Friday, January 14, 2011

Chocolate Banana Layered Cake

It's been quite sometime back since i last baked a layered cake, i checked thru my posts, the last one which i did was a Mango Mousse Cake about 4 months ago. I probably will make one for special occasions like birthdays, otherwise i dont think i will do that.. not that i dont like baking layered cakes, it's just that it's quite time consuming. But this time i made this chocolate banana cake is not for someone's birhday but simply for blogging purpose and practise on my ganache. As i was telling someone on her blog the other day, i will find my hands shaking and my heart beating when pouring the ganache and she told me better not, otherwise it will all show up on the cake, haha! I'm still a little doubt about the right consistency of the ganache, i just make sure that it's not too thick for easy pouring , though i find the taste is really superb, i still think my ganache handling is really messy and far from perfect.

I baked the sponge in a 10" cake pan , the sponge is not really high so i just made one layer of the filling. I used the same sponge cake recipe from my mango mousse cake , only with some added cocoa powder this time.If you have your own cake recipe, you can always use that and make 2 layers, just double the filling recipe, the ganache should be enough.  This is considered quite a big cake for me ,most of that has been distributed to friends to help me to finish the cake. There's no exact amount of bananas to be used to fill in the cake, i used about 6-7 ripe bananas here, each sliced into 2.

Ingredients for sponge cake
 3 large eggs yolks
 1 1/2 oz sugar
 3 1/2 oz water
 1 oz corn oil
 3 oz superfine flour
 1 oz cocoa powder
 3/4 tsp soda bicarbonate

 Ingredient B
 6oz egg whites
 3/4 tsp cream of tartar
 1 1/2 oz sugar

1. Mix all of ingredient A till smooth. Set aside.
2. Beat egg whites and cream of tartar from ingredient B on high speed. After 2 mins, add sugar , continue beating till stiff
3. Pour the mixture of (1) into (2) and fold gently. Bake in a moderate oven for 45 mins or until cooked.
4. remove from oven and overturn cake to cool.
5. After cool, slice cake into two separate layers

For Choc Banana Layer
Ingredients A
38gms scraped dark chocolate
7 gms cocoa powder
1/2 tbsp sugar
1/2 plus 1/4 tsp gelatine powder
21/4 tbsp full cream milk
1/2 tbsp chocolate emulco
1/2 tbsp Baileys

Ingredients B
225mls non diary whipping cream

1. Melt all of ingredients A(over steam of water) except Baileys and leave to cool. Add in Baileys after cooling.
2. Whisk the non diary whipping cream ( ingredient B) until medium stiff peak and fold over no 1.This will be the chocolate mousse
3. Spread a layer of the chocolate mousse on 1 piece of sponge,  add the sliced bananas, followed by another layer of mousse and place the 2nd piece of sponge on top. Cover the entire cake with mousse and freeze for an hour.

For Ganache:
210mls diary cream
50gms butter
260gms scraped chocolate

Heat the diary cream and butter gently in pot. When hot, add in the scraped chocolate. Cool ganache and pour over entire cake.


  1. Wow Lena, this cake looks so luscious and chocolaty! So tempted to make one for myself, hahaha! Yum!

  2. I am so honoured to be one of your friends to taste this! Thanks Lena... bake more bigger cakes next time.. hahaha...

  3. The cake looks so delish & nicely decorated. Make me craving for it, reserve one for me please :)

  4. Oh wow I've never seen bananas layered in chocolate cake before! I bet it's delicious! Your cake decoration is so beautiful and classy I love it. Especially with those, I forgot what you call them, physsalis or something? I could so use a big piece of that cake right now ;)

  5. The cake looks yummy yummy! I love your decoration!

  6. ... gorgeous cake! No sign of shaky hands at all :D

  7. aiyoh...look at the thick layer of chocolate! yummy....!!!

  8. very luxurious cake!!! i want to get my hands on this! yummy!

  9. I bet your chocolate banana cake gave Secret Recipe's a run for its money :)

  10. looks really CHOCOLATY! and the combination with banana is HEAVENLY! (: (:

  11. Beautiful! I would love to have a slice :)

  12. Looks good enough for me. I don't mind helping you with half of the cake. LOL.

    About the looks, the piping seems.. melted into the ganache. Maybe if you leave the ganache to cool down further before piping, it'll look more prominent. And meanwhile chill the cake to set the ganache before piping. Chilling it will be too hard to pipe.

  13. what a work of art! you rock girl!!!!!!

  14. hi bee, i'm wondering have you attempted this before cos i've seen quite a number of layered cakes you made.

    hi azira, glad you made a comment here cos i was trying to locate you earlier..thanks!

    claire, i must thank you for giving me the opportunity for you to try and finish the cake!

    dg, i'n craving for all your cookies too!

    yeah, sharon. it's physalis! the other day reanaclaire was aking abt the name, the word was like so close to my lips but just couldnt remember that..

    hi tze, thanks but the ganache looks a bit messy i think.

    bfaqueen: haha!the pattern has covered the shaky part of that!

    hello chris, i always love this cake, taste really good...for me!

    jess: i'm pretty sure you can bake this too!

    hello jean: welcome! nice to see you here, what a compliment! i first tried this cake from secret recipe and fell in love with it, that's why i asked someone to teach me.

