Friday, November 12, 2010

Braised Taro with Dried Shrimps

This is a dish that actually goes well with rice..i'm not too sure if chinese restaurants serve this at all and i always have the impression that this looks very much like a traditional it hakka, canton or hokkien. Simple ingredients, in fact no exact quantity..any quantity that you like, just be a little more generous with the dried shrimps.. needs a little time for braising and that's it. Some may like more gravy, so just add more water and braise for a little longer.

Yam or Taro, mine was approx 600gms
generous amout of dried shrimps, soaked and cleaned
water for braising
a little salt and sugar
2-3 cloves of garlic, chopped
Chopped spring onion

1.Unpeel the yam or taro and cut into approx. 1cm in thickness
2.Saute the garlic and then the dried shrimps until aromatic.
3.Put in the sliced yam and stir fry. Splash some water around the wok  to prevent dryness.
4.Keep stirring for another 5 minutes, splashing water occasionally, add a little salt and sugar for more taste.
5.Pour in water to cover almost 3/4 of the dish in the wok, cover and braise on low-medium fire until the yam becomes soft and gravy becomes thick, this may take about 20 mins.
6.When almost ready, just put in the chopped spring onions.


  1. looks really yummy! never tried this before nor did i see this in any chinese restaurant before.

  2. I just love this as I'm a taro fan. My mum used to cook this long, long ago.

  3. this is a nice hakka dish. Claire and I love this dish and each time we eat out, we will order this from the restaurant...yummy now reading your post, I don't have to order this anymore. Thanks Lena for this recipe :)

  4. Yums. Can you pls bring some of your dishes/pastries to us in January? Pretty please???

  5. I'd never tasted this one but I would love to try, can't wait:)

  6. my mum makes a variation of this with pumpkin instead.. aww im missing home now ):