Friday, January 21, 2011


Bagels are always there on my 'to-bake' list but it's never been a priority. But this time i know it's an opportunity for me to bake those bagels..that's the theme for this month Have The Cake (HTC) event. The challenging part of baking bagels to me is the boiling part..i'm not quite sure how to do it so i've actually watched a few clips in youtube. There some time given for the bagels to rise therefore I have to be really careful and gentle when transferring the bagels to the pot for boiling, otherwise they will all turn wrinkled. I've come across a few recipes for bagels, they all have different boiling time, some 30-60seconds and some 15seconds. I understand that the longer the boil, the chewier the crust will be. This applies too if we want a thicker crust and bagels are also meant to be dense. So dont expect it to be like those asian type of soft fluffy buns that we usually love, it's not. But the ones that i have in Coffeebean  here are not chewy, wonder why? Can somene tell me  what is really the texture of a true and good bagels, do they have to be very chewy till one's jaw get tired? There's a variety to put for toppings... poppy seeds, sesame seeds, cinnamon sugar, onions, etc..and make your favourite fillings and it's best to eat it fresh out from the oven while the crust is still crispy, it will lost its crispyness after a while.

Ingredients:( Biscuits, Baking and Cakes - the essential recipe cookbook)
450gm strong plain flour/bread flour
1 1/2 tsp salt
2tsp easy blend dried yeast
2 medium eggs
1 tsp clear honey ( i skipped this)
2tbsp sunflower oil
250ml/90z tepid water

To finish:
1tbsp caster sugar
beaten egg, to glaze

1.Preheat oven to 200C/400F 15 minutes before baking. Sift the flour and salt into a large bowl. Stir in the yeast, then make a well in the centre.Whisk the eggs together with the honey and oil. Add to the dry ingredients with the tepid water amd mix to form a soft dough.
2.Knead the dough on a lightly floured surface for 10 mins unti lsmooth and elastic. Put in a bowl, cover with clingfilm and leave in a warm place to rise for 45 mins, or ubtil doubled in size.
3.Briefly knead the dough again to knock out the air. Divide the dough into 12 pieces, form each into a 20.5c/8inch roll, curve into a ring and pinch the edges to seal. Put the rings on an oiled baking sheet, cover with clingfilm and leave to rise in a warm place for 20 mins, or unti risen and puffy.
4. Add the caster sugar to a large saucepan of water. Bring to the boil, then drop in bagels one at a time and poach for 15seconds. Lift out with a slotted spoon and resturn to baking tray.
5.Brush the bagels with beaten egg and sprinke with toppings. Bake for 12-15minutes or until golden brown.


  1. Hi Lena! I couldn't resist typing a quick comment because I should be studying for my finals instead (that's also why i'm neglecting my blog). Anyway, your bagels look really good, I've seen some homemade bagels that are really wrinkly online. I eat a bagel almost everyday for breakfast and the crust is really crispy. The bagel is not very chewy and it's usually a soft, but denser bread compared to Asian bread. If the bagel is fresh, the bread should be soft and dense at the same time, but it's not so chewy that your jaw hurts. It's hard to describe, but I hope that helped you. I've always wanted to make bagels but I haven't been brave enough. :)

  2. Lena your bagels looks so wonderful can i have a few to take home please =p

  3. Looks good, Lena..never really taken bagel before.. *wink*

  4. The only time I've eaten bagels was 2 months back at Coffee Bean. My girls loved it and licked all the cream cheese off. Wonder if they like the cheese or the bagel, hahahaha!!

  5. have not try bagel before, but yours look soft, should be nice one!

  6. bagels are my favourite in case you don't know :) so, really not coming down?

  7. Mmm... Bagels... Mmmm...

    *speechlessness due to fluffiness of your bagels, hehe*

  8. These bagel looks so soft. Keep some for me - I will bring my own coffee. haha

  9. So far I've only baked once, my family members dont seems to like it, they still prefer soft bread :(

  10. Lena...I am hungry just drooling at your bagels...I will have licked the cheese off from the screen ! :)

  11. I love bagels. They are so chewy and delicious, even great on its own. Yours looks perfect. I'm sure they are really good especially so freshly made. Well done!

  12. Beautiful bagels! I think they're meant to be quite chewy. I've never had any with a crispy crust before. I bet they're much more delicious fresh out of the oven! Oh YUM, it's breakfast time here and I want a piece! :D

  13. Lena, your bagels are gorgeous! I love bagels too. I like aving it with some savory fillings, something like sandwich. Thanks for sharing it. Hope you're having a terrific evening.
    Cheers, Kristy
    p/s still busy baking?

  14. Hi Lena, I love bagels...and yours look so beautiful.
    I will buy, slice half add butter....with iced coffee for breakfast, or late night tidbits.

