Friday, December 24, 2010

A Bouquet of Panettones..and Panettone Muffins

This is my other entry for the Christmas Giveaway hosted by Swee San of The Sweet Spot to give my support to her. Friends, the closing date for submission is 2nd January 2011, there's still a week left so hurry if you want to join.

the panettones

the panettone muffins in squares
There is a reason why i'm baking these panettones. One of the things that we need to do for the entry is to write a relatable story about it but now i understand that we dont really have do that but we still need to do a little write up. Not so much of cracking my head this time but i still need to go back to history first to check if i have anything memorable on christmas..not very much cos i dont really celebrate christmas. But i can recall something happened last year, it was my first time baking something for someone as a christmas giveaway.. a doctor who has been treating a member of my family for close to one and a half years. We had many many encounters with him throughout. He started to treat her on the first day she got sick up till her final week of her life. I was very grateful to him and i told him that. I'm not going to go into detail here but in a way, he has indirectly helped me and given me the opportunity to do the things that i should be doing. After several months that she had passed away, i showed up at his clinic, it was at this time of the year. I know he celebrates christmas and i baked him a passionfruit cake and a few mini panettones. When he saw the panettone, he asked me, 'are these muffins?" Actually it did looked like muffins cos i baked them in muffin paper cases. I told him no and said they are known as' panettones', an italian kind of bread that usually served during christmas and new year and enjoyed very much by the people there.  But i told him that it was my first time making the panettones and i'm also new to baking so just excuse me if they are not good enough and i'm not sure if they will turn hard the next day and i remember him telling me, 'dont worry, i'll make sure i eat these by today'.
So this year i'll still be sending him some gifts ..i couldnt send him these batch of panettones cos i just checked and  he's off and will only be back by next week. So while thinking of the entry earlier, the 'muffin' thing just came into my mind. Is there such thing call 'panettone muffin' ? I searched on the internet and yes, there is!! Never knew that..all i know is just the bread type. So here are my 2 bakes, the panettone and the panettone muffins. For the panettones, there are hundreds of recipes all over the net but i chose one from Alex Goh because i trusted him for all his bread recipes which most of them turned out to be very good..this one no exception.

the big and mini panettone
As for the panettone muffin, i got it from this site. I'm not going to copy down the recipe here, whoever is interested to make these muffins, please go over to that link. There are some slight amendments i made to the recipe...i've have used a combination of mixed fruits, mixed peels and dried cranberries and soaked them in orange juice and on the "fiori di silicia" i've replaced that with lemon zest and i leave the cake enhancer out.

the panetton muffin

...simply moist..
the panettones..oops, the cranberries are not in this one..
Here's the recipe of the Panettone ( from The World of Bread with slight changes)
Ingredients A
210gm Bread Flour
1tsp instant yeast
130ml water

Ingredients B
90g Bread Flour
3gm salt
50gm sugar
10gm milk powder
1 egg
60gm butter

Ingredients C
100gm mixed fruit
40gm mixed peel
25gm dried cranberries
1/2 orange zest
3 tbsps orange juice

1.Mix all of ingredients A to form a smooth dough and let it proof for 2-4 hrs.
2.Add in the ingredients B, except butter , to form a dough then add the butter and continue to beat until smooth dough is formed.
3.Mix Ingredients C, evenly, add fruit mixture into dough till well blended. Divide the dough into 80gm pieces and shape into balls. leave them to rest for 15mins . Makes 9 pieces for this recipe.
4.Knead them again and reshape into balls and put in a 7.5cm round x 5cm muffin cases. Leave to prove for 60minutes.
5.Cover with egg wash , cut a cross on top  and bake at 175C for 25minutes. ( i forgot to egg wash and cutting a cross)


  1. these panettone looks lovely lena! initially i also wanted to do this but the thought of making bread makes me cringe so i skipped again hehe =X merry xmas lena!

  2. I'm sorry about what happened to your family member. It must have been a terrible time to go through. The doctor sounds really nice though. Your bread looks amazing, good job. You're a very good baker.

