Thursday, December 16, 2010

Homemade Tau Foo Fah (豆腐花)/ Soymilk Custard

Not long ago, i saw wendy making her own tau foo fah, then next came elin who also did her own tau foo fah ..and they all sounded so easy making them and their tau foo fah looked so smooth that already tempted me to make that on my own too. Yeah, it was easy..well, even if you dont believe me, you have to believe them. Both of their recipes used GDL ( Glucono delta lactone) , just another kind of coagulant in replace of the gypsum powder, which believed to have negative effects to our health.. Even some tau foo fah sellers at my place here are putting signs saying "no gypsum powder". In chinese, gysum powder is called "sek koh fun" which people said is the powder that one used to heal fractured bones and also the one used to form plasters for building maybe that's the reason why they claimed that gysum powder has got negative effects to our body.. now i'm just wondering the tofu that i usually buy, do they use gypsum powder or some other coagulants?

Now back to this soymilk custard, initially i thought of just buying the soymilk to make this but my mum said "why not just make your own, it's also very easy" all i need is a blender so i ended up making the soya milk too. I'm glad that i made the soya milk , it tasted really good especially when it's still warm and knowing that it's really fresh . I referred to wendy's recipe for the soymilk but i used 300gms of soya beans instead of 250gms and with 1.8L of water and elin's recipe for the making of tau foo fah.

Soymilk ingredients:
300gms soya beans, soaked overnight
1.8L water

1. Blend the soya beans with water ( i did that in 4 portions)
2.Pour the soya milk into a cheesecloth ( i used a clean baby cloth diaper) and squeeze out the soya milk ( also did that for couple of times) into a large pot.
3. Before putting the soya milk on boil, i actually strained the soya milk again to ensure it's totally grainless.
4.Boil the soya milk ( make sure it's totally boiled.)

from the pot..after scooping the bubbles out

soft and silky smooth
Soymilk custard /Tau Foo Fah (makes around 7 bowls)
Ingredients A
5 1/2 cups of boiling soy milk

Ingredients B
1 tbsp cornstarch
1/2 tsp GDL
1/4 cup cold water

Ginger sugar syrup
6 tbsp sugar
1 cup water
1 piece of old ginger, thumbsized, crushed
(bring to a boil until sugar dissolves)

1.In a small cup, mix ingredients B
2. Pour the boiling soy milk in a gushing motion at 2 ft above the pot with GDL mixture.
3.Give the mixture a quick stir and cover it with a cloth before putting the lid on. Leave for 30 minutes.
4.Scoop away the layer of bubbles on top of the soy milk custard and now ready to serve.

Actually i do not know how long it took to set becos after doing that, i went out and only came back after an hour and it has well set by then.

****UPDATE 6th Sept, 2012 ****
i have made another 2 more versions of tau foo fah using agar2 powder and gelatine, the post is


  1. wow!!! your soya beancurd looks so smooth!! i want a bowl please!!!

  2. Lena, both of you can beat 'Funny mountain'! Looks so smooth.....

  3. When we were kids. We always call it tofu flower. Great job on the dessert. My mom adds some baking powder. I never knew why...

  4. Lena, the soya beancurd looks so smooth!!! I'll try this recipe, thanks! :D

  5. Lena...finally you have your own homemade tau foo fah....glad you tried it out :) Well done! This is so much healthier for your gals :)

    Smooth and delish especially if you blend your own. The next time I will make my own soymilk and I shall use yours and Wendy's recipe for the soymilk. 300 gm would be ideal for my small family but if Claire ask for some I have to make more then...LOL!