    By the way, where you learn to cook and bake? Mother's University? Or The Swiss Finishing School? Ha ha.
    Can see your love of baking as all your cakes are real masterpieces! Like the Mona Lisa.

    Have a fun weekend, stay young and keep a song in your heart. Lee.

  15. Hi Lena... The bagels looked very soft & fluffy. I will try baking some one of these days. Thanks for sharing the wonderful recipe here.

  16. Normally, I saw other bagels look stiff & hard, but yours .... looks yummy, it soft & fluffy.

  17. Your bagels look beautiful. Would be great to have one for breakfast with my morning coffee!

  18. jess,thanks. you couldnt see the ugly part, i've covered that with sesame seeds, ha!

    esther: really appreciate your comments.You have this everyday? sure you must love it a lot! soft anmd a little dense..maybe also quite similiar to what i had in coffee beans. Hey, good luck in your exams!!

    jess, sure you can but before that, can you pass me some of your cookies?

    claire: i only know coffeebean has that..not sure anywhere else..

    wendy: i'm quite sure she loves the cream cheese more than the bagels..just like the butter licking experience!

    ah tze, it's nice when it's still warm and they are not as soft as our asian breads.

    WH: i know, bagel loving mum! yeah, hope to see u during CNY

    mmm...kenny...mmm..or could your speechlessness were due to too much of your too much dong dong chiang this morning? hope your hearing is okay then..

  19. yummykoh, you dont have to bring your own house got coffee, hehe!

    nyeeloh, we are used to eating soft breads all the time so that might think bagels are a bit dense to them.

    elin, pls getsome napkins first before your saliva starts dropping onto the keyboard!

    thanks mary! i think bagels with cinnamon coating would also be nice.

    sharon, i think we will only get the crispy crust when it's get done at home, the moment when it's out from the oven..nice!

    kristy: not really. just made another batch of cookies 2 days ago. just hangaround in the house and blog visiting. want to stay away from the oven for a little while.

    uncle lee: my mother is never interested in cooking nor baking..if can, she prefers to stay away from the kitchen. i go to weekend baking classes once in a blue moon, depends what they teach but most of the bakes here in the blog are from cooking books.

    hello ming na! nice to see you around. you do bake? hope to see your bakes in your blog soon.

    hi DG: thanks, actually i prefer them to be less chewy.

    kitchen flavours, there are some ugly ones too but it's not up there, these actually a bit wrinkled too but i've covered that with sesame seeds.ha!

  20. lena,i will definitely try this out...thanks for sharing :)

  21. Yummy, I would love to have this for my breakfast. :D

  22. ooo.. smoked salmon and cream cheese on mine please!!

  23. You really did a wonderful job with these. They sound delicious and they look really, really good. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  24. Hehe. Perhaps. And you know what might be a nice new twist? Bagels for Chinese New Year! Prosperity Bagels!! :D

  25. These bagels look great! Bagels have been on my baking list for quite some time now too. I have the recipe and everything that I want to make, I just need to do it! :)

  26. These look perfect! So yummy.

  27. Making bagel is a lot of work. You have to let the dough rest, shape it, boil it and then bake. I got tired thinking of it ha ha.. I just go to the bakery and get a few. And yes bagel is suppose to be dense, hard and chewy. Need a lot of jaw muscles to eat this.

  28. Your bagels look great. Perfect to fill with anything for a delicious breakfast or lunch.

  29. deliah: yes,do try this out.

    little inbox: great for breakfast with fillings or without fillings!

    daphne: that's my favourite too!

    Mary: thanks, actually i prefer them to be less chewy..

    Kenny: prosperity bagels!! you are very innovative! Then we can have some nian gao and chicken floss sandwiched between the bagels!

    dear sweet peas: yeah, i have been delaying this for quite some time..for no reason..get started, quick!

    dimah: thks a lot!

    ICOOKFF: hi, actually bread making do takes up a lot of time..sometimes my parents dont understand why i'm making this and that where i can just get them easily from the stores?..what to do??it's a hobby.

    Barbara: thanks for coming have got a wonderful blog

  30. A warm bagel stuffed with nian gao actually sounds very, very good. Do try that! :)

  31. kenny, i'll keep that in mind..hmm next time i shld get some ideas from you when i want to try something new..

  32. Your bagels look nice!! I just ate them once lately. They were given by a friend. Yes, very chewy and good to consume when it's fresh from oven. We used it to dip into some meat sauce to let the sauce soak into the bun. It was really yummy thinking about it now. ;)

  33. Haha, I'm only good with the ideas... not so much the execution, i.e. cooking/baking. :P

  34. kenny, that's good enough..ideas from you and i'll do the execution...wah, sounds like you're the chief and i'm the soldier.

  35. That's one thing I should learn how to make. I eat bagels like everyday. Yours so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  36. I love baking bagels too, they are so delicious as well...yours looks really plum and not wrinkly like mine:P Must learn to handle them more gently.