant, I love the colour! And I bet they taste amazing! They look sooooo good and I could certainly eat them 3 in one go! ;)

  10. I remember when these cookies were really popular a couple of years ago! Tastes really good! Love the colour!

  11. I've never seen these cookies before. I'm surprised at the vibrant color - i noticed that there is no food coloring in there. That's awesome!

  12. hey Lena.. so i think u have many types of biscuits in your house by now.. maybe elin and i should shoot over there!! :)

  13. Hi Lena, wow! I have not eaten these can't even remember when.
    You sure can make them.
    I love the colours too, nice green.

    I guess Malaysians are now in the holiday festive mood....
    We here just a normal day, and getting hit by sub zero temps.
    Yesterday was -28'c! Wheeeee! That was cold! Ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lena.

  14. I've never seen those...but they are so pretty. What lovely color!

  15. Those green cookies look so adorable. I haven't tried them before. :P We seldom have them in HK for CNY.

  16. These cookies look so fresh and healthy. I have never heard of using green peas to make biscuits. I am so tempted to try. Thanks very much for sharing.

  17. kenny, i've read the story, that must be a very weird pea can cause blue black to the skin..

    jesskitchen, i've tried that last year but it was a different recipe then, that one gives more flavouring

    DG: i just realised that we are using the same recipe, no wonder we got the same results..

    elin, yeah melty i quite like these cookies, i prefer them to be a little crunchier.

    dimah, nice to see you again. these cookies are quite popular among the chinese here.

    IC4F- they dont have this in the states? no, they dont taste like peanut cookies, it's from the green peas that we usually can get from the kacang puteh man.

    Ann - yeah, you've been baking quite a lot plus some that buy from the store..:)

    hi sharon, actually i think they are a little green to me but it's ok, better than dull green.If i can get a very good quality green peas powder, then it would much tastier.

  18. kitchenflavours, i think they still are, actually i think they are too green but it looks attractive in a way.

    Hello roxan, you're back..must check outyr blog later about your holidays!

    wendy: i thought you want to say'harm harm sap sap' hahaha!

    claire, actually not many cookies, i just baked 2 types, i havnt bought any cookies yet but i already have some here given by some friends. U r always welcomed to come to my house!

    lee: i think for the rest of this week, everybody's going to be very busy and the malls are going to be packed..last minute shopping always.-28C?? oh boy, that's freezing cold, i guess you stay indoors most of the time. by the way just in case you come back and read this, a very Happy birthday to you!!

    Indietea , hi, so delighted to see you again, i never thought it would come out this green but it looks attractive, i love the colour too!Those are from the fried green peas which have already been processed and milled.

    hi christine: oh, i never knew that you dont get this in HKG, if you can get the fried grren peas from the supermarket, then you can makethis, just grind them into powder.

    hi mary, it's very common during the cny, probbaly you were not around during CNY here that's why you havent seen them before.

  19. Not so much the pea being weird, but the princess with skin so very, very fragile that a pea can bruise it. :P

    But yeah, fairy tales tend to exaggerate, yes?

  20. They are special to me because I'm a newbie to green pea cookies. Thanks for sharing!

  21. kenny ,fairy tales are always fairy tales, i wish i can say fairytales do come true ..it could also be the exaggeration part that makes people love reading them

    what will happen then if the prince touch her? her skin might probably get torn apart..

  22. That is actually a good point! Isn't a prince rougher than a pea? Unless the prince has super-fragile skin too... :P

  23. Nice green colour :) Is this melt-in-mouth type? I seldom have chance to try green pea cookies. Last year I did bake once but it failed.

  24. there goes our imagination..fairytales do make people imagine and dream! In the end, i think both the prince and princess decided not touch each other and just gave each other a kiss lightly on the lips..and they lived happily ever after!!

  25. hi maureen, someone just commented earlier that these cookies are not available in HKG, actually if you'are able to find those processed green peas that have already been fried, usually in packets form, kind like titbits snack, then you will be able to make these, just grind those peas till fine and you will be able to make these.

    good eve min, these are the melty types but i find mine a little bit soft.

  26. Wow green biscuits! So vegetarian looking, I'm sure they are just delicious. I tried a similar one made of mung beans, they were savory and fried. I think your green pea cookies are better! I'll just make them a little firmer as you suggested! Cheers!!!

  27. They look nice Lena, like the colour. Guess they look alright even without the egg glaze.

  28. Hi Lena, thank you. You're a really very nice lady.
    Wished our paths had crossed wayyy back. But, ha ha, you still in Form 2, I think.
    Have a nice day.

  29. I cant find any deep fried green peas here in Indonesia! i would love to give this a try if i came across some!

  30. Well, so long as they lived happily ever after. The End.


  31. I loveee these cookies!! Seeing all these Chinese New Year cookies show up all over food blogs is making me very very homesick :(

  32. These cookies look so auspicious. They look like jades in a plate of treasures.

  33. Thanks again for sharing this lovely recipe. The cookies look so soft. I bet it melts straight in my mouth. Yummm.... Have a great day.