  15. Your cakes looks beautiful. I made one too for my son's birthday back in July, with image icing of "Ironman". This is a delicious cake indeed! You are very creative!

  16. Ooh this looks scrumptious - and combine two of my all-time fave ingredients - banana & chocolate!

    Tons better than the mass-produced cakes we get at the bakery chains or Secret Recipe outlets. It must be the touch of love in making the cake that makes all the difference. :)

  17. Lena...I am the lucky one to get to taste this beautiful rich chocolate cake...thank you so much for the kind thoughts and sharing the recipe. I will be trying this out after the CNY :) You did a good job on it. The cake tasted wonderful and I look forward to tasting this again. Love the texture of the chocolate cake. One more time..BEAUTIFUL and I enjoyed it much...still thinking of it....slurp !

  18. You need practice no more : ), the cake looks lovely enough!

  19. Oh my goodness...does this look delicious or what!? You did a fantastic job decorating this cake! :)Wish I had a slice!!

  20. hi sweety, it's really a good combination,inregardless of cakes, cookies, pies, etc

    ann: tq. I would love to have more of your cakes too!

    wendy: you r right, the first round i did, it was like kinda melted into the ganache, then i put it back in the freezer to settle, it was much better then

    Desertman: hi, thanks for coming by to leave a comment here.

    gettina, such nice words from you. hey, i enjoy reading your posts!

    hanushi: thanks:)

  21. hi kitchen flavours: you did? did you post that at your blog?

    kenny, they are awesome combination, wonder who created that? The 2 are like romeo and juliet..ooh maybe not a good about mr &mrs smith??probably not..

    elin my dear, such nice words from you. I agree that the sponge is really good, just remember to fold the egg whites lightly into the batter.

    hi maureen: thanks!i wish the ganache could be just a lightly harder.

    hi sweetpea: i'm actually very lousy at cake decorating, so each time i'll think of something to cover up the frosting

  22. Wow Lena, this is such a wonderful cake. I remember my last attempt on making a ganache and it was a total failure. It seems that it is such an easy thing to do.

    Thanks for introducing me to "ikan masak lemak". I took a look at it and it is very similar. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Spectacular cake! You have done it again Lena! Delicious but hard to make I think. I am just impressed with people who can follow a recipe to a tee and succeed. I'll leave the cake ordeal to the experts like you and the tasting to me. I'll be making the easy ones first and attempt to do the hard ones later.
    This is the ultimate chocolate cake this new year I have to say!!!

  24. wow! gojezzz! macam nak pingsan! hihi

  25. it looks gorgeous! did u pipe the pattern on it?

  26. Chocolate and Banana... Like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Wonderful separately, but together - Wham! Bam! Spectacular! :D

  27. kak deliah, terimakasih ya.

    victor, i have very little experince in ganache and do you know that i've a very messy basin after this and my hands...eeesh!!so much clean up to do after that..

    hi arthur, not too difficult to make but definately needs to throw in some effort and sacrifice a little time.

    steady hana! buat apa pengsan ini?

    daphne: yes, i did the small swirls using a piping bag, just cut a tiny hole at the tip.

  28. kenny: can also define as glamour, seductive and irresistable..the cake and the pair

  29. I would definitely agree with irresistible. That could be a secret codeword for your readers/cake clients - "Hi Lena, may I order a Brad & Angelina, please?" :D

  30. brilliant name for the cake..must write it down first.

  31. This is beautiful cake and looks yummy too!

  32. This is a really beautiful cake. It was a perfect way to break the layer cake fast :-). I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  33. Lena, the ganache on your cake is so perfect. Wish that I can have a slice of the cake...

    I'm also very touched with your intention of sending me a CNY card.

    Got to say that your comments to me has been very flattering that my face blushed when reading it :p Appreciate all your thoughtfulness. Great to have a friend like you :D

  34. Lena, I will not bake layer cake unless is for birthday, too time consuming :P. Your cake looks so nicely done, so chocolatey and delicious.

  35. hello dimah, thanks for dropping by here.

    mary: it's always nice to give!

    zoe: i feel so thankful knowing you, i just wish that you will have a very warm celebration here there. Hugs to you!

    jess, ..time consuming, totally agree!

  36. /2 tbsp chocolate emulco
    1/2 tbsp Baileys
    any substitute for this lena...

  37. dear anonymous: if you can find chocolate paste, it's the same. It will make the cake taste more chocolatey. As for bailey, you can leave that out, no problem. It just that i find that bailey in this choc cake produces great aroma and combination that makes the mousse delicious!