Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hakka See Pan( 喜粄)

I do not know what do these buns call in english but i remember Sonia from Nasi Lemak Lover called this Ki Ka Ku..i think in Hokkien. I like eating this bun or kueh as some may refer as..soft and a little chewy but surprisingly this bun is not really widely sold at local kueh stalls. It usually comes in 2 flavours, one is plain that usually in pink colour and the other one is pandan flavour which comes in green colour. In fact i just found out that one of my uncle and aunt have not tried this before. So aunt may, here's the recipe that you wanted...simple ingredients and i think shouldnt be a problem getting it there. If you cant get the pandan leaves, just leave it although this actually gives the kueh more fragrant

Ingredients: ( adapted from Traditional Koh Kuih, Lap Mei & Cokies )
For starter:
70gm plain flour
1/2 tsp instant yeast
100ml water

Ingredients A
100gm caster sugar
125ml water
2 blades pandan leaves ( knotted )

Ingredients B
80gm plain flour
50gm glutinuous rice flour
1/2 tbsp cooking oil
Dash of red colouring

1. Place ingredients for started in a big mixing bowl, mix evenly and cover. Let it ferment for 1-2 hours.
2.Bring ingredient A to a boil. Remove pandan leaves and cool solution.
3.Sieve flour and glutinuous rice flour of ingredient B. Add into (1) which has left fermented and mix in oil.
4.Pour in the cooled sugar syrup from (2) , colouring and combine properly.Cover and ferment for 1-4 hours. ( i let mine ferment for almost 4 hours )
5.Spread into greased small plates.Cover and proof for 20-40mins and steam for 10mins.


  1. I do remember eating this when I was young... Nice to bring back all the old memory :D

  2. I have only got to taste this during my stay in KL. I had it plain until my good friend told me her "sinful" way of eating this plain kuih. She said spread thick layers of planta margarine over it and pan fry it. Once crop and golden brown, remove and drizzle condense milk over and dig in! Lol! Perhaps you might want to try that?

  3. Oh, we both posted this one the same day, hahaha!!!!
    Eh, yours look very nice and fluffy, and I love the surface.

  4. I like this, soft and not filling. Love it for breakfast!

  5. Lena, your Hee Ban look so beautiful and smooth. Sonia using a direct method recipe and it's very easy. I have tried only one recipe so far, a very traditional method (ferment overnight). And yours look very simple and fast too! Bookmarked it for later use. I think the texture should make a difference between all. And also the sourness in this bun!
    Have a wonderful evening evening.

  6. I am hakka but never had this before. Looks so delicious, I want one now!

  7. I have never eaten this before and it looks easy to make. Will try this out for my Piggies :) Thanks Lena for sharing this. Has Wendy fixed anything yet for the meet -up ? :)

  8. i believe this a very traditional kuih and sure it brings back some memories.i didnt know that this can be pan fried..and spread with condense milk..sounds so fancy!

    quay po cooks/elin, yeah, since you havent eaten this before, you may like to try to make this and see if you like it. elin, if you really want to buy this and try, you can get it from the kuih store that sells outside the iph garden post office..on the eve of 1st and 15th of chinese calendar.

    wendy, i love the outcome of surface too.