Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Red Bean Swiss Roll

This is the 2nd swiss roll that i made for the blog and also from the previous book,"孟老師的美味蛋糕卷".
It is quite similar to the red bean swiss roll that i made earlier, but this time the red bean is on the chiffon roll and not as the filling and no green tea. I think this is much better looking than the first one that i made and taste better too. I baked this on a 26cmx26cm tray.

Ingredients for Chiffon Roll:
egg yolks 56gm
caster sugar 14gm
vegetable oil 28gm
fresh milk 28gm
low protein flour 56gm

egg whites 112gm
caster sugar 56gm
cooked red bean 70gm

1.Add eggs yolks and sugar together and mix well with hand whisk. Add in fresh milk, oil and mix well.
2.Add in flour and stir well till incorporated. Leave aside.
3.Beat egg whites till foamy, add sugar and keep whisking with mixer till mixture is thick and stiff.
4.Fold into flour mixture, add in the cooked red beans and spread onto a lined baking tray and bake in a preheated oven at 190c for upper fire and 160C for lower fire for 12 mins.I baked mine at 150C for 12mins or until springy. Once baked, remove the cake from tin and after few minutes, invert the cake and pull off lining paper.

For filling:
unsalted butter 56gm, at room temperature
icing sugar 14gm
non diary whipping cream 35gm

1. Mix butter and icing sugar together and beat till well incorporated and creamy.
2. Add in whipping cream and beat till spreadable consistency.
3.Spread the filling onto cake and roll up the cake. Chill.


  1. wow...that really look nice and soft!

  2. It looks so pretty. I just happened to look at your other swiss roll post yesterday too. I would love to make it, but I'm worried that my baking tray will warp while the cake is baking in it because the tray has warped before when I was baking cookies. do you have any advice? thanks. :)

  3. Very special Swiss roll! I love the texture the red beans give the cake...and the cake looks super soft too, yummy!

  4. Lena..this rolls look yummy ! Soft and fluffy too and those big red beans...mmmm I want to have a slice...hungry just looking at it.

    Well done! I always believe in practice makes perfect :)

    Oh btw..Lena , Wendy has written to you ..right about the bloggers meet up and are you joining us ? Claire, Cheah and myself will be attending :) Hope you too can join us :)

  5. Lena,
    I saw that book b4, but since I can't read all that she writes, I need to rely on all the kind hearted bloggers to translate for me.

    About the email, no, I didn't recieve any email from you
    wendyinkk @ yahoo . com
    I purposely spaced out to avoid spam from unknown sources, hope u didn't type in as it was written, spaced :p

  6. thank you to all of you. yes, this chiffon is extremely soft.
    esther, that's really strange that your baking tray gets 'warped'..i really have no idea why is it so..does this happens when you bake cakes? is the baking tray very this..just wondering?
    anybody else can share?
    wendy, i tried the spacing out a while ago, unable to send this email is
    send me a mail so that i can have yours correctly. btw, do you hv the answer for X3baking/s question?

  7. sorry esther, i mean is your baking tin very thin?

  8. Lena,
    As for X3's question, I think her baking pan is too thin, which is why it warped. It happens to me as well, but when I take out my cakes or cookies, they look fine, The warping may give the swiss roll a lopsided effect(just make sure the paper lining is lsightly higher, but it still gets it baked. I don't worry too much about it.

    I'll email you

  9. Thank you Lena and Wendy. :) I guess I will try baking this with the tray and see what happens. Because my tray for some reason bends in the oven and then it returns to its original shape after baking. not always, just sometimes. So I didn't want to batter to spill out and create a horrible mess. Can't wait to try out swiss rolls one day.

  10. Ooo... love the red beans spread here! Looks very very tempting and So irresistible!