Monday, December 20, 2010

Nyonya Fried Turmeric Chicken Wings

Turmeric or some call it 'yellow ginger' or more popular known as 'kunyit' and lemongrass are widely used by the people here especially for cooking curries. This is also one dish that one would normally eat during their confinement period as it believes that it will promote healthy circulatory system. To cook this, one must also be generous with the lemongrass, some onions and fresh turmeric. Just pound them all together and put the chicken pieces for marinating and pan fry them. If you do not want to 'yellow' your fingers, it's advisable to put on gloves while you handle the turmeric or doing the marinating. The colour can stay on your fingers for days and i remember once someone asked me if i always colour my nails and never remove them properly causing them to turn yellow! see how bad that is.

10 pieces of chicken wings
6-7 pieces of thumbsize fresh turmeric
4 stalks of fresh lemongrass, white parts, cut into small pieces
( can leave some green parts for fying later)
8-10 small onions
a little salt
oil for pan frying
4 tablespoons of tamarind juice ( optional)

1. Clean and cut each piece of chicken wing into 2 parts.
2. Rub a little salt on to the chicken wings and leave on for 30 mins and rinse after that.
3 .Pound the lemongrass and the small onions together until fine. Use this to marinate the chicken for several hours or overnight if you wish.
4. Pour enough oil into the wok just for pan frying on medium fire, you dont need a lot of oil  as the chicken wings are not going to be deep fried. You might need to fry this in 2 batches and also can throw in some green parts of the lemongrass stalk if you wish. There might also be some leftover marinates on the plate just save them for frying later
5. Pan fry the chicken wings until cooked and golden in colour
6.If you like a little sour juicy flavour in the chicken, you can add in the tamarind juice here and cook for another 2 minutes. Dish out.
7.Fry the leftover marinates in the wok for 2 minutes , scoop up and pour onto the cooked chicken.

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  1. these wings looks extremely delicious leh! i want!

  2. Wow..your nyonya chicken really makes me drooling, looks so delicious.
    Yes, I have seen your comments at my blog. Thanks for answering my question.

  3. yummehhh i like lemongrass marinade..
    but mmm the recipe didnt state tumeric??

  4. Aiyor, lau sai hau sui lor!!!
    I love this type of chicken.

  5. The wings are so good that I wanted to pinch one from my computer screen...

  6. My kids will love these, Lena.. so long I didnt fry chicken for them..

  7. Lena..I think you left out the turmeric in your recipe :p

    I take this almost every day during my confinement . My grandmama used the free range chicken and cooked this for me. I love my confinement days....LOL!
    Great dish to share with us :)

  8. swee san and elin, how could l left out the most important ingredients?! thanks for heads up. will put that in right away.

  9. it loks sooo nice and appealing!!! (: (:

  10. This dish let me think of my mum! She loves to cook this when we were young, is really really yummy!!

  11. This is something so irresistible! I cooked something similar too today but with some additional spices. I saw my Malay SIL cooking it last ight. Will try to post it out later of this week. ;o) Have a great week.
    Chers, Kristy

  12. jess, shenny's mommy, zoe, sweetilicious and DG - thanks taste just as good as it looks.

    wendy, no need to 'lau hau sui' you also have your salted egg chicken today, haha!

    ah tze - you shld cook this too then.

    kristy, oh really? is it more towards the malay kind of cooking? looking forward to your post.

  13. Oh..... I love the turmeric chicken wings !! Long long never eat!

  14. Wah.. your nyonya chicken wings make me so hungry now... buay tahan liao

  15. Oh geez, Lena. I haven't eating it, I so want some right now!

  16. I love chicken wings and these chicken wings looks so inviting that I wish to have a few now.

  17. Thanks for another very delicious entry! They look absolutely to die for! I made some Thai grilled chicken yesterday which is as yellow as this :)

  18. Oh my goodness, I just ate dinner and I'm hungry! Delicious entry for MM, thank you. And yes, the kunyit is so "terror", I always forget and end up with yellow nails!