Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Bar of Chocolate

actually i wouldnt call this 100% my own bar of chocolate, i made this out of a common diary chocolate bar. I got this idea also from the ' My nourishment ' magazine as a personalized gift for christmas. No recipe, it says that just melt 100gm of your favourite milk, white or dark choc over simmering water and pour it into a linebased tin and sprinkle it with your favourite toppings. So you could do it with nuts, dried fruits or edible flowers.Refrigerate till firm and wrap it up.

I have used dried cranberries here but i think it would look better if i chopped them into much smaller pieces. I'm sure many of you can make this better than me. Another thing i realised is that it actually melts faster than the chocolate bar  that we buy from the supermarkets..maybe a little strange cos it's the same bar of choc i got from the mart..now i think that maybe i have prolonged the melting process and overheated the cocoa butter content in it. I read that cocoa butter is a kind of fat that will stay solid at room temperature , it also helps the choc to stay solid at room temperature, has a low melting point but will change structure if it is at high melting point, so probably that explains why this melts more quicker. Anyway, the reason of this post is to share an idea on making personalized gifts ,not just only for christmas, it can be a gift to anyone anytime,  make your own customised bar of chocolate from scratch and top it with your favourites.

Am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #2 - Christmas ( dec2010) and also my entry for the Christmas Giveaway hosted by Swee San of TheSweet Spot


  1. very very pretty~ bet it must be delish too with all the cranberries!

  2. Wah, very pretty.
    Hey, why don't u submit this to Swee San's giveaway too?

  3. jess, i just made this yesterday..i havent eaten it yet but i'm sure it's good.

    wendy, no story to tell about the chocolate. I'll think of something,still got one more week left.

  4. wow...that is a great chocolate bar you have made for yourself Lena :)) Great gifts to give to love ones...personalised chocs :))

    Happy Holidays,

  5. A very beautiful chocolate bar, suitable for this season!

  6. wow..u have a creative mind, Lena! Special gift it will be..

  7. Lena,
    Try asking Swee San again.
    She told me, it's not neccesary to have a story behind it, a simple write up will do, she just doesn't want "pics+recipe" only, or "today I made this, and here's the recipe" type of submission.
    Talking abt the recipe if good enough she told me la, but u can ask her to clarify.
    I do think this is a good entry.

  8. looks great! i just made chocolate bark its amazing! yours is beautiful

  9. Hi Lena, I think this is a good entry too!! I like!!! Pls submit :)

    To make the chocolate stay without melting at room temp, it's better to use couverture chocolate and temper it. When it's harden, it snaps nicely, retains the shine and taste oh so yum!!

  10. is amazing! little steps yet personalise to your own taste (: (:

  11. What an elegant gift for Christmas. The chocolate is very pretty with the the embedded rich red coloured cranberries :D

  12. I have seen this in a few blogs, your looks as pretty and good.

  13. Happy xmas Lena.. so happy to see someone with my name.. :) chocolate looks super yumm

  14. elin, claire and tze - yup, this will make lovely gifts too.

    wendy - btw, where's your entry??

    swee san - alright dear, will be submitting in

  15. sweetylicious, the best thing is you can put whatever you want in the chocolate.

    zoe, it should have looked better if i cut the cranberries smaller, it looks a bit chunky in the photo.

    thank you , jess.

    lenaRR - hi, thanks for coming by.

  16. What a wonderful treat. Your choclate looks festive and sounds delicious. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  17. chloe, i'll be checking out your blog soon

    mary, thank you. have a good day too!