  6. Wow! I am impressed with your tau foo fah, looks so smooth... may I know where did you get your GDL?

  7. Oh dear..nampak sungguh sedap.Sudah beberapa kaliCm cuba buat tapi hasilnya kurang memuaskan.Akan cuba dengan resepi ini.Thanks Lena for sharing

  8. So silky looking is your tau foo fah, thumb up! I also like savor it with ginger sugar syrup.

  9. Lena, your tff look so smooth ha, i have yet to try tff at home yet, look at yours, i might try soon.

  10. jess, i wish i can just serve you a bowl of this right away.

    cheah- believe me, better than funny mountain

    victor, strange to know about the use of baking powder you sure that it's baking powder? i know i sounded so dumb asking this question.

    elin, in fact i think this is not enough for my family..maybe next time can cook a bigger portion but the squeezing part of soya milk couldbe a bit tiring leh.

    Jeannie, i think all bakery ingrd.shops carry this, i got mine from Yummy Kitchen , Ipoh

  11. Haha, you're the first(that I know) to realise about the coagulant in tofus.

    I've heard ppl saying tofufah is no good, cos use gypsum, but eat eat more tofu, tofu is good for u!!

    Nah, tofu is worse than tofufah in my personal opinion. Cos after the milk is coagulated, it is then pressed to release water, making the tofu, higher in concentration with gypsum. But if you ask me, our ancestors have been eating tofu made with gypsum for centuries. It's just the thought of plaster ceilings and plaster casts that makes the gypsum seem disgusting. But then again, I wouldn't disagree with the health effects it has on the modern society. Consumption of non-organic calcium minerals together with oxalic rich food (tea, spinach, starfruit, berries ad nuts) will result in kidney stones. But I won't blame it on gypsum totally. How much tofu do we eat each day compared to the calcium supplements we pop in, or how much calcium enriched milk we drink.

    Just my 2 cents. I always believe in moderation.

  12. CM - you pun pernah buat Tau foo fah? yeah, lain kali nak buat cubalah resepi ini.

    hi taste - over here, we can either have it in normal syrup, ginger syrup and palm sugar syrup.

    tze - yeah , try it.

    sonia, you will love this if you get this successfully done which i know you got no problem at all.

  13. Healthy dessert! Your tau foo fah really has the smooth texture. Great job!

  14. Smooth and silky Tao Fu Fah. It's a healthy dessert.

  15. Ok maybe next will be ME!!! hahahaa.. my kids love that and we kept buying from Perak stadium...
    hey, when is our next meet? oh wait till i recover my voice first.. hahahaa.. now i m voiceless!

  16. My goodness, the tau foo fah looks so silky smooth. Yumm... I love having this a lot. I think homemade one is better. Thanks for the recipe. Have a great day ahead.
    Blessings, Kristy

  17. wendy, haha..'eat,eat more tofu!' yeah, people have been eating for centuries..maybe certain people only will have these side effects but maybe not that hazardous,if it is, the govt would have banned it anyway.

    dg/little inbox- thank you, i'm sure you can also make this

    claire - let me know..anytime next week

    hi kristy, thank nice to see you here and enjoy your holidays!

  18. Look like its quite easy to make.
    Thank you for sharing.

    May I know what is GDL?

  19. hi shenny's mommy, thanks for being here. i just replied the question at your blog.

  20. Lena, I love tau fu fah also, I want to try this recipe, but need to get ready the GDL first. Yours look so smooth, yummy!

  21. can I know how long it takes to set/solidify?
    mine seems take very long and not set well.

    besides, for the GDL with corn starch, firstly is to place the mixture in the pot 1st, and then pour in the boiling soymilk right? correct me if i was wrong.

  22. hi ngiap, it usually takes around 30-40 minutes to set. as for the gdl mixture, what i do is i mix them in a small bowl and pour them along with the soya milk, side by side, about 2 ft above the pot, then give them a quick stir. Remember do not move the pot after that. are you using homemade soya milk?

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  25. Hi, may I know what does GDL means?

    1. glucono delta lactone, a kind of coagulant to set the tau foo fa. If you 're in malaysia, you can find it in the bakery supplies shop.

  26. I hv tried out this recipe. Came out wonderfully smooth. Hv shared w fb frens.

    1. very glad to know that..thanks for your feedback!