Monday, January 17, 2011

Dragonfruit Konnyaku Jelly

Konnyaku jellies are rather easy to make, it's just like a premix, follow the instructions on the packet and can be done within half an hour. I just knew that some of these konnyaku jelly powder comes with sugar and some without. Thanks to Wendy for hilighting that to me. In the packet the ingredients are sugar, carrageenen and malic acid.A quick check on carrageenen on the internet, it says that it comes from algae or seaweed and can be used as a thickening agent in replace of animal based product like gelatin and the purpose of the malic acid is to stabilise the ph to control the gel texture. You can put in any fruits you like and here you can see that i've added dragonfuit into it.

The above packet carries a weight of 250gm. I've only used half of this packet, it yields 36 pieces out of my mould. I'm not putting down the recipe here, you still need to buy the packet if you want to make this and all the instructions are clearly stated on the packet itself. The only thing is if you want to add fruits, just pour a little of that jelly solution into the little mould , add the fruits in and then fill up the entire mould. It's not neccesary to do this in a mould, you can make this in a cake tin or a tray but it just looks more attractive i think in those little moulds.


  1. Nice!! Maybe you can try the red meat dragonfruit which is widely available in Kluang, Johor. It's sweeter!

  2. Love the crystal clear jellies! they are so pretty with speckles from the dragonfruit :)

  3. cantiknya:)anda sungguh kreatif dengan menggunakan buah dragon warna putih ni ianya lebih menarik.Pasti cm akan mencubanya.Terima kasih kerana beri idea yang sungguh bagus:)

  4. These are beautiful! Lena, you have NO idea how much I love konnyaku jello. It's my favourite food in the whole world. Especially those that come in ready made packs from Japan (which can be quite expensive). I love to make my own too but I've never used dragon fruit to make them. They look amazing! Love it much :)

  5. Usually I make jellies with the red variety, but I think that's pretty boring now, since so many are using red.
    It's a fresh change seeing white dragonfruit being used.

  6. I love how the konnyaku look especially with the tiny little black speckles peeking out of it.

  7. children's favourite. I always buy a few packets back here whenever I go back for holidays. Must ask my children to make again. Sharon is usually the chief cook for this :D

  8. My kids would love this! This is a great dessert to have especially in hot blazing weather right now! So soothing and yummy too! Have not made this in a long while, my kids love to have kiwi fruits in it. Thanks for reminding me!

  9. Hi Lena, Holy Smoke! I have never seen a more beautiful jelly than this!
    Its really beautiful!
    Never seen them in transparent white before.

    Lena, you are certainly fantastic! Outstanding.
    Most of your cakes are simply, sinfully delicious! Or too good, too beautiful to eat.

    You mind I copy this fantastic picture? Bila naik angin again, I will display it, credit to you.
    Love this jelly, though having a slight problem pronouncing it, ha ha.
    Have fun, Lena. Best regards.

  10. Pretty jelly! It has the dalmation spot... :)

  11. Very beautiful, like diamond ^_^

  12. hello chris, initially i wanted to get the red ones but it was not available. I think red ones would look lovely .

    jean, it is so that it's reflecting the blue prints on the plate.

    jess my dear..'mirror mirror on the wall, who's the sexiest of them all?' haha!

    cikmanggis, harap cm akan suka dengan jeli ini.

    sharon, yeah, i like these konnyaku texture than the normal agar. There are actually a variety of fruits you can put in..i think watermelon would be nice too.

    wendy, actually i wanted to use to red ones but just cldnt find them so ended up using the white ones. as i was telling sharon, i think watermelon would also be nice.

    IC4Fun- yeah, it's kinda cute too, i think!

    hi mary: yeah, sharon just commented that it's her favourite. Hopefully she will be making this very soon.

  13. kitchen flavours, i think kiwi would be an excellent idea too and it would also look very nice thru the jellies.

    hi lee, are you sure you havent seen jellies more beautiful than this? you must be pulling your leg and you're making my head gets biger and bigger..and i know for sure you've already copied this picture even before i reply you, right?

    DG..yeah, chould have called this ' the dalmation jellies'

    nyeeloh, these are the edible sparkling diamonds.

  14. These are just beautiful. I probably will have trouble finding the jelly mix, but I certainly am going to try.

  15. How pretty! I've never had dragon fruit before....
    Re: your comment about Chinese New Year...last year was interning in an Chinese-American office, and you're right: January was quite different, people kept stopping by with moon cakes, there were lots of parties...

  16. Love the look of the crystal clear jelly...they are so elegant with lots cooling effect. This is perfect for our current stormy tropical weather in Australia.

  17. Exactly right! I love this jelly too!! SOO impressive and easy to make. Love the idea of dragon fruit. I usually put mango or nata decoco

  18. Had to open my eyes wide to look at this amazing dessert! They looked like crystal clear plastic paper weights with enclosed bugs at fist! Then I recognized the lovely dragon fruit! Wow Lena, your blog is full of surprises and discoveries for me. I just don't want to miss anything. Cheers!

  19. Wow! These are just beautiful! I have never had dragon fruit before...I think I need to! :)

  20. this is my favourite, I can eat a lot at one go :P. The happy grass brand is the only brand I will buy too.

  21. Lena, they do look like little crystal paper weights :) Best for CNY!

  22. I like the white dragon fruits too but the fruit stall owner said it's hard to find the white ones already. It's so difficult to get them here. They only offer the red ones. Btw, you just reminded me of my KK jelly powder. Not sure expired already or not! hahaha....
    Cheers, Kristy

  23. mary: i hope you will to find it and try this someday.

    indietea:cny is approaching and if you go around asian food blogs, i'm sure you will find a lot of cookies post up.

    zoe, couldnt agree more, the jelli is really crystal clear

    daphne: yeah, i think nato decoco will be nice too

    arthur, thanks for such encouraging words, i'm just smiling reading that.

    sweetpeas: think you shld better look out for dragon fruit, they come in red and white flesh, the red ones are much sweeter.

    jess, it's my first time using this brand..good, the texture of the jelly is chewy and the taste isnt that sweet.

    elin, you can make these for your piggies too when they are back.

    kristy, there's the problem with me too, sometimes i just forgot about what we have in the kitchen until we see somebody making that and we remember!

  24. Ooh, these look like little globules of winter magic! Nice! :)

  25. It's so cute, I never saw anything like this in Thailand, :(

  26. It has been long time I didnt make this jelly, I want to try this adding dragon fruit!