  3. This look beautiful and good. Wishing a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all at home.

  4. Thanks Lena for ur support again :) I've made panettone once before in pastry school. It's in a huuuugggeee star pan (if u see in the Christmas Giveaway entry, there it is) It's huge!! Haha but never got to eat tht again (or even make it) But since i'm not a bread person, I'll probably just stick to making cakes!! haha
    Thanks again :)

  5. Now I know what is Panettone today.. must come here to learn new words in baking.. :)
    You really can bake/cook very well, Lena.. admire you and the many others too!

  6. Lena, love your panettona baked in pretty paper moulds.

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

  7. They look great. I can't believe you made Panettones. You are so good. It's very nice of you to bake some for the doctor and you still remember him this year. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    psst....maybe you wanna consider about baking something for us on the 22nd cos MY was saying she wants to have some nice desserts and coffee so that we can chill and relax later at night ;)

  8. Lena, loving both bread & muffin version. Simply gorgeous! Must be so tasty. Hopefully, I have time to join in the group. Wil try! Thanks so much for sharing. Wishing you & your family a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy the evening.
    May god bless you all.
    Best wishes, Kristy ((hugs))

  9. jess, your bread making is just as good as all your cakes lah.

    esther, that was a difficult time for me though. thanks for that!

    sonia, happy holidays and have fun too!

    swee san...yup, i saw that in your blog but didnt know that was huge.
    Your bread was great too..saw the country bread recently but i really love your cakes.

  10. oh claire , you have over-rated me lah

    christine, thanks and happy new year to you!

    MTC..i'll try to think of something..somthing easy to carry perhaps..

    kristy, still got time..hurry.

  11. lena, those panettones you baked looks really nice! and is really very nice of you (: and, i've been wanting to give panettone a try (: but, let me get over my "macaron hook" first. x)))
    wish you and your family a merry christmas and happy new year! (:

  12. Wah, 2 entries!! You rock, man! Swee San must have sayang you so much ... HAHAHA!

    Panettone, aside from Stollen, has been a fave of mine during Christmastime in terms of something "bready/yeasty."

    Merry X'mas!!!

  13. The panettone looks good! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  14. Your panettona is nicely baked.
    Wish you and your family a happy merry christmas and happy new year!

  15. Doctors with heart is not easy to find nowadays.

    Nice panetonne, I wonder those that I buy from Jusco is authentic, keke.

    Oh yes, thanks for the info abt roasted chestnuts.
    And about the tea that blooms into a bouquet that u saw on Swee San's blog, I've seen it at Jusco, near the rice shelves, at the back. I replied on SS's but just wondering if u saw it.

  16. Oh my these little pannetone muffins look so delicious and cute! I would love to receive a bouquet of these breads, it looks absolutely lovely. Have a merry christmas!

  17. sweety, i've seen those great looking macaroons on your blog!

    pei lin, actually quite a number of people also came up with a few entries..yeah, swee san will love all of us!

    jess and dg, merry christmas to you too!!

    wendy, i shall reply you on your blog after this.

    roxan, thank you..just visited yr blog.i've left a comment there.

  18. The panettone muffins look cute with the dome effect.

  19. They look pretty, moist and delicious. I thought I was in a bakery when looking at your pictures :D Merry Christmas. Hope you have a great time.

  20. Hey Lena, your panettone muffins look moist and sumptous. My girl was given one from her office, yet to try. Happy holidays!

  21. Ooh, these panettone muffins look much nicer than ordinary muffins... like a cross between bread and cake in texture, eh?

    May you and your family have a Happy New Year! :)

  22. little inbox, i think they look cute too.

    mary,..bakery? i tried to display the best as i could for the giveaway purposes but i'm quite bad at this but thanks for yr kinds words

    hi cheah, so nice to hear from you. jst wondering when are u back..

    hi kenny, thanks for being here. The muffins are very similiar to cake whereas the normal panettones are just like breads.have a nice day!

  23. Oh, these panettone look great, ^^, I love to eat bread with dried fruit added in.