Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Steamed Malay Kuih or 馬來糕(Ma Lai Koh)

I'm sure many of us living on this part of the world knows what is this "malay cake' or we call this 馬來糕.
It is one popular delicacy served at dim sum resturants and sometimes we can also get it from local kueh stalls. I've tried doing one before from a y3k recipe with the honeycomb effect but failed ,it turned out so bad . I was so frustrated because that needed 2 rounds of long fermentation hours and yet it turned out to be so tough and didnt even bother to study the recipe again...  until i saw another recipe from 'famous cuisine- steamed cake@kuih muih'...so i thought to give it another try. Phew, it worked out this time but from another recipe. I would say that the taste of this kuih is very much alike to the one that we eat in dim sum restaurants, soft ..believe me but it's not as fluffy as those..just kept me wondering how they did to make it so fluffy..do you think they put in some kind of ovalette??

Ingredients A
100gm plain flour
1 tbsp caster sugar
150ml water
1/2 tbsp instant yeast

Ingredients B
6 eggs
200gm caster sugar
400gm plain flour
180gm butter/margarine, melted ( i used vegetable oil)
3tbsp dark soy sauce

Ingredients C:
11/2 tsp double action baking powder
3/4 soda bicarbonate

300gm brown sugar
150ml water

some melon seeds for topping

1.To make syrup, cook brown sugar with water until completely dissolved, remove from heat and leave to cool.
2.Mix all ingredients A, rest for 1-2 hours for fermentation, set aside.
3.Whisk eggs and sugar of the ingredients B until light and vreamy with mixer, add in plain flour, syrup, melted butter and dark soya sauce and mix well.
4.Add in ingredients C and ingredients A mixture (step 2), stir until becomes smooth batter.
5. Lay a piece of greaseproof paper in a steaming basket, pour in batter mixture, sprinkle with melon seeds for topping. Steam in a preheated steamer at high heat for 35-40mins or until cooked through. Remove.
( it took mine about an hour  to really cooked thru )


  1. lovely fluffy malay kuih lena! though i never eat eaten before your pics looks tempting!

  2. Lena...thumbs up for your Mah Lai Koh...exactly like those sold at dim sum shop :)

  3. Very successful! Btw, I love your new blog layout. It makes your blog look very bright and welcoming. I like your previous one too, but this one much more.

  4. I still think the cake looks really good & fluffy even it doesn't turned out as the way you wanted it. I have tried once very successfully but after the 3rd time. It's not getting good! I have no idea where went wrong. The 1st two turned actually the way it looks... beautiful honeycomb! At the time being still have no time for further experiment but I have another recipe works perfectly well. I'll have to say no failed recipe. Will try to post it out soon. Don't worry, your cake looks really nice and presentable. Not a failure at all.
    Have a great day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  5. Btw, Lena, I went through your recipe. I think you've left out something very important between step no.4 & 5. You actually need to leave the batter to stand in the tray at least 30 mins before steaming. Just to let the further separtion to proceed.

  6. thanks everyone and esther, i also think this layout is much better than then previous one na di realised that it's the same as kristy's blog too.
    kristy..i've looked thru the recipe in my book again and they didnt mention on the second wait..probably that's why it didnt out to be as fluffy as i expected..thanks for hilighting this to me..cant wait to see your malai koh posting too!

  7. I am wondering too.
    But I suspect maybe mix wheat flour with rice flour or add some eno to the batter.
    Cos when I make rice flour fatt gou, it's very very soft and very very fluffy.

  8. thanks for visiting my blog. nice try! haven tried the actual cakes myself, but i believe urs looks great!

  9. I've yet to attempt mah lai ko. Many, many years ago, Kwong Chow dim sum open air restaurant along Brewster road was famous for this. Alas it has closed shop already!

  10. I think it's fluffy and deliciously good recipe. . Thumbs up!



  11. agaknya apa nama kuih ni dalam bahasa Malaysia ya?belum pernah makan tapi akan mencubanya nanti..thanks for sharing.

  12. oh yeah, wendy-sometimes just take extra effort and time to experiment all these..

    cheah- kwong chow seems very familiar with the name but cant exactly remember where is it..i only know previously there's one besides the bowling alley along hugh low street and now it has turned into a furniture shop.

    elpi- thank you but not as fluffy as i was expecting.

    cikmanggis - maafkan saya..dont really know what's the name in malay or probably it doesnt have..maybe you would like to get a piece from any dimsum restaurant, just say"ma lai koh"!

  13. That was a great recipe! My mum and grandma just loved it. thank you for sharing.

    I did let it sit for half an hour after I poured the batter into the tray.

    It made my cake very fluffy and delicious!

    Thanks again.

  14. hi daniela, very glad that you tried and liked it! The next time i make it , i shall let the batter rest for a while, thanks so much for your tip!! Have a